The Secret to Wearing Cologne.
Nothing gets a woman going like a guy who smells. Smells good, that is. That's why we take your favorite shirt. But what makes us go crazy over a smell?

It's a biological thing. The part of the brain that records smell is located in the same place that controls emotional and sexual responses. Why do you think the smell of suntan lotion causes such a vivid picture of bikinis and beaches?

Your cologne not only conjures up memories of you, but it also gets us aroused. Yes, you read that right. Smell can be a strong weapon. Here's some basic training and our picks for the most seductive scents.
Cologne reacts to your body chemistry, so the only way to tell if it smells good on you is to try it on - which means braving the department store cologne counter. To test one, spray a little on your wrist, but don't rub - the oil from your skin crushes the scent making it weaker.

Advanced Intelligence: After trying 3-4 scents your nose will probably stop working. Smelling coffee beans (usually supplied) or a clean cotton shirt between sniffs can help.
Body heat "activates" cologne making it last longer, so spray your body, not your clothes. The best spots are your chest, wrists, and neck, which get the warmest during the day. Since womens' sense of smell is stronger than mens', you only need a few sprays - cologne is meant for you and us, not the entire elevator.

Advanced Intelligence: If you really want to drive us crazy, dab a little behind your ear. We'll smell it when we lean in close at a loud club or when we whisper in your ear over dinner.
Here are five colognes that girls really love. Don't be afraid to ask the salesgirl or some other cutie standing near the counter for their opinion on which smells best. If they like it, chances are other girls will too.

Advanced Intelligence: Go to the store to try on cologne, but don't buy it there. You can find much better deals online at sites like,, or And pay attention to the sizes when comparing prices.
Chrome by Azzaro, $27.50: fruity; with lemon, rosemary, pineapple, coriander, and jasmine.

Acqua di Gio by Armani, $39.50: aquatic; with marine notes, lavender, juniper, and orange.

Egoiste by Chanel's, $37: oriental, woody; with vanilla, lemon, coriander, and amber.

Bvlgari Blv, $37.50: spicy, fresh; with ginger, cardamom, tobacco, and musk.

Dolce & Gabanna, $50: fruity, fresh; with orange, lavender, tobacco, cedar, and sage.