Hands-on experience: Hands-on experience:
How to Rub Her the Right Way.
People who knead people are the luckiest people in the world. Working may pay our bills and working out may keep us tight, but both can be stressful on our bodies. So, here's where you come into the picture.

Coughing up $100 for a gift certificate to the local spa is an easy and thoughtful way to score some major points with us. But there's a better, more hands-on solution: The sensual and mutually gratifying art of home massage.

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Switch Your Game Plan: Switch Your Game Plan:
How to Get Your Girl into the Series.
We admit it. We get giddy watching Jeter grab a bat read more
There's No Place Like Home: There's No Place Like Home:
You've Gotten us Back to Your Place. Here read more
Reading Between the Lines:xxx Reading Between the Lines:xxx
Want to Impress us for Under $20? Give us a Book. xxx
A nice hardcover is the best thing twenty bucks can do for a relationship. Seriously. Men should buy women books because read more
For Your Eyes Only: For Your Eyes Only:
We're Masters of Surveillance, So Learn How to Keep Your Hidden Stuff Secret.
Women snoop. We can't help it. The temptation of looking through a guy's stuff while he's in another room is tough to fight. Especially when a little spying can go a long way in easing our anxiety about what you might be hiding.

But before you go changing the locks, there are ways to win the girlfriend espionage game.
The most common places we look are nightstands, medicine cabinets, closets, desks, and dressers.... read more