Making a Clean Break: Making a Clean Break:
Your Ticket to a Smooth Flight out of Your Relationship.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could orchestrate a breakup that wasn't awkward, didn't cause an incredible amount of pain, and didn't leave you feeling guilty? And wouldn't it be cool if Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was your rebound chick?

Yes, well. The latter is probably easier to accomplish.

Breakups are turbulent. And holiday breakups are even worse. Regardless of the timing, your flight will be easier if you pay attention to our emergency... read more
Victoria's Secrets Revealed: Victoria's Secrets Revealed:
The Rules for Buying us Lingerie.
When men think "Ooh, sexy lingerie!" women think, "Ugh. Lace rides up."

We're not completely opposed to the idea, but there are a few things to consider first.
Not for Christmas, not for her birthday, not even for Earth Day. Giving her the gift of lingerie is really giving you the gift of lingerie, isn't it? We might make an exception for Valentine's Day, if you get us something else as well.

Advanced Intelligence: If you're dying to find a reason to... read more