Everything You Want to Know About Women: Everything You Want to Know About Women:
Straight From Women's Magazines.
Every woman's magazine is packed with insightful information and statistics that we don't want men to know about.

That is until now.

Each month, Double Agent is going to spill the best dirt and statistics from the hottest women's mags. So you don't have to risk getting caught reading them yourselves.
On what date do you usually do the deed?

8.9% of women said the first date.

21.4% said on the second or third date.

33.4% said after we've been... read more
You Stink: You Stink:
The Secret to Wearing Cologne.
Nothing gets a woman going like a guy who smells. Smells good, that is. That's why we take your favorite shirt. But what makes us go crazy over a smell?

It's a biological thing. The part of the brain that records smell is located in the same place that controls emotional and sexual responses. Why do you think the smell of suntan lotion causes such a vivid picture of bikinis and beaches?

Your cologne not only conjures up memories of you, but it also gets us... read more
How to Beat the Odds: How to Beat the Odds:
When Nice Guys Finish First.
Dating is a lot like poker. You've got the hot shot in the Armani suit putting down thousand dollar bets, sweeping all the girls off their feet. Then there's the average Joe read more