Want to Start Toothing? Want to Start Toothing?
Just Follow These Simple Instructions.
1. Go to the contacts part of your phone.

2. Create a new contact - this could be under 'contacts' or phone book.

3. Set the name and details etc to whatever you want the recipient toother to see. Most toothers set theirs to be "Toothing?". You will also want to include your text number if you want to continue the conversation more easily. You may want to include the toothing blog's URL (toothing.blogspot.com) too, as then they can find this board... read more
Britney and Bond, Paper CDs, M:I3, and "Toothing" Britney and Bond, Paper CDs, M:I3, and "Toothing"
What people are talking about right now...
8-Tracks, Vinyl, Cassettes, Laser Discs, and Paper?
Imagine storing 25 GB of High-Definition TV on a CD. Made of paper. It's now possible thanks to Sony and Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. of Japan. The two companies teamed up two years ago to develop the Blue-ray optical disc. It uses a blue laser beam that doesn't read below the disc's surface into its substrate, so they were able to manufacture a disc which has a total weight that is 51% paper. Not only... read more
Keeping The "Hetero" in your "Metrosexual:" Keeping The "Hetero" in your "Metrosexual:"
Knowing the Difference Between Well-Groomed and Well... Looking Like a Girl.
While we do appreciate the improvement in your fashion sense and the fact that you no longer reek of onions and sweat, we don't want you stealing our anti-wrinkle cream and self-tanner.

Luckily for you, Agent Kerry has compiled a list of dos and don read more
Special Report Special Report
New report shows that frequent sexual activity may reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer!
Frequent sexual activity may reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer, according to a study in the April 7 Journal of the American Medical Association.

The cancer risk in men who reported more than 20 monthly ejaculations was 33 percent less than that of other men, the Harvard University study showed.

"Almost all the previous research showed sexual activity increased cancer risk; men worried that by... read more