Vacation like James Bond Vacation like James Bond
Extreme Adventures for Guys Who Like to Live on the Edge

You probably don't have the skills of James Bond or Indiana Jones, but now you can vacation like them. A company called On-the-Edge-Adventures offers extreme vacations based on your personality and interests.

Remember that 1997 movie "The Game" where Michael Douglas gets an extreme adventure for his birthday and spends the movie running around getting shot at? Well it's like that. Only without the potential death part.

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In Flight Entertainment In Flight Entertainment
Your Guide to Flying the Really Friendly Skies
It's ironic that an airline named Virgin made getting busy in the sky even easier. Virgin Atlantic has developed a new idea for "in flight entertainment" with special twin seats that convert into 4-foot wide double beds surrounded by a privacy enclosure in first class.
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Drive like James Bond. Drive like James Bond.
By land AND by sea.
Instead of crossing the bridge to get to work, now you can just drive under it. Gibbs Technology has invented the fastest amphibious car ever. The Aquada can reach speeds of 100 mph on land and 30 mph in the water. It's so fast, you can even tow your water skiing co-workers behind you.
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