Ron Jeremy to adress the Oxford Union
LONDON (Reuters) - In its 183-year history, the august Oxford Union debating society has heard the wisdom of Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Mother Teresa.

But until now, its members have yet to hear from anyone with quite the same resume as Ron Jeremy, star of 1,700 adult films, including "Bang Along With Ron".

"As far as I know it is the first porn star to address the Oxford Union. I'm 99 percent sure of that," Peter Cardwell, spokesman for one of the English-speaking world's... read more
High Maintenance? Mais oui...
All girls are high maintenance. If they say they aren't, they're lying or they just having come to the realization that they are. Guys, if you are lucky enough to find that one girl in 23987 who is *not* high maintenance...I don't care what she looks like but you'll probably be much happier if you sweep her off her feet real fast and keep her.

I never thought I was high maintenance. When I compare myself to a lot of girls, I'm really not. I don't ask for a lot of superficial or material... read more
That Halle Berry is still gorgeous- but Catwomen really sucked That Halle Berry is still gorgeous- but Catwomen really sucked
The Razzies, the annual awards that go to all the worst that Hollywood offers for the past year were recently handed out. Halle Berry won this year's Worst Actress award for her work in Catwoman. The film also won the Worst Picture category.
Halle, being the great sport that she is actually showed up for the awards show, saying in her acceptance speech, "It was just what my career needed - I was at the top and now I'm at the bottom." She was holding her Oscar in one hand and her new Razzie in... read more
Erogenous Zones
Erogenous Zones:
By Kerry McCloskey, Author of "The Ultimate Sex Diet"

Double Agent Kerry has discovered the top secret hot buttons on the human body that will drive you and your woman wild. Below are some suggestions of places where others have found hidden treasure:

Mouth, lips, and tongue: There are many nerve endings in the lips and mouth, and a passionate kiss is the best way to express your desire. Experiment with different types of kisses and nibble, lick, and... read more
Cate Blanchett wins Oscar for her role as screen legend Katharine Hepburn in "The Aviator." Cate Blanchett wins Oscar for her role as screen legend Katharine Hepburn in "The Aviator."
HOLLYWOOD -- Australia's Cate Blanchett on Sunday flew off with the best supporting actress Oscar for her role as screen legend Katharine Hepburn in "The Aviator."

Blanchett, 35, won the award for her feisty portrayal of the real-life star in Martin Scorsese's biopic about US billionaire Howard Hughes, making good on her second Oscar nomination in six years.

"Thank you, of course, to Miss Hepburn. The longevity of her career, I think, is inspiring to everyone," Blanchett said upon... read more
Why Men Are Just Happier People
Why men are happier

What do you expect from such simple creatures?

Your last name stays put.

The garage is all yours.

Wedding plans take care of themselves.

Chocolate is just another snack.

You can be president.

You can never be pregnant.

You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.

You can wear NO T-shirt to a water park.

Car mechanics tell you the truth.

The world is your urinal.

You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one
is... read more
 Sharapova captures title at Qatar Open Sharapova captures title at Qatar Open
Doha, Qatar (Sports Network) - Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova of Russia posted a three-set win over Alicia Molik in Saturday's championship at the $600,000 Qatar Open.

The red-hot Sharapova, who has now won eight straight matches, pocketed $94,000 for her second WTA singles title of the season and ninth of her career. Sharapova, who also won in Tokyo at the Pan Pacific Open earlier this month, is now 9-1 in her career finals.

The 17-year-old Sharapova is also a scorching 13-1 in the... read more
The Ultimate Sex Diet
New Sex Diet Leaves Them Wanting More
NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- A new diet promises to slim folks down with sexy results.

The so-called diet book "The Ultimate Sex Diet" (True Courage) requires that lovers engage in sex to burn off the pounds. Author Kerry McCloskey says your partner becomes your nutritionist, psychologist and personal trainer.

There are sexual positions like the "Let's Get Crazy" position where the legs of the woman are on top of the man's shoulders. McCloskey says... read more
Yes they are real
Teri Hatcher is sick of reports claiming that her very real breasts are fake. "I think they should have been cast in bronze at some point because there's been so much hysteria surrounding them." It probably didn't help her having played a Seinfeld character whose breasts were in question.

In other Teri news, she stays in shape with a vigorous workout program that includes classes in Pole Dancing and Lap Dancing.
So far, tickets are unavailable for purchase.

On Another Note

ESPN is... read more
Trojans and Simulators
[Entomorph] you know what cracks me up.. trojan condoms, hehe.. I mean if you think about it, a trojan horse was really full off all these little men, and it was a trick to get them inside the fortress.. once inside, the horse BUSTS open, and all the little men come flowing out

[tom_0369] man
[tom_0369] im never moving to seatle washington
[tom_0369] i flew over it and it was raining and gray as f#@k
[tom_0369]... read more
Dressed up...
(JHawk111420) Hey whats up, a/s/l?
(Lady Renegade) more than you want, I'm sure :)
(JHawk111420) ill take that as a challenge ;-)
(Lady Renegade) take it any way you want sweetie
(JHawk111420) k, how old are ya?
(Lady Renegade) probably too old for you, but let's pretend I'm 20 ;)
(JHawk111420) k, what do ya look like?
(Lady Renegade) before or after I'm dressed up?
(JHawk111420) both :-D
(Lady Renegade) well......after I'm dressed up, I have long sexy... read more
Primus521: hey dude the funniest thing happened to me today
Primus521: im at walmart and this chick is buying a box of tampons and they are missing the upc and wont ring up
Primus521: so the cashier tells his buddy to get a price check on tampax
Primus521: the dude looks at him and says, "the kind u push in, or the kind you hammer in?"
Primus521: lol
Primus521: turns out he misheard him
Primus521: he thought he said thumbtacs
Primus521: you should have seen the... read more
[BlackDeth] i like stalked this girl sorta :D
[BlackDeth] like once she asked me for a ride home from work
[BlackDeth] and i took her home... i dropped her off at her house
[BlackDeth] and shes like... wait a did you know where i lived?

read more
Pefect Timing
[DeadMansHand] haha, last night, me and pete went out to celebrate his engagement and got hugely drunk
[DeadMansHand] we got this great idea to bury eachother in the sand close to the water and see who would chicken out first
[DeadMansHand] took about a half hour, but the water got up to my face so i freaked and got out
[DeadMansHand] i looked around for pete and he must've chickened out before me and stumbled home or something heh
[DeadMansHand] What'd he say when... read more
New device needed
[Zybl0re] get up
[Zybl0re] get on up
[Zybl0re] get up
[Zybl0re] get on up
[phxl|paper] and DANCE
* nmp3bot dances :D-[
* nmp3bot dances :D|-[
* nmp3bot dances :D/-[
[[SA]HatfulOfHollow] i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet

read more
How to trick a cheater Part 1 How to trick a cheater Part 1
Many years ago in a small Indian village, a farmer had the misfortune
of owing a large sum of money to a village moneylender.
The moneylender, who was old and ugly, fancied the farmer's beautiful
daughter. So he proposed a bargain.

He said he would forgo the farmer's debt if he could marry his
daughter.Both the farmer and his daughter were horrified by the proposal. So the
cunning money-lender suggested that they let providence decide the matter.
Hetold them that he would put a black... read more
How to trick a cheater Part 2 How to trick a cheater Part 2
What would you recommend to the Girl to do? Well, here is what she did .

The girl put her hand into the moneybag and drew out a pebble. Without
looking at it, she fumbled and let it fall onto the pebble-strewn path where
it immediately became lost among all the other pebbles."Oh, how clumsy of me," she said. "But never mind, if you look into the bag for the one that is left, you will be able to tell which pebble I picked."

Since the remaining pebble is black, it must be assumed that she... read more
Waterbed's can make you infertile Waterbed's can make you infertile
That's why they're on the outside, people. East Coast researchers have confirmed that the male reproductive system can potentially suffer from infertility if exposed to an increased amount of heat (no, not that kind of heat - just hush up and read).

So, if you think you're the coolest because you still have a waterbed, you should A) consider letting go of your videos of "Smokey and the Bandit" I through III, and B) read the following.

In non-medical terms, the ping-pong twins maintain... read more
The Lap Pillow The Lap Pillow
Only in Japan...TOKYO - A new product on the Japanese market has been designed for the single girl in need of some manly comfort while she sleeps.

The "Boyfriend Arm's Pillow" is shaped like a giant arm which will hold you all night without the need for the real thing.

The company says the shape of the pillow does not just provide the illusion of having someone sleeping next to you. Tomoki Kakehashi of Kameo says the unique structure keeps the human body balanced by supporting the sleeper... read more
IMD'bd..Googled Hollywood style IMD'bd..Googled Hollywood style

Maybe you've been Googled recently, or have Googled someone else. It's always reassuring to know that, if you have to, you can double-check (or double-click) someone's claims to fame or near-fame in a few seconds.

In Hollywood, where the dating scene has only slightly less turnover than the extras playing corpses on "CSI," the Internet Movie Database has become the proof of every actor's pudding., founded in Britain and now owned by Amazon, tracks nearly 1.6 million... read more
That sex is really good for you That sex is really good for you
1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth.
2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow.
3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner.
4. Sex is one of the... read more
Models now selling their appendages on Ebay Models now selling their appendages on Ebay
When will advertising on appendages go out of style? Make it go away. I'm talking to you,

Known for buying obscure things for obscene amounts of money (think Virgin Mary grilled cheese and the Lincoln fry), the company bought ad space on model Shaune Bagwell's cleavage on eBay for $15,099. Bagwell will have the casino's
Web address tattooed on her chest for 30 days. And this henna tattoo is HUGE. Bagwell will improve the logo's visibility by wearing strapless dresses, low... read more
Finally! Wonder Woman Set To Return Finally! Wonder Woman Set To Return
It's been way to long since someone in this costume was bouncing around fighting crime.

A new Wonder Woman movie has just received the greenlight. Warner Bros has Joel Silver (all of The Matrixes, Die Hards, and Lethal Weapon
movies) set to produce. Obviously in the early stages, they are leaving the possibilities open. It's Jessica Biel if they go with a younger heroine, Kim Basinger if older.

Either way, we win. Even more so if they use an 'invisible costume'
rather than the ... read more
Let's talk about sex...
Do I make you horny, baby? It's a question you think about asking us, even if you may not. One guy did. Here's what we said:

∑ Talk to us: They don't say communication is the key for nothing. Talk to us. Ask us. What we like. What we don't. Now, sometimes women may not be comfortable discussing sex so it might be worth your while to broach the subject gently. During foreplay, perhaps you can say something like, "Honey, tell me what you like. I really want you to enjoy yourself." Ask... read more
Viagra: Virtue or Vice
The bad news: If you've bought any cheap Viagra online, it could be fake.

In 2003, Medicines Healthcare estimated that over $4.2 million of Viagra seized online could be inauthentic. Dr. Nic Wilson from the University of London tested fake samples of internet-sold Viagra using a technique called near infrared (NIR) which provided a detailed picture of what was contained in each tablet.

He found that counterfeit Viagra contained lactose - an element absent from pure, unadulterated... read more
 Mini Skirt Voted Top Fashion Item Mini Skirt Voted Top Fashion Item
As reported by the British tabloid The Sun, the Mini Skirt has been voted the Top Fashion Item of All Time.
Created 40 years ago and still going strong while most other fashions come and go.
Let's make sure this summer will be the summer of the mini skirt by circulating this story to every hot female you know.

On an unfortunate note, Hot Pants were voted to the "Wouldn't Be Seen Dead In" list.
read more
Needing help at Harvard
So what constitutes a party in college? A few friends, maybe a TV or stereo, some drinks. You'd think they could figure that out at Harvard University, but the school recently hired a full-time social activities coordinator to help promote partying on campus.

The school took on their own cruise director because it has become apparent that many students there are too busy. Dean Judith Kidd said that, due to the amount of work her charges put in both to get into Harvard and to stay there, "they... read more
Keep the party rolling
They had a designated driver - in the purest meaning of the phrase - yet a bunch of creative partyers in South Carolina still had their fun broken up by police.

Because no bars were open on Monday, a group of revelers rented a U-Haul truck and threw a kegger inside of it. The vehicle was pulled over due to a faulty taillight. Once officers approached, they heard noises inside of the truck and opened the back to find about 20 very surprised party people.

The truck had been rambling around... read more
Bottoms Up - Literally
A woman in Galveston, Texas has been charged with her husband's murder, but this goes beyond your typical version of "Cops."

Michael Warner died of alcohol poisoning. Again, not unusual. But check out the method: Warner apparently had a sherry enema, which raised his alcohol level to over 0.45, nearly six times the legal toxication limit in the state.

Tammy Jean Warner said, "There's no way I could have gave my husband that enema, no way." She alluded to her husband's drinking problem and... read more
When It Comes To Dressing Up...
Looking good has less to do with how much your threads cost than how pulled together your look is. For example, women love to see a man done up in 20's style threads or 50's Greaser apparel... if it fits the man and it's a solid look.

I mean, who can resist the bad guy when he actually has a packet of cigs rolled up in a white tee sleeve?

The men I recognize on the streets are those that stand out. You don't have to be an alternative "freak", but don't let yourself blend in. There's... read more
The 411 on how to get out of a bad date The 411 on how to get out of a bad date
ANBERRA (Reuters) - It's every single person's nightmare: You're on a date, it's a disaster but there's no way out.

A mobile phone company in Australia has come to the rescue with a service offering an escape from the date from hell.

All you have to do is discreetly dial three numbers and then hang up without saying a word.

"Virgin Mobile will call them back a minute later with a perfect excuse to get them out of there. We'll even talk them through what to say," the company, a joint... read more