Carmen Electra Soon To Be Cheaper Carmen Electra Soon To Be Cheaper
It looks as if Carmen Electra will soon be gracing the big screen again.
According to Hollywood Reporter, she has snagged the role of Eugene Levy's wife in the upcoming sequel to the Steve Martin hit move, Cheaper By the Dozen.

In the movie, Steve Martin and Bonne Hunt will reprise their roles as heads of the Baker family, who, while they are on vacation, will find themselves in competition with a rival family who has 8 children. The rival family will be headed by Levy, and his new wife,... read more
Teri Hatcher's Nipples Cause Problems Teri Hatcher's Nipples Cause Problems
After her recent confession that she would pose for Playboy, Teri Hatcher has also let slip that her nipples cause huge problems on the Desperate Housewives set.

It seems that the sheer bras she chooses to wear have made the show's bosses reach for the re-toucher to in order to protect her modesty."When it's cold and it's 30, 40 degrees and you're shooting outside in a T-shirt, things arise," Hatcher explained. "I tried to wear thicker T-shirts and I have even took those heating pads you use... read more
Gwyneth Paltrow Feels She Can't Act Gwyneth Paltrow Feels She Can't Act
Gwyneth Paltrow has stated that she hates to watch herself in movies because she ins convinced that she cannot act. According to The Sun, the Oscar winner's hang up runs so deep that she flees from the theater and changes the TV channel rather than catching herself onscreen.

"It just makes me freak out and think how terrible I am and how awful my voice sounds," the actress told NBC News.The beauty, who is a new mom and also wife to Coldplay's front man Chris Martin, has claimed that the... read more
Another Star Wars?? Another Star Wars??
Just when you thought that George Lucas was serious when he said he was done with the Star Wars series, fans may pleasantly surprised. It is being said that a seventh installment is being planned.

Lucas had previously stated that Revenge of the Sith was to be the last. However, it looks like he has changed his mind and is currently developing a prequel to The Phantom Menace.An movie insider has revealed: "George believes there are even more stories to tell. His latest idea would feature... read more
The Scent Of Grapefruit Works Better Than Plastic Surgery The Scent Of Grapefruit Works Better Than Plastic Surgery
A Chicago researcher has said that the smell of grapefruit can make women appear to men to be almost five years younger than they actually are.
But, in a study conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsh, for men, the aroma of citrus didn't have the same effect on women's perception of them. There was also no difference found in the way women see other women.

"That suggests either that men are more easily influenced by a woman's aroma or that women are so adroit at estimating age that nothing will impact... read more
Paris Hilton Isn't Dumb, Or So She Says Paris Hilton Isn't Dumb, Or So She Says
Paris Hilton has recently revealed the truth behind her dumb blonde image.
Many probably think that the way she acts on her TV series is the true her, but the star wants to set her fans straight.

"On The Simple Life, I'm playing a character and I make people laugh," she stated to Grazia magazine. "If I was serious it wouldn't be as funny. So I play it up and it's working. I've now got one of the biggest shows on US TV. So obviously I know what I'm doing."She also claims that her shrewd... read more
Naomi Watts Has A New Man Naomi Watts Has A New Man
Naomi Watts and Heath Ledger split a year ago, and she's been single ever since. But, the actress best known for her role in The Ring, has finally gotten back up on the dating horse.

Watts is currently seeing Live Schreiber. She and her new man have been spotted out and about in NYC recently. They even attended a U2 concert together at Madison Square Garden.

The pair enjoyed the concert along with Watts' best pal, Nicole Kidman, who reported blew off advances from P Diddy while... read more
Playboy Concept Boutique Playboy Concept Boutique
The first freestanding Playboy Concept Boutique in the US has been opened by Playboy Enterprises, Inc. at The Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas.

The large shop offers a collection of Playboy apparel, accessories, and, of course, lingerie. And, the Las Vegas location will also offer one-of-a-kind Playboy memorabilia items, certain artwork, and also vintage products from Playboy's huge archives. In addition, this location will be used as a template for Playboy's future stores.Last Fall,... read more
Super-Skinny Lindsay's Latest Conquest A Hero Super-Skinny Lindsay's Latest Conquest A Hero
Lindsay Lohan has recently been spotted canoodling with Jared Leto.
However, the couple was interrupted when a group of drunken revelers sat at a nearby table and got involved in a heated argument, which reportedly threatened to get ugly.
Leto, who has previously been linked to Scarlett Johansson, allegedly acted as a peacemaker by grabbing hold of one irate guy, pinning him against a wall to calm him until security arrived.

One source told The New York Post: "A member of the club's staff... read more
Divorce A No Go For Nick and Jessica Divorce A No Go For Nick and Jessica
E! has been forced to retract a story stating that Jessica Simpson filed divorce from hubby Nick Lachey.The couple, who filmed the TV reality show The Newlyweds for MTV, have been constantly fighting of rumors that their marriage is going down the tubes. In fact, it was reported by Bam Margera's own parents that he was dating Simpson. However, he has since denied the rumors.

E! Online mistakenly leaked the story about an imminent split, but quickly retracted it within the hour.Simpson told... read more
Hardcore Bear Banned From Parade
According to the project's artistic director, a large dominatrix bear, donning a leather mask and brandishing handcuffs, has been banned from Zurich's street display of man-sized model bears.

Although tourists are posing for pictures next to the more demure themed bears, such as the 'schoolteacher bear' and the 'skier bear', 'Baervers', which has been dubbed for the German word for Perverse, has been deemed to steamy to be displayed on the street."This bear is perverse, dominatrix and... read more
Lara Croft Revamped Lara Croft Revamped
Lara Croft's image is being revamped in an attempt to appeal to more female players. In order to do this, she is having her most prominent feature downsized, her prominent chest.

Croft's sexy body has delighted male gamers for years as they played the popular Tomb Raider.However, according to The Times of London, the eighth title featuring Croft will show a more modest C-cup bust instead of her famed DD's. And they will also ditch some of her more revealing outfits, instead gamers will see... read more
New Venture For Anna Kournikova New Venture For Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova, best known for her looks and her tennis career, has landed a new job as a fitness guru for Elle magazine.The 23-year-old is thrilled with her new gig because it gives her a new incentive to find new workouts to help her keep her sexy figure lean and trim.

In her first column appearing in the June issue, she admits that she has struggled to stay in shape since she announced that she was taking a hiatus to correct back and foot problems.There she writes: "As I've shifted from... read more
Paris Hilton Hates Her Body Paris Hilton Hates Her Body
Considering how often she is seen showing it off in very skimpy outfits, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Paris Hilton has claimed that she hates the sight of her own body.
The highly publicized actress/model says that she cringed while stripping off her clothes in her latest movie, House of Wax.

"I had to undress for one scene. I was like, 'I don't like my body'," said Hilton to Smash Hits magazine.Hilton, 24, who is also quite well known for showing off her entire body when she... read more
Minogue's Surgery A Success Minogue's Surgery A Success
USA Today has reported that Kylie Minogue has successfully had a cancerous lump removed from her breast. Doctors are also confident that they caught the disease early enough to prevent it from spreading.

The 36-year-old Australian pop singer underwent surgery Friday afternoon in Melbourne, her hometown."Her spirits are high and she's feeling fine. She has family and friends around her," said a surgeon to reporters that were gathered outside of the hospital.
The singer announced last week... read more
Teri Hatcher Would Pose For Playboy Teri Hatcher Would Pose For Playboy
Teri Hatcher seems to be amused by reports that she turned down a $10 million offer to pose in Playboy along with her Desperate Housewives co-stars. This is because she has said that she would happily take the job.Recent reports have stated that Nicolette Sheridan, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman rejected the offer to take it all off for the men's magazine on Hatcher's urging.

However, Hatcher admits that the offer would be far too tempting to turn down."I didn't hear that... read more
Gwyneth Paltrow Is Estee Lauder's New Face Gwyneth Paltrow Is Estee Lauder's New Face
Estee Lauder has announced that Gwyneth Paltrow has been hired as one of the cosmetic company's new faces."Years ago, endorsing a product was considered something a movie actress shouldn't do, but now having a contract is almost like a status symbol," said Paltrow.

Her first campaign, for Pleasures fragrance, will begin to appear in print and television ads this fall.Other than a small role in the upcoming film Running With Scissors, the Estee Lauder gig is the first job that Paltrow has... read more
Proudly Don Your Speedo, And Legally, Too!
For over 30 years, Cape May, NJ, the Victorian-themed resort at the southern tip of the state, has said no to "skintight, form-fitting or bikini type" bathing attire on males over the age of 12.

In fact, the resort once required men and women to swim at different times of the day, wearing heavy, woolen, cover-it-all swimsuits.However, a recent ruling has finally brought the town into the modern age. The Speedo ban, as well as the rule that stopped bare-chested men from walking along the... read more
Tom Cruise Has Professed His Love For Katie Tom Cruise Has Professed His Love For Katie
Tom Cruise has recently confessed that his love for new girlfriend Katie Holmes is the real thing.This seems to come as retaliation to cynics who have questioned whether the actor, who is 15 years older than Holmes, is dating her simply as a publicity stunt for their upcoming movies.

However, he gushed on Access Hollywood: "I love this woman. She's magnificent. I'm not going to hide it, I am so happy and I can't contain it. I'm not going to pretend. We go scuba diving together. She... read more
DUI On Horseback DUI On Horseback
Bet you never thought you could get a DUI while riding on horseback.Well, guess what, you can.Millard Dwyer, who reportedly consumed a dozen or so beers, was found to be three times over the legal alcohol limit while riding his horse, Prince, down a Kentucky street.

Dwyer is to appear in court on May 23rd. He is charged with driving under the influence, or DUI, because according to his state's law, a horse is classified as a vehicle.
He is reportedly planning to fight the charges, claiming... read more
Halle Berry Snubbed Halle Berry Snubbed
Halle Berry has dreamed of starring on Desperate Housewives. However, those dreams were shattered by the cast, who reportedly claims that she would 'cheapen' the show.
According to one source: "The girls are protective of the show and feel it would be easy for someone like Halle to cheapen what they are trying to achieve - that and she's too beauiful!"

This rejection came just days after the actress publicly confessed that she was desperate for a cameo as one of the show's bad characters... read more
Learn Porn At The University of Iowa Learn Porn At The University of Iowa
Jay Clarkson hasn't had a bit of trouble getting students at the University of Iowa to sing up for his fall class that will examine pornography in popular culture.
However, there is one person who is not a fan. Iowa House Speaker Chris Rants is questioning whether tax dollars should be spent on the elective class.
"Do they know that we're not done with their budget yet?" said Rants. "I'm pretty sure we don't need to increase state funding by $40 million to teach critical pornography studies."... read more
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be Considered Wholesome Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be Considered Wholesome
While Lindsay Lohan has been quite a media target lately, she has recently told the Los Angeles Times that she would like to appear 'wholesome'."I always want to be perceived as normal and wholesome, because it's relatable," she said. "I hope people think I'm wholesome. It's hard after what you read in the magazines, that I'm dating every guy who's like my father's age. But that's not me."

While other actresses close to her age, such as Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, and Natalie... read more
Strip For Carmen's Perfect Body Strip For Carmen's Perfect Body
Carmen Electra certainly has one of the best figures in Hollywood, and she achieved it by stripping for her husband.Electra has also said that perfecting lap dance routines has done wonders for her love life.

She stated in an interview, "It's fantastic for fitness and seduction. The best thing about it is you can do it in the privacy of your own home, you can close the curtains and nobody needs to see you do it. Then when you're feeling confident you can give your partner a lap dance or do... read more
The Art of the T-Shirt:
Jeans, t-shirt and flip flops can look entirely different depending on the person. Some guys just don't get it. The worse are those sports or college t-shirts, and anything too new looking from the Gap. Don't even get me started with those crisp white ones that they give out for free when signing up a credit card...

There's an art form when it comes to the perfect tee. Think color, texture and definitely don't forget about the fit. T-shirts from the past made everyone look fat, so maybe you... read more
Jada Pinkett Smith Goes Heavy Metal Jada Pinkett Smith Goes Heavy Metal
Jada Pinkett Smith, the petite actress and wife Will Smith, is struggling to be accepted on the heavy metal circuit, even though she is being backed by Ozzy Osbourne.

Smith and her pop metal band Wicked Wisdom are unfortunately at the receiving end of all sorts of threats after they were added by Ozzy himself to Ozzfest's lineup."Wicked Wisdom will be pelted by every loose object on the Ozzfest grounds," stated one comment on the Ozzfest website.The band, who supported Britney Spears in... read more
The Porn Industry Is Booming In Italy The Porn Industry Is Booming In Italy
A new study co-sponsored by the Vatican has recently shown that although Italy may be in a recession, the pornography industry sure is booming and growing more high-tech savvy each day.

The Eurispes Institute study said that the aim of the industry is to provide porn services "24 hours a day" via cell phones, TV, and internet.
What are being called "sexy shops," selling videos, DVDs, and other products, are sprouting up throughout the country, with some even opening near highway exits near... read more
Take Out And A Snug T-Shirt Take Out And A Snug T-Shirt
For those of you who will be working on the huge, upcoming construction project in Aspen, Colorado, there will be a new service that offers you great food delivered by a woman on a snug T-shirt.

Toasty Chicks Delivery hopes that they will profit from an invasion of construction workers that are expected to be working in the area this summer.
According to founder and owner Rodney Millspaugh, Toasty Chicks will take anyone's food order, relay them to the restaurant of the diner's choice,... read more
What is the Perfect Hollywood Body? What is the Perfect Hollywood Body?
I'm sure there are many women out there who have pondered who they would want to look like if they could pick and mix from Hollywood's most beautiful.

A recent poll in People magazine asked women who they would want to look like, and if they could pick and choose, what features would they want from which stars.
Angelina Jolie's lips were a clear favorite. It's not because she has the pleasure of kissing Brad Pitt right now, but because she has a massively sexy pout that is as natural as can... read more
Celebrate Orgasm Day
In Brazil's conservative Northeast, sex rarely makes the news. That is until now when a small town declared Monday, May 9th Orgasm Day.

The May 9th holiday has been endorsed by Esperantina Mayor Felipe Santolia, which he has said was intended to improve relationships between married couples.
"We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses. There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation. But from what I've seen, women have more trouble achieving orgasm than men, especially in... read more
Scarlett Johansson Is Out and Lindsay Lohan Is In Scarlett Johansson Is Out and Lindsay Lohan Is In
It has recently been revealed that Scarlett Johansson had to pull out of Mission Impossible III due to a scheduling conflict. However, a replacement has already been found.

Lindsay Lohan, who has been featured quite frequently in the news lately for her dramatic weight loss and surprising hair-dying stunt, let it slip during radio interview that she was ready to take on the abandoned part.Although the news hasn't yet been confirmed, Lohan sneaked out the news, before telling her interviewers... read more
Who's Your Favorite Non-Human Star Wars Character? Who's Your Favorite Non-Human Star Wars Character?
Everyone loves Star Wars, and if you say you don't, you're probably lying. In fact, you know that you even have a favorite character. Not Han Solo or the Princess, but probably a non-human character like Chewbacca is the one that steals your heart. How would your fave rate if you participated in a survey?

In a recent Blockbuster survey, it was revealed of everyone's favorite non-human Star Wars characters, it's Yoda over Chewbacca by a hair, no pun intended.
Yoda won 27 percent of the... read more
Kate Moss, Model Now Rock Star Kate Moss, Model Now Rock Star
Kate Moss may be famous for her modeling career, but deep down she really want to go in another direction. She wants to be a rock star.Moss took to the stage with her rocker boyfriend, Pete Doherty, along with his band Babyshambles during a gig at Trinity College in Dublin.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Moss climbed on stage about halfway through the night and grabbed a hold of a microphone."She started singing along. Surprisingly, she has a really good voice. She got a big... read more
Win An Xbox 360 Win An Xbox 360
Microsoft Corp. and Pepsi-Cola North America announced at E3 that there will be a U.S. promotion to put the up-coming Xbox 360 in the hands of thousands of lucky winners before the console even hits the shelves.

Beginning August 28th, Mountain Dew and Xbox will select a winner of an console every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for nine weeks straight for their "Every 10 Minutes" promotion.

In order to play, consumers will collect codes from under the caps of Mountain Dew... read more
Best Curves In Hollywood Best Curves In Hollywood
A recent magazine poll has revealed who is considered to have the best curves in Hollywood. It comes as no surprise that Beyonce managed to come in first place.

For the In Touch magazine poll, the singer overcame some stiff competition that consisted of no scrawny stars.

Penelope Cruz was Beyonce's runner-up, coming in just ahead of Jennifer Lopez who's butt is very famous.

Other voluptuous stars include Pam Anderson, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, and Kate Winslet.
Here's the top... read more
Is Bald Really Beautiful For Natalie Portman? Is Bald Really Beautiful For Natalie Portman?
Natalie Portman, the 23-year-old actress who can currently be seen in the latest Star Wars installment, is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. However, after revealing her new hair, or lack of, at the Star Wars premiere, some people may think otherwise.

But to all her fans, don't worry, this isn't a permanent thing.
Portman has only shed her locks for her role as a freedom fighter in her upcoming film V For Vendetta.

George Lucas didn't seem put off by her... read more
Kylie Minogue Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has been diagnosed with breast cancer, just a few days short of her 37th birthday.

Minogue discovered that she had early breast cancer while enjoying a holiday in Melbourne with her family and boyfriend of two years, Olivier Martinez, 39.
The singer will undergo treatment immediately and will be heading to the hospital as early as tomorrow. She is expected to remain in the hospital for two days, after which she will return to her parents' home in Melbourne... read more
Eva Longoria and Hayden Christensen Eva Longoria and Hayden Christensen
Lately Eva Longoria has been everywhere. You'd be hard pressed to walk past a news stand without seeing her face and reading about her latest love interest.

The truth be told, since the 30-year-old actress seems to jump from man to man, there probably won't be enough ink to adequately cover her conquests.

And now, according to The New York Daily News, her latest seems to be Star Wars cutie Hayden Christensen.It was reported that Longoria was seen in full manhunt mode while in the South of... read more
Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. Ad Not Too Hot For TV Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. Ad Not Too Hot For TV
Carl's Jr said the 30-second spot would premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, May 17, with "behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the ad."

"It couldn't be more pornographic," stated the source."It's about as racy as I've seen." The 30-second spot, set to the song "I Love Paris in the Springtime," shows Hilton washing a car "with hoses shooting everywhere and her soaping everything up." The spot, which touts the BBQ Six Dollar Burger, plays off her popular 'That's Hot' catch... read more
Sterling Silver Nipple Sterling Silver Nipple
Show your love for your significant other, or even your own body, by wearing his/hers/your own nipple cast in sterling silver on a chain around your neck. Oh sure, this sounds crazy, but with just a winning bid on eBay you, too, can be the proud owner of a custom-made sterling silver nipple pendant.

As stated on the auction page, "This auction is for a custom made sterling silver pendant of your nipple. Let me make for you, a one of a kind pendant of your nipple in silver. A silver nipple... read more
Stripping Candidate
A 19-year-old Norwegian student promoted her campaign to be the local russ president by stripping completely naked during a student assembly at Atlanten High School in Kristiansund.

Her stunt received a new wave of publicity when a video of the performance was posted online and when Norwegian news site TV 2 Nettavisen also made the decision to post the link to the video on their site.

Gunnar Stavrum, TV 2 Nettavisen's editor, backed the decision to point readers to the video."The story has... read more
Mariah, A Tattoo, And The People's Court Mariah, A Tattoo, And The People's Court
Mariah Carey recently found that her name was caught in the middle of a bizarre battle when a man filed a lawsuit over his tattoo bearing her likeness.

On The People's Court, the man who had Carey's image tattooed on his body felt that the artist didn't do justice to her. He was suing because to him the tattoo wasn't as beautiful as the real-life Carey.Carey was so shocked when she learned of the episode through her friends, that she made a special request to see it.

"Somebody taped it... read more
New Gig For Tara Reid New Gig For Tara Reid
Following in the footsteps of Cindy Taylor, Brooke Burke, and Jules Asner, Tara Reid may be the next host of "Wild On!".

Reid seems to finally be embracing the reputation she has as one of Hollywood's hardest-partying hotties. Right now she is thisclose to signing a deal to become the host of the popular E! show, which seems only natural for her.

As for the present, she will be leaving for Romania in two weeks to film the horror flick Incubus, in which she will star. Following the film's... read more
Gwen Stefani Wants A Baby Gwen Stefani Wants A Baby
Gwen Stefani has recently stated that she wants to have a baby with her hubby, Gavin Rossdale of Bush fame.

The couple, who married in 2002, found out just last year that Rossdale has a secret lovechild with singer Pearl Lowe, whom he dated in the '80's.

Now, along with moving forward with many other aspects of her career, Stefani is also determined to have a family of her own. She stated, "I want to make a dance record. I want to appear in more movies and I want to add to my clothing... read more
Heidi Klum's Sweet New Venture Heidi Klum's Sweet New Venture
Two things that don't seem to mix in the world of fashion are supermodels and candy. However, Heidi Klum is doing just that. She is more than likely the first supermodel to launch her own brand of candy.

Of course, the candies in Klum's "My Favorite Candies" line are fat-free.
The fruit confections come in three flavors: Heidi's Yogurt Fruit Cremes; Heidi's Yogurt Dessert Cremes; and Heidi's Fruit Flirtations. Read on to see what these entail.

Heidi's Yogurt Fruit Cremes are a fruit... read more
Katie and Tom To Tie The Knot? Katie and Tom To Tie The Knot?
Tom Cruise has confessed that he is ready to marry again. So Katie Holmes might not have her well-known last name for much longer.

Cruise, who is twice divorced, told the June issue of Reader's Digest that another marriage is definitely on the agenda.
"I'd like to get married. I'll tell you what I love. I like being in a relationship. That's who I am."

Cruise and Holmes have recently returned from their much publicized romantic romp in Rome, where they happily posed for the first of... read more
Are Cameron And Justin On The Rocks?
It has been reported that Cameron Diaz has been caught kissing another man in public, sparking rumors that her relationship with Justin Timberlake is on the rocks.

Diaz was spotted in a passionate embrace with a TV producer, although her publicist has reacted angrily to the claims.Oscar Duran stated that he saw Diaz and Shane Nickerson kissing on an LA street while Timberlake was in the hospital having nodules removed from his throat.

Nickerson, when asked about the incident by The Sun,... read more
Mena Suvari And Hubby To Split Mena Suvari And Hubby To Split
It seems that maybe Mena Suvari married a little too young because the 26-year-old actress has recently announced that she and her husband are getting a divorce.

The actress, who married at 21, was cited that irreconcilable differences are the reason behind the divorce from cinematographer Robert Brinkmann.

Suvari is best known for her roles in American Beauty and American Pie. This divorce is coming after a mere 5 years of marriage.She met her husband on the set of her comedy Sugar and... read more
First Look At Madden 2006's Cover First Look At Madden 2006's Cover
It was previously reported that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb would grace the cover of the next Madden installment.But, what most of you probably wondered was what it would look like.Well, it looks like you won't have to wait any more.
EA Sports has provided an early picture so all of Madden's loyal followers can have an early sneak peak of the cover.
Look for the game to be in stores in August.
read more
Teri Hatcher's New Man
After seen smooching fashion photographer Jim Macari at Cain just last week, it looks as if this week Teri Hatcher's new man is John Salley.

A spy told PAGE SIX that Hatcher and the 7-foot-tall former NBA star and current host of "Best Damn Sports Show, Period!" were spotted in Justin Timberlake's hotspot Chi.
After drinking from a bottle of Grey Goose, the couple hit the dance floor, dancing and kissing to "Crazy in Love."

"They were full-on making out," said the spy. "They were kissing... read more
Joss Stone Still Has No License Joss Stone Still Has No License
Joss Stone, the sexy, British soul sensation, is very disappointed. On Monday she failed her driver's test.

The singer, 18, had hoped that she would now be legally fit to drive on American streets following the test that she took on Los Angeles, but instead, she still remains just a learner.

"I totally failed. I'm crap! I'm actually a good driver, it wasn't my fault. This big truck came and tried to hit me...I pressed on the brake and then the lady that was testing me, she wanted me to... read more
Mischa's Single Again Mischa's Single Again
Mischa Barton, the 19-year-old star of The O.C., has recently split from Brandon Davis, 22. The couple, who began dating in April 2004, parted prior to Barton leaving for Rome to begin filming Decameron with Hayden Christensen.

According to a source as told to Star, "They broke up after things began winding down and they started reevaluating their relationship. But it was Mischa who broke it off, for a few reasons: Brandon doesn't have any real money of his own; it's all his family's. She... read more
Ultimate Road Trip Necessity Ultimate Road Trip Necessity
The next time you take a road trip, it could be much easier for you. Less pit stops make for a better trip.A British couple recently explained how they drove all the way from the north of Scotland to the south of Italy without having to stop even once for a potty break. They owe it all to their portable toilet.

James Shippen, a biochemist, and his colleague Barbara May took close to a week to complete the trip by using what appears to be the first bathroom that has ever been installed in... read more
Nicole Kidman Wants Bigger Breasts Nicole Kidman Wants Bigger Breasts
Nicole Kidman isn't happy with her figure. She wants bigger breasts and feels that having a baby will help.

She has always been dissatisfied with her slim figure and thinks that she looks like a "boy-girl."Despite the fact that her looks have been the envy of Hollywood, the 37-year-old actress has confessed that she would rather have the voluptuous curves of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe.

"I've always had trouble putting on weight, yet I've wanted curves my whole life. I would like to... read more
Pam's Back On The Market Pam's Back On The Market
Busty Pamela Anderson is officially single again. According to The Sun, the actress and animal rights activist has ended her 5-month relationship with Stephen Dorff.

It has been reported that the former Baywatch beauty called off the relationship because she felt it didn't have a future.

According to, insiders have clamed that the pair are still good friends, which allows then room for a possible reconciliation in the future. Considering her past relationships with Tommy Lee and... read more
Why Does Everyone Feel Sorry For Jennifer Aniston? Why Does Everyone Feel Sorry For Jennifer Aniston?
Every tabloid article I have read so far has expressed such deep sympathy for Jennifer Aniston. Why? I do not understand it. Jennifer Aniston has exactly what Jennifer Aniston wanted. A booming movie career. Jennifer made being a movie start her top priority. It has paid off handsomely. Yes, at the expense of her marriage, but her marriage has not appeared to be much of a priority to her anyway. So why all the pity for pity's sake?

A very wise book says that where you heart lies,... read more
Paris Hilton Wants Kids Paris Hilton Wants Kids
Paris Hilton has decided that she is determined to have kids with her Greek boyfriend in the next two years. She wants to do this because she feels as if she has accomplished everything in life at the age of 24.

According to the Internet Media Database, Hilton has been dating the 22-year-old shipping heir for only a short time, since December, but she insists that she is in love with him and ready to start a family.

"I want to have kids in the next two years because I know that completes... read more
Topless Protestors Shake Things Up
In Chicago, a group of topless protestors made their cause a THONG thing.

A group that calls itself the Topless Humans Organized for Natural Genetics, or THONG for short, sure gave shoppers an eyeful over the weekend. They stripped down to their undies while protesting and questioning the safety of clothing that is chemically treated in order to resist stains and wrinkling.

The group of 20-something demonstrators marked outside an Eddie Bauer store located on Michigan Avenue.To avoid... read more
More On Angelina Jolie More On Angelina Jolie
It is now being said that Jolie, the bi-sexual actress who has made clear her love for women, that she doesn't like scrawny girls. In fact, when it comes to the bedroom, she has said that more is definitely more.

"Ever since I dated a woman, I know what it is to grab a curve," she states in the latest edition of Vanity Fair. "Skinny's not right when the lights are low."Right now, exclusivity is not in the bag for Jolie, who claims she has two lovers, neither of which are Brad Pitt.

... read more
A Higher Eduaction
It's considered higher education. The only difference is that it's of the horizontal variety. Around 25 sex workers went to college of sorts, sitting through lectures just as regular college student would, but on effective marketing, stress reduction, and condom-application skills.

Wednesday's class held at an erotic art gallery, presented in conjunction with the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival, was billed as a way for working girls and guys to polish their skills in a... read more
Jenny McCarthy And The World's Largest Margarita Blender Jenny McCarthy And The World's Largest Margarita Blender
When actress Jenny McCarthy celebrates Cinco de Mayo, she sure does celebrate it in a big way!

McCarthy was on hand in NYC, along with CuervoNation, which is a tiny, eight acre island in the Caribbean, to unveil the world's largest margarita blender.
The event was held in order to kick off the one-week countdown to Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th. Each year, CuervoNation celebrates "Cuervo de Mayo" as its national holiday on the same day.

The giant blender was originally created on the... read more
Stripping Art Stripping Art
The next time your girl wants you to take her to see some art, you can take her to a strip club. An Oslo court ha ruled that striptease in an art, just like the opera or the ballet.

"I'm very pleased. Ninety percent of the guests here tell me that what I'm doing is art," said a female stripper from the Dream Go Go Bar in Trondheim.
This week the court ruled that striptease should be treated like any other artistic stage show, whether it be stand-up comedy or the opera, for which tickets... read more
The Best Cereal Prize Ever! The Best Cereal Prize Ever!
Jordan Willett, a 5-year-old British boy, found a nasty surprise while getting himself a bowl of cereal. His prize turned out to be a two-foot long snake!

Willett thought he had found a price when the snake, a harmless corn snake, slithered out of his box of 'Golden Puffs' that his parents bought from the discount store Netto, located in Telford, central England.

"It was quite long and popped its head up. I've seen snakes on TV before but never in a box of cereal," the boy told the... read more
Tara Reid Linked To Tommy Lee Tara Reid Linked To Tommy Lee
Tara Reid has recently laughed off rumors that she is romantically linked to Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives. But, according to PageSix, she and bad boy Tommy Lee are an item.

She reportedly hooked up with Lee, famous for his womanizing, in Las Vegas, and that she traveled with Motley Crue to their show in Loveland, Colorado. Recently, the frequently drunk Reid was seen at the Hudson Hotel looking quite cozy with Lee, drinking watermelon martinis that were made especially for them... read more
Bid On Carmen Electra, Seriously Bid On Carmen Electra, Seriously
Gillette Co.'s Tag body spray, in it's latest bid to attract teenage males, is offering them a date with Carmen Electra. So far, the bidding has topped out at $17,200 on eBay.

Males, aged 15 to 20, are eligible for a date with Electra, whose given name is Tara Leigh Patrick. According to Gillette, the winner of the auction will receive an all-expense-paid trip to LA to have dinner with her at "one of Hollywood's hottest restaurants," but nothing more.

According to a Gillette spokeswoman,... read more
Cameron Diaz Laughs Off Marriage Rumors Cameron Diaz Laughs Off Marriage Rumors
Lately it has been rumored that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake will tie the knot. It seems we hear it at least once a month. Recently it has been reported that they will wed this coming weekend.

However, Diaz has laughed off these reports.It was recently claimed in British newspapers that the pair were preparing to exchange vows this weekend in the South of France.In fact, a source at Nice's Grand-Hotel Du Cap-Ferrat told the News of the World newspaper, "It is fully booked for a... read more
Halle Berry Is Said To Be Low On Confidence Halle Berry Is Said To Be Low On Confidence
Halle Berry, the star that most men dream about, claims that she is very insecure about both her looks and her acting ability.

The actress, who has been seen in such films as Gothika and Die Another Day, and has also been featured in People magazine's annual most beautiful people roster nine times, has said that she does not have any confidence.

As quoted by internet portal Femalefirst: "I've tried hard over the years in everything I've done. But trying hard doesn't mean that you always... read more
Haunted Bra Or Cheating Husband? Haunted Bra Or Cheating Husband?
One way to get out of being caught cheating is to make up a story about the said object that was found. One man, when confronted with a bra that this wife found his in vehicle, actually claimed that it had to come from a poltergeist.

What's really sad is that it looks as if his wife might actually believe him because she has the bra up for sale on eBay as a haunted bra.

As her explanation says, "This is a VERY frightening haunted bra. It all started when I was cleaning out my husband's... read more
What you didn't know about Eva Longoria What you didn't know about Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria, the sexy Desperate Housewives star, claims that she didn't have an orgasm until she was 26. She is now 30.

"I didn't have my first one until I was twenty-six. It was that recent. Before that it was like, 'I think I did'. But when I finally did have one, I was like, 'What's going on with my body? Oh, my God!!!!!'"Longoria, who is divorced from husband Tyler Christopher, has recently stated that sex gets better with age and that she is looking forward to engaging in more... read more
Hungry?  How Does A 15-Pound Burger Sound? Hungry? How Does A 15-Pound Burger Sound?
The burger war is literally growing. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, who lost bragging rights as home of the world's largest burger earlier this year, is now offering a burger that weighs in at a whopping 15 pounds.

The Beer Barrel Belly Buster, as it's been dubbed, comes with 10.5 pounds of ground beef, 25 slices of cheese, an entire head of lettuce, three tomatoes, two onions, a cup and a half each of mayo, relish, ketchup, mustard and banana peppers, and, of course, a bun.

What does this... read more
New Xbox Better Than The First New Xbox Better Than The First
Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, has said thet the company's next-generation Xbox gaming console will be much more of a digital entertainment hub that the original.
Gates told a group of business journalists that it will be more of a PC hybrid than ever.

The new console, code-named Xenon, but will most likely sell under the name Xbox 360, is due to be previewed during an MTV half-hour special that will air later this month.

Although they are keeping tight-lipped on the specifics, Gates... read more
Katie Holmes Says No To Sex Katie Holmes Says No To Sex
Tom Cruise's latest girlfriend is proving to be the ultimate mission impossible for him. Katie Holmes, the former Dawson's Creek star, has reportedly said that she is saving herself for Mr. Right and she won't have sex before marriage.

The 26-yearl-old actress, who has been dating Cruise for a few weeks, is said to be enjoying a romantic break with the 42-year-old actor in Rome. But regardless of the romance, there won't be any passion.According to The Sun, Holmes has been dubbed Hollywood... read more
Angelina Jolie May Quit Acting Angelina Jolie May Quit Acting
Angelina Jolie, the sexy star who has starred in films such as Tomb Raider, may be set to leave the world of films.

It has been said that she has told friends that the time is right to call it quits because she "doesn't need the money or the hassle."According to News of the World, the 29-year-old actress is concerned about the effect that her Hollywood lifestyle is having on her three-year-old son, Maddox.

"She wants to do more work and spend time with her son so she'll at least take a... read more
The Mere Mention Of Alcohol Triggers A Man's Sex Drive The Mere Mention Of Alcohol Triggers A Man's Sex Drive
A recent study at the University of Missouri found that even just a reference to alcohol triggered the male brain into finding women far more attractive than they normally would.

"This research shows that even if men aren't drinking but are merely exposed to alcohol related cues, those who expect alcohol will make them want sex will rate women as more attractive," stated Professor Ronald Friedman, who led this research. "In other words, we propose to have found a case of automatic 'beer... read more
Penelope Cruz Claims She's Not A Lesbian Penelope Cruz Claims She's Not A Lesbian
Penelope Cruz is making sure to distance herself from her best friend's butt after she was recently spotted grabbing it.

Cruz is denying that she and her friend Salma Hayek are lesbians and explains that her booty grabbing snafu was the result of the flu.Ok, so now you're confused.
According to Cruz, she was sick with the flu and was feeling just a tad bit delirious when she let her hand linger on Hayek's butt at a press conference for their new film, Bandidas.

"I grabbed Salma's ass just... read more
Robert Rodriguez Plans "Sin City" Sequels Robert Rodriguez Plans "Sin City" Sequels
SIN CITY - one of the most groundbreaking flicks to hit the sliver screen in years is set to be an instant classic. In fact, Robert Rodriguez is already planning follow-ups.

According to, "Robert Rodriguez will be shooting back to back sequels for SIN CITY 2 and 3 starting February of next year for a release presumably summer of 2007. I guess the studio big wigs were satisfied with the commercial and critical appeal of the uber-cool SIN CITY that they jumped on the shooting back to... read more
Paris Hilton And New Boyfriend Playing House Paris Hilton And New Boyfriend Playing House
Paris Hilton and her latest boyfriend are playing house.

"I love the fact that when I go off to work he will be waiting at home for me. And He's a great cook," said HiltonThe couple, who have been dating for over three months, upset guests at an Aruba hotel during a Caribbean holiday last month. There were complaints that guests were unable to get any sleep due to the noisy sex antic taking place in the couple's room.

"You could hear moaning and groaning and the bed bumping the wall,"... read more
Halle Berry Gives The Clothes Off Her Back Halle Berry Gives The Clothes Off Her Back
Halle Berry, the sexy, Oscar-winning actress, has literally given the clothes off her back to her former high school. Berry, a Cleveland-area native, donated two designer gowns to the school to be auctioned off during its annual prom fashion show. Money raised from the auction will send Bedford High School students on a field trip to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.

"She always said that if I need anything to let her know," stated Yvonne Sims, a guidance counselor who... read more
The Black Eyed Peas Will Split The Black Eyed Peas Will Split
Since 1998 The Black Eyed Peas have achieved great success in the hip-hop world. So, it is hard to imagine that anyone in the group would walk away. However,, quoting, has reported that the group is planning to call it quits and go their separate ways after their next album, Monkey Business, is released this summer.

"Fergie has her record, I have a Spanish record coming out and Apl has a Philippino record coming out," stated Taboo. He also added, "We decided to branch... read more