Wild Again -  Brooke Burke Splits from Husband Wild Again - Brooke Burke Splits from Husband
NEW YORK - TV personality Brooke Burke and her husband, Garth Fisher, have called it quits. The co-host of CBS's "Rock Star: INXS" and Fisher announced their separation in a statement issued to People magazine Wednesday. The couple, who have been married since 2001, have two children.

"We are saddened to announce that we have mutually decided to separate after seven years together," the statement read. "Although our careers have taken us in different directions the past few years, we have a... read more
New Gap Ads
Gap has tapped Alanis Morissette, Joss Stone, Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child), Keith Urban, and other well-known artists for its upcoming fall "Favorites" campaign. They will not only appear in ads, but will also contribute to a limited edition CD compilation

In the TV ads, each artist will perform a cover of their favorite song while at the same time wearing their favorite cut of Gap jeans. For example, Morissette, Stone, and Liz Phair will sing their versions of Seal's "Crazy,"... read more
Jen In Playboy? Jen In Playboy?
One person you probably thought you'd never seen in a Playboy spread is Jennifer Aniston. However, it looks as if you might just be wrong.

It seems that Hugh Hefner is dangling a $5 million offer under Aniston's pretty little nose. And it's all for the taking if she agrees to pose naked for him in Playboy.

Hef is working overtime lately to get the former Friends actress and estranged wife of Brad Pitt to agree to his offer. He has been personally phoning her and begging her to consider... read more
Lindsay's Family Troubles Lindsay's Family Troubles
Lindsay Lohan will miss her own movie's premier because of her parents impending divorce. She recently flew back from London to be with her mom as the proceedings begin.Lohan was supposed to meet her Herbie: Fully Loaded co-star Michael Keaton at the Leicester Square shoing. However, she left the UK in order "join her mother and sibling" in New York.

Sadly, she will also be skipping her upcoming promotional tour in Germany.
Her family's troubles have been quite publicized lately, with her... read more
Scarlett's Breasts Are Larger Than Life Scarlett's Breasts Are Larger Than Life
Scarlett Johansson almost crashed her car upon spotting her own "brontosaurus-sized" breasts on a billboard.

According to the Daily Record, she slammed on the brakes when she saw an advertisement for herself in Hollywood.
"I was driving through Los Angeles and I look up and see the biggest photo of me I have ever seen in my life on a massive ad space. I screamed and slammed on the brakes. I couldn't believe it."But what really got her was the size of her breasts.

"It's very strange to... read more
The Stones Are Back With A New CD The Stones Are Back With A New CD
September 6th will see the release of The Rolling Stones first studio CD in eight years entitled "A Bigger Bang".But where did they come up with the title?

In a recently released statement, the group said, "While in the studio recording the album last year, the band came up with the title 'A Bigger Bang,' reflecting their fascination with the scientific theory about the origin of the universe."

The new CD will feature sixteen songs including "Rough Justice" and "Streets of Love." In... read more
Kate's Slams Kate's Slams
Kate Hudson has recently voiced her opinion about two subjects. She can't understand why men would want to date inexperience virgins, and why women would want to date older men.

"What is the fascination with virgins? Is it that they're untouched? Guys want to be the first to get in there? I think I just answered my own question," she joked. She also added of her own preferences, "I definitely wouldn't want to date a virgin."

The beautiful actress, and daughter of the ageless Goldie... read more
Nicole's Surprising New Move Nicole's Surprising New Move
Nicole Kidman has recently found herself a new home. Surprisingly, it's in Tom Cruise's neighborhood.

Cruise has lived in his Beverly Hills mansion for 3 years. According to the Daily Mail, Kidman saw a perfect property in the same area and bought it. The couple share custody of their two adopted children, so this might actually be good for them.

One source told the paper, "They put aside all their differences so that the children can be near both parents. When Nicole recently saw that... read more
Jessica's Past Eating Disorder Problems Jessica's Past Eating Disorder Problems
Jessica Alba has always felt she is an ugly duckling. In fact, in order to improve her appearance, she once battled an eating disorder.

Alba recently admitted to eating problems, as well as obsessive compulsive behavior, anxiety attacks, and insomnia. She told The Sun that she left school at the early age of 12 because she was miserable and wanted more.

"I stopped going to regular school at seventh grade. I had big dreams. I was focused at a very young age. I hated school. I didn't... read more
Sith Double Whammy Sith Double Whammy
Mark your calendars now. The Star Wars: Episode III--Revenge of the Sith, DVD and a video game entitled Star Wars Battlefront II will both be available on November 1st.

As for the DVD, the two-disc set will include a full-length documentary, two new featurettes, one exploring the prophecy of Anakin Skywalker as the Chosen One and the other about the movie's impressive stunts, as well as a 15-part collection of 'web documentaries'.According to Jim Ward, Lucasfilm's VP of marketing and... read more
Mandy Moore Back On The Singles Scene Mandy Moore Back On The Singles Scene
It seems that Mandy Moore and Zach Braff have gone their separate ways. This is from sources who have said the Scrubs star was seen partying in NY with various women this past weekend, none of whom were Moore.

Braff was seen flirting with "a harem of young women" at Level V and even tried to set one of them up with friend/singer Gavin DeGraw. Although, it was said that he seemed interested in the woman himself.One source revealed to the New York Post, "It seemed that he was the one trying... read more
Is There Really A Sasquatch? Is There Really A Sasquatch?
The debate about the existence of a sasquatch, or Bigfoot as he's more commonly known, has now entered the world of modern DNA testing.'

One lab will test hair samples that some residents of Teslin, Yukon say were left when the supposed creature made a late-night run through their community earlier this month.David Coltman, University of Alberta wildlife geneticist, agreed to do the tests as a favor to one of his colleagues. He said that scientist have cataloged nearly all of the large... read more
Shakira Loves Being Nude Shakira Loves Being Nude
You don't often hear stars admitting that they have a bad fashion sense and hate wearing clothes. But Shakira is the exception. She has recently declared that she hates covering up.

Her reasons for this are two-fold.

First, she says she has no time for fashion or style critics who have mocked her in the past. "I only got a stylist when my family were astonished to see me in the same evening dress three Christmases in a row," she petite Latin star admitted.

Second, she says she... read more
New Face Of Jordache- Brittany Murphy New Face Of Jordache- Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy is the new Jordache girl. She is set to start in a series of new ads for the company that became famous in the 70's.

"We chose Brittany as our model because she epitomizes everything that the updated Jordache brand is about," said Liz Berlinger, the president of Jordache enterprises. "She is a classic beauty with an individual sense of style. That really comes across when you meet her."

The ads, a twist on the horse-head logo, will feature the star posing bareback on a... read more
No Stunt Doubles For Kate No Stunt Doubles For Kate
When it came time to do stunts in her new movie, The Skeleton Key, Kate Hudson didn't want a stunt double. In fact, she insisted on doing her own stunts and she even wanted the scars to prove it.

The actress, best known for her role as a groupie in Almost Famous, was excited to have the opportunity to get physical on screen. She decided to refuse a stunt double, even when it came to doing her most dangerous action scenes.

"This was the first time I got to be athletic in my work and it... read more
A Mastercard Wedding A Mastercard Wedding
You gotta love this guy

Ths is a story about a wedding that took place at Clemson University. It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests.

After the wedding at the reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a lavish reception.

As a token... read more
Bearing it in the bedroom
From Agent Susan

This story was sent to us from Susan - one of our field agents. She thought you guys would enjoy it...

A woman meets a gorgeous man in a bar.

They talk, they connect, and they end up leaving together. They get back to his place, and as he shows her around his apartment, she notices that his bedroom is completely packed with sweet cuddly teddy bears.

Hundreds of cute small bears on a shelf all the way along the floor, cuddly medium-sized ones on a shelf a little... read more
She said/He said She said/He said

Sunday night I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink.

I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment.

Conversation wasn't flowing so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed but he kept quiet and absent. I asked him what was wrong; he said nothing.

I asked him if it as my fault that he was upset. He said it had nothing to... read more
How to wreck a sure thing Part 1
Driving. Not a damn song on the radio worth listening to no matter how many buttons I push. I begin to wonder if there is really any point in this outing. Why do I need to drive all the way to Detroit just to go dancing? We've got clubs in town, after all. Not good clubs, mind you, but at this rate, by the time I get to the club I might be too tired to dance.

The phone rings. I glance sideways at it and I don't recognize the number. I realize suddenly that I'm driving like a total jackass and... read more
Slow Your Roll....
When I was living the the great city of New York, I once had a profile on Nerve.com. I winked at this one particular guy, good looking, Italian, typical tall dark and handsome. We began an IM and telephone relationship. It actually went very well, we were able to chat for hours on end. After we tele-courted eachother for a couple weeks, we decided to meet for drinks (simple enough) at a nice pool hall in Chelsea. Since I am no pool player he really tried very hard to teach me the basics. ... read more
How to wreck a sure thing Part 2
I look at him sideways. "Of course I do. My mom taught me. Of course it was years before I realized it was blackjack." We chuckle a bit.

We arrive. I don't know how to parallel park, so I make him do it. He instructs me in the matter as he does so. Then, he grabs my hand as we cross the street. I let him, but then he doesn't let it go. I feel a little silly walking down the road hand in hand with this guy. He can't find the entrance. He drags me down the road through a crowd of people... read more
Finding Common Ground - the First Round
After losing your confidence and swearing off other humans for months to a year, you know The " bury your head in the sand" or hiding in a cave, attitude because the last date was a bad experience or your relationship of long standing is gone and on file now. Well cave people and Ostrichi let me tell you- it just doesn't cut it.
So finding that someone you can at least communicate with and at least have an enjoyable day/ evening out with can be grueling. We all know that one. Its... read more
Ever have a date that could of been a scene in a movie?
Ok this is how it was...I was dining with my date at the Olive Garden which pathetically was my first time ever going to this particular place, and we were having a lovely romantic night and was ending the dinner with a nice look back of the nights events when my date reached over and held my hand...he looked into my eyes and was ready to tell me something good. I could tell...when all of a sudden a waitress dropped a wineglass and it broke on the floor then out of no where, no one knows why,... read more
Dating rules you didn't know they could break
There are just some things you didn't know would ever have to be spelled out. And here I am on this date with a gorgeous guy, thinking he just might be someone I could really get to know.Until he called me Sam.......

"um, Sam? My name is Crystal."and not only did he call me by the wrong name he actually skipped right over it like it was no big deal, offering me no explanation or apology.Instead he says, "Do you like chicken?"Right. So things are going great now that I have this lovely chip on... read more
Take Her Out to the Ballgame Take Her Out to the Ballgame
Just don't get so drunk you leave her there.

You've got a date this weekend, but you want to avoid the dinner and a movie cliché. Why not take her out to a baseball game?

A recent survey showed that more than 65% of women think a baseball game is the perfect place for a date. Why? It's a low key, pressure-free adventure with built-in bonus potential -- a chance for her to get a tan.

To keep you guys from screwing up a potentially perfect date, here's some... read more
Great Date Movies: Great Date Movies:
Remember the time you took a first date to see "Eyes Wide Shut?" Don't repeat that mistake this weekend.
Here are two movies that won't have you, or your date, squirming in your seats.
How many times does a movie come out featuring a hot new starlet that shows you the ins and outs of the porn industry for two hours? And don't bring up the Ron Jeremy documentary. He hardly qualifies as a hot new starlet.

Now there's "The Girl Next Door," starring 24 hottie Elisha Cuthbert. The movie isn't... read more
Praise Us Praise Us
How to Pay Her a Compliment
Most women love to receive compliments and so few of you guys are any good at it. Done right, a little flattery can open all kinds of doors and make you seem as charming as 007. So pay attention handsome!
What to Say
1. The more specific, the better. Instead of saying, "You look nice," try something like "I love the way that dress brings out the color of your eyes." It shows you are paying attention to us, and not just following some script. (Irony realized,... read more
Reach Out and Touch Someone Reach Out and Touch Someone
Getting in Touch With One of Your Five Senses

Last week, Double Agent Evelyn attended a launch party for AXE's new fragrance "Touch" that (fittingly) explored the idea of touch. It got her and us thinking (finally, we know) that there's more to "touch" than just the physical act of making contact.

So, being the clever little lassies we are, we teamed up with the guys at AXE to further investigate the whole concept of TOUCH, from the literal interpretation to the less tangible one.

Don... read more
Up Your Game Up Your Game
A New Breed of Wingman

Did you know that your best bud might actually be hurting you in the trenches? It's his job to watch your back at the bar, right? Well, it's time to fire him and find yourself a wingwoman.

Most guys meet other women through their female friends. When a girl is making the introductions, you automatically gain credibility. And when your wingwoman tells us you're wonderful, we might actually believe her.

Giving the right signals:
It's crucial that the girl on your... read more
Letters to the Agency: Letters to the Agency:
The Worst of Your Worst Dates
We asked. We received. Now we share. Your submissions for your "Worst Date" ranged from funny, to embarrassing, to gross, to painful. Here's what you had to say.
Come on Baby Light My Fire
"I went out with an ex-girlfriend. She was wearing a fluffy angora sweater and we'd been drinking earlier. I went to light her cigarette and got distracted for an instant. When I'd looked away my hand with the lighter moved and accidentally set her sweater on fire. I... read more
Hello, Mrs. Robinson Hello, Mrs. Robinson
Tips for Seducing an Older Woman
Between Demi and Ashton and Cameron and Justin, Hollywood is telling us it's ok to have a generation gap between you and your girl. But how does the younger man/older woman thing work in the real world?

According to a recent survey, one-third of all women date guys younger than them, while almost two-thirds of guys date younger women. So here are some tips from girls of all ages to help you snag your very own "sugar mama."
1. Take her someplace unique and... read more
Letters to the Agency: Letters to the Agency:
Rules for dating your friend's ex-flame

We know we said we'd publish your responses next week. We lied.

Judging from the number of comments we received, our report on dating a friend's ex covered familiar ground for a lot of you boys. We've listed below some of our favorite "Letters to the Agency." We love to read this stuff so keep it coming!

"Dating a friend's ex? NEVER ACCEPTABLE. Bros before Hos."
- Rob

"Six months? No way, if the dude can't get his act together after he dumped... read more
Dating a Friend's Former Flame Dating a Friend's Former Flame
Without throwing your friendship on the fire.
She's the perfect girl. You've known her for years, think of her constantly, and get along fabulously. Problem is...she's your friend's ex-girlfriend.

Can you go there without losing the friendship? We asked a group of you and came up with the following guidelines.
The Rules if He Dumped Her

1. Wait a minimum of six months after they break up (or at least did the deed), and add six more months of waiting time for each year they dated.
... read more
Don't be an Insta-Boyfriend Don't be an Insta-Boyfriend
Unless you want to make us run, that is.
So you met a girl that you really like. You've done the dinner date and the sleepover, and are considering breaking all the rules and just going for it. Before you blow it, check out this report from Agent Kerry.
Some girls we spoke with suggested "throwing caution to the wind," but the large majority confided that guys often blow it at this stage by acting like an "instant boyfriend."

Like movies, when you fast-forward a romance, you miss all the... read more
The Magic Touch The Magic Touch
5 Places Women Want to be Touched

Don't you wish women came with roadmaps -- "take the one-lane road from her ankle to her thigh..." Truth is, we kind of wish we did too. Then you would know exactly what we want you to do.

See, women don't like to tell guys what to do (strike that, rewind). Women don't like to tell guys what to do when it comes to seducing us. We want you to read our minds. So you poor guys are left to guessing games. That is, until now.

Here are some good places to... read more
First date with her? Dont do this...
So it´s your first date with this new chick. You think you´re being sensitive and polite by allowing her to pick what the two of you do. NOT! Please have a plan.

Whenever I ask "Where are we eating?," there is nothing i hate more than to hear, "I don´t care, wherever you want to eat." Call me old fashioned, but generally speaking, the guy is going to be the one to pay for the meal, etc. anyway, right? It puts the girl in a very awkward position to have to pick the restaurant or activity,... read more
Rich Man Vs. Poor Man
There's that old adage, "it's just as easy to fall in love with a poor man as a rich man," or something like that. I tend to fall for the impoverished artistic type. I remember being 17 and imagining my future lovers to be lanky-haired photographers or sculptors, living in hovels amongst strewn beer bottles and cigarette butts. Oh how romantic!

Fast forward to me at 28 and the realization that living amidst yuengling bottles and the residual ash of parliament menthol lights is not fucking... read more
When a Good Compliment Goes Bad.
When a Good Compliment Goes BAD!

Wow a chance to write how I really feel. This is great. I work in a fight gym and there are tons of guys that come in everyday with so many different personalities. Some are strong and some are not. Some are smart , while others are not. But one of the things that has been sticking out in my mind the most is the fact that men just don't get it. I am not exactly sure what it is that they don't get but when it comes to women they don't get it.
Just... read more
Wooing and Wowing The Lady
Want to really wow your lady? We've all heard the overused "Have you lost weight?", "You're so beautiful, your eyes are blah, blah, blah". We've had the surprise candles, flowers, foot massages, etc...They're all nice, but for god's sake, where is your creativity?. See below for some ideas and tips on how to really take her by surprise and win some points.

1. When your woman is going out for a dinner with the girls, call the restaurant in advance and buy them all dessert on your credit card.... read more
How to prepare a romantic indoor picnic
So you want to make your sweetheart feel special? apologize for something? Get someone to sleep with you? Then bust out those romancing skills baby! Whatever your reason you to impress your lady, Miss_Pink has the perfect solution for you- an indoor picnic!

1) Set the mood:

Begin your set-up in a relatively neat area of your place. The bedroom floor is a perfect area to have the picnic, if only for the fabulous proximity to the bed, which, if all goes well, will be the setting of... read more
Be a gentleman! & Dont drink more than one or two drinks on your first date!
I want to advise all dating individuals not to drink too much on the first date. I know you are nervous, and drinking seems to help with that. But trust me. If you want a second date and if you want the person you're on the date with to respect you. Don't drink too much!

Also.....Do you know how to tell men from boys? Be a gentleman. Treat your lady with respect. Maybe all women don't appreciate this, but I love a manly man. Opening doors for me, shoveling my car out when it snows,... read more
The man makes the cologne

This really seems to be a problem that I have noticed for the past few years.

Guys, you generally wear way too much cologne. Remember these four words:

Walk Away.

Just spray the cologne into the air and walk into the cloud and be on your way. If you can smell it on you, it's usually too much. If you're on a first date and your cologne is too strong, it's a real turn-off.

You can generally tell what type of guy you're dealing with by the cologne... read more
The Power of a Woman
To truly understand the power of a woman man must take a long hard look at the scarifies most women have made in an effort to better/improve/promote their 1. significant others 2. family (children). Self sacrifice is a quality that eludes most men. There is a plethora of knowledge to be gained from reflecting on the woman's role in the American Family, and in America in general. This can be done by examining one's own mother. Once we take an adult view of how hard our mothers worked for... read more
Control Your Water and Power! The Who, What, Where, & When's of the Dreaded FIRST KISS.
Kissing, ahh the sweet, gentle nervousness of that first kiss. You want it to be just right. Romantic, passionate, memorable. Memorable in a good way. Assuming you are not a total idiot and that you have the good sense to brush, floss, and mouthwash prior to going out. You must already know how important fresh breath is or you wouldn't have gotten a "yes" to even a date. But many a fresh breathed man has lost his chance due to a bad first kiss. So how to get it right???

First off,... read more
Enough already
I am done with this freakin' frigid winter.

I am sure I am not the only girl who is craving sun kissed skin, healthy highlighted hair and not having to spend ages every morning putting the layers on. We feel like we have lost a certain glow inside and out.

So, guys, if the women in your life are grouchy bitches lately it's not PMS-it's DA 'Double Agent', being DA 'Done Already' with winter. If you want to score big points with a girl around this time, invite her to a day in the spa, or... read more
Don't Leave Her in the Dark - Breaking Up is Not Hard To Do
I have come across several books and articles lately stating that men have a hard time breaking up with a woman they are not interested in due to fear....fear she'll cry, fear she'll go crazy, etc. I, for one, have more faith in the male population and their strength.
If you lose interest in a woman you have been seeing, even if only for a short time, tell her. You can do it; she's most likely not going to hurt you. Here are some more benefits: you'll feel better, you'll stop unwanted phone... read more
Compliments Are The Answer For a Happy Relationship??  Who Knew!! Compliments Are The Answer For a Happy Relationship?? Who Knew!!
A German scientist has determined that the formula for a happy relationship consists of making sure criticism is cancelled out by five compliments.

Dr. Hans-Werner Bierhoff, who is from the social psychology department at Ruhr University Bochum, claims that, in an ideal situation, couples should compliment their significant other fives times for every one time they criticize them. "Then people feel good in their relationship. Goodwill increases your potential to be happy," said Bierhoff.
... read more
Men! Beware of the Jilted Love Plague
Warning to all men.

You have a group of friends, some are guys. Some are girls, and some are your buddies' girl friends, maybe you're co-workers. Often you all hang out together. Suddenly, one of the girls in the group is jilted by her man. She calls you for advice. She needs a friend to talk to. She wants to know what you know about her situation. Perhaps she hears you're going through the same thing with your girl. Maybe you can lean on each other. Like bosom buddies. Best... read more
I Love You
How often do you tell your partner that you love them? Is it every day, every other day, or not very often at all?

A recent survey has revealed that more than two in five people say those special three words to their partners every day.

But, sadly, 10 percent never utter those words at all to those they hold near and dear.

The survey, from banner-design company thebannerpeople.com, found that as many as 98 percent of people believe that feeling loved can greatly improve their health.
... read more
Underwear and your relationship
If you're the kind of guy who would do anything to avoid the "Define the Relationship" talk and yet you're still curious to know exactly where you two are, then you gotta learn how to read to clues.

Here's one of them: You can tell what state your relationship is in by the type of underwear the girl is wearing.

1) Honeymoon Stage

This occurs in the first few months of dating when everything is fresh and new...and when you're both going to great lengths to impress each other. For... read more
Women Don't Like Daredevils Women Don't Like Daredevils
Men who believe that their reckless behavior will attract women should think twice. A sex survey of 100 men and women, conducted by researchers at the University of Maine in Orono, showed that women are not impressed by things such as bungee jumping or other risky types of behavior. Instead, they prefer men who take fewer chances.

As state din New Scientist magazine on Wednesday: "Men thought women would be impressed by pointless gambles, but women in fact preferred cautious men."
One... read more
It's funny how often the opposite sex can drive us batty. Men, we know you can't help it, but we really wish you'd stop:

*Flexing & staring at your muscles, especially when you don't have any. Unless you're built like Vin Diesel or 50 Cent, women don't want to see it.

*Leaving the toilet seat up. If we do you the courtesy of putting the seat back up when we use the restroom at your apartment, the least you can do is put it back down when you're at ours. There's only so many times a woman... read more
What some wmoen REALLY mean!
This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

This is the calm before the storm. This means "something," and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with 'Nothing' usually end in "Fine"

This is a dare, not... read more
Patience Is A virtue
Recently I had the experience that made me want to share some new advice. I met a guy, and we hit it off right away. We talked on the phone for hours, sent each other text messages and emails daily. And then he asked me out. I was happy, however I was also busy that weekend, as I was going out of town for a few days. So I promised to call early the next week. Well, I was a day or so late. But I did call. Unfortunately, he got a case of the jilted man syndrome. The warmth between us... read more
Cool For All Ages- The Smurfs Cool For All Ages- The Smurfs
If you were a child of the 80's then you surely remember the cute, cuddly, blue creatures called the Smurfs. In fact, you don't have to be a kid, or have kids to appreciate what I have to say next.

It seems everyone's favorite cartoon characters are heading to the big screen.
According to Variety, Paramount has gotten the rights to the cartoon and, along with producer Jordan Kerner, writer Herb Ratner, and Nickelodeon Movies, will be making a CGI 3-D version for the theaters.

What makes... read more
Joss Stone's Butt Double Joss Stone's Butt Double
Sexy singer Joss Stone has admitted that she used a butt double in her Gap commercials because hers isn't perky enough.

She recently confessed, "All those bum shots? They're not mine. They're other girls. That's not my bum, I promise. Apparently, I need a J Lo bum or something."
Although she was happy to wiggle her tush for the clothing icon, she draws the line there. In fact, she has slammed other female stars for baring all.

The soul-singing sensation, who has refused many offers... read more
Jessica's Worried Jessica's Worried
Jessica Simpson is nervous. It's because she feels that since she's known as a singer, she won't be taken seriously as an actress.

However, she shouldn't be since she is following down the same path other pop stars have traveled before her.Simpson feels that her upcoming movie will be a flop at the box office because of her.

In The Dukes of Hazzard, she will portray the sexy, hot pants wearing Daisy Duke, a role she won from rival Britney Spears."I don't want people walking out of a movie... read more
Lucky Monkey- Jessica Alba Style Lucky Monkey- Jessica Alba Style
There is a one lucky monkey out there. Jessica Alba has recently confessed to kissing a monkey.

The actress locked lips with the monkey for a TV stunt and now she has said that she knows why actors are wary of working with animals and/or children.
"I'm shooting a special for MTV and they told me all I had to do was push my lips out a little and the monkey would give me a peck, but instead she rammed her tongue inside my mouth and swept it all around in a circle," she explained.

Alba... read more
Trouble For Paris Trouble For Paris
Although it may seem so, everything is not perfect for Paris Hilton and her fiancée, Paris Latsis.Amid rumors of their bickering also comes the news of a lawsuit.The New York Daily News has reported that Paris Latsis' ex-girlfriend, Zeta Graff, has slapped the hotel heiress with a $10 million lawsuit.

What is the reason for her suit? Graff has claimed that the "Hilton Camp" has started "a number of vicious lies...to be published in the New York Post" concerning an incident that occurred June... read more
Nicole Pass On Her First Major Role Nicole Pass On Her First Major Role
Nicole Kidman has recently lost her first major movie role because she didn't want to have to do a lesbian love scene.

The stunning actress was head-hunted by Hollywood director Jane Campion, who wanted her to perform a passionate kiss with another girl in her new film.

However Nicole, who has claimed that she got into acting to kiss boys, turned down the role because she didn't want to shoot a Sapphic scene.

"In high school I loved to act because you'd get to kiss the boys you had a... read more
Wedding Three For Pam and Tommy Lee? Wedding Three For Pam and Tommy Lee?
PageSix has reported that Tommy Lee proposed to Pam Anderson for a third time while at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This supposedly happened just a week after the couple enjoyed a Hawaiian vacation with their sons.

"He got her a black diamond with two gray diamonds on the side," said one tattler. "After she said yes, they flew on the Palm's private jet back to L.A.--but they crossed out the 'l' on the side of the jet so it said 'Pam's.'"

PageSix also added that the twosome used... read more
Just Not The Same Just Not The Same
Sometimes the transition from a TV show into a movie isn't a very easy thing. That is definitely something the cast and crew of the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard are finding out.

One of the TV series' original cast members is lashing out against the film, calling the big screen rendition a 'sleazy insult'.The original Cooter, Ben Jones, is definitely putting his negative criticism out there of the film starring the sexy Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville.

"Rather than honoring our legendary... read more
Hair-do or hair-no? Hair-do or hair-no?
If you're dating ...

An America: About 35% of American women like guys with beards and moustaches, so if you have either, you don't have to buy a Gillette ... at least, not now.

An Italian: Better chances here. Over 53% of Italian women like hairy guys.

A Brazilian: Yup, go get that Gillette now. 84% of Brazilian women like guys who are clean-shaven.

An Israeli: 94% like guys who are 'not so hairy.' What the hell does that mean? Yah, we wondered, too...

Did you know?
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Most Italians Like Naked Sunbathing
According to the results of a recent survey, most Italians think that nude sunbathing is very natural and don't mind crossing paths with naked beach-goers, even when the person isn't too attractive.
Topless sunbathing is a normal practice in Italy, although bottoms are usually required to avoid a fine said the Italian Naturalist Federation. The Federation said that a poll it commissioned from a mainstream media outlet found that almost 70 percent of people surveyed said they would sunbathe... read more
The alphabet never sounded so good
Stuff, 2/21/2003
By Caramel Quin

Women don't want you to be a total pervert, but every once in a while they do hanker for something a little bit, well, you know...different. If you want to take your lady for a walk on the wild side, you've got to know exactly how far she'll want to go. Our sexperts will help you push the envelope with confidence--and without making her worry that you're going to dress up in her pink, lacy panties and chase her around with a feather duster.

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Johansson Wanted To Go Naked Johansson Wanted To Go Naked
While some Hollywood actresses are wary about showing to much skin, 20-year-old Scarlett Johansson actually had to be persuaded to keep her clothes on. This is according to Michael Bay, her director in "The Island".

As Bay spoke before Monday's New York premier of the film, he said he was prepared for the usual nerves he has seen actresses have when it comes to shooting a love scene.
"We're ready to go and of course the actress is not there," Bay told reporters. He stated he was summoned... read more
Pam And Tommy Lee An Item Again? Pam And Tommy Lee An Item Again?
It seems that Pamela Anderson just can't get enough of her ex-hubby Tommy Lee. According to PageSix, the former Baywatch star appears to have gotten back together with Lee one more time.

After she ended her much publicized relationship with Kid Rock, Anderson has been most recently linked with Stephen Dorff. The paper claims that Anderson and Dorff has also called off their relationship and she is back in Lee's arms. Lee is the father of her two sons, Brandon and Dylan.

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Naked Men Make Jessica Alba Laugh Naked Men Make Jessica Alba Laugh
Jessica Alba has recently said that she finds naked men to be "hilarious". She finds nothing sexy about them and she doesn't get aroused from watching them attempt a sexy strip number.

One thing Alba will never forget is the time when she was taken to a strip club by her mother and during an odd night out. She just couldn't stop laughing at the performers.
"My mother and aunt took me to a male strip club when I was 18. Male strip clubs are just funny. It was hilarious. Men look really... read more
Jessica Simpson Called A Stripper Jessica Simpson Called A Stripper
Right about now Jessica Simpson must be wishing that she wasn't so sexy. Why, you ask? Because a US Christian group is slamming her by calling her a "stripper".

The organization, which calls itself The Resistance, has recently blasted the singer for her new These Boots Are Made For Walking video. They are also demanding that she re-shoot the video and make a less raunchy version.

They feel that since her father is a pastor, that she should be a better Christian role-model.John Connor,... read more
Want your date to end with a bang? We found 14 women to tell you how.
After-Dinner Minx
Want your date to end with a bang? We found 14 women to tell you how.

Stuff, 5/9/2005
By Amy Silverson

Dating women can be such a bitch: You have to shower, pay for dinner and pretend to care about things like her family and career. And in return, you usually end up with nothing but sexual frustration. It doesn't always have to be that way, though. Just listen to what these women have to say about the dates that made them deliver.

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Make a Moment
Guys should take a hint from the icons of the past, romance and seduction go a long way and can definitely improve any situation. There's something about staring into someone's eye's that makes time freeze, it's weird, but in that two seconds, you can learn allot about a person. Slow things down and speed things up at the same time. Here's my notes from this weekend:

- Call ahead
Make a reservation for dinner, even if it's a second tier place, at least I know you're making an effort so we... read more
Bam Margera Slams Jessica Simpson Rumors Bam Margera Slams Jessica Simpson Rumors
It has recently been rumored that Jessica Simpson stepped out on hubby Nick Lachey and slept with Bam Margera. Margera, known for his starring role in Jackass, confirmed that he did spend a night with her, but there was no sex involved.

His friendship with the pop princess was strained last month when his father told a radio station that Margera and Simpson slept together.However, Margera wanted to clear up the rumors and let everyone know what actually went on after he and Simpson partied... read more
Gwyneth Paltrow--Tea Girl Gwyneth Paltrow--Tea Girl
Gwyneth Paltrow so desperately wants to be a part of London's Live 8 extravaganza, that she has offered to serve refreshments to performers backstage just to be close to the action.

Although she will be at the concert with her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, but she wants to be able to play a part of her own.One source has said, "Gwyneth told (organizer) Bob Geldof she really wanted to do anything she could to help because she thinks the whole idea is so amazing.

The source also... read more
Holy Catfish! Holy Catfish!
Almost nine feet long and as big as a grizzly bear, a gigantic catfish caught in northern Thailand may be the largest freshwater fish ever recorded.

Caught in the Mekong River, a team of fishermen struggled for more than an hour to haul the creature in. It tipped the scales at a whopping 646 pounds.

"It's amazing to think that giants like this still swim in some of the world's rivers," said project leader Zeb Hogan, a National Geographic Society emerging explorer and a WWF conservation... read more
24 Coming To The Big Screen 24 Coming To The Big Screen
The Calgary Sun has reported that the popular show, 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, has a big screen version in the works.

Jon Cassar, Canadian director/producer, has said, "The last I heard, the first hour will not be in real-time, but then something big will happen and real time will kick in. It still has to be worked out--it's at a stage where they need to write it."

The one thing Cassar will not do is predict the storyline that will be used in the show's big screen... read more
Yep, He Truly Is Getting Crazier And Crazier Yep, He Truly Is Getting Crazier And Crazier
Just when we thought Tom Cruise couldn't get any crazier, he just happens to surprise us. It seems that he is desperate for Nicole Kidman to be a guest at his and Katie Holmes' wedding.

He has reportedly begged her to attend the nuptials, but, according the The Sun, she hasn't given their wacky relationship her full blessing since she isn't convinced it is for real.Regardless, Cruise still wants her there to not only show they are on good terms, but also for the sake of their two adopted... read more