There is a god: Keri Russell cast in M:I3 There is a god: Keri Russell cast in M:I3
Here are a few words for espionage fans concerning the next MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE flick. While there was once a possibility that David Fincher was set to direct, the film is to be overseen by J.J Adams, the man who brought TV drama lovers the television series "Felicity" and "Lost." Tom Cruise will of course return as the film's hero (gotta hand it to him after WAR OF THE WORLDS) with some added guests which will include MATRIX star Lawrence Fishburn along with Philip Seymour Hoffman as the story... read more
Apple's New Venture Apple's New Venture
Apple Computer Inc. recently announced its plans for anew product that will debut in early September. Although the company is keeping the new product tightly under wraps, many think they will introduce an update iPod Shuffle with more capacity.

The company is expected to introduce a larger, four-gigabyte iPod which uses sticks of flash memory rather than a hard disk drive, that would hold about 1,000 songs.

Tom Bajarin of Creative Strategies Inc. in Campbell, CA, and also an industry... read more
Gwen Gets Coveted Spot Gwen Gets Coveted Spot
Gwen Stefani was recently given the coveted spot at the upcoming New York Fashion week. It is the same one that helped Jennifer Lopez impress the fashion world with her Sweetface Collection.

The singer-turned-designer will show her floral designes for the spring 2006 L.A.M.B. collection on the catwalk as part of her first major show.Stefani does admit that she's a little apprehensive about what the critics will have to say about her designs, but she is also ready for their worst.

"I don't... read more
Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller together at last? Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller together at last?
Anyone can appreciate the comedic talents of Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller, but who ever thought of seeing the two together in a film. It seems they might have...

Carrey is currently in talks to star alongside Stiller in USED GUYS, a film that Stiller has been trying to get off the ground with director Jay Rouch (MEET THE PARENTS) since 2002. It seems as though Fox finally started to come around once they started talks with Carrey. The film is said to have Carrey and Stiller playing "pleasure... read more
The Southland Tales The Southland Tales
From the writer who brought us Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly's new film THE SOUTHLAND TALES is guaranteed to be funny as hell. With a veritable cornucopia of big names and comedic players, SOUTHLAND TALES takes place in a near-future version of LA in 2008, where the city is on the brink of "social, economic and environmental disaster." Who knows what this means exactly, but here are some choice tidbits concerning the film's plot: SNL star Cheri Oteri is set to play a "villainous lesbian body... read more
Natalie Portman's new movie Natalie Portman's new movie
Luscious actress Natalie Portman has just signed on to co-star alongside Dustin Hoffman in a new film called MR MAGORIUM'S MAGIC EMPORIUM. The story will follow the tale of a quirky toy-store owner who leaves his magic shop to (the equally quirky, and depressed) girl (Portman) who works with him. Both actors will be receiving less pay than usual for this film, which is to be the directorial debut of Zach Helm (who wrote the screenplay for STRANGER THAN FICTION). This probably indicates that the... read more
Evan almighty- Doesn't look so mighty
Universal pictures has done it again-- they've made plans for yet another sure-to-flop sequel. Last year, BRUCE ALMIGHTY was a hit comedy starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrell. This year, the sequel to BRUE ALMIGHTY, entitled EVAN ALMIGHTY will star not Carrey or Aniston, but a lone Steve Carrell. It seems that Universal Studios just couldn't throw enough money at Jim Carrey (or Aniston) in order to get them to return for a second shot. The end result will take the sequel into... read more
Only Nintendo characters allowed to go insane Only Nintendo characters allowed to go insane
According to the US patent office, Nintendo has officially secured a patent for "A video gameand game system incorporating a game character's sanity level that is affected by occurrences in the game such as encountering a game creature or gruesome situation."

You read that right: from here on in, according to US law, only Nintendo characters
are allowed to go insane, at least in a way that alters their perception of reality (ie bleeding walls, sinks running red with blood, etc).

Why... read more
Does playing evil make you evil? Does playing evil make you evil?
From games as far back as the Wario series (where you play Mario's twisted, evil twin brother) to the new 25 to Life, and of course the Grand Theft Auto series (which seems to be getting all the attention these days), a large number of games let their players be evil. But what does that experience do to them?

This writer's two cents: The article is well written and insightful, but this is just more of the same dead horse, beaten and whipped for the millionth time. Video games aren't truly... read more
Like video games? So do 61% of your friends
If you're a child that is. A recent study by a Netherlands-based firm known as JuniorSenior Research has confirmed what most people have suspected for a long time: lots of kids play video games.

Of the 4,000 polled, male and female, 61% said they play video games "on a daily basis".Another interesting statistic from the poll: When asked where they get information about new games, one third named their friends, as opposed to only a fourth for advertising and a slim 11% for television shows. ... read more
Virgin's Vie To Be King's 13th Wife
Over 50,000 bare-breasted virgins recently vied to become the 13th wife of Swaziland's king. In the annual Reed Dance ceremony, which has taken place since 1999, King Mswati III gets to pick his new bride.

The girls, clad in short beaded skirts, colorful tasseled scarves, and carrying machetes, sang a tribute to the king while marching around his royal stadium attended by male minders dressed in animal skin loincloths. Most wanted the honor to reap the benefits that being in the polygamist... read more
Jennifer Love Hewitt Hurt On Set Jennifer Love Hewitt Hurt On Set
It seems that a lot of actresses are getting hurt on the set these days. Jennifer Love Hewitt is no exception. She is the latest actress to incur a workplace injury after she was hit on the head with a chair while filming her upcoming television series.

Hewitt suffered a mild concussion on August 22. She was accidentally struck with the piece of furniture during a reading for "Ghost Whisperer."

This injury is coming on the heels of Eva Longoria's injury. On August 17th, the Desperate... read more
Tara Reid's Strange Request Tara Reid's Strange Request
We all know that Hollywood stars make strange requests. But Tara Reid recently amazed the staff at a London hotel when she asked for an extra room. Not for a person, but for her large, ever-growing shoe collection.

Reid, who is in Europe shooting for Wild on Tara, arrived at the Baglioni Hotel along with Paris Hilton.Although Hilton is known for her outrageous behavior, it was Reid who was the odd one.

One insider told the UK's The Daily Telegraph, "She booked herself into one of our... read more
Blitz offers revolutionary gameplay and...streakers? Blitz offers revolutionary gameplay and...streakers?
It's no Hot Coffee, but it would seem Midway's oddball football sim Blitz has taken a turn for the even more risque. A new screenshot posted on the Midway message boards
seem to indicate that, in an effort to more fully recreate
the football experience, Midway programmers have added
streakers to their game.

Of course this might just be a humorous marketing ploy, and it's anyone's guess if it'll make it the actual game. But that doesn't make it any less funny. read more
New Digital Playboy New Digital Playboy
Playboy Enterprises Inc. has recently announced that it will launch a digital edition of the magazine with its October issue.The digital Playboy, which will be produced in association with digital-publishing services provider Zinio Systems, will be identical to its print counterpart.

"We see this is a natural extension of the Playboy brand," stated Christie Hefner, Playboy's chief executive.She also added that giving Playboy increased distribution and worldwide access on the internet will... read more
Chris Farley Posthumously Honored Chris Farley Posthumously Honored
The late, great Chris Farley was recently honored posthumously with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"I think it's sweet that everyone still has a real nice place in their hearts for him, they still remember him," stated David Spade, who appeared with Farley both on-screen and on Saturday Night Live. "He goes down as one of the greats. And I still think about him every day."

Farley's fans, family, and friends gathered around the star, the walk's 2,289th, in front of the Improv... read more
Dating, Perhaps Not...
When a girl is ready to get back into the whole dating scene, she usually wants to take things one step at a time. I cannot speak for all of the women out there, but I can speak for myself. When a girl has just stepped back into the single life, taking things slowly is the only viable option.

Accepting an invite to have lunch with someone or grabbing a beer together does not mean the two of you are officially (or unofficially for that matter) dating. It's pretty black and white. If I accept... read more
Brittany Murphy Lost Virginity With Mom's Encouragement Brittany Murphy Lost Virginity With Mom's Encouragement
Brittany Murphy credits her mom for encouraging her to lose her virginity.

The sexy star, 27, was a reclusive teen until her mother insisted that she leave the house and start dating.

Murphy, who has been romantically linked to Ashton Kutcher and Eminem in the past, didn't lose her virginity until she was 21.

"I started going out with boys at 19, and lost my virginity at 21," she told Reveal magazine. "The only reason I went on a date was because my mother insisted. She told me: ... read more
The Grand Canyon's Edge
An American Indian tribe with land along the Grand Canyon plans to build a glass-bottomed walkway that will extend out 70 feet from the canyon's edge.

Expected to open in January, the horseshoe-shaped skywalk is part of the Hualapai Tribe's $40 million effort to turn 1,000 acres of their reservation land into a tourist attraction. It will also feature an Indian village and a Western-themed town.The reservation is 200 miles by road to the west of the part of the Grand Canyon National Park... read more
Snoop Dogg's  New Venture Snoop Dogg's New Venture
Snoop Dogg has been known for many things including being a hip-hop star and an actor. Soon he will also be known in the skateboarding world when he launches Snoop Dogg Board Company.

According to, Bing Worthington Jr., Snoop's older brother, came up with the idea to create the company, which will offer a complete line of both long and short skateboards, accessories, and backpacks.

Duane Pacha, the president of Pentagon Distribution, stated, "Snoop Dogg's brother came to us... read more
Teri Hatcher Wants Sex, Oh, And Love Too Teri Hatcher Wants Sex, Oh, And Love Too
Teri Hatcher recently revealed that she wants to have sex. But, she doesn't want to have sex with just anyone, but with someone who loves her."I feel like I'm too old to just have sex. I mean, I want to have sex but with somebody who really loves me," she said to the Daily Mirror.

The 40-year-old actress also admits that she hasn't been on one date since she split from her husband two years ago."There is no guy in my life. I think this must be every single woman's plight--where do you got... read more
Nicole Richie Can't Catch A Break Nicole Richie Can't Catch A Break
Poor Nicole Richie just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to her weight. First she was referred to "voluptuous" just two years ago and now she is being called too skinny.Richie gained weight after a stint in rehab for heroin use just before she was set to start filming The Simple Life's first season in 2003.

Although now she is being attacked for returning to her old, slimmer frame, she remembers what it was like then."When we were promoting the first season, peole would ask me how I... read more
Battle to the Death
You have to admire the man's dedication, if nothing else.

After playing an online video game for over 50 hours straight, a man identified only as Mr. Lee died recently in South Korea . Whether he died having just completed the final level of mastery for his online avatar, or he expired from frustration at being backstabbed yet again, the world will never know.

South Korea is the most wired country in the world, with more than 70 percent of the population having Internet access. ... read more
Bid To Possibly Meet JLo Bid To Possibly Meet JLo
Jennifer Lopez is up on the auction block for charity. Starting Thursday, her fans can bid on two VIP tickets to the opening of her first US boutique in Chicago.

he boutique at Marshall Field's on State Street is slated to open on September 22. announced that,in addition, winners of the tickets will get premiere seating at the store's fashion show and also the chance to meet JLo herself.

Also included in the seven-day auction are samples from Lopez's first Sweetface fashion... read more
The Warriors- Rockstar Style The Warriors- Rockstar Style
Our spies just uncovered this press release from Rockstar Games...

THE WARRIORS Official Site Launch

New York City, late 1970's.
A battle rages from the seedy beachfront of Coney Island, Brooklyn to the desolate wilds of Van Courtlandt Park in the north Bronx - and across all points in between.

The armies of the night number 60,000 strong... and tonight they're all after The Warriors.

This October, Rockstar's long-awaited videogame adaptation of the 1979 Paramount Pictures cult film... read more
Soul Caliber III: do-it-yourself ninjas Soul Caliber III: do-it-yourself ninjas
Fighting game fans rejoice: Late this spring Namco revealed that a new Soul Caliber game was in the works, and details have been trickling in ever since.

According to Electronic Gaming Monthly recent article, one of the most interesting tid-bits involves the characters. While the sheer number of old favorites promised (There's 30 characters total, including a few new ones) is impressive, what's even more tantalizing is that for the first time in fighting game history, SCIII will let you make... read more
Hulk!  Smash! Hulk! Smash!
Sometimes you just need to break things. And "The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" gives you just that opportunity.

What are the advantages to being big, green, and really big? SMASH! Do you want to cross the city, even though there is a building in your way? SMASH!
This game has shed the Bruce Banner, and pumped up the Hulk. Its as if he was all angry, all the time. The last Hulk game involved lots of Banner sneaking around; but we don't love the Hulk because of Bruce Banner. ... read more
Looks like Humanity won't be saved after all Looks like Humanity won't be saved after all
Xbox's million dollar giveaway, the Advent Rising "Race to Save Humanity" contest, is officially a fluke.

The contest had a cool concept. A week after releasing Advent Rising, which came with two free months of XBox Live, there were "Easter Eggs" planted in a level of the game that any player could find on their own XBox. They were worth prizes of $10k, $20k, and so on, every week the egg getting more valuable. The last prize, on week 6, was to be much larger, worth $1,000,000. After the... read more
Maria Sharapova still growing Maria Sharapova still growing
Maria Sharapova hasn't just grown as a tennis player, but she has also grown physically, too. The sexy athlete is now 2 inches taller than she was when she won Wimbledon.

The 18-year-old has grown to a tall 6ft 2ins and just a year ago, at the age of 17, she was an even 6 feet tall.Her additional growth is one of the reason why she refused to play for Russia in the Federation Cup in Italy.

Sharapova had previously tried to denounce rumors of a growth spurt, saying she was no longer... read more
I dream of Jessica Alba I dream of Jessica Alba
It's time for yet another rumor about everyone's hottest wet dream, Jessica Alba. Apparently, the actress is set to play as the titular character in a movie remake of the classic 60's show, I DREAM OF JEANNE. To be directed by BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM director Gurinder Chadha, the film has been confusing movie-news hounds in about a million ways. The IMDB lists the actress to play Jeanne as Kate Hudson, while other sources have rumored that Lindsay Lohan signed on to the role last year. (All in all... read more
Don't Stalk Pam Anderson, Just Chase Her!!!! Don't Stalk Pam Anderson, Just Chase Her!!!!
Pamela Anderson thinks that men give up way too easily when trying to woo her. Anderson, who has recently denied rumors that she and former hubby Tommy Lee were to wed again, has begged that her potential suitors chase her.

"I would love to meet someone, but I want to be pursued," she revealed. "I think here in Hollywood there are a lot of men who give it one try and they're gone. There's not a lot of chivalry anymore and there's not a lot of real passion and people pursuing."

She says... read more
China says "No" to powergaming China says "No" to powergaming
According to Interfax China, the Chinese government announced on Tuesday that, in an effort to "prevent young people from becoming addicted to online games", they have developed a system that discourages players from using the games for more than three hours at a once.

The extra code, which all Chinese online game companies will be required to add to their systems, penalizes players by reducing the ability of their in-game characters once they pass the 3 hour mark. And don't try to cheat:... read more
Is Britney A Bigamist? Is Britney A Bigamist?
Richard Bacon, a British TV presenter, has claimed that Britney Spears in a bigamist.
Bacon, who was fired from the popular BBC children's show 'Blue Peter' for cocaine use, says that he legally married Spears during an interview in a hotel room shortly after she split from Justin Timberlake in March 2002.

The wacko claims that he got down on one knee and popped the question, to which she said 'yes'. Bacon has a vicar waiting with a genuine marriage certificate, supposedly signed by both... read more
The Man With The Longest Eyebrow Hair The Man With The Longest Eyebrow Hair
Frank Ames, a 43-year-old man from Saranac in Clinton County in North Country, has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest eyebrow hair. It measured in at 3.078 inches, or just about 7.8 centimeters."I don't know why it grows like that; it just always has," he told the Press-Republican of Plattsburgh.

Ames's journey towards notoriety began about two years ago when a co-worker noticed his bushy brows and suggested he try for the record. Ames decided to try it,... read more
Is Reality TV Going Too Far? Is Reality TV Going Too Far?
John de Mol, the billionaire behind reality shows such as the popular Big Brother, plans to test the limits of reality TV with a show in which a woman looks for a potential sperm donor so she can conceive a child.

Talpa, his new TV station that was launched earlier this month, confirmed that the program entitled "I want your child...and nothing else!" will be aired, although they gave no further details."The plan is that we visit potential donors and--of course on camera--decide which man is... read more
Madonna tops another list:25 Best Body Parts Madonna tops another list:25 Best Body Parts
Yet another survey has been done that asks people something ridiculous, yet at the same time somewhat intriguing. This time the poll was to find out what the top 25 "Most Incredible" rock star body parts are.According to the poll, Madonna's belly button has topped the list."It's what first marked her as a mainstream provocateur," said Marc Spitz as quoted by Zap2it.

The strange second place winner was Keith Richards' liver. It won the spot for its ability to withstand all kinds of chemical... read more
Corpse Exhibit
A unique exhibit is on display in Tampa, Florida. 20 cadavers and 260 body parts are part of the display entitled "BODIES, the Exhibition."The cadavers and body parts are preserved with a process that replaces the soft tissue with silicone rubber. The skin is removed, exposing muscles, bones, organs, tendons, blood vessel, and brains.

The bodies in the exhibit, which opened August 18 and will run through February, belonged to Chinese people who died and were either unidentified or... read more
Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat
Imagine being challenged to fight a blind kid in Mortal Kombat. And losing.
That is exactly what happens to many heartbroken gamers when confronted by the might of Brice Mellen, a blind 17-year old from Nebraska. He is a master of fighting games, listening to the sounds of the battle and cycling through his extensive knowledge of combos to defeat his opponents.

"I used to have quite a temper," Brice told one reporter. "Me and controllers didn't get along very well."But playing since he was... read more
Have Paris and Paris Split? Have Paris and Paris Split?
It has been reported that Paris Hilton has called off her engagement from Paris Latsis because he never told his parents they were getting married.

Sources have said that the socialite was angry when she threw a huge party several weeks ago to celebrate their engagement, only to find out that her fiancée hadn't told his parents about it.Once source told Britain's News of the World newspaper, "It was like a bade scen out of 'Meet the Parents.' Two of the world's richest families meet to... read more
PS3 this High Def DVD's PS3 this High Def DVD's
You think the VHS and Beta wars were intense? That's nothing compared to what's coming up.

The PS3, set to be released next year, will have a great feature: the ability to play newer, higher definition DVDs. There are two versions of the new DVDs coming out in the next year, HD DVD (manufactured by Toshiba) and Blu-ray (by Sony). The HD DVD will come out earlier, and is slightly cheaper to make.

The BluRay, however, can carry 50Gb of memory as opposed to HD DVD's 30 GB.
The impending... read more
Piracy? Homebrewing your PSP Piracy? Homebrewing your PSP
Since the PSP's release, fans have been finding new ways to tweak the little black handheld; changing the background, running their own games, etc. They call it "Homebrew".And ever since they started tweaking, Sony's been desperately trying to stop them: suing sites that hosted the custom code or any discussion of it.

The entertainment giant claims they're trying to stop piracy; indeed, a few of the "hacks" do allow PSP owners to pirate games off the Internet the same way computer gamers... read more
Master Chief hits the big screen? Master Chief hits the big screen?
That's right, it would seem that the stoic, armor-clad hero of Halo, the game many claim put Microsoft's X-box on the map, has scored his own movie deal. According to Variety, Microsoft has secured a deal with Fox and Universal (Universal for the actual production and US distribution, Fox for everything overseas) to produce a movie based on the ever-popular game. Upon hearing the news, fans everywhere cried for joy.

The film will reportedly be produced by Peter Schlessel and written by... read more
Factor Five's "Lair" shows off PS3's power once again Factor Five's "Lair" shows off PS3's power once again
Julian Eggebrecht, president of Factor Five, who fans may remember as the developer who brought two Rouge Squadron Star Wars games to the Game Cube, announced back in May that his company would be making content exclusively for the PlayStation 3 this time around, mostly because of it's raw power. According to, "The choice boiled down to performance, Eggebrecht said."

Now, fans are finally getting a glimpse of just what Factor Five can do with that performance. A trailer (... read more
Maria Sharapova Is Number One Maria Sharapova Is Number One
Just one week before the start of the US Open, Maria Sharapova will enter the final Grand Slam of the season in the number 1 slot on the WTA rankings.The sexy tennis star has been poised to displace competitor Lindsay Davenport since last spring.

Sharapova hasn't allowed the ranking race to distract her from her playing. With recent problems such as lower back pain and a strained pectoral muscle, she has had more than enough to worry about."What helps me to become No. 1 is the hard work I... read more
Thumbsucker this:Vince Vaughn and Keanu Reeves Thumbsucker this:Vince Vaughn and Keanu Reeves
THUMBSUCKER is an upcoming film attraction (filled with an incredible cast) that is prepared to spark the interest of blockbuster and indie audiences alike. The comedy, directed by Mike Mills (who is more commonly known for his work with artists such as Moby and Air) will follow the life of a strange character, Justin Cobb, as he "attempts to break an addiction to his pacifying habit of sucking his thumb... including pills, girls, and new age orthodontistry."

The Internet Movie Database has... read more
SAW II poster banned? SAW II poster banned?
Most everyone is familiar with the MPAA and their control over movie ratings, but most don't realize that their power reaches into advertizing (tv, poster, etc..) as well. This gives them control over pretty much anything we see in regards to a film, but occasionally something might slip past them. Such an issue happened just recently with the poster for SAW II. Lions Gate premiered the films teaser poster on the net recently, missing the MPAA's decision on its content. Just this weekend however... read more
Jenny McCarthy Soon To Be Single Jenny McCarthy Soon To Be Single
Jenny McCarthy and hubby John Asher have filed for divorce. According to her publicist, the couple cited irreconcilable differences.

The sexy star and former Playboy playmate have been married for six years. They met in September 1999 when Asher directed McCarthy in the film Diamonds.McCarthy can be seen in the UPN sitcom The Bad Girl's Guide as well as Party At The Palms. Her previous works include Singled Out, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and the short-lived sitcom Jenny.

She is also an... read more
GwenStefani  Barely Dated GwenStefani Barely Dated
Gwen Stefani has claimed that she has only ever had two boyfriends, her current husband Gavin Rossdale, and her No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal.

She does, however, admit that she once had a fling with the keyboard player of Fishbone, who she also claims tried to take it further than she wanted."I once made out with the keyboard player from Fishbone and he tried to take advantage of the situation, and I was not about to let him," she told Britain's Bliss magazine.

Meanwhile, it has been said... read more
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the couple who once brought much
attention to themselves due to a 15 year age difference, have even more
shocking "relationship news."

Demi claims that the couple has been avoiding parties and excessive
social gatherings to sit at home and try for a baby! Demi, who already has
three children with ex-husband Bruce Willis, recently described her
ideal evening with lover Kutcher as: "Sharing a bath with one another and
watching Court TV. Snuggling up... read more
Bon Jovi this - Cry Wolf Bon Jovi this - Cry Wolf
Chances are, when you combine a good slasher film with a rockstar, you just can't lose. This is pretty much what Rogue Studios is thinking about their upcoming horror release, CRY WOLF. Co-staring musician Jon Bon Jovi, this flick hopes to bring audiences a theatre experience comparable the gory, mystery-based 90's film SCREAM. CRY WOLF's plot is centered around killings at a local high school, and will include the usual cast of prankster teenagers (who will probably be, in actuality, a bunch of... read more
Donovan McNabb To Grace The Cover Of Madden NFL 2006 Donovan McNabb To Grace The Cover Of Madden NFL 2006
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer the SportsBusiness Journal has reported that Donovan McNabb, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, has agreed to term with Electronic Arts, or EA, to appear on the cover of the 2006 installment of the popular Madden NFL game series.

The publication has stated that Madden is the top-selling video game in the US and in addition to this deal being in the works, McNabb also has substantial deals with Reebok, Campbell's Soup, and the Lincoln Financial... read more
Maria Sharapova's New Romance Maria Sharapova's New Romance
It seems that Adam Levine, the singer from Maroon 5, has been enjoying a secret romance with Maria Sharapova for the past few months. This is even though they sexy tennis star has shown an apparent reluctance to date.

The couple met at Hiro, a New York nightspot, when the singer serenaded the Sharapova at her 18th birthday bash.Even though the blonde beauty has insisted that she is too busy love right now, it looks as if she has managed to make time for 26-year-old Levine.

"Adam always... read more
GameBoy now technology GameBoy now technology
You know that you have something to brag about when you're the smallest one on the block.Nintendo has released Game Boy Micro, which is just as good as the Game Boy Advance...only it's smaller. Weighing in at a spritely 2.8 ounces, only 7/10 of an inch deep, the Micro is a 4x2 slice of Game Boy glory.It looks cool, truly hand-held (you can cup it in onepalm) but it does not run games any faster than Game Boy Advance. If you have been toting around that heavy Advance model, continually wrenching... read more
The Next Too Skinny Star The Next Too Skinny Star
It seems that superslim celebrities are on the rise. Stars like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie have been in the media quite a lot lately for their skeletal frames. Now the most recent celebrity to take off too many pounds is Angelina Jolie.

Recent pictures of the sexy, full-lipped star suggest she has lost way too much weight from key areas. Her face it slimmer and her arms and legs look to be practically fat free.However, this new weight loss make her appearance far from what it looked... read more
Microsoft to release 2 versions of XBox 360 this fall Microsoft to release 2 versions of XBox 360 this fall
Just in case console-juggling was not difficult enough for a gamer nowadays, the upcoming XBox 360 will have2 different versions. The regular XBox 360 will have better graphics, quicker memory, yadda yadda, a new upgrade from the current XBox. The most important difference is that all of your current XBox Games will not play on it.
Compatibility is only a small issue, however, easily cured by an extra hundred bucks. Plunk down $400 instead of $300, and you can get the "premium" XBox 360,... read more
Shooting Monsters Will Not make you Shoot your Mom, study says Shooting Monsters Will Not make you Shoot your Mom, study says
Ever since video games have been introduced into the American culture, there have been hordes of angry parents afraid that games will make their kids into hooligans. If a child spends enough time cutting the heads off of virtual monsters, they reason, it is only a matter of time before a guillotine will be found under their beds.Not only has there been a lack of guillotines found in gamers' bedrooms, now there is a study debunking the myth of video game-inspired violence.

Dmitri Williams,... read more
Eva Longoria Was Hurt On Set Eva Longoria Was Hurt On Set
Eva Longoria was rushed to the hospital after a piece of equipment fell and hit her on the head.

The actress, who plays Gabrielle Solis on the hit show Desperate Housewives, was filming upcoming shows for the series when she was hit on the head by a falling poll.She was taken to a nearby hospital and doctors released her soon after treatment. She is now resting at home and her accident shouldn't delay the show's future filming.

Lisa Anderson, Longoria's spokeswoman, revealed, "She's just... read more
Trainspotting sequel? Porno this- Robert Caryle Trainspotting sequel? Porno this- Robert Caryle
Robert Carlyle (famous for his work as the star of THE FULL MONTY, as well as his role as wacko-druggie "Daffy" in THE BEACH) has recently come out with statements concerning Ewan McGregor, Danny Boyle and the once proposed sequel to TRAINSPOTTING.

Entitled PORNO, the sequel had been planned until McGregor and director Boyle had a clash over Leonardo DiCaprio's casting in Irving Welch's THE BEACH (which Boyle directed). Apparently, McGregor wanted the role, but Boyle cast DiCaprio and since... read more
Is Kirsten Dunst Pregnant? Is Kirsten Dunst Pregnant?
Kirsten Dunst has recently sparked speculation that she might be pregnant. This all came after she was photographed with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal looking at prenatal vitamins.

Dunst, the 23-year-old actress who is most recently known for her role in the Spiderman movies, was seen looking at a box of New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal dietary supplements in Hollywood's Whole Foods market this past weekend.

According to In Touch Weekly, Gyllenhaal helped Dunst in... read more
Riding With An Indian Riding With An Indian
A young woman from New York City was driving through a remote part of Oklahoma when her car broke down. An Indian came riding by on horseback and offered to give her a lift to a nearby town. She climbed up behind him on the horse and they rode off.

The ride into town was uneventful except that every few minutes the Indian would let out a loud whoop that echoed back from the surrounding hills.
When they arrived in Bartlesville, he let her off at the local Phillips 66 service station, yelled... read more
That's A Lot Of Popsicle Sticks That's A Lot Of Popsicle Sticks
A former Hollywood stuntman plans to soon launch a replica Viking ship in Amsterdam that is made out of 15 million Popsicle sticks. It took Robert McDonald two years to build the 15-meter ship. It will be launched in Amsterdam harbor with a crew of around 25 in hopes to set the world record for the largest sailing ship made of Popsicle sticks.

The Viking longship, which is equipped with oars and a mast, was built with sticks of birch-wood that McDonald painstakingly glued together along... read more
Bid To Let Stephen King Kill You Bid To Let Stephen King Kill You
Stephen King, best known for his scary novels and films, is offering one lucky bidder the chance to have a character named after them in his next book. But, he does warn you, the story will be quite gruesome.

King has joined the many writers, including John Grisham, who are selling the right to star in a novel on eBay.Proceeds from the sale, which will take place next month, will go to the nonprofit organization the First Amendment Project, which is a group that champions for the freedom of... read more
BEOWULF: Angelina Jolie BEOWULF: Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has recently been cast in the upcoming epic, BEOWULF. This new film from renowned director Robert Zemeckis will use the same motion capture technology utilized in THE POLAR EXPRESS. Zemeckis is responsible for directing some of the most memorable films in recent times, including the BACK TO THE FUTURE series, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, CAST AWAY, and FORREST GUMP.

Jolie is set to star as the Queen of Darkness, a temptress trying to hinder Beowulf's journey. The film also... read more
P. Diddy Just Diddy Now P. Diddy Just Diddy Now
Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has yet again revealed a new stage moniker. He now wants to just be called Diddy.

Combs has already changed his name from Puff Daddy/Puffy to P. Diddy in 2001. This announcement for yet another change came on Tuesday."It's five letters, one word. The name is changed. We made it simpler. We removed the P. The P was getting in between us. We're entering the age of Diddy," he told MTV News. "A lot of my peeps in music been calling me Diddy, so it's not a drastic... read more
Denise Richards- Possible Reconciliation? Denise Richards- Possible Reconciliation?
Denise Richards is starting to make people think that maybe she and Charlie Sheen are reconciling. The reason? She has started to wear her engagement ring in public again.

Earlier this year Richards stunned Hollywood when she filed for divorce from Sheen just 3 months before she was due to give birth to their second child.However, it was reported last month that the couple might be working on saving their marriage after signing up for counseling.

US Weekly has recently printed pictures... read more
Christopher Walken for President? Christopher Walken for President?
In a recent rumor circulating on the internet, actor Christopher Walken was announced as a supposed candidate for President of the United States of America in the upcoming 2008 election. A newly created website,, displays a list of the "candidates" platforms, complete with a formal touch and a political air.

But don't hold your breath! The website, funny as it may be, is just a serious spoof.

Walken, famous for his work in films such as STEPFORD WIVES and SLEEPY HOLLOW,... read more
Cameron Diaz Wants To Adopt Cameron Diaz Wants To Adopt
Cameron Diaz yearns for a baby. In fact, she is considering adopting a needy child that she can give her love to.

Diaz, 32, feels she is at the perfect age to be a mother and she loves the idea of following in Angelina Jolie's footsteps by bringing children into a loving home.
"I would love a family. I'm at the age where the wish for a child gets stronger. But who knows," she said.

She also added, "I think there are a lot of children out there who need families, so I wouldn't be... read more
The Sopranos Aren't Done Yet The Sopranos Aren't Done Yet
"The Sopranos" have fueled media speculation that the series will not end yet by having eight more episodes filmed as part of its sixth season.

David Chase, the show's creator, had previous said he wanted to end the show with the upcoming season, which is currently shooting and was initially slated to have 12 episodes.

However, Chase had requested eight more installments, a request that has been granted by HBO bosses."We are thrilled that David Chase felt there are more stories to be told,... read more
Tommy Lee Goes To College Tommy Lee Goes To College
Tommy Lee has a new reality show. In "Tommy Lee Goes To College" he is followed by cameras as he takes classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

At first, Lee was hesitant to do the show.

"First I was like, I don't know about this. This is kind of crazy. And then once the location came together and it was like middle America, Lincoln, Nebraska--and me...I can just see all these crazy scenarios start poppin' up in my head. I was like, this is going to be bananas."Last fall he was... read more
Eva Longoria Bombarded By Sex Toys Eva Longoria Bombarded By Sex Toys
Eva Longoria has admitted that her playful banter has gotten her in a bit of trouble with her TV bosses.

She has revealed that when she mentioned how much she likes female sex aids, it went a little too far.After she told a magazine journalist that she likes vibrators, she was inundated with tons of them that well-wishers sent to her.

"I was sent hundreds by fans. People sent them by the truckload. Boxes and boxes and boxes," she told The Daily Mail.She does, however, confirm that they... read more
Jennifer Connelly Is A Multi-Tasker Jennifer Connelly Is A Multi-Tasker
Jennifer Connelly, best known for her role in A Beautiful Mind, has quite a talent for acting. She also has another, less known talent. It's for multi-tasking during sex.

She has recently revealed that while having sex with her husband, she likes to multi-task."I do like to read a book while having sex. And talk on the phone. You can get so much done."

In addition, she has also revealed that she likes to surf the web, but only if the room is dark enough.The strangest thing about this... read more
Kung Fu Hustle Kung Fu Hustle
In the past few years audiences have seen a wave of foreign martial arts film brought over to the big screens in America. Some of the more memorable ones included 2002's HERO, and last years surprise success KUNG FU HUSTLE.

HUSTLE brought us a very unique take on "martial art" films. With its wacky animated fight scenes and comedic tones, it was more like watching Looney Toones than a kung fu movie. The film had good commercial success in American theatres, and Sony was so impressed they're... read more
Is This For Real? is advertising a new gadget that is quite interesting. But is it for real?
The site is offering quite an interesting accessory for your cell phone. Something you can really grab onto. But what is it? An old fashioned, telephone handset, complete with a curly cord.

The Retro Phone Handset, as it is so names, is a new replica of the Western Electric 500-series model, which was known as the classic phone handset for quite some time.

This handset has been slightly modified,... read more
World's smallest MP3 player
Now available at Wal-Mart is the world's smallest MP3 Player. Bound to target it's popular rival, the Apple IPod, MobiBlu's Cube Digital Audio Player is the newest rage in the land.

At only 1 cubic inch, Mobiblu is about the size of a push pin. It boasts a brilliant OLED display on one side of the cube that shows a user track name, settings and battery status. It also has a built-in 2.0 USB headphone jack. With a built-in Li-Polymer battery, usage is about 10 hours of crystal-clear... read more
Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love
Hear ye, Playboy fans: one of the most famous bunnies of all time, Jenny McCarthy, will be gracing the screens in a movie starring (and yes, even written by) the blonde bombshell herself. Entitled DIRTY LOVE, McCarthy will star as a woman named Rebecca who embarks on a sexual quest to find true love after she discovers her lover (Victor Webster) engaged in an act of infidelity. The film promises to offer gross and hilarious antics, and will also star another one of America's favorite skanks,... read more
Get ready for 300- Frank Miller style Get ready for 300- Frank Miller style
One of last years biggest hits was the cinematic feast, SIN CITY. Based on Frank Miller's cult comic series and amazingly adapted to the screen by Robert Rodriquez. Now up for adaptation is another one of Miller's acclaimed graphic novels, "300!".

300 tells the true story of the battle of Thermopylae in 481-480 B.C, a tale of 300 Spartan fighters (led by King Leonidas) who fought to their deaths against the Persian army led by King Xerxes. This amazing battle is said to be what inspired the... read more
Trouble In Paradise? Trouble In Paradise?
It seems that Tom and Katie are having their first disagreement. And it's a pretty big one.

According to Star, their first riff has started to surface about their marriage plans. They are having a hard time agreeing on when, where, and how they will tie the knot.Katie would love to have a huge Catholic ceremony in Toledo, her hometown. But, Tom, who has been married twice before, would prefer a smaller ceremony with only other Scientologists as their guest.

Out of respect for her... read more
Kimberly Stewart Apologizes To Jenn Kimberly Stewart Apologizes To Jenn
Kimberly Stewart feels bad about calling Jennifer Aniston "homely" in a recent magazine interview. So bad, in fact, she has sent her flowers and an apology.
In the interview Stewart said, "I like her because she is homely. She obviouslyhas to have something else--it's not like she's gorgeous or anything."
Aniston was devastated after reading the interview in the July edition of Blender. She responded to Stewart in this month's Vanity Fair.

"It literally ruined my night. I got my... read more
Cameron Diaz Likes Sex With Her Clothes On Cameron Diaz Likes Sex With Her Clothes On
Cameron Diaz loves to have sex while still wearing her clothes.

She recently admitted that she loves when she feels so horny that she doesn't hav time to strip off her clothes before having sex.

"I love clothes on, passionate sex. I find that more erotic than being naked," she said.

Although she likes to wear clothes during sex, she hates to dress sexy because she is such a tomboy.

"I'm not into wearing sexy clothes or looking super-feminine. I like jeans and sweaters. I prefer... read more
Renee Zellweger Misses Her Breasts Renee Zellweger Misses Her Breasts
After seeing the pictures from Renee Zellweger's recent wedding to country singer Kenny Chesney, it looked as if something was missing. Namely, her breasts.

Zellweger had to bulk up to a size 14 for Bridget Jones and then lose it to go back to her normal size 6. And when she lost the weight she lost her breasts. Although she doesn't miss many aspects of her plus sized frame, she does miss those.

She admitted to Fit For Fun Magazine that she was upset when she could no longer wear the D... read more
Angelina Jolie now a Cambodian Citizen Angelina Jolie now a Cambodian Citizen
Angelina Jolie, adopted mother of four-year-old Cambodian son, Maddox, has officially received citizenship in Cambodia. Jolie has frequently visited the country since the adoption of her son, and even owns a house in the Samlot district of the northwestern Battambang province. The stunning beauty has also donated roughly $5 million to a wildlife sanctuary in the region. Having been impressed by Jolie's compassion toward the Asian country, the king, Norodom Sihamoni, was delighted to sign papers... read more
In the much awaited follow up of the thriller film, NARC, John Carnahan (who WAS set to work on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3) has finally announced a cast for his latest endeavor, SMOKIN' ACES. The action/comedy will star Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven and vocalist Alicia Keys alongside the recently married Ben Affleck who is set to play a "small but pivotal role" in the film. Originally, when the film was announced, it was said to follow the trials of Las Vegas magician who turns on a gang of mobsters... read more
Bilson Targets Tom and Katie Bilson Targets Tom and Katie
Rachel Bilson has taken a swipe at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for making their strange love life so public.The actress, known for her role as Summer on the hit show The O.C., has been dating her co-star, Adam Brody, who plays her on-screen love, since the series began.

However, the pair has managed to keep their romance secret for months, unlike Tom and Katie who publicly flaunt their love whenever they can."We were a little quiet about it at first," said Bilson. "You want things to develop... read more
Tommy Chong - the movie? Tommy Chong - the movie?
Alright stoners, put down your pipes and prepare for a documentary about one of the most infamous potheads of all time: Tommy Chong. Having recently finished a nine month prison stint for paraphernalia charges, Chong is ready to speak out against the U.S government's Operation Pipe Dreams in a new documentary, AKA TOMMY CHONG. The film will examine Chong's life, including his rise from 70's success to his recently concluded jail time.

AKA TOMMY CHONG is set to premiere at the Toronto film... read more
A young Indy? A young Indy?
The Indiana Jones megasite, "The Indy Experience," let out some rather interesting news recently. It has been announced its plans for a new line of Indy movies, which will follow the journeys of a young (pre-archeologist) Indiana. The chronicles are to begin production sometime after the next Indiana release in 2007 (hopefully they are not getting ahead of themselves). The lead role is said to hold Haley Joel Osment as its favorite choice, but no one has been confirmed for the part as of yet. ... read more
Paris vs Nicole: The feud continues Paris vs Nicole: The feud continues
We all remember Paris Hilton's acting debut in the remake of THE HOUSE OF WAX, which was most memorable for her "timely" death scene (that was, after all, the premise of the flick's entire advertising campaign). But, as if one movie starring a member of the infamous Paris/Nicole duo was not enough, both Paris and Nicole have movies coming out this year.

Either as a publicity stunt (or perhaps just to be a biatch) Paris' film was announced with the same exact release date (November 4th) as... read more
Fish With Human Face Fish With Human Face
Something strange has been found in a pond in Chongju, South Korea. According to Local 6 News, it's a fish with a pattern on it that resembles a human face!

News of the fish has spread over the Internet after a Japanese sports tabloid reported on the unusual fish.The strangely patterned fish is a result of artificial insemination between a carp and an ayu sweetfish.

It seems that as the fish began to grow larger, so did the pattern, which changed to look more like the face of a human... read more
Keira Knightley's Type Keira Knightley's Type
In light of Keira Knightley's recent split from Jamie Dornan, here is some good news. The sexy star has revealed what she wants in a man.

"I'd go for someone who is a little bit brooding and somebody who you can have a good conversation with, a good fight with, who will always keep you guessing and make you laugh," she told the Daily Mirror.She added, "And he has to have good shoes."

It seems that maybe Matthew McFadyen, her costar who plays Darcy in the upcoming Pride & Prejudice, may... read more
Sophia Bush to split from Chad Michael Murray
So just three short months after the whirlwind wedding between One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray, the couple has split.

The two have been working on separate projects, but always kept the relationship a priority. Unfortunately for these two, it looks like it was all lust, no love.

The divorce has not been filed, but Bush's camp says "it's just a matter of time." Murray's publicist has not commented.

Sad to see these two split after such a short marriage. Now... read more
Smart Bleeping Bikini Smart Bleeping Bikini
A new bikini has been created that will help to prevent women from falling asleep in the sun and getting burned. The invention will bleep every 15 minutes to ensure that if its wearer falls asleep, she wakes up and either seeks shade or turns over.

Britain's third-biggest women's clothing retailer, New Look, will launch the Tan-Timer Bikini on Brighton Beach on the south coast. It is slated to hit the stores next week.

"As well as the health implication of over-exposing your skin to the... read more
Jessica's Plus Size Jeans Jessica's Plus Size Jeans
Even though Jessica Simpson has really slimmed down and now sports on hell of a body, she is reaching out to women who aren't as lucky as her.
Simpson has recently come out with a new plus-size jeans line for women.

One spokeswoman stated that Simpson wants to reach out to all of her fans, not just the ones who are skinny."Jessica recognizes that she has a very broad fan base," she said. It includes "girls from 90 pounds all the way up to 300 pounds."

The spokeswoman also said that... read more
In addition to the free audio shows that talk about music, politics, and sports that are available to be downloaded onto your MP3 player, now there is something new. Sexcasts are now available for you to download for your repeated aural pleasure.

"Is it surprising? Absolutely not. It's inevitable," said Mike McGuire, one technology analyst from GartnerG2 in San Jose. He also said that anytime a new technology emerges, sex quickly finds its way into the action.Also being called ... read more
Pretty Persuasion Pretty Persuasion
It's raunchy. And saucy. It's bursting with ripe young bodies of salacious girls, a coke-snorting, promiscuous father and a debatably sex starved professor all packed together at one exclusive Beverly Hills High School.
Things turn awry at this sunlit ivory campus when young, beautiful, soft-spoken Kimberly Joyce (Evan Rachel Woods) accuses (with two of her friends) Mr. Anderson, a high school professor, of sexual harassment. Shocked by the charges, backed by his gorgeous wife (Selma Blair) and... read more
More trouble for the Island More trouble for the Island
As if Michael Bay's summer blockbuster wasn't already in enough trouble after making only $55M of its $120M+ budget back (to date), his blockbuster less-than-hit, THE ISLAND, is now in jeopardy of being pulled from theatres. Producers of the cult 1979 flick PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR, have filed suit in a New York court claiming that THE ISLAND is infringing on the copyright of their early film. They have even gone as far as to ask that the film be pulled from theaters along with all further... read more
Tsunami Movie in the works
Sure to strike nerves across the globe, it has recently been announced that a movie based on last December's tsunami tragedy is in the works. The film, entitled HEREAFTER, is being to be created by writer/director Michael Patwin and Dave Brown, along with Benderspink Productions, and Ben Katz Productions. It is said to follow the story of an American man as he walks seventy-or-so miles, in his bare feet, to try and find his family following the horrible disaster. While this is indeed a very... read more
Scarlett Johansson Slams Elevator Sex Rumors Scarlett Johansson Slams Elevator Sex Rumors
Scarlett Johansson has said that she couldn't have had sex in an elevator with actor Benicio Del Toro, even is she really wanted to.

The two stars are rumored to have gotten it on in an elevator at LA's Chateau Marmont hotel.Johansson, however, vehemently denies the rumors, saying that the hotel's elevators are way too small to have sex in.

"If you've ever been in a Chateau Marmont elevator, you'll know. You can barely stand, let alone do anything like that. I'm not one for sex in... read more
Gisele Bundchen In New Victoria Secret Campaign Gisele Bundchen In New Victoria Secret Campaign
Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian supermodel and Victoria Secret Angel, recently signed the billboard of Victoria Secret's new campaign at the Grove in LA. The campaign, which was shot by director Michael Bernard, shows off a new demi-bra shape using the store's exclusive IPEX patents.

The IPEX line, that already features the classic Betty Page cut, stresses a seamless, subtle look over obvious impact or volume. Its stitching, foam layers, and details are hidden in its structure, so it adds a... read more
Rolling Stones Team With ABC and NFL Rolling Stones Team With ABC and NFL
The Rolling Stones are joining with ABC and the NFL for a season-long marketing tie-in with Monday Night Football.

According to an announcement recently made by the network, footage from the band's concert tour performance in Detroit will be able to be seen in "NFL Opening Kickoff 2005," which will be a one-hour pre-game special that is set to be aired on September 8 at 8 p.m. It will run before the season opener game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders.

The Stones'... read more
Jennifer Lopez Blames Media For Lame Roles Jennifer Lopez Blames Media For Lame Roles
According to IMDB, Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she believes that her overexposure in the media has prevented her from having a more diverse movie career.

Lopez, 36, said that she found it easier to convince directors that she was suitable for a role when she was still unknown. This led to parts in films such as Out of Sight and Oliver Stone's U Turn. However, in the past couple of years, stories of her diva-like behavior and high profile romances have made it harder for filmmakers to... read more
Wild On Tara Wild On Tara
Wild On Tara, E!'s latest show, will premiere on August 10, hosted by Tara Reid. On the episode, she will join up with Paris Hilton and her fiancée, Paris Latsis.

According to E! Entertainment Televsion, Latsis invited both Reid and her crew to his family's private estate for a pre-party before leaving to dance at several nightclubs.

The actress, 29, has been seen in such films as Van Wilder, Josie and the Pussycats, and American Pie. In this latest venture, Wild On Tara, she faces her... read more
Battle Angel Alita finally coming to the screen? Battle Angel Alita finally coming to the screen?
This infamous manga from Yukito Kishiro is finally arriving on the big screen. Originally created in 1991, this graphic novel follows Alita (a.k.a Gally from the Japanese original) in her adventures as an amnesiatic cyborg. The story draws a majority of its strength from the emotional bonds between Alita and her human allies, and the artwork is amazing, with many unique details to peak your interest. In both Japan and America, the series is a cult phenomenon, and it is finally being translated... read more
Pg13 this...Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Pg13 this...Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Wizards and witches, prepare for what is said to be the darkest Harry Potter film yet to hit the screens. HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE has recently received a "confirmed heads up" for its first PG-13 rating. Drawing inspiration from the GOBLET novel by J.K. Rowling, the movie is prepared to head into darkness, with the certain promise to awe little kids and fantasy freaks alike. Ralph Fiennes is set to appear as an ultra-creepy version of the villain Voldemort, with Gary Oldman returning... read more
Keira Splits From Boyfriend Keira Splits From Boyfriend
Keira Knightly has recently split from her boyfriend, Jamie Dornan.

According to some sources, the couple were having crisis talks just about every day, and, because of this, decided to break it off.

"Keira's gutted. She really though what she and Jamie had was love, but it just wasn't meant to be. They both wanted it to work but in the end it was just untenable. They were having crisis talks on an almost daily basis so the decision was reached to finally call it a day," said one... read more
They Are Not Fake They Are Not Fake
Jessica Simpson is slamming reports that her rather large breasts are fake. She wears she did not have a boob job, instead she attributes her curvy figure to rigorous daily workouts.

Simpson, who can be seen in the Dukes of Hazzard, has revealed that she has become comfortable with her breasts, but when she was in school, she tried very hard to hide her, um, assets from her peers.

"Mine are definitely real. At school, my boobs were bigger than all my friends and I was afraid to show them... read more
Superman Returns Superman Returns
Here is some information (for all of you fanatics) concerning the latest comic-book flick, SUPERMAN. The film, directed by Bryan Singer, will be an original story taken from the world of Superman, rather than directly from a storyline in the comics. For those who fear a DUKES OF HAZZARD style remake, have no fear, for the movie will incorporate all the timeless elements of the original SUPERMAN comics, including the ever-important 1940's love story. Superman, to be played by Brandon Routh, will... read more
Like A Rolling Stone Takes #1 Like A Rolling Stone Takes #1
A recent poll to find the 100 songs, movies, TV shows, and books that have changed the world, according to the opinion of musicians, actors, and industry experts, has found that it is Bob Dylan's song "Like a Rolling Stone."

Dylan's 1965 hit beat "Heartbreak Hotel" into second place in the survey that was done for Uncut magazine.Among those who gave their opinions were Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher, Robert Downey Jr., Keith Richards, and Lou Reed.

"I absolutely remember where I was when I... read more
Friend or Boyfriend?
Never a Boyfriend, Always a Friend?

It's your own damn fault, so stop the whining wussy. Give your girl what a friend should or better yet a therapist and you'll always be the nice guy she wouldn't dream of dating. Seriously, would we really chance screwing up a good thing; a guy who feeds our fish when we're on a weekend trip with the cute neighbor next door, a guy who listens to all of our chatter, knows when we're ovulating, and never asks us for sex when we're exhausted?

Being friendly... read more
Paris' Double Paris' Double
Sometimes one Paris Hilton seems to be too hard to handle. She is constantly in magazines and on television and you just can't seem to get rid of her. But what about having two Paris Hiltons? Scary, though, right?

Well, it seems that there is another 'Paris' trying to pass herself off as the much publicized heiress.According to The New York Daily News, "The hotel heiress has contacted authorities to stop an imposter who allegedly has been using her name to live the not-so-simple life. The... read more
Salma Promotes Condom Use Salma Promotes Condom Use
Salma Hayek has asked that all young couples who plan to have sex use condoms so they can help to reduce the increasing number of teenagers with AIDS.

Hayek has recently decided to support the charity, YouthAIDS, in its 'See No Evil Hear No Evil' campaign in order to try to create awareness amongst youths of the deadly disease.She has said that she was horrified to learn how many teens refuse to use condoms, either because they want to further satisfy themselves or to impress their partner.
... read more
New Daylight Savings Time Could Cause Problems
In 2007, when the new daylight savings time starts earlier than usual, your technological devices could begin to work incorrectly. Your VCR or DVD could start to record your favorite shows an hour late, online calendars could make you late for appointments, and cell phone providers might have to give our an extra hour of free weekend calls.

President Bush is slated to sign a new energy bill that would start daylight savings time three weeks earlier and end a week later than usual as an... read more
Women 1.0
Warning :

The opinions expressed below are not part of Double Agent..
This information is not part of the agency and we do not take responsibility for the findings.

Read at your own risk.....

read more
Why Do I Go for Bad Boys???
I'm sure you've heard it before, the whiney woman chant "I just want a nice guy". But what's the next step our Queen of Whine makes every time???? She runs off with the 1st drunken, leather-clad, jerk who spills his drink on her designer dress. What gives!?!

Well pull up a chair babe and let's talk...

"Nice" usually considered shorthand for "boring in bed". Yep, you heard me. So what is the force pulling us towards the Bad Boy?? Let's go to the beginning, maybe it's genetic"...
... read more
Sin City DVD Sin City DVD
Attention die-hard fans and suckers, "The Sin City" DVD is going to be available August 16. The film is to be released with one featurette, yet the studio feels that this merits five-- yes five-- different covers.

No doubt this will only be a first edition of the DVD, with a special 2-3 disc edition likely appear in the next couple of months. How is it that the studio can push for five different versions of the cover, while providing fans with but one special feature!?!

It would seem me... read more
Indiana Jones IV finally gets started Indiana Jones IV finally gets started
After hearing so much about the new Indy flick and its lack of progress, it has finally been announced that Harrison Ford has given his okay on the current script for "Indiana Jones IV."

Though this still means that screenwriter Jeff Nathanson and George Lucas will have to do extensive "tweaking," the film has received its final go-ahead. For some time now, it has been known that Ford was the only one remaining to approve the film (after George Lucas and Steven Spielberg) before being... read more
Fake Movie Crtic Exposed
Recently there have been an array of articles dealing with the current trials and tribulations of the Sony Corporation. First, the corporation got slapped with a $10 million fine for (get this) paying off radio stations to play their songs! This might explain the overload of Jessica Simpson and Shakira tunes lately.

More recently, a film critic by the name of "David Manning" has gotten them into even hotter water with consumers. Back in 2001, Mr. "Manning" was just an average film critic... read more
What Pam Is Up To Now What Pam Is Up To Now
It looks as if former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson is starting yet another project. She is possibly teaming up with her photographer and friend, Dave LaChapelle, to open a night club in Las Vegas.

"It's not a done deal, but Dave LaChapelle and I are probably opening up a club in Las Vegas. I've invested with a few friends," she was quoted as saying by Contactmusic.

In other news, it's no news that Anderson's beauty has been 'enhanced'. But now it looks as if a fake tan can be added to... read more
Kate Says Monogamy Isn't Realistic Kate Says Monogamy Isn't Realistic
Kate Hudson feels that monogamy isn't realistic, but that couples have the power to be faithful to each other.

"I don't believe (monogamy) is realistic. But, I believe that we, as people, have the power to make it happen," she recently told Access Hollywood. But she did add, "I will not disrespect my husband and stray."

Hudson has been married to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson since 2000. They also have an 18-month-old son, Rydery.When asked if she thinks that her husband has... read more
The Best Way To Woo
Apparently expensive presents and jewelry are no longer the way to a woman's heart. Instead, scientist have stated that wining and dining is the best way to woo a woman.

Researchers from the Imperial College London have developed a mathematical formula, modeling courtship as a sequential game in order to find the best way to impress the ladies.Their results have shown that offering expensive gifts signals a man's serious intentions, but at the same time he should be wary of gold diggers who... read more
Your Questions Are Finally Answered Your Questions Are Finally Answered
Pestered by all the unusual questions at parties and social gatherings, New York physician Billy Goldberg has finally decided to put the public's mind at ease. In his new book "Why Do Men Have Nipples," slated to hit stores soon, they will all be answered.

"It's really remarkable how often you get accosted," he said. "There are the medical questions from family and friends, and then there are the drunk and outrageous questions where somebody wants to drop their pants and show you a rash or... read more
The Girls Next Door The Girls Next Door
If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the doors at the Playboy Mansion, you don't have to wonder anymore. A new reality series, "The Girls Next Door" will premiere on E! this coming Sunday at 9 p.m. Kevin Burns is producing this eight-part series that will let viewers in on "the secret side of an American legend."

Viewers who have always wondered what the man, who is pushing 80, has to attract the ladies while being mysterious and cool may find the answer. It will peek into Hef's... read more
Party time Playboy style
Playboy Parties

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Birthday Bash: The day High turned 79, he had another all-out birthday bash at his mansion. April 9th at his Mansion saw a throng of A-list celebrities, including Bill Maher, Seth Green and Ryan Cabrera. From the succulent hors d'oeuvres to the scantily clad Playmates, everything was perfect. Especially the extra-special birthday cake. (We don't know why it was "extra-special" either. But we're tying to find... read more
Kendra Wilkinson:"The Girls Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson:"The Girls Next Door"
Originally from San Diego, Kendra Wilkinson is the youngest and newest addition to Hugh Hefner's group of girlfriends. A self-described tomboy and avid sports fan, Kendra enjoys watching boxing with Hef and rooting for her favorite football teams the San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles. She also has her own personal tennis coach and martial arts instructor at the Mansion.

When she isn't working out and attending parties and events, Kendra finds time to pursue her goal of being a... read more
Bridget Marquardt:"The Girls Next Door" Bridget Marquardt:"The Girls Next Door"
California native Bridget Marquardt aspired to be featured among the pages of Playboy from age four when she discovered her father's copies of the magazine at home. Intrigued by the beauty and glamour of the women who graced the magazine's pages, Bridget submitted her photo to Playboy and though she did not land a coveted spot in the magazine, Bridget left her hometown to pursue her dreams. When she received a phone call from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner asking her out on a date, Bridget first... read more
Holly Madison:"The Girls Next Door" Holly Madison:"The Girls Next Door"
Hailing from the small town of Craig, Alaska, Holly Madison recognized early on that her dreams would lead her to a sunny life in Los Angeles. Her interest in Playboy was piqued when friends and co-workers at Hawaiian Tropic described outrageous, Bacchanalian outings at Hugh Hefner's famed Playboy Mansion. Holly was first a guest at the Mansion during the year's most elegant party, "Midsummer Night's Dream."

The blond beauty captured the attention of Hugh Hefner, and two days after Holly's... read more
Hugh Hefner:"The Girls Next Door" Hugh Hefner:"The Girls Next Door"
The founder and Editor-in-Chief of Playboy, Hugh M. Hefner, has profoundly influenced society in the last 50 years, during which time his publication has been the world's best-selling men's magazine. Starting out, Hefner's future seemed uncertain when he landed a promising job as a promotion copywriter at Esquire in January 1951. When Esquire moved its offices to New York, his request for a five-dollar raise was denied and he decided to stay behind and start a magazine of his own.

The first... read more
The Man Behind the Mansion The Man Behind the Mansion
At first you might not see the 79-year-old man, enclosed beneath a bevy of succulent, saucy girls--tall, blond, gorgeous. Should the girls move apart, even for an instant, you would know him by his salt and pepper hair, his short statue, his elegant and charming smile. He would have to be smiling. After all, if Hugh has nothing to smile about, nobody does.

But the truth is--it's not as easy as you think. Think about it. Every day, Hugh is probably a little short of sleep owing to his night... read more
Tour the Playboy Mansion Tour the Playboy Mansion
Welcome to the world of playboy bunnies and illustrious stars as we take you through a mini-tour of Hugh Hefner's fabulous 21,000 square-foot Playboy Mansion, complete with gardens and girls galore.

The tour begins in the Great Hall, where guests enter through massive doors of golden oak to be greeted by wood-carved monkeys who stand guard at the base of gorgeous twin balustrade staircases. In the center of this oak-beamed, marbled hallway hangs a bronze chandelier, a certain sign that lets... read more
Voltron The Movie Voltron The Movie
Do you remember Voltron: Defender of the Universe, the 1980's Japanese animated series? You know, it the one where a team of pilots use their individual ships to combine and form one giant robot.

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it is soon coming to the big screen.
The movie will follow the team during their travels to the planet Arus where they will learn how to operate Voltron, which is the last hope against the evil Drule Empire.

Voltron is being developed by Mark Gordon... read more
Chat Online With Halle Berry Chat Online With Halle Berry
Halle Berry has recently confessed that she chats with strangers on internet dating sites. The said she often cruises the web using fake names, and sometimes on dating sites she even joins in and says "a little fun stuff."

Although Berry refuses to reveal her pseudonyms, she does admit she often strikes up conversations with people she doesn't know and doesn't tell them who she really is.
"I spend lots of time in chat rooms being various names and people. I have been to a couple of dating... read more
Sienna Miller Pregnant with Jude Law's baby? Sienna Miller Pregnant with Jude Law's baby?
Rumor has it that Jude Law's estranged fiancé, Sienna Miller, is pregnant with the couple's child.

Supposedly Miller announced this to her parents days prior to Law's affair with Daisy Wright (which occurred during the filming of "All the King's Men," an adaptation of Robert Penn Warren's political novel.)

According to the Internet Movie Database, Miller has refused to comment on the claim. I suppose this goes to show that even the world's most beautiful people have relationship problems... read more
 Jennifer Garner in Dardevil 2? Jennifer Garner in Dardevil 2?
New mom to be, Jennifer Garner, has commented that the sequel to "Daredevil" is "in the early stages." Garner and husband Ben Affleck are eager to work on yet another film since first meeting on the set of the original "Daredevil" movie. While no info about the film has yet been leaked, the couple is more than ready to don a second pair of spandex tights after their child's expected birth this autumn. read more
Reese Witherspoon Is Just A Slob Reese Witherspoon Is Just A Slob
Reese Witherspoon just can't understand by people fuss over her so much. This is because she thinks she is just a normal person like everyone else.

"I can't believe that someone is so interested in all the pictures of me at the grocery store," she said as quoted by Femalefirst. "It's like everyday I'm wearing the same sweat suit. It's like: 'Is this really interesting? And to whom?' But if that makes people feel: 'Hey, she's a slob like me,' then I am all for it. I am a slob like... read more
Nicole Kidman Hates Her Body Nicole Kidman Hates Her Body
Nicole Kidman, who many men and women, too, would find quite attractive, admits that she hates her body.

She doesn't like her lanky figure and actually envies her adopted daughter's curves.
Kidman has always wished that she had a shorter, more voluptuous body, much like that of screen legend Marilyn Monroe.

"Oh God. I'd much prefer to have curves. My daughter is 5 foot 2 and curvy--she's everything I wanted to be," Kidman was quoted as saying by Contactmusic.
"I wish I wasn't 5 foot... read more
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Gain Weight Lindsay Lohan Wants To Gain Weight
After all the insults and rumors about Lindsay Lohan's major weight loss, she is now trying to gain some back.

Although the star has refuted claims of an eating disorder, she has recently hired a special trainer to help her bulk back up.

Justin Gelband, her exercise coach, has put Lohan on a special diet to restore the sexy curves she lost. In fact, it is reported that she has even gone back up two dress sizes.
"I'm working out with a trainer and eating healthily. I want my boobs back."... read more
Kelly Clarkson's Past Hygiene Problem Kelly Clarkson's Past Hygiene Problem
Kelly Clarkson is now a complete hygiene freak. But that is only after she unfortunately arrived late on the deodorant scene

Clarkson, who was the first American Idol winner, told Jane magazine that her mother was very busy when she was growing up. So busy, in fact, that she was never able to give her daughter the proper talk about girlie things.

Because of this, her hygiene wasn't up to par. Her friends even called her "Smelly Kelly." Poor Clarkson used to think it was only because it... read more
Teri Hatcher's Public Car Sex
Teri Hatcher has been shocking her neighbors by having sex with several men in her car that is parked outside of her LA home.

According to Movie Database, the Desperate Housewives star has confessed that after 10 years of marriage with Jon Tenny ended, she had not had sex for months.

"I'm living my youth late. I worked when I was young, then I was married for 10 years. So I enjoy the innocence of a great make-out," she said.
"I've had that battered VW van for years..."
read more
"Horripilation"- Marilyn Manson "Horripilation"- Marilyn Manson
"It will horrify the hair off of your legs," said Marilyn Manson in regards to his new art venture: "horripilation."

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Marilyn Manson commented that he will be releasing PHANTASMAGORIA: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll, a compilation of four short films exclusively available on his website,

Phantasmagoria will chronicle some of Carroll's most renowned works, with Marilyn Manson playing Lewis Carroll himself. Along with the opening of... read more
Move Over Vagina Monologues Move Over Vagina Monologues
We all know the popularity of the Vagina Monologues, the stage performance dedicated to one of our favorite body parts.

But did you know that the penis is now center stage thanks to one Israeli playwright.
Rafael Milo's show "The Holy Phallus" was inspired by Eve Ensler's celebrated play."She said there was nothing to say about the penis. I told myself, 'I have something to tell her about the penis," he told the Jerusalem Post.

According to the paper, the play is an extended monologue... read more
Fergie Is A Bit Odd Fergie Is A Bit Odd
Fergie, the sexy Black Eyed Peas singer, has a few rather odd habits. Not only does she bite her nails, but she bites her skin, too.

She admitted that she bites the skin on her hands and wrists when she is bored or nervous.In fact, when she was younger, her mother tried to stop this strange habit by putting a bad-tasting cream on her skin. This didn't work because Fergie actually liked the taste!

Other than this, Fergie has also recently confessed to pretending to have bulimia in order... read more
Joss Doesn't Want The Rock And Roll Lifestyle Joss Doesn't Want The Rock And Roll Lifestyle
Joss Stone wants her parents to handle her money for the rest of her life. Her reason? She doesn't want to become a drug addict.

As of right now she doesn't have access to her fortune until she turns 21. And that makes her very happy."If I wanted to buy 10 pounds of cocaine, I wouldn't be able to, because they wouldn't let me--which is brilliant. I kind of want them to do that forever," she said.

In other Joss Stone news...she was recently reprimanded by her mother for addressing... read more
Teri Hatcher has finally dropped the bout of celibacy Teri Hatcher has finally dropped the bout of celibacy
On a rather bizarre note, Teri Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives" has finally dropped the bout of celibacy that followed the end of her ten-year marriage to actor Jon Tenney. Apparently, she has a "passion wagon" permanently parked in her drive way. Hatcher says, "I'm living my youth late. I worked when I was young, then I was married for ten years. So I enjoy the innocence of a great make-out. I've had that bettered VW van for years. I think it's sexy and hot to get to grips with a guy in my... read more
Charlize's Costume Change Charlize's Costume Change
Charlize Theron recently forced movie bosses to change the design for her costume for the upcoming Aeon Flux movie. This was after she decided that her character's costume was just too revealing.

Upon seeing the outfit's design, Theron thought the super skimpy bikini, thigh-high boots and shoulder pads needed a little something extra. Namely pants.

"When you're playing with aspects of sexuality, certain things have to be hidden. That's what my mother always used to tell me," she... read more
Christina's Weird Diet Christina's Weird Diet
Odd diets seem to be the norm in Hollywood these days. But Christina Aguilera's is truly bizarre. Hers isn't based on carbs, calories, or fat, but on the food's texture and color.

It is said that he singer is rigidly following the diet, in which each meal is made up of four different food items: one crunchy, one soft, one hot, and one cold.In addition, the plate must also be made up of foods that are in bold, contrasting colors.

One source close to the star revealed, "Christina is... read more
Body Snatch this- Nicole Kidman Body Snatch this- Nicole Kidman
Recently, former Stepford wife Nicole Kidman signed on as the lead in the remake of the fifties classic horror film, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Again, Hollywood is aiming to prove that a remake (of a remake) MUST be more lucrative than developing a new concept. However, no one can deny that seeing more of Nicole Kidman is anything but excellent, especially with the recent announcement of her upcoming hiatus from filmmaking.

Perhaps there is even a link between her acceptance of this... read more
Katie Posed Almost Nude Katie Posed Almost Nude
Katie Holmes was recently terrified when she posed in a transparent spandex bodysuit for her very own Batman Begins action figure.Holmes really hated modeling for her character's doll because the skin-tight, see-through suit revealed so much it left nothing to the imagination.

"I had to wear a nude spandex bodysuit, which showed everything," she stated.
She also admitted that she was terrified that she wasn't going to be good enough in the role of Rachel Dawes."I was like, 'Please God, don't... read more
After Hours at Your Place
When planning for a night out with the boys or a date with your girl, make sure you also think about the after hours. You never know when you might get lucky and five minutes of effort will go a long way.

Clean sheets:
Doesn't have to be Frette, but make sure you have clean sheets and the bed is made. It's the easiest way to make a good impression.

Clean bathroom:
The bathroom can actually be a huge make or break situation. If only guys knew it. Wipe down the sink, put the toilet seat... read more
Eminem To Retire or Just Take A Break?
Is Eminem retiring or just taking a break? Reports made earlier this month quoted sources as saying that the 32-year-old rapper would be playing his last concert at Slane Castle in Dublin on September 17th and the end of his recent "Anger Management" tour.

However, MTV's website quotes him as saying, "I'm not retiring," and that his Encore album will not be his last."When I say I'm taking a break, I'm taking a break from my music to go in the studio and produce my other artists and put their... read more
Kate Is Kooky Kate Is Kooky
Kate Hudson sure is strange. She has recently revealed that she sprays herself with water in order to protect herself from negative people in Hollywood. Not only that, but she has also said that she carried crystals to ward off negative energy.

"When I'm around people who have had bad energy, I usually carry some water and I just kind of, like, put it on myself. It's not like a holy water, just something to cleanse myself if someone's really negative," she said.

Hudson also added, "And... read more
No Thongs For Stars
It seems that after all the popularity and hype, G strings, or thongs, are going out of fashion. How did this happen? Well, is seems that, according to one fashion expert, celebrities are the ones to blame for this.

The sale of the skimpy undies are down 20 percent as women are trading them in for a more comfortable pair.Angela Buttolph, the host of BBC new show A Week of Dressing Dangerously, feels that stars have played a major part in the dropping sales.

"You do associate them with... read more
He-Man is Back He-Man is Back
Attention all you self-proclaimed masters of the universe, prepare yourself for the complete first season of "He-Man" on DVD. That's right, it's every young boys fantasy (with the exception of Jessica Alba), finally available for unlimited viewing, commercial-free. This BCI Eclipse release will be available on October 16, complete with new features:
· The first 33 episodes of the series, fully restored for optimum audio and video quality, and presented in story continuity order
· The Secret... read more