Alba's Video Game Alba's Video Game
Jessica Alba has developed her own video game.

Alba, a gaming fan, has co-created the new 'X-Game sports' technology, which is being launched on cell phones in Korea.She has revealed that she first became interested in the idea when she found out it wouldn't feature any violence. She hopes to use the unnamed game to show potential movie directors they types of action films she would like to be a part of.

"It's something that relates to anybody, anywhere in the world and basically you use... read more
This could actually be a good date movie! This could actually be a good date movie!
Now, I really don't get into the whole romantic comedy circuit, but chances are if such a flick is made by Cameron Crowe (the director who brought success films like ALMOST FAMOUS and VANILLA SKY to the screens) it can't be anything but good.

ELIZABETHTOWN is his latest film that will star two of Hollywood's hottest young actors: Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. The story is about a guy (Bloom) who "after causing the Oregon shoe company he works for to lose hundreds of millions of dollars"... read more
Surprising Porn
Italian vacationers were admiring the view from a Ferris wheel at the Munich Oktoberfest when they got more than an eyeful of scenery. While gazing at the sights, an impromptu porn shoot suddenly began inside their cabin.

The group of Italians, having settled down to enjoy a leisurely ride at the famous beer festival, two men toting cameras and a woman who began pleasuring herself with a vibrator arrived on the scene.Though unable to stop the shoot, the tourists informed local police, who... read more
Jenny McCarthy Embarrassed By Own Dress
Jenny McCarthy is still mortified over the fact that she wore a see-through dress to last month's World Music Awards in LA. She didn't even realized that the dress was so revealing. In fact, it took photographers at the event to reveal her fashion mistake.

The former Playboy playmate thought she was really making an impression in her vintage black Moschino dress. And an impression she did make. When the photographers' flashbulb went off, she realized that she might as well have just gone... read more
Is Kate Hudson Too Skinny? Is Kate Hudson Too Skinny?
After being photographed looking rather skinny, Kate Hudson has sparked worries about her health.

Hudson's friends reportedly think that the actress needs to gain a few pounds after shedding a ton a weight following the birth of her son 20 months ago.One source revealed to Britain's Closer magazine: "Her friends think Kate has gone too far. She's now just skin and bone. She was once envied for her curvaceous body. She needs to put on weight."

Hudson recently admitted to participating... read more
Finally, the new SPIDERMAN villains! Finally, the new SPIDERMAN villains!
It's been quite some time now that folks have been running around trying to find out the villains in the next Spidey flick. People have been swapping rumor for rumor with the occasional piece of truth interweaved within. Even those of us with no real interest in SPIDERMAN 3 kind of want to know now that it has been hyped so much...

Okay, no more leading you on...In a recent interview with, while promoting her new film ELIZABETHTOWN, Kirsten Dunst let a big secret out. If this bomb... read more
Lindsay Lohan Knows She Was Too Thin Lindsay Lohan Knows She Was Too Thin
Lindsay Lohan knows that she became dangerously thin earlier this year. So much so that she has urged young girls to learn from her mistakes and to maintain a healthy body weight.

Lohan became a headline favorite in May when she suddenly dropped a lot of weight. She was rumored to have an eating disorder after saying she was still overweight compared to many other girls her age.Now Lohan, who regrets mistreating her body, is starting to gain some weight back.

"I was going through a rough... read more
Not Made For Women, But By Women Not Made For Women, But By Women
Volvo has recently announced a new vehicle that is not made for women, but by women. So far, those who have gotten a chance to see the vehicle have liked what they saw.

"Your Concept Car" was introduced last year. It made its first US appearance in Pasadena, California.The car offers several new features such as easier maintenance, better visibility, and parking assistance. Another great feature is the body scan. When the car is purchased, a body scan will be performed that will recommend... read more
Svedka's Ads Of The Future Svedka's Ads Of The Future
New York-based agency Amalgamated has recently launched a new ad campaign for Svedka vodka. It introduces the futuristic, party-going fembot Svedka_Grl that was built by the famed Stan Winston studios.The fembot was brought to life in print in order to brand Svedka as the vodka of the future.

This new campaign is far from PC. Since it is set in the future, Svedka was given the ability to say anything they wanted to.

Headlines include: "Svedka. The choice of the stem cell baby boomer... read more
Harrison Ford acting again? Harrison Ford acting again?
Harrison Ford, everyone's favorite archeologist/Millennium Falcon pilot, has signed on to participate in a new Civil War thriller to be entitled MANHUNT. The movie will tell the story of the days following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, as Ford will play the leader of 12 troops from the New York Cavalry as they attempt to track down John Wilkes Booth.

The film will have the added suspense of a greater plot line concerned with threat of increased war in Civil War era America, and is... read more
More weddings to crash? More weddings to crash?
No one can deny the comedic talents of either Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn. Putting the two together for this summers hit THE WEDDING CRASHERS was a match that made the movie an immediate success. So it is no surprise that talks are already beginning on a sequel for the hit comedy.

It was recently reported that Jane Seymour was notified by writer Steve Faber that he is working on a sequel that will include her character. The possibilities for this sequel are endless, as people are always... read more
Charlize Theron Literally Kisses Butt Charlize Theron Literally Kisses Butt
Charlize Theron stunned onlookers at a recent awards ceremony when she literally kissed Shirley MacLaine's butt.

Theron was so overwhelmed at meeting the veteran actress, that she jumped off the stage, walked into the audience, and planted her lips on her butt.While paying tribute to the actress best known for her role in Terms of Endearment, Theron announced, "Shirley, you're my idol! To prove it, I'm going to kiss you're a**--literally."

After the kiss, MacLaine quipped, "Thanks honey. ... read more
Jennifer Love Hewitt Ogled By Ghost Jennifer Love Hewitt Ogled By Ghost
Jennifer Love Hewitt has claimed that a ghost ogled her while she was in the shower.

Hewitt revealed that she was bothered by the supernatural Peeping Tom after meeting with an exorcist to do research for her role in her new series Ghost Whisperer.

Shortly after meeting with the exorcist, Hewitt began noticing "strange things" happening in her home such as flickering lights and mysterious footsteps.Her most terrifying experience was when she was showering. She turned around and found a... read more
Jamie-Lynn DiScala:  Single Again Jamie-Lynn DiScala: Single Again
The marriage of "The Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn DiScala and AJ DiScala has reportedly come to an end. It has been reported that the couple split for good over a month ago.

Jamie-Lynn and her manager exchanged vows in 2003 in Brooklyn, NY. The actress went against Hollywood trend and changed her name from Sigler to DiScala.

"I'm traditional that way. Once we have children, I'd love for htem to have the same name as their mom," she said at the time.However, the couple have not had any... read more
Join the Milton Army! Join the Milton Army!
To coincide with the upcoming release of OFFICE SPACE: SPECIAL EDITION, Fox is announcing the Milton Army. For a limited time, fans of the lovable Milton can go to and create there own platoon to bring that Milton charm to your own "office space". The site provides you with material to download with that needed Milton flare to get through the daily grind. Fox is asking folks to document their office shenanigans and send it to them, of which they will then pick a "winner" of sorts... read more
Knoxville to play a big "jackass" Knoxville to play a big "jackass"
Two things that often create a ruckus are Johnny Knoxville and politically incorrect satire. So, it seems all too perfect that the former JACKASS star would sign on to a movie which is anything but P.C.

THE RINGER is a film to come out this year about two guys who decide to rig the Special Olympics in order to make some fast cash in order to take care of the their looming debts. The film should have the characters acting really offensively, which is definitely going to piss some people off,... read more
Joss Stone:  Psychic? Joss Stone: Psychic?
Joss Stone has claimed that she was saved from being shot by supernatural vibes.

Stone recently revealed that she just barely avoided being caught up in the gunfire after the MTV Video Music Awards that ended with Suge Knight being shot.The sexy soul singer was sitting near the mogul with her boyfriend, Beau Dozier, when a sixth sense feeling told her to leave.

"I left a few minutes before it happened. I was with Beau and told him, 'I've got to get out of here now, I have a bad feeling.,'... read more
Keira Knightley  Chose Her Own Butt Double Keira Knightley Chose Her Own Butt Double
Keira Knightley refused to bare her bottom for all to see in her new movie Domino. Director Tony Scott understood and amazed the actress by telling her she could choose her own butt double.

Scott paraded three girls in front of Knightley so she could choose the one she liked best."Tony brought three girls in to choose from. It was hard not to laugh, but I didn't want to offend anyone," she said.

She also added, "I decided to be very business-like. They all had very nice bottoms and I... read more
Jack Black working with Shaun of the dead? Jack Black working with Shaun of the dead?
For a while now it has felt like Jack Black hasn't been showing off his stuff as much as fans would like. All that is about to change though. Black and his buddy Mike White, writer of SCHOOL OF ROCK, will be using their fairly new production company (poignantly named Black and White productions) to produce a film with Edgar Wright (the director of SHAUN OF THE DEAD).

This already seems like a great collaboration, but the best part is that they will be bringing the work of documentary writer... read more
Ryan Reynolds experiencing some CHAOS THEORY
Ryan Reynolds, co-star of the late 90's TV series TWO GUYS A GIRL AND A PIZZA PLACE, has recently signed on the star in a Warner Independent Pictures film CHAOS THEORY. The story is a comedy from the same director who recently brought PRETTY PERSUASION to the screens, Marcos Siega. Reynolds will play a father who comes to discover that he is sterile, and his daughter is actually his best buds. (While this would seem like a really depressing flick, Siega is taking this story down the comedic... read more
Jennifer Aniston Ready To Date Again Jennifer Aniston Ready To Date Again
Jennifer Aniston is finally over her divorce from Brad Pitt. In fact, she is ready to date again.

Aniston insists that she has moved on from her highly-publicized split in January, and she blames the media for refusing to let go, too."It's the media that won't move on. You just want to say, 'Come on, people! N Turn a page!'"

The former Friends star was recently asked by talk show host Oprah Winfrey if she was ready to meet a new man. She jokingly looked at her watch and replied, "Yes!" ... read more
Is everyone skeptic about a Simpsons movie? Is everyone skeptic about a Simpsons movie?
The thought of a Simpsons movie has been a dream of worldwide fanatics ever since their arrival on the prime-time scene over 15 years ago. However, while the realization of this dream may be long awaited, there has always been that small uneasy feeling about the creation of a SIMPSONS feature film... After all, if the flick was to suck, it would practically undo years of satirical magic!

At least the producers of the movie (which was announced months ago, for you who didn't know) are well... read more
KidsBeer--Say What!!!! KidsBeer--Say What!!!!
KidsBeer is a Japanese soft drink that looks like beer but tastes like Coke. Some may think it is a tasteless idea, but it sells about 75,000 bottles a year in Japan.

One Japanese ad shows a boy crying over a math test, and then weeping with joy after having a drink. Another shows a father and daughter clinking mugs, hers filled with KidsBeer, his with the real thing. And, the beverage's slogan reads, "Even kids cannot stand life unless they have a drink."

"Children always copy adults... read more
More to come from Tarantino and Rodriguez? More to come from Tarantino and Rodriguez?
Ever since Robert Rodriguez's SIN CITY and its guest-directing by Quentin Tarantino, fans could only hope for more from this duo. It would seem though, that they had that in mind as well. Rodriguez and Tarantino will be teaming up again for what already sounds like one hell of cool movie, well actually its two movies. The duos next project, GRIND HOUSE, is going to be an interesting experience for movie goers. This time around they'll both being doing there own horror film in true "grind house"... read more
We will ever see Aronofsky's new film? We will ever see Aronofsky's new film?
Darren Aronofsky has already made big splashes in the film industry with his previous releases PIE and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Since then the director has been trying desperately to get his third film off the ground, and some of us out here are starting to wonder if we'll ever get to see his newest project, titled THE FOUNTAIN. The film originally started out as a $90 million sci-fi flick back in October of 2002 with Brad Pitt cast in the lead, but over time has now trickled to a $35 million flick... read more
Rosario Dawson keeping busy Rosario Dawson keeping busy
The exotically beautiful Rosario Dawson probably still holds a place in most hearts as the misled youth Ruby in the classic film KIDS. From the film's cast of New York youths she is the only one who appears to have a strong acting career that continues to earn her more esteem. She played the lovable Gail in SIN CITY and was even in an Oliver Stone flick (ALEXANDER). Adding to her list of great film roles is her upcoming spot in Kevin Smith's REVENGE OF THE CLERKS. The details on her role for... read more
What's in a name
My name's not very common, even in Japan. The one thing I hope is that when people meet me for the first time they can remember it or at least try and pronounce it correctly. It's such a major turn off when guys can't even get it right, it's not that difficult. It's funny though how, after a while you begin to have attachments to certain names, and others you'll just end up forgetting. For instance, I can't even remember the boy's name who was my first kiss, I think it was Mark, not sure though... read more
Girls Gone Wild To Help Katrina Victims Girls Gone Wild To Help Katrina Victims
The makers of the Girls Gone Wild Video series plan to donate revenues from episodes tied to Mardi Gras to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

"Mardi Gras is synonymous with New Orleans and 'Girls Gone Wild' is synonymous with Mardi Gras," said Bill Horn of Mantra Films, the company behind the videos. "We have a personal and profound connection in the city. We had to do something."

Girls Gone Wild will donate the online purchase prices of each title or package set "that has anything to do... read more
Tyra Banks:All Real Tyra Banks:All Real
It seems that nowadays most celebs have at least one thing on their body that is fake. Some may flaunt it, while others swear they're all real.

For years, it has been speculated that Tyra Banks breasts are fake. But she has always maintained that her rack is all natural."It's very frustrating for me to have to live my career with people thinking that," she said.So, Banks is whipping her assets out on national television to finally prove that her assets are 100% real.

A plastic surgeon... read more
Portia De Rossi's Teenage Lesbian Fun Portia De Rossi's Teenage Lesbian Fun
Portia De Rossi has said that she used to take advantage of her drunk, teenage friends. She would persuade them into going to bed with her, saying it was just innocent fun.

Her pals, who have not been named, never knew De Rossi, then known as Amanda Rogers, had any lesbian desires. So, they thought the romps were totally harmless.

"In high school I had sex with girls quite a few times. They were straight women who I convinced to jump in the sack with me," she told The Advocate. "I did... read more
World's Biggest Couch Potato World's Biggest Couch Potato
Suresh Joachim has broken the Guinness world record for the longest time spent watching television. He finished this feat on Friday after having watched the tube for 69 hours and 48 minutes, surpassing the previous record held at 50 hours and 7 minutes.

Joachim watched TV in the lobby of WABC-TV as part of the "Guinness World Record Breaker Week" on Live With Regis and Kelly. He watched nothing but ABC shows while sitting on a brown leather couch."I'm going to be a little tired of watching... read more
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Might Reconcile Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Might Reconcile
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen may be heading towards a reconciliation. Sheen recently told David Letterman on The Late Show that their relationship has rebounded since Richards filed for divorce in March.

"We're working towards getting back together and fixing things," said Sheen.It would be quite a dramatic about face for the couple whose relationship publicly fell apart just months before Richards gave birth to their second daughter.

"It's the first time I got dumped in my life,"... read more
Homo Sapiens On Display At Croatian Zoo Homo Sapiens On Display At Croatian Zoo
Visitors to Zagreb, Croatia's zoo can see how it feels for animals to be trapped in a cage. Two cages, labeled "Homo Sapiens," have been set aside for humans. Visitors can enter and leave them at will during their visit to the zoo.

The project, launched by Mladen Anic, the zoo's head, offers not only a behind-the-bar experience, but also hopes to warn about human devastation of nature."We wanted people to get a perception of how the animal perceive the cage," he told The Associated Press. ... read more
Nicole Kidman Named Richest Aussie Celeb Nicole Kidman Named Richest Aussie Celeb
Nicole Kidman has recently been named the richest young Australian celebrity. She boasts a staggering $120 million fortune.

Trailing behind the star are singer Kylie Minogue, model Elle MacPherson and actor Russell Crowe. These results come from a poll of Australia's famous people under 40 in the Australian Business Review.

Both MacPherson and Minogue are woth about $45 million while Crowe follows behind them coming in at about $32 million.Other popular stars mentioned in the poll are... read more
Tyra's Nude Look-Alike Tyra's Nude Look-Alike
A Tyra Banks look-alike has caused quite a stir when a nude photo of the imposter was found in a porno mag with the headline "Totally Tyra."

The latest issue of Xtreme shows the supermodel's look-alike posing naked on the cover page. Discovered by a porn director at a mall, she also stars in the recently released, "Boned."The imposter was quoted as saying, "I haven't met her; I haven't heard anything from her. I'm not sure she's heard about me!"

Cindi Berger, the model's spokesperson,... read more
Keira Knightley's Lonely Keira Knightley's Lonely
Keira Knightley wishes that she could have a companion whenever her career takes her abroad because she is tired of spending her nights alone in a hotel room.

Even though Knightly is becoming quite popular in Hollywood, she feels that her spreading worldwide fame has made her life more lonely than ever."I travel alone and I enjoy a lot of it, but it also gets to the point when you can find yourself seeing the inside of just one too many lonely hotel rooms," she said.

But, at least she has... read more
Lindsay Lohan's Angelina Jolie Infatuation Lindsay Lohan's Angelina Jolie Infatuation
Lindsay Lohan has admitted to being infatuated with Angelina Jolie.

She has said that she struggled to contain her excitement when she met Jolie at a film premiere."I'm infatuated with Angelina, I ran up to her on the red carpet," she said. "Eventually, I'd like to be more involved with some of the things Angelina's involved with."

Lohan has also admitted that she finds Jolie sexy and admires the way she handles her celebrity status."I think she's one of those rare people who gives back... read more
Natalie Portman's A Lesbian Magnet Natalie Portman's A Lesbian Magnet
Shortly after shaving her head for her role in the upcoming V For Vendetta, Natalie Portman was left squirming in her seat when she visited a German bar. It was because she managed to attract quite a lot of unwanted female attention.

Portman had intended to spend an innocent night out watching the Eurovision Song Contest in Berlin. However, she soon realized that she had mistakenly entered a gay bar and all eyes were on her.

"One of the first places I went after I had shaved my head was... read more
Cameron & Justin- Are They On The Rocks? Cameron & Justin- Are They On The Rocks?
It has been reported that the relationship between Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake is on the rocks after they had a huge fight at an LA nightclub.

Witnesses claimed that they started arguing during a night out at the Spider Club earlier this month when Timberlake flirted with a "curvy blonde."

Diaz was said to be so upset that she left the club alone and in tears.In Touch magazine reported, "The argument got so nasty that Cameron and Justin ended up leaving in separate cars."

However... read more
Brad and Jennifer Aniston Are Almost Officially Over Brad and Jennifer Aniston Are Almost Officially Over
The marriage between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will soon officially be over for good.Recently released court papers said that their five-year marriage will be dissolved on October 2.

36-year-old Aniston, who filed for divorce in March, has requested that she return to her maiden name. Once again she will be known as Jennifer Joanna Aniston.Neither Aniston nor Pitt are contesting the divorce and their large fortune is expected to be split amicably.

It has been a well known fact that... read more
A good Game for the PSP? Could it be? A good Game for the PSP? Could it be?
After the initial launch, it seemed clear who the winner would be. Nintendo's DS had an odd two-screen design, arguable less power, and far fewer abilities. The PSP looked sleek, had one big screen, and could play dvd quality movies and mp3s. All the DS could play was games. But as the weeks went by, things rapidly started to shift in the DS's favor.

It may have been odd, or even weak, but it had games. Good games. And while DSers were playing the likes of Canvas Curse and Advance wars, PSP... read more
Leonard DiCaprio set to play Theodore Roosevelt Leonard DiCaprio set to play Theodore Roosevelt
Leonard DiCaprio just seems to get bigger and bigger in Hollywood, constantly keeping himself busy with some new project. I guess if you're him though, there's not much else to do. The star recently signed on to a rather unusual role though. DiCaprio will be playing the rather plump Theodore Roosevelt in a film adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning Edmund Morris' book THE RISE OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT.

The tale follows Roosevelt as he transforms from a wealthy politician to the leader of the... read more
Death: The High Cost of living set to hit the silver screen Death: The High Cost of living set to hit the silver screen
Neil Gaiman, famed creator of the cult comic SANDMAN, might actually be bringing one of his own creations to the big screen soon. Unfortunately it is not SANDMAN, which is probably a good thing as fans can only imagine how much that series could be ruined by a poorly made movie.

It seems as though Neil has been in talks to bring his graphic novel DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING to the screens. The series is based on the character Death from his SANDMAN comics. Talks have been going back and... read more
War Of The Worlds DVD War Of The Worlds DVD
A few words on the release of the WAR OF THE WORLDS DVD (which I am sure many fans are eagerly awaiting).

As always the company has two options out, a big one with lots of cool stuff and a small one with... well, not much cool stuff to offer aside from the film. However, both DVD's will be released at the same time, rather than having the company try to trick fans into a crappy short version months before they even release a special edition (a la SIN CITY).

The special edition, two-disc... read more
Penelope Cruz y Salma Hayek: Bandidas Penelope Cruz y Salma Hayek: Bandidas
Most people will agree that one of the only things that is better than Penelope Cruz is Salma Hayek... so what would filmmakers get if they cast the two alongside each other? I'm guessing-- just like the studios are-- that the answer is going to be pure (hot) magic. Next year, a film entitled BANDIDAS will come to the big screens and will be bringing these two beauties along for a ride that everyone can enjoy.

The movie is set in turn of 18th century Mexico, when two women with very... read more
Ninety-Nine Nights wows Tokyo game show attendees. Ninety-Nine Nights wows Tokyo game show attendees.
For those who don't know, the Tokyo game show just wrapped up in, well, Tokyo. It's something like their version of E3,and needless to say some very drool-inducing
games were previewed there. While this writer doesn't have the space to talk about all of them, he would like to highlight one in particular: Ninety-Nine Nights.

According to Gamespot's reporters, who were at the event, NNN is an action-adventure game for the Xbox 360 that takes place in what seems to be either ancient China or... read more
Katamari PSP! Katamari PSP!
One can almost feel the rejoicing of PSP owners the world over. First a
version of Grand Theft Auto for PSP is announced, and now this: According to, Namco says it's planning a
Katamari game for the PSP.

For those not familiar with the game, Katamari Damacy is a quirky recent PS2 game that rapidly became a kind of cult classic, so much so that many video game stores, unprepared for the surge, were quickly sold out. The game involves... read more
Movie/game combo for PSP: twice the content, half the value Movie/game combo for PSP: twice the content, half the value
The UMD disks for Sony's new PSP handheld are capable of storing both games and DVD-quality movies, so it's not really surprising that a Movie/game combo UMD has finally been released. The particular movie and game chosen however, are pretty disappointing.

According to a Gamespot article, the movie is Stealth, a special-effects-ridden sci-fi piece who's sales, as the ever-cynical editors at Slashdot: Games point out, failed to recover even 30% of it's budget. The game is Wipeout-pure, a... read more
Hot Coffee II: The Lawmakers Strike Back Hot Coffee II: The Lawmakers Strike Back
Gamespot reports that the California senate, likely spurred on by the recent "Hot Coffee" scandal, has passed a bill banning the sale of violent video games to minors, and making doing so punishable by a $1000 fee. That, in itself, isn't very strange, or even necessary: stores and rental places are already barred from giving games rated "Mature" or higher by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) to minors. But here's where it gets strange: the bill completely ignores the ESRB and... read more
Paris Hilton Sells Herself To Help Katrina Victims Paris Hilton Sells Herself To Help Katrina Victims
Jamie Foxx recently took bids for dates with several stars at a charity bash held in Miami Beach to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Paris Hilton was brought to tears when one bidder offered $200,000 to spend New Year's Eve with her."It's so generous. I'm crying right now," she said.

Colin Farrell was also on the block that night. When nervous bidders weren't forthcoming with their bids, Foxx asked for group bids.

A group of 10 friends bid $10,000 for a date with Farrell, while... read more
Agent Annette's Interview with Samuel L Jackson and Eugene Levy Agent Annette's Interview with Samuel L Jackson and Eugene Levy
My day started off at 11am at the Regency Hotel. I signed in and found my spot at the round table, surrounded by fellow reporters, all eager to speak with Samuel L Jackson and Eugene Levy; stars of the new Line Cinema production "The Man".

Eugene was wearing a button down shirt and khakis and Samuel was wearing a t-shirt jeans and baseball hat. The guys looked very casual and ready to be grilled by us hungry reporters.

They sat down joking around about the microphone that was rigged in... read more
Jessica Alba's Clothing Line Jessica Alba's Clothing Line
Jessica Alba is one of many stars who plans to start her own clothing line. But, don't make plans to buy anything for the special woman in your life, because chances are these clothes won't fit her. It's because the line will be for kids.

Even though Alba doesn't have children of her own, she has decided to launch a line of baby clothing.Alba hopes to help style-conscious parents make their kids look as great and stylish as they do.

A portion of the proceeds from the clothing's sales... read more
Taste Changing Beer Taste Changing Beer
Asahi Breweries, Japan's top brewer, recently stated that it has developed a beer that changes taste over time. This is due to the fact that the fermentation process continues after it is bottled.

The brew, dubbed The Asahi Super Yeast Draft, changes both its aroma and flavor through a second phase of fermentation after its basic taste is made in the primary fermentation at the factories.

If the bottles are kept in a room with a temperature held between 10°C and 20°C, its second... read more
Got Beer? Got Beer?
One Frenchman has invented a beer that is made from fermented milk. It is so popular, he actually sells 300 bottles of it a week.

Marcel Bernard keeps his recipe a secret, but he does divulge that it combines 75 percent milk and 25 percent malt with the culture that is used to make kefir, a traditional fermented milk drink from the mountains of northern Caucasus.

"The idea of producing alcohol from milk shocked everybody at first," said Bernard, a dairy farmer in Britanny. "But at a time... read more
Paris Hilton's New Venture Paris Hilton's New Venture
Is there nothing the heiress can't do? She's modeled, acted, and has her own perfume line. Now she's decided to take her career one step further by trying her hand, or voice, at singing.

But, Hilton does want to make sure her singing career is a success. She doesn't want to be mocked if it fails.She began talking about releasing an album over two years ago, but no singles have been released as of yet.

"I want every song to be great. If they aren't, people will trash me," she told US... read more
JLo--Just Call Her 'Mom' JLo--Just Call Her 'Mom'
Jennifer Lopez has confessed that she asks her employees to call her 'Mom' because she feels so maternal towards them.

"Everybody calls me Mom in my real life--everybody who works for me," she explained. "I guess I'm just a caretaker."Earlier this month rumors emerged that Lopez may actually be a mom soon. She was seem shopping for baby clothes in the Bevery Hills store, Petite Tresor, and supposedly confessed that the tiny clothes were for her baby.

"JLo came in to buy some little... read more
Great (standby) date spot : Da Silvano $$$
For the New Yorkers that visit or for folks looking to visit New York...

I've been here a bunch of times, and last night was exceptional as always. Great food, good atmosphere with beautiful people and celebrities etc. Da Silvano's a total New York hot spot, even though it's been around since 1975! Order from the daily specials and make sure to get an outside table, there aren't that many more warm nights left so might as well make the most of it!

Da Silvano $$$
260... read more
Dating Dictionary
The process of spending enormous amounts of money, time, and energy to get better acquainted with a person whom you don't especially like in the present and will learn to like a lot less in the future.

A term used to describe a woman who has the morals of a man.

A method utilized by a single woman to communicate to a man that she is interested in him. Despite being advised to do so, many women have difficulty looking a man directly in the eyes, not... read more
Katie Holmes To Kate Cruise Katie Holmes To Kate Cruise
Katie Holmes really wants to change for her husband-to-be, Tom Cruise. Not only is she changing her religion, but she is also planning to change her name, too.

Both Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers, both ex-wives of Tom Cruise, kept their maiden names while married to him. However, according to In Touch, Holmes plans to take his name both personally and professionally.This means that after they are married, she will go from being known as Katie Holmes to Kate Cruise.

One source said, "Tome... read more
The World's Strongest Beer The World's Strongest Beer
One German brewer has come up with what he claims is the world's strongest beer. This potent drink has an alcohol content of 25.4 percent and is served in a shot glass.

"Everyone who has tried it is enthusiastic. It tastes like a quirky mixture of beer and sherry," said Harald Schneider, the Bavarian brewer.Schneider, who resides in southern Germany where beer is quite a tradition, has said that his beer is fermented for 12 weeks for an alcohol content twice that of Germany's other... read more
The Backpack That Converts Energy To Electricity The Backpack That Converts Energy To Electricity
Researchers have developed a backpack that turns energy into electricity when carried on your back.

Although it doesn't create a lot of juice, it's enough to run such things as an MP3 player, a PDA, and a cellphone.The University of Pennsylvania's Lawrence Rome, along with colleagues, developed the device. They used a backpack that was fastened to a carrying frame by springs. The up and down motion that is created by walking powers a small generator, creating electricity that can be used... read more
Rebecca Romijn's Secret Wedding Rebecca Romijn's Secret Wedding
It looks like Rebecca Romijn will soon walk down the aisle again. The sexy star is planning a secret New Year's Eve wedding to Jerry O'Connell.

Romijn began dating the actor shortly after her split from ex-husband John Stamos. Now, as 2005 becomes 2006, she will become Mrs. O'Connell.The wedding is causing the star to drop to drop a few pounds, as if she really needs to lose a thing.

If anyone has been wondering why the sexy star is suddenly losing a lot of weight, her friends claim that... read more
Nicole Richie Misses Her Boobs Nicole Richie Misses Her Boobs
Nicole Richie has finally gotten rid of the voluptuous body that got her so much negative press. She is totally in love with her new look, except for two things. Her boobs, she really misses them.

Richie, who had reportedly gained weight after going into rehab for heroin use, has said she loves her skinny body, but she her old, round, full boobs.

"Nicole said she misses her boobs," said one source as quoted by Star. "She said that she used to have a great bust but now it's disappeared."... read more
Video game Heroines hit Playboy, again Video game Heroines hit Playboy, again
Sure, you just read it for the articles. But just in case you don't, here's a heads up: Chris Morris over at Cnn money(of all places) is reporting that, for the second time in history, the current issue of Playboy will feature well known Video game fems
posing without their clothing. T

he digital harem will includea cheerleader from "Blitz: the League", Carla Valenti, a police officer from the upcoming "Indigo Prophecy", and unnamed girls
from "God of War", "Darkwatch", and "Hellgate:... read more
In the wake of SIN CITY, the whole taking-a-graphic-novel -and-making-it-a-movie thing doesn't seem like such a bad idea. In fact the writer of this graphic novel, Steve Niles, actually pitched his story as a horror film before turning it into a comic. Entitled 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, this soon-to-be-movie is about an Alaskan town of people who, while during a thirty day spell of northern darkness, are descended upon by vampires!

The film is to be produced by master of horror, Sam Raimi, and will... read more
Women Can Keep An Affair Secret Better Than Men Women Can Keep An Affair Secret Better Than Men
A recent survey found that women are better at keeping an extra marital affair a secret than men are.

According to Julia Cole, one of Britain's leading relationship therapists, women have always been this way. They see infidelity as an emotional betrayal and more potentially damaging to their main relationship than men, who have a tendency to view an affair as "just sex."The survey of 2,014 adults found that 16 percent of women and 21 percent of men have been unfaithful at some point. ... read more
Hannibal Lector is back! Hannibal Lector is back!
One of modern cinemas creepiest characters, the lovable Hannibal Lector, will be sharing a little of his twisted past with movie goers in the near future.

THE LECTOR VARIATIONS will follow a young Lector living in Lithuania, up to his confrontations with Clarice. The film is to based on the new novel from Thomas Harris coming out in November, entitled BEHIND THE MASK.

While this might sound like too much Lector for anyone's good, the film seems to have an interesting premise with a focus... read more
The 411 on Claire Danes The 411 on Claire Danes
It has been a while since we have heard too much about natural beauty Claire Danes, but now a whole slew of information is surfacing about projects she is taking part in. Recently, Danes signed on to particpate in a movie with Richard Gere, where he will play a retiring federal agent, and she will be his replacement in training. The whole story will be a dramatic thriller in which the two are set on tracking down a missing girl who may be linked to a paroled sex-offender whom Gere's character... read more
Elijah Wood's Green Street Elijah Wood's Green Street
When we see Elijah Wood, most people tend to think of the brave little hobbit that destroyed the ring of power and brought peace to Middle Earth. Others can see beyond this role and appreciate him in such films as SIN CITY, or the upcoming GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS and EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED. Elijah has been rather successful at leaving his big-shot role behind and moving on with a successful film career, which is no easy task. The star has even been rumored to be in talks to star as a young... read more
Kate Winslet's Dirty Talk Kate Winslet's Dirty Talk
Kate Winslet made judges a the Venice Film Festival a little uncomfortable with her dirty talk in her new film, Romance and Cigarettes.

The movie is a musical love story about a New York iron worker (James Gandolfini) whose wife (Susan Sarandon) catches him in the midst of a torrid affair with Winslet's character.

"I have to blame Kate a little bit. We didn't write some of the things she put in," said director John Turturro as quoted by The Sun. "There were things that had to be cut out... read more
Carmen Electra And Dave Navarro Want Babies Carmen Electra And Dave Navarro Want Babies
Carmen Electra and hubby Dave Navarro would love to become parents sometime in the near future. But, it looks as if they will have to wait a little longer, at least until they can get their schedules in sync.

The couple is reportedly having a lot of trouble conceiving because their busy work schedules always seem to clash.While Navarro has been working on Rock Star: INXS, Electra has been shooting Cheaper By The Dozen 2 in Canada. The couple needs to find a time when they can spend a... read more
Welcome To Hotel Diddy Welcome To Hotel Diddy
Sean 'Diddy' Combs is currently in talks to open a very swanky hotel in Atlantic City. The hotel will bear his name.

Diddy, who recently dropped the 'P' from his famous name, is working on the project with the same property developers who helped Cindy Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber, launch his bars and restaurants.

Speaking of Gerber, he is currently working on his latest project with George Clooney and Brad Pitt.The two stars have teamed up with Gerber to build a $3 billion Las Vegas... read more
Lindsay Lohan Opens Her Heart and House Lindsay Lohan Opens Her Heart and House
Lindsay Lohan has offered her home to a complete stranger after she discovered that the young girl couldn't return to her New Orleans home.

Lohan had spent almost three months in New Orleans earlier this year. So when she heard of the girl's plight, she felt as if she should help."There was this girl the other night when I was at dinner and she was from New Orleans. She came here (to New York) for a trip for the day. Ironically, she couldn't go back and she is here. So I kind of took her... read more
More Paparazzi Trouble For Reese Witherspoon More Paparazzi Trouble For Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon hasn't had much luck with paparazzi lately. In the latest incident, she was caught up in an alleged attack after a member of the paparazzi assaulted two men while trying to take pictures of the actress and her children.

Witherspoon was enjoying a day at Disney's California Adventure when she was confronted with an "aggressive and frightening" photographer.Park employees tried to move her to a safer area, but the photographer allegedly assaulted two of the employees.

Todd... read more
Gisele is SINGLE!!! Gisele is SINGLE!!!
Leo and Gisele Call It Quits Again

Gisele and Leo have reportedly split up yet again. Sources have said that the on-again, off-again couple has decided to call it quits after a recent series of arguments.

One friend told Britain's News of the World newspaper, "It was bound to happen sooner or later."The pair have had a rocky relationship since they began dating four years ago. And last year, Gisele briefly split from Leo after it was said she was tired of waiting for him to propose.
... read more
Marvel Entertainment Marvel Entertainment
The whole comic to film trend just doesn't appear to be losing any steam, with new deals popping up everywhere. Your favorite old comic company can now be seen pouring almost all its efforts into film adaptations. With hits like X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, and the much anticipated SUPERMAN RETURNS, it's obvious why these films have such a big market. The film industry is even transforming these once strictly comic companies into Production powerhouses. Marvel Enterprises is all set to announce its... read more
Perfect Dark Zero announced for Xbox 360 Perfect Dark Zero announced for Xbox 360
Maybe. Microsoft has announced that the long awaited prequel to the Rare's Perfect Dark game is being developed for the Xbox 360. This isn't really surprising: Rare's been working on the game for some time now, and their recent exclusive partnership with Microsoft, coupled with the imminent release of the new console meant that if Perfect Dark Zero came out at all, it would almost certainly come out on the 360. But here's where the "maybe" comes in: Rare, while a clever and creative company, is... read more
The last Zelda game? The last Zelda game?
Link fans may need to brace themselves: According to Eurogamer, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creative genius and main-man behind Nintendo, has been quoted as saying that the
upcoming "Twilight Princess" Zelda game will be "without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in it's present form."

Miyamoto certainly hasn't been afraid to experiment with the games before: the odd "cell-shades" visual style of "Wind Waker" is evidence enough of that. But it's hard to believe that he or his company... read more
Kittiwat Unarrom's Body Bakery Kittiwat Unarrom's Body Bakery
Inside a darkened room very realistic-looking "human body parts" are piled on shelves and hanging from meat hooks. It looks pretty morbid, as if entering the lair of a serial killer or a macabre mortuary, but it's actually a bakery and the "parts" are bread sculptures made by Kittiwat Unarrom, a 28-year-old art student.

"Of course, people were shocked and thought that I was mad when they saw the works. But once they knew the idea behind it, they understood and became interested in the work... read more
Maria Sharapova, The Fragrance Maria Sharapova, The Fragrance
Parlux Fragrances, Inc. has recently announced the debut of Maria Sharapova's fragrance. It will initially have a soft launch that will be exclusive to seven Macy's East stores in and around the NYC area.

"I'm very excited about this new opportunity," stated Sharapova. "I've worked with Parlux on developing the fragrance since the beginning and it's been a really fun, creative experience."

Parlux Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ilia Lekach announced, "It is a great omen that Maria... read more
Maria Sharapova Has A Lot To Juggle Maria Sharapova Has A Lot To Juggle
Maria Sharapova, the highest paid and probably the most popular female athlete in the world right now, doesn't seem to need more fame. In fact, she has repeatedly said she doesn't want to emulate Anna Kournikova.

With a steady line of endorsements and even the upcoming launch of her own perfume, she really has to juggle a lot. And, her recent win over Eleni Daniilidou at Ashe Stadium just seems to be the icing on her cake.

"It's very important to have a balance," she said. "I mean, I... read more
"Postal" the movie? "Postal" the movie?
Man, Hollywood just can't get enough of the video game pie. First the
earlier Halo announcement, and now this: In a recent article on 1up
,Uwe Boll claims he may soon be shooting a movie based on the all-about-shock value first person shooter "Postal". The bad news, of course, is that Boll is known for
taking good video games (like "House of the Dead" and "Alone in the Dark") and
making awful movies of them.

Nevertheless, Postal is arguably the most violent and offensive video game ... read more
Li Yang this...
Think you're addicted to games? Not compared to this guy.

The BBC recently interviewed several hardcore gamers about their experiences with so called "gaming addiction".Their responses and opinions vary, but one is particularly sure to exercise your eyebrows: That of Li Yang.

Li is a young software engineer living in Beijing, where China's nation-wide mandatory time limit on online games (previously reported here)
will soon go into effect. Li says he's "got to the stage where I feel that... read more
The Exorcism of Emily Rose The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Surely you have seen the commercials for the newest flick about demonic possession, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE. Comprised of scenes that look strikingly similar to those of the cult classic, THE EXORCIST, EMILY ROSE is the story of a lawyer in the midst of a case against a priest who is accused of performing a deadly exorcism on a young woman (Emily Rose). The flick, like most horror films of the day, boasts cinematography as one of it's main appeals, but from the looks of things, the writers... read more
Rosario Settles Down in California Rosario Settles Down in California
Rosario Dawson, the sexy star who has most recently been seen in Sin City, is in the process of buying a love nest in California with her boyfriend Jason Lewis.

The actress has revealed that she is moving in with Lewis, who is best known for his role as Samantha's younger lover in Sex and the City.Dawson told the New York Daily News, "We found a nice bit of property, actually outside of L.A., in Topanga Canyon. It's great, though I'm not going to be able to run to the corner store at... read more
Kirsten Denies Fling Kirsten Denies Fling
Kirsten Dunst is denying claims that she and her co-star Orlando Bloom had a fling while filming their upcoming movie, Elizabethtown.

The actress does admit that she has grown close to Bloom while filming the comedy, but insists that their friendship never went any further.

When asked about their off-screen relationship at the Venice Film Festival in Italy this past weekend, she stated, "If you're alluding to whether Orlando and I got together then that's a no. No."

Dunst does, however... read more
Eva Longoria tops the list as one of the five sexiest TV stars of all time. Eva Longoria tops the list as one of the five sexiest TV stars of all time.
A recent survey has concluded that Eva Longoria tops the list as one of the five sexiest TV stars of all time.
30-year-old Longoria claims she was the "ugly duckling" of her family while growing up. But she clearly isn't now since she was honored for her sexy role as Gabrielle Solis on the hit series Desperate Housewives.

Jennifer Aniston came in second for her role as Rachel Green on Friends, followed by Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones on Sex and the City.

Not to be forgotten are Pam... read more
Why Halle Bared Her Breasts Why Halle Bared Her Breasts
Halle Berry has revealed that she showed her breasts in Swordfish in order to overcome her nudity fears for her role in Monster's Ball.

Berry admitted that even though the idea of baring her breasts onscreen scared her at first, she knew she would have to shed her fears, and her clothes, if she wanted to be comfortable in the graphic sex scene she had to share with Billy Bob Thornton.

"I'm the first to admit that scene was very exploitive. There was no reason in the world for my character... read more
Tongue-Eating Parasite
A tongue-eating parasite was recently found in a fish that was being prepared for a meal in south London.

The Lewisham Council was called when a south London resident found the parasite in the mouth of a red snapper he was preparing for a meal at his home.

Dr. Jim Brock, the keep of natural history at the Horniman Museum, has identified the nasty parasite as a tongue-eating isopod, also known as a type of louse. It burrows through a fish's gills and attaches itself to the tongue. It then... read more
Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain
A new and controversial film at the 62nd Venice Film festival has received plenty of attention, even preceding its worldwide release. Heath Ledger (KNIGHT'S TALE) and Jake Gyllenhaal (DONNIE DARKO) star as two cowboys who become involved in a romantic relationship while working together on a western ranch. Set in 1963, the film-- enititled BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN-- is the first of it's kind to tackle the subject of, well, homosexual cowboys, and it has received rave reviews from critics. What less... read more
Broken Lizard Broken Lizard
Broken Lizard, the comedy team who brought us the great SUPER TROOPERS, and the not-so-great CLUB DREAD, have recently been given a new deal by Warner Brothers. The studio agreed to give the guys a three-year deal, and not just for their films.

The deal also promises to include any new talent the group my come across during this period. The troupe currently consists of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Erik Stolhankse, Steve Lemme and Paul Soter.

As of right now, they are said to have... read more
Want more Sephiroth?  Final Fantasy VII has a sequel. Want more Sephiroth? Final Fantasy VII has a sequel.
Final Fantasy VII, claimed by many to be the best of the FF series, will have a sequel coming out in two weeks in Japan. A United States release of Final
Fantasy: Advent Children is still uncertain, but it is expected to be within the next six months.

Before your breath gets too rapid, let me burst your bubble: the sequel is a movie, not a game. But it will generate spin-off PSP games. A direct-to-video DVD movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children takes place on Midgar, the world of FF VII,... read more
What are you doing Tom Sizemore What are you doing Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore, famous for his roles in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and BLACK HAWK DOWN, has been getting lots of media attention lately for his "interesting" lifestyle habits. Just recently his manager gave a statement about the actor's health condition, which appears as though it might have something to do with his current legal troubles: "He can have sex nine times without stopping. His condition explains his sexual addiction. He's in the midst of a massive depression, but he's... read more
Drew's Drunken Behavior Drew's Drunken Behavior
Drew Barrymore is denying reports that she was thrown out of a baseball game after she displayed rude and drunken behavior to a family, claiming they were photographing her. Barrymore, her boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti, and a group of friends were at the NY Mets game in a luxury box at Shea Stadium when the family in the next box began taking her picture.

Despite her claims that they were disturbing her, the family says that the actress burst into their box and yelled at a person in their group.... read more
Kate Blanchett's Elizabeth sequel Kate Blanchett's Elizabeth sequel
With modern cinema, the sequel (or sequels) has become somewhat of a disappointing standard. You constantly hear about the "newest sequel" for the "blockbuster film", while most of them are still in theatres. Just this year we have talks, and some production, on sequels for FANTASTIC FOUR, WEDDING CRASHERS, SIN CITY, and the list could go on. Occasionally though, you hear about a sequel that surprises you, maybe it even pleases you (SIN CITY might go here). These are rare, but sometimes they... read more
Awake this -  Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen Awake this - Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen
Most people have heard about the disturbing underbelly of receiving anesthesia at a doctor's office... You know, that horrifying (yet unlikely) occurrence that happens when a patient is put under to the point of paralysis, but still registers every stroke of pain administered by a surgeon. The patients are essentially awake during surgery, and unable to notify their doctor that they are in excruciating pain.

So, of course, this has the all the makings of a perfect horror movie! Written by... read more
Britney Spears berates teen actress Britney Spears berates teen actress
Talk about a bit of white trash, check this action out: currently knocked-up singer/star, Britney Spears, was recently cited for less-than-lady-like actions on the set of her younger sisters Nickelodeon television show, ZOEY 101. Apparently, two of the young girls, Jamie Lynn (Britney's sister) and co-star Alexa Nikola got in some type of "tween" fight, and when Britney found out about Alexa's rude comments to her sister, she stormed onto the set of ZOEY 101, and berated the young 13 year old... read more
Jennifer Garner's Biscuits Jennifer Garner's Biscuits
Jennifer Garner seems to have had a little of her 13 Going On 30 persona rub off on her. Even though she is an adult, she still refers to her breasts as 'biscuits'.

The pregnant newlywed has revealed that she is very proud of her assets and insists on referring to them by the strange nickname.

"My sisters and I were all endowed with biscuits--that's what I call them," she said as quoted by The Sun as told in In Style magazine."Sometimes when I'm on the Alias set and the guys are setting... read more
Catherine Zeta-Jones set to Stompanato Catherine Zeta-Jones set to Stompanato
Keanu Reeves and dark-haired beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones have both signed on to participate in an upcoming film entitled STOMPANATO. The flick (to be directed by UNFAITHFUL director Arian Lynn) will star Zeta-Jones as the famous 1940's actress, Lana Turner, with Reeves cast in the role as her mobster husband, Johnny Stompanato. As the story goes, Stompanato was an abusive husband, who after years of threats was killed by Turner's 14 year old daughter (from another marriage). (There are no... read more
Old School Sequel? Old School Sequel?
Most everyone can agree that OLD SCHOOL was pretty damn funny. Most would also agree that a sequel to this film might actually work. Dreamworks obviously falls into this category, as they have just given a greenlight for the sequel . The studio is trying to continue the success they had with the original, which was one of their most succesful films to date. The only big issue now is, getting the original cast back. As of now, they have no commitments from any of the main actors from the original... read more
Charlize Theron 'Arrested' Charlize Theron 'Arrested'
Charlize Theron is best known for her roles on the big screen. However, it looks like she is joining several other movie actors and actresses this upcoming season to grace the small screen.

Theron will be joining the critically-acclaimed, but ratings-starved, "Arrested Development. She will hopefully boost the ratings with her star power.

It was recently announced that the Oscar-winning actress is slated to guest star on the Fox series for a five-episode stint. She will play Rita, a... read more
A tip for smokers...
As you may have noticed from my previous posts, scent means SO much. for those of you who reek of cigarette after smoking, here's a tip. If you must smoke before meeting your date, or anyone for that matter, but don't have time to change, freshen up a bit by spraying yourself with something like Febreze--NOT cologne in this case since you may tend to go overboard with it, and it doesn't get rid of the smell. The freshener should kill the stench of the cigarette without being overpowering. ... read more
Hungry for the Details
I wanted to expand on Recruit Skyla's EXCELLENT article on winning a girl's heart through her stomach. (Check it out and cast her a vote!)

Don't forget about presentation. Girls "eat it up" when you make an ordinary meal into something special. It only takes a little extra effort:

- Serve water or orange juice in wine or champagne glasses. Don't forget the fresh lemon!

- Set a "formal" setting for even the simplest meals: napkins, silverware settings and all possible condiments... read more
Beer's so good its criminal
When drinking gets you into trouble....

A robber in Columbus, Georgia, is behind bars for a while, fighting what could be called The Case of Beer.

During a home invasion in November, Mario Brundidge, 25, allegedly had a can of Icehouse beer in a paper bag. A witness to the crime informed the police of the brand, inspiring police to view videotape of local convenience stores to find out who may have bought that brand. Brundidge was spotted on tape purchasing a can of the beer about half an... read more
A Monster Meal
Who says Americans eat too much?

The folks at Hardee's certainly don't think so. If a Big Mac or a Whopper leaves you craving more, check out the Monster Thickburger.

The Thickburger contains 1,420 calories and over 105 grams of fat - more than your average fashion model. It has 2/3 of a pound of beef (conveniently placed in two 1/3-pound patties), four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese, slathered with mayo over (Atkins be damned) a buttered bun. All four of the basic fat groups.
... read more
The Anti-oxident liver protecting beer.
Am I dreaming?

You wouldn't think that the latest in beer and makeup technology would come from a country other than the U.S., but the folks at India's National Botanical Research Institute have been working to improve both, with positive initial results.

First, the beer: NBRI's ethnopharmacology division (they're the ones who use herbs and stuff) has apparently come up with a new beer that tastes like beer and acts like beer, but - unlike the regular stuff - can actually improve your... read more
It's Emeril Time: Get to her heart through her stomach!
Robert Rodriguez phrased it perfectly: "Not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to f***."
And watching him prepare Puerco Pibil on the Once Upon A Time In Mexico DVD, was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen!

But frankly, you don't have to learn how to make a gourmet dish to effectively use this tactic with a woman. She just has to see that you do not have cullinariaphobia!
Here's what you should do. Take really basic dishes, and "kick em up a notch." You don't need... read more
The day before St. Patricks Day
Well it's where everybody goes out, wears green, and gets drunk. I won't, however. I I'll be at the local package store handing out samples to all the patrons looking to buy their poison of choice.

Anyway, I am not trying to talk anyone out of a good time, however I think there are a few things you should consider about consuming alcohol and spending time with females. Maybe these are warnings?

Getting totally cocked is NOT attractive.
I don't know who spread this rumor.

Spitting... read more
I Like Cold Beverages- the colder the cooler I Like Cold Beverages- the colder the cooler
It's not only the drinks that are cold at the Eski Bar, a hot, er, cool nightspot in warm and tropical Singapore. The bar's room temperature is so chilly that the staff wears heavy coats and ski caps. Patrons even get a 10% discount if they show up in winter clothing.

The bar, containing a decorated, industrial strength freezer, offers temperatures ranting from 28 degrees Fahrenheit to just above zero. Its purpose is to attract thirsty patrons who need to escape the round-the-clock,... read more
That's A Sexy Oyster That's A Sexy Oyster
Always rumored for its ability to turn mere mortals into sex gods, the oyster has been said to be the number one choice for the prelude to a night of hot, steamy passion. But guess what, it's not all hype.

High levels of a chemical that heightens libido have been found in clams, which are a close relative to the oyster. This suggests that their reputation is not undeserved.

The oyster's texture is even enough to turn some people on. "Oysters are so sensual just in their nature," said... read more
Pizza Can Improve Love Lives In Britain Pizza Can Improve Love Lives In Britain
British lovers will soon be able to buy pizza that are designed to improve sex lives.According to Britain's alternative therapy magazine, Prevention, the yet unnamed shops will soon be selling 'Pizzagra', a heart-shaped pizza topped with ingredients that are said to improve sexual performance.

The ingredients will consist of bananas, chocolate, ginger, hot peppers, asparagus, artichokes, and caramel.As confirmed by herbal medicine expert Douglas Schar, "Most of these ingredients have some... read more
Great Date Spot: Una Napolitana
If you like pizza, and you live in New York,you'll love this place. There are only four kinds, all made by Anthony in the small wood burning oven literally until the dough runs out. (And it's only open Thursday thru Sunday, the rest of the week he's gathering the fresh ingredients and making the dough.)

I was alittle skeptical when W wanted to take me here, all this hype over four kinds of pizza? But it's really cool and the pizza's excellent! I felt like I was in on a New York secret, a... read more
That's Hot!! That's Hot!!
One US manufacturer of hot sauces has made what he claims to be the fieriest chili powder possible to make. Due to the fact that the powder is so hot, Blair Lazar's customers have to sign a legal waiver before they can taste it.

In fact, when Lazar tried his "16 Million Reserve" himself, he says that his tongue swelled up and hurt for several days.

The powder's pure capsaicin, which is 30 times hotter than the hottest pepper, and 8,000 times hotter than popular Tabasco sauce, is distilled... read more
Whiskey Protects Against Cancer Whiskey Protects Against Cancer
A medical conference in Scotland was recently told that, thanks to high levels of a powerful antioxidant that kills cancer cells, single malt whiskey can beat the threat of cancer.
Independent consultant to the global drinks industry, Jim Swan has stated that according to research, single malt whiskey contains "more ellagic acid than red wine. So, whether you indulge in the odd tipple, or you are a serious connoisseur, whiskey can protect you from cancer--and science proves it."

Swan, who... read more
A Drink A Day Keeps The Doctor Away A Drink A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
New research out of Brigham and Women's Hospital has claimed that moderate drinking could possibly prevent chronic kidney disease.

These findings were based on questionnaires and blood samples that were taken from more than 11,000 healthy men who were enrolled in the Physicians' Health Study.

The men were followed for 14 years, beginning the study when they were between the ages of 45 and 70 years old.

The researchers measured creatinine levels using the blood samples. High creatinine... read more
Great Date Spot: Salt Bar $$
If you happen to be in New York City...

Great spot to go to when you're looking for something different and away from all the tourists in the Meetpacking area..

I went here a few weeks ago with W and was totally impressed! Great cocktails and although we didn't eat, the food looked really good. Afterwards you can bar hop all the cool places along Clinton street. Girls are impressed with creativity, next time you're looking for a reasonable place to go, take her to Salt Bar, you won't be... read more
Toilet-Themed Restaurant A Hit In Japan Toilet-Themed Restaurant A Hit In Japan
A new Japanese toilet-themed restaurant is proving quite popular. Customers are eager to eat their food off of plates and bowls shaped like both regular toilet seats and Japanese "squat" toilets.

Marton Theme Restaurant, which was named after the Chinese word "Matong" meaning toilet, has become a hit in Taiwan's second largest city since it opened in May 2004.Although bathroom décor seems quite strange, the idea was so successful that owner Eric Wang opened a second, even bigger branch just... read more
Coming Soon: The Automatic Bartender
Michael Bowes, an inventor from Glasgow, has designed the 'automatic bartender.' He hopes that this vending machine of sorts will cut down on lines in pubs and even help to reduce binge drinking.

Bowes, 23, dreamed up the idea for his invention while waiting for a drink at a busy pub. He stated: "After queuing for a great deal of time, it dawned on me that a system could be put in place to provide customers ordering bottled alcohol, such as beer, with an alternative point of purchase." He... read more
World's Most Expensive Vodka
A Franco-American venture is set to launch the world's priciest vodka later this year.
The small French distiller, Peureux, and Florida-based Legacy Imports will team up to make the French-made spirit called "Perfect 1864" for both France and the US.

The two companies aim to surf the wave of vodka's rapid growth and are backing the vodka's launch with a $5 million budget for marketing and promotion. Bernard Baud, Peureux chairman, has said that the vodka is made from the best French wheat... read more
New York State Beer Trail New York State Beer Trail
Albany lawmakers are encouraging both residents and visitors to enjoy a tall, cold one with a bill that's making its way through Legislature that aims to create a NY state beer trail, similar to those in the wine industry. Sponsors of the legislation have said it will highlight the reemergence of breweries in the state and also help brewers to cash-in on their goods.

Joseph Lentol, an assemblyman and a Brooklyn Democrat who doesn't drink, is sponsoring the bill to attract beer drinkers as... read more
Heineken To Open French Bar-Lounge
Heineken, the Dutch beer giant, wants to revive beer appreciation in the wine-centric country of France by opening its first Champs-Elysees bar.The company plans to open the bar-lounge in early July on one of the world's most exclusive places.

According to France's Liberation newspaper, the bar will be named Beer Culture.
Heinken will capture French interest by sending a free magazine to more than 1 million potential customers.At the same time, Heineken's top rival and No. 1 beer maker,... read more
Chocolate Is Actually Good For You... Chocolate Is Actually Good For You...
Dr. Charalambos Vlachopoulos of Athens Medical School in Greece, along with his colleagues, has found that chocolate is actually good for you.

"Epidemiological studies suggest that high flavonoid intake confers a benefit on cardiovascular outcome," they wrote in the American Journal of Hypertension.
They have also pointed out that an artery's elasticity or stiffness "are important determinates of cardiovascular performance and are predictors of cardiovascular risk."

The effects of... read more
Beer No Longer Australians' Drink Of Choice Beer No Longer Australians' Drink Of Choice
Recent figures have shown that Australians are drinking less beer and more wine and spirits.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this shift in numbers is a result of an increase in the amount of wine that is available in Australia, as well as a continued increase in the amount of available pre-mixed spirits.

In 2005, Australians drank 109.9 liters of beer per person 15 and older, which was down from 114.6 the prior year. Altogether, 1,760 million liters were available in that... read more
No Longer A Dry Town No Longer A Dry Town
History was made when an ice-cold tumbler of vodka simply garnished with two speared pearl onions was recently sold in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was the first alcoholic beverage sold there since 1933.

"It's a great day for Rockport," said Peter Beecham, the man who led the effort to lift the town's ban on alcohol. He added, of his $7.50 glass of Grey Goose, "And this is very good."Up until this milestone, the town was one of 17 in the state to have a law against selling alcohol.
"I don... read more
Are They Chicken, Or Are They Fries? Are They Chicken, Or Are They Fries?
Chicken Fry this....

French-fry shaped strips of all white meat chicken coated with a zesty, seasoned batter and served in a fun, portable container with a built in well for dipping sauce.

The new 'fries' as well as the container were designed for the hectic, on-the-go lifestyles of their consumers."We spent a tremendous amount of time and resources testing this new menu offering, along with its packaging," stated Russ Klein, Burger King Corporation's chief global marketing officer. "I am... read more
Getting Drunk Or Having A Big Tolerance In Your Genes Getting Drunk Or Having A Big Tolerance In Your Genes
Scientists have recently discovered that there is a "hangover gene" that raises a person's body tolerance to alcohol. For those who have it, you can drink a lot without getting drunk quickly. But, for those people who don't have it, no matter how much you drink, you will never raise your tolerance.

Don't celebrate yet. Scientists warn that having the gene could potentially be dangerous since drinking more could lead to dependency.After experiments done on fruit flies, the researchers who... read more
Robin Williams Vs Johnny Depp: Cancelled Robin Williams Vs Johnny Depp: Cancelled
Terry Gilliam, infamous for his amazing films and ill-fated sets, must really hate Hollywood by know. Plagued with constant delays, difference of opinion and other annoyances from all walks of the world, Gilliam has become renowned for his amazing films that break through their hindrances. He recently announced his newest disappointment with American studios and their inability to raise $15 million (a small sum in this business) for a new film entitled GOOD OMENS, set to star both Johnny Depp... read more
Fake? Tara Reid -Tell Us Something We Didn't Know Fake? Tara Reid -Tell Us Something We Didn't Know
Tara Reid has finally admitted to going under the knife and having her breasts surgically enhanced. It's about time considering that it is so obvious. Reid has stated, "I mean, everyone does it. I don't know why I'm the one who gets so much attention?"

Meanwhile, the host of Taradise has also revealed that she is desperate to fall in love and have a family. Even though she is best known for her partying, she wants to meet Mr. Right and have children. "Eventually, I definitely want a family... read more