Natalie's Oscar Accident Natalie's Oscar Accident
When she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Natalie Portman was so nervous at the Oscars, she actually wet herself.

Portman was shocked when her portrayal of a stripper in Closer was shortlisted for an award. But, she didn't know that she would actually be completely petrified when the nominees were read on the big night."I think I peed myself a little bit. I kept thinking, I don't want to go up. I don't want to have to stand there onstage," she said. "Either you're going to have... read more
Elisha Cuthbert Can't Hang Elisha Cuthbert Can't Hang
Elisha Cuthbert wasn't able to hang when it came to drinking with her House of Wax co-star Paris Hilton. Despite the heiress' claims that she never drinks, Cuthbert just couldn't keep up.

Even though Hilton is seen on a regular basis partying it up and dancing on tables with celeb pals, she has always insisted that she stays away from booze and drugs. In fact, earlier this year she told British Glamour magazine, "I am not a party person. I hate clubs. People think I drink when I'm out but... read more
Peter Jackson Ditches EA Games Peter Jackson Ditches EA Games
Peter Jackson, famed director of the Lord of The Rings series is now working on a King Kong remake, and according to reports at actiontrip, he's become so frustrated at EA game's lack of co-operation on the accompanying game that he's given the project to Ubisoft instead. The fact that EA sucks isn't very surprising: Jackson just learned what most gamers (and EA employees) already know: EA ain't a great place to do business with. The company is renowned in gaming circles for being the exact... read more
Sylvester Stallone really must be a busy gut lately. We heard about his recent plans to bring back his ROCKY series and now he is resurrecting his RAMBO character. Yeah, that's right, more Rambo. RAMBO IV is now in talks to begin work and bring itself to the screen for some more one-man military might. So far the film has a lot of hands in the jar, which leaves one to believe that it either did not impress any one company enough to fund it themselves, or it was so good that they all wanted a... read more
Think You're Handsome? Then Run For...
A new study, recently released on the National Bureau of Economics Research website, has found that handsome men are more apt to win during an election.

It was found that good-looking male candidates had a 56 percent chance of winning an election while their less dashing opponents had a 44 percent chance. This was according to Daniel Hamermesh, the study's author and also an economics professor ast the University of Texas.

From 1996 through 2004 Hamermesh studied the election of... read more
Bond's Past To Be Revealed Bond's Past To Be Revealed
Fans who have always wondered about 007's past will be able to catch a glimpse in the upcoming Casino Royale. It has been reported that film bosses will reveal James Bond's origins in the latest installment.

Martin Campbell, director, has vowed that he will show fans just how the legendary spy came to be so suave.USA Today quoted him as saying, "We're going toward a much more realistic Bond, much more 'From Russia with Love' than we've had in the past."

Earlier in the week it was reported... read more
Pam Plans To Hide Boobs Pam Plans To Hide Boobs
Many will be upset with Pamela Anderson's latest plans. She will soon be putting way two of her best assets, her large breasts, for good.

Over the years, Anderson has gained a huge fan base for both her acting, and her body. She is best known for the way she filled out the red swimsuit she wore while portraying a lifeguard on Baywatch.

But now, she no longer wants to have her large breasts out there for everyone to see. She shocked guest at a recent Hollywood party when she showed up in... read more
Monica Bellucci Loves Baring All Monica Bellucci Loves Baring All
Monica Bellucci has said that she embraces nudity in films. This is because she believes that the naked, human body is a perfect tool of expression.

Bellucci, 36, feels very proud of her femininity and is quite confused by other stars who refuse to bare all onscreen."I'm not scared by nudity, because for me, nothing is more beautiful than a body. You can have such amazing emotion from a body," she said as quoted by Femalefirst.

She also added, "In Irreversible, I treated my body like it... read more
A nonviolent Video game?
Yes indeed. Wired is running an article about "A Force More Powerful", a new
strategy game where, if all goes well, there's no bloodshed at all.

The game is the work of Ivan Marovic, one of the founders of Otpor, the Serbian
student-resistance movement that helped removed Slobodan Milosevic from power. So he knows a thing or two about non-violent resistance.

Apparently "More Powerful" is a strategy game that plays something like Age of
Empires with Ghandi. Except that if you play it... read more
Eva  Longoria Longs For Texas Eva Longoria Longs For Texas
Eva Longoria is tired of the paparazzi always hounding her. So, she plans to move back to Texas when Desperate Housewives comes to an end.

Longoria tries to make it back to Texas to visit her family as often as she can. She would, however, like to go back permanently to get rid of the paparazzi."I'm just a Texan through and through. I want to move back to Texas as soon as I'm done with the show, whenever that is. You know, I'm never followed by paparazzi in San Antonio. I'm never... read more
Nicollette Sheridan Is Single Again Nicollette Sheridan Is Single Again
Desperate Housewives' Nicollette Sheridan won't be coming a real life desperate housewife anytime soon. She is single again.

People magazine has reported that Sheridan called off her engagement to fiancée, Swedish actor Niklas Soderblom.Sheridan's publicist, Nicole Perna said is a statement that the couple "have parted ways after a year and a half." She also added that "they ask that you respect their privacy at this time."

The couple became engaged last winter. Had they gone through... read more
Hooters Air Hooters Air
You're planning a vacation, but don't want to settle for that tired old airline that you always use. Don't worry, now you can try something different. Fly Hooters Air!

That's right, Hooters isn't just about well-endowed women, short shorts, and wings. Ok, so it is, but here the wings aren't chicken, they're attached to a plane. Yes, your travel dreams have come true--Hooters has their own airline.

According to their website, Hooters Air operates an all-Boeing Fleet. The airline serves... read more
Days before it's opening in the United States, the president of Screen Gems gave the green light not only a sequel to the movie UNDERWORLD but also for a prequel (after seeing the number of tickets sold in Canada alone, no less). So, fans who dug the first UNDERWORLD fantasy/action/horror film will be delighted to know that their wait for the sequel is almost over.

Set to come out sometime early next year, UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION will star the same set of interesting characters, and will follow... read more
Nicole Kidman Is Devastated By Ex's Baby News Nicole Kidman Is Devastated By Ex's Baby News
It has been alleged that Nicole Kidman is upset over Tom Cruise's recent baby news.
Kidman, who has two adopted children from her marriage to Cruise, has been said to be distraught that her former love is having a baby. These feelings have sparked rumors that she still has feelings for her ex.

One of Kidman's close friends said, "Nicole can't believe it's happening. It was so sudden she shut down. Obviously she must still have feelings for Tom, she's been crying and has been really upset.... read more
Keira Knightley Wants A Kissing Contract Keira Knightley Wants A Kissing Contract
Keira Knightley has said that she would like a clause written into her movie contracts that will ensure she always gets to kiss her leading man.

The actress, who is currently working on Pirates Of The Caribbean II, is disappointed she doesn't get to share a kiss with co-star Johnny Depp."I wish I'd thought of that, but, sadly, no," she answered when asked if she considered demanding a kiss with Depp.

She also added, "In five years' time I'll be like, 'I'm sorry, I need to be guaranteed a... read more
Lindsay Lohan Is Mad Lindsay Lohan Is Mad
It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan is furious after learning that someone found and sold a headlight from her Mercedes. Lindsay was driving the car during a recent accident and now the headlight has found its way into an eBay auction.

Lohan was driving in Hollywood earlier this month when her car was hit by a van that was attempting to make an illegal U-turn.The actress and a female friend were treated for minor injuries. The car was taken to a nearby garage.

The listing for the... read more
SIN CITY on tv? SIN CITY on tv?
According to a recent report in Variety we might be seeing some of our SIN CITY friends on the small screen. According to the report, the newly formed and active Weinstein Company are in talks to bring a slew of projects to television. Also in discussion are adaptations for ROUNDERS and a number of other typical shows.

The talk of a SIN CITY show brings lots of questions to mind. Who knows if they'll get the same cast (maybe it won't even be live action), or if they'll continue the black... read more
Though the first film might not have done much for viewers, Fox is making it clear that the second FANTASTIC FOUR is in the works. The company recently took out ads in Variety and Hollywood Reporter announcing that FANTASTIC FOUR 2 will be coming out July 4th, 2007.

Whether or not Fox will follow through with this, as the first one was originally scheduled for the coveted July 4th weekend (they backed out to avoid the WAR OF THE WORLDS train), is debatable. The idea for a sequel has promise,... read more
Be Unforgettable
We all have an old flame we'll never forget. Often, it's not the smartest, sexiest, or best looking lover, but rather someone who seems perfectly average to others. Whether you want that sexy siren to remember you long enough for you to get her number, or you'd like to remain a permenant file in the brain of your current partner here are a few secrets from miss mayhem

Be a first

Most of us will never forget our first kiss or lover. Although we have grown far past these mile markers, you... read more
Paul Rodriguez - Taking Pimp to a New Level Paul Rodriguez - Taking Pimp to a New Level
The name is Paul Rodriguez Jr., but he's definitely no junior when it comes to skateboarding. He's a multiple X Games gold medal winner, the first skateboarder to have his own signature Nike shoe, is featured in Tony Hawk's Underground video game and has made appearances in videos and TV shows.

At such a young age (he's 20), you'd think that all this fame and success would have gone to his head. On the contrary, Paul is apparently an avid Simpsons fan and has been described as being a... read more
Is Gwyneth Pregnant? Is Gwyneth Pregnant?
Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly pregnant.

Paltrow's mother, actress Blythe Danner, accidentally spilled the beans during an awards ceremony in Hollywood.

The Daily Mail in Britain has reported that, when asked if she was going to be a grandmother again, Danner replied, "Yes, I am." She also added, "Well, I think so. Oh, well, I have not checked lately."

One of Martin's friends said, "Gwyneth is trying to contain her excitement about having another child, but she's incredibly happy."
... read more
Tamagotchi coming to Nintendo DS Tamagotchi coming to Nintendo DS
That's right, for those who just can't get enough of cute virtual critters, 1up is reporting that Banadai has announced that the new Tamagotchi DS game "Tamagotchi Corner Store", recently featured at the Tokyo Game Show, should hit American shores this fall. In 1ups words "That's soon, Bandai. That's, like, now."

The game would apparently blend the traditional tamagotchi gameplay with an assortment of minigames as the player maintains a sort of virtual pet store for tamagotchis. No word yet... read more
Strongwoman Coed Strongwoman Coed
Kara Mann isn't just another coed on Vanderbilt's Nashville campus. She's a strongman--er, strongwoman.

Mann, a chemical engineering major, competes in strongman competitions. She can flip a 750-pound tire, or pull a seven-ton fighter jet, and it's all in a weekend's fun. The coed has already won the national strongwoman's title. But, what she really wants is to see more competition from other strong women.

Right now, the sport is dominated by men, but that doesn't stop her. She often... read more
Weird, Wonderful, And Wacky At British Invention Show
The recent British Invention Show offered visitors a look at many items that feel under weird, wonderful, and wacky categories. One such invention is the Scentuelle. Liz Paul, Scentuelle's inventor, says it is just what today's stressed and multi-tasking woman needs. Her invention is a small, transparent patch, worn by a woman on her wrist, that emits dopamines and recharges her sexual battery.

"Men have Viagra, now we women have this, she told Reuters. "Research has shown that 35 percent... read more
Is Joss Soon To Be Single? Is Joss Soon To Be Single?
Joss Stone has recently been spotted without the "promise ring" that was given to her by Beau Dozier. Her not wearing the ring has prompted rumors that their two-year romance may be in trouble.

The singer is currently touring the U.S. with the Rolling Stones. And, she hasn't seen Dozier since the tour began."She's on the road supporting the Stones so she hasn't seen Beau in a while," said a spokesperson.

"Touring is a bad time to be asking personal questions, so there is no reaction... read more
Cameron Surprises Class Cameron Surprises Class
Cameron Diaz recently gave a Stanford University class quite a surprise when she showed up to help lead a lecture on environmentally friendly designs.

The actress's appearance came as part of a taping for Stand-In, and mtvU show where celebrities teach a class. Another taping was done when Madonna lectured students at Hunter College in New York.

Diaz, a champion of environmental causes, served as a sidekick to William McDonough, a friend, renowned environmental architect, and a consulting... read more
Angelina Is Pissed!! Angelina Is Pissed!!
Angelina Jolie is really mad at her Beowulf co-star Ray Winstone for spilling the beans about her alleged engagement.

Rumors have been flying that Jolie and Brad Pitt are tying the knot, although the couple haven't said a thing. But, Winstone leaked the news when he told the press, "She's getting married isn't she? Yes, she is."

It has been said that Jolie stormed off the set after learning of his slip and it is reported that she won't shoot any more scenes with him unless he apologizes.... read more
New Al Pacino film? New Al Pacino film?
Looks as if fans will be able to see Al Pacino in yet another crime-drama this coming year. The title? 88 MINUTES. The plot? Pacino plays a college professor who, while moonlighting as a forensic scientist for the FBI, receives a death threat telling him he has only 88 minutes to live. The meat of the film is about Pacino's frantic attempts to figure out his supposed killer.

Well, the plot seems a little trite, but maybe there will be something good to expect from the movie after all. Other... read more
More CGI films
This whole trend of animated movies sweeping Hollywood has given us some really good flicks (namely Pixar ones) and a handful of crap. With the trend showing no signs of stopping, we can only hope for some more good films to come out of it. Well, it seems we might get one that is not from Pixar, shocking I know.

Jon Favreau, SWINGERS, DAREDEVIL, ELF...okay Monicas old boyfriend Pete Becker on FRIENDS, the guy who tried Arena Fighting? Still nothing, well that may not bother him anymore as he... read more
Joss Stone's Family Secret Joss Stone's Family Secret
Joss Stone has revealed that her family has a secret--her half brother, Daneil, is a convicted armed robber.

The 19-year-old soul singer included a song about Daniel on her popular album, Mind, Body and Soul. Even with his faults, she remains grateful to him for the support he has always shown her.

"Everybody has made mistakes in their lives. The song about him kind of says everything I want to say," Stone said of 26-year-old Daniel. "A lot has happened in his life. And he has been... read more
Sarah Michelle Gellar in indie flick? Sarah Michelle Gellar in indie flick?
Sarah Michelle Gellar has recently signed on to star in a new indie flick called THE AIR WE BREATHE. It will be a crime drama that "follows the concept that life is broken down into four cornerstones - happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love." Ok, so no one is exactly sure what this means, or what Gellar's part in the film will be, but there is a cast lined up.

Ken Wantanabe (of the recent BATMAN BEGINS) will be taking on a role in the film. Also set to star in the film is young actor Diego Luna... read more
More fantasy flicks More fantasy flicks
Ever since the final LORD OF THE RINGS movie, film-makers have been scrambling to be the one to bring us the next fantasy feast. So far we've seen NARNIA, which will undoubtedly kick ass, and there is HARRY POTTER but those don't really fall into this category. We want big epics with creatures that boggle our minds, and battles that are of such grand scale as to be almost absurd. Whether or not we'll get all this with the next string of fantasy films, they will undoubtedly be impressive.
... read more
Hitman movie! Hitman movie!
One of the most popular video games currently around is the HITMAN series. You take on the role of a hit man (obviously) and go through missions doing all the joyous things a hit man would do. With the success of the game, and the new obsession with video game movies it was only a matter of time before this one got picked up for film adaptation.

Fox has signed Vin Diesel for the lead role, along with having him produce with Chuck Gordon, Daniel Alter, and Adrian Askarieh. The video game... read more
Jessica Alba Ditches Diet Jessica Alba Ditches Diet
Jessica Alba isn't jumping on the dieting bandwagon that so many too-skinny actresses have decided to follow. She has said that she is ditching dieting because she is proud of her curvy figure.

The 24-year-old actress said she wants to be a role model for women, proving to them that skinny doesn't mean sexy. She also hopes to encourage younger girls to not be so uptight about their weight.

Alba has previously admitted to suffering from an eating disorder when she was younger. But now,... read more
Keira's Sexy Scene Keira's Sexy Scene
Some actresses won't disrobe on film, but other definitely will consider it if "the part demands it."Keira Knightley is one of those actresses.

Knightley recently told the Daily Mirror about the steamy scene she shot for Domino. "Filming that sex scene in the middle of the desert, being topless with a very beautiful Venezuelan guy? I think I was very lucky!"

But filming a sex scene just isn't for anyone."A camera went round Edgar Ramirez and I while we were acting the scene, with the... read more
Natalie Portman's  C-Word Gift To Julia Natalie Portman's C-Word Gift To Julia
When co-stars wrap a film and one wants to give a gift to the other, you would think it would be something sweet and thoughtful. But, it seems that Natalie Portman recently broke form the norm. She gave her co-star, Julia Roberts, a necklace spelling out the C-word.

Portman had the dirty trinket made especially for Roberts after they finished shooting Closer.Now Portman regrets her decision. It's not because Roberts found it offensive, but because of the publicity the gift has gotten her. ... read more
Who Stole Evangeline's Panties? Who Stole Evangeline's Panties?
'Lost' producers have hired special bodyguards after someone managed to steal Evangeline Lilly's panties. This is the latest in a string of incidents thought to be performed by the show's fans who are desperate to get close to their onscreen idols.

Lilly, 26, stated that she was amazed when a close friend watched as a teenage boy snatched the undies from a clothesline.

Contact Music quoted her as saying, "A friend was in the shower when there was a knock at the door. When she answered it... read more
Xbox 360 demo kiosks coming to a Walmart near you Xbox 360 demo kiosks coming to a Walmart near you
Kind of. If you're lucky.

Multiple sources, including Gamespot news, are reporting that the several
Walmarts have or soon will have Kiosks featuring honest to goodness
next-gen hardware. But here's the bad news:

First, only a few stores seem to have been blessed with this futuristic
delight, and they're pretty far between. Good luck finding one in your area.
Second, all reports indicate that the "demo" systems won't actually have any
playable games, but will simply play movies of... read more
Cooking For A Woman Is Romantic Cooking For A Woman Is Romantic
According to a survey conducted by Nuts Magazine, the kitchen it no longer a woman's domain. It showed that 30 percent of men are now doing most of the cooking.

Phil Hilton, Nuts' editor, said, as quoted by the Mirror, "Men are no longer a stranger to the kitchen."But, instead of viewing themselves as "new men" who lend their help around the house, a lot of them used cooking as a way to seduce women.

Researchers have found that most men, inspired by popular celebrity chefs, are able to... read more
X-MEN 3 trailer with KONG X-MEN 3 trailer with KONG
For all of those eager X-Men fans out there awaiting some visuals for the new flick, you might get something soon. The teaser website for the film is up and running currently with a short teaser for the film. Though whether or not you could even call this a teaser is up to you, it's basically just some pretty graphics and web-animation.

But for those of you awaiting the December 14 release of KING KONG, there might be more in store for you. The actual trailer for the new X-MEN will be... read more
Sin City 2 plot? Sin City 2 plot?
So Frank Miller is reportedly hard at work on the plotline for the upcoming SIN CITY 2 release. As of yet, nothing has been officially written, but there are a few ideas which are being thrown around.

The sequel is going to be Nancy Callaghan's (Jessica Alba's) time to shine. It is said that she will begin to avenge Hartigan's death, apparently by going after (and probably brutally killing) the Roark family in a fabulous Miller fashion. This will be the main premise for SIN CITY 2.

Fans... read more
Jessica Alba To Do Sin City 2 Jessica Alba To Do Sin City 2
Jessica Alba has agreed to do Sin City 2.

The actress, who portrayed sexy barmaid Nancy in the original movie, has told Robert Rodriquez that she will reprise her role in the sequel.

Alba has said that it could be months before the film's shooting starts because the director is working on another movie with Quentin Tarantino."I talked to Robert and he's doing some move with Quentin. He wants to do the sequel after that."

Alba has said that she doesn't know what the movie's plot will... read more
Is Kirsten A Lush? Is Kirsten A Lush?
Kirsten Dunst's friends fear she may have a drinking problem after she reportedly was "drunk and obnoxious" at a premiere party for Elizabethtown.

It is alleged that Dunst arrived on the red carpet of the premiere in NY looking "disheveled" and then drank herself into quite a stupor at the post screening party.

One fellow party-goer was quoted by the New York Post as saying Dunst was "drinking a lot and got very loud and obnoxious. She was very pushy."

Stephen Huvane, Dunst's rep, has... read more
Own A Piece Of Lindsay's Wrecked Car
If you're a big fan of Lindsay Lohan, or just like to own unusual celebrity memorabilia, then head on over to eBay. There, you can find, bid for, and possibly win a piece of Lindsay Lohan's wrecked car.

One individual had the foresight to salvage a headlight that was allegedly taken from the Mercedes-Benz that the actress was driving during her most recent crash.

The seller, karlosdigital, says in his pitch, "TODAY IS YOU LUCKY DAY THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND ITEM I WILL NEVER PUT ANYTHING... read more
Paris Says She Didn't Sleep With Tom Sizemore Paris Says She Didn't Sleep With Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore has claimed that he slept with Paris Hilton when she was a teenager. But, Paris insists that not only are his claims untrue, she has never even met him.

During an interview on his new porn tape, The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal, the actor states that he had a one-night-stand with Hilton, then 19-years-old, after she begged him for sex after a party.

Sizemore also alleges that the socialites showed him a good time, stating, "She knew what she could do to people."Hilton, now 24, is... read more
Multiple Indy girls? Multiple Indy girls?
Another INDIANA JONES 4 cast member is circulating in rumors, and if this actually goes through, she will be a pretty sizzling addition to the cast.

Her name is Michelle Yeoh, a gorgeous young woman from Malaysia who some of you may have seen in the 2000 release, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON. (Currently, she is working on a film rendition of the novel MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, but several sources suggest that she is preparing to sign on to INDIANA JONES 4.)

While there have been several... read more
Weight Loss Equals Better Sex
In case you didn't already know it, losing weight leads to a better sex life. I know, it seems obvious, but a recent study states that obese women who start to shed the pounds will see improvement in the quality of their sex lives.

"If people experience benefits and rewards from their weight loss and health efforts, it may motivate them to continue a healthy lifestyle," stated Martin Binks, the director of behavioral health at Duke Diet and Fitness Center in NC.

Researchers tracked 161... read more
Is Beyonce Pregnant? Is Beyonce Pregnant?
Rumor has it that even though Destiny's Child is over, another child may be on the horizon for Beyonce. It has been said that she and longtime boyfriend, rap mogul Jay-Z may soon be parents.

Two online gambling sites, and have already posted odds on the pregnancy. They cover everything from what the baby's gender will be to when the couple will walk down the aisle.

Adding to the rumor is also the fact that the usually svelte singer has been seen... read more
Uma Dubbed Unreliable Uma Dubbed Unreliable
Uma Thurman has been called unreliable after she allegedly went back on her word to host a science benefit this month.

Thurman supposedly lent her name to the International Neuroscience Foundation event, but she didn't realize that the favor would mean she would have to play host. Her reluctance to commit to the job made organizer Liz Cohen track her down on a night out and demand a definite answer.

One onlooker told Page Six that the publicist "accosted and harassed" Thurman and told her,... read more
The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On
Even though it has recently been announced that Fox has cancelled The Simple Life, Paris Hilton won't let it go. She has assured her fans that she still plans to shoot a new series of her reality show even if it has been cancelled.

Fox bosses announced this week that they cancelled the show, claiming they didn't have a slot for its fourth season.But Hilton has explained that rival networks have heard the news and find it to be a great opportunity to air the show themselves.

"We're... read more
Free DS Wi-fi at McDonalds Free DS Wi-fi at McDonalds
Hot on the heels of an earlier announcement by Nintendo that several of their upcoming DS games would be playable over Internet wi-fi, IGN reports that McDonald's has announced free Wi-Fi service for the handheld games in their stores, starting November 14th. Only 6,000 McDonald's outlets will be getting the service though, so check on to find out if there's one near you.

Really, this move makes perfect sense for McDonalds. Much, if not all of the restaurant's purpose is to... read more
The continuing madness of Jack Thompson
Readers may remember Jack Thompson from an earlier report here as an anti-violent -videogame activist who's been behaving rather strangely of late. They may also his rather grotesque video game proposal entitled "A Modest Proposal", wherein he promised to donate $10,000 to the charity of Rockstar games (the creators of "Grand Theft Auto, his primary target) choice if someone would build a video game to his specifications. Oddly enough, his video game is far more violent and depraved than GTA... read more
DS Trojan writer apologizes is reporting that one "DarkFader", the apparent author
of the recent and much publicized Trojan for Nintendo's DS, has apparently
come forward to apologize:

"I want to say sorry to everyone out there. I should have realized the impact.
Not just few DS'es that were hurt, but all the damn media and whatnot. I cannot
really justify my actions."

He goes on to pledge that he won't be releasing "any more of this crap", and
cautions users to not run code if they don't know... read more
Jennifer And Vince Have Been Spotted Jennifer And Vince Have Been Spotted
It has been rumored for a while that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are a couple, although they have denied being anything but friend. However, the duo have been photographed getting quite cozy on a hotel balcony in Chicago.

he pictures that were published in Britain's Daily Mirror make it seem as if they are, indeed a couple. One shows them kissing on the balcony, while another, taken the following morning of the same place, shows them enjoying their morning coffee.

"They keep saying... read more
Angelina:  New Bond Girl? Angelina: New Bond Girl?
It looks like Angelina Jolie is in the running to be the new Bond girl in the series' next film.

We've already seen Solitaire, Mary Goodnight, Honey Ryder, and Pussy Galore as Bond's love interest. But his latest conquest in the upcoming film will be Russian double agent Vesper Lynd.

One source tipped off The Sun by saying, "Angelina is simply perfect for the part of the ultimate Bond girl."

Other actresses looked at to play opposite the newly named Daniel Craig include Kelly Brook and... read more
Aqua Teen movie? Aqua Teen movie?
Recently on his Revenge of the Nerd tour MC Chris, or better known as MC Peepants on the Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, let an unknown piece of news slip about Aqua Teen.

It seems as though the series has a movie coming out some time in March of next year following new episodes in December. Fans of the show will surely find the film full of the usual ATHF antics, and those who hate the show will likely hate the flick too. It's just one of those shows; either it's the funniest... read more
Tom And Katie To Rush Wedding Tom And Katie To Rush Wedding
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes won't be having the leisurely wedding that they planned. Instead, they plan to do it shotgun-style.The Sun has reported that the couple will wed next month in a hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

"Tom's very romantic and wants everything to be in place before the birth," said one source. "Initially (they) were planning on tying the knot around Christmas. Katie didn't know that she was pregnant, so their arrangements suddenly had to be scrapped."

Holmes is said to be ... read more
JLo Loves Her Butt, As Do We JLo Loves Her Butt, As Do We
Jennifer Lopez has a great butt. She makes sure it's always looking its best. So, when people admire it, she loves the attention.

However, making sure she keeps it in top shape isn't a very easy task. Lopez has said that it takes hours of hard work at the gym to achieve her desired results."I do special squats and work with loads of weights in the gym to achieve my butt," she was quoted as saying by Femalefirst.

Lopez also says that her efforts pay off when her fans give her... read more
Jennifer Aniston's New Project Jennifer Aniston's New Project
Jennifer Aniston is said to be teaming up with her former Friends cast mate Courtney Cox to start a new production company. The company will rival the one that Aniston previously co-founded with now ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Aniston no longer has any interest in Plan B, the company she created with Pitt. Her friends say that she's now forging ahead and preparing to reenter the business with Cox as her new partner."She and Courtney are going to produce award-winning movies. This will be an... read more
Drew's New Modeling Gig Drew's New Modeling Gig
It has been reported that Drew Barrymore has signed a deal to be the new face of Italian fashion house Missoni.

Barrymore, 30, will soon be unveiled as the company's new spokesmodel.Women's Wear Daily has reported that the actress has been seen on a shoot on the Spanish Isle of Ibiza. The was there posing for Missoni's spring advertising campaign.

The spread is being shot by famous photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. This is not Barrymore's first modeling gig. She has previously... read more
Spielberg to make video games? Spielberg to make video games?
Lately it seems as though video games and movies are one and the same. We have Peter Jackson producing HALO, DOOM hitting theatres this month, and now Spielberg is getting his hands involved in this million dollar industry.

While this is not Spielberg's first foray into gaming (if you remember the original MEDAL OF HONOR from back in 2000, which was not a bad game itself) it is surely his biggest, if not the biggest merging of these two mediums yet. Spielberg just signed a deal with... read more
King Kong Production Diaries King Kong Production Diaries
For those of you out there eagerly awaiting Peter Jackson KING KONG, and there are lots of you, you might want to get your cash ready. The famed director, and recently announced producer of HALO, will be providing an exclusive DVD package to coincide with the movies December release date.

The DVD will feature Jackson's production diaries that follow the films creation. Though the diaries are available for free on the internet, fans will surely scoop up this limited edition DVD set quickly, so... read more
Finally the official Bond!! Finally the official Bond!!
The next James Bond has finally been announced! Daniel Craig of LAYER CAKE has officially been cast as the star of the 21st Bond film in history.

This pretty much defies many of the rumors that have been circulating about the latest Bond actor. The studio had even made announcements identifying Pierce Brosnan as the continuing Bond figure, but I guess those plans just didn't pan out right. (Which has left fans wondering exactly what happened.)

Most seem very confident about Craig's ability... read more
Holmes Quits Film For Baby Holmes Quits Film For Baby
Katie Holmes has quit her most recent film role in order to concentrate on her pregnancy.

The actress announced just last week that she and fiancée Tom Cruise are expecting. Now, she has pulled out of the new movie Shame On You, directed by Dennis Quaid, so she can avoid any stress while pregnant.

Oliver Hudson, Holmes' former Dawson's Creek co-star, says he isn't really surprised that she is sacrificing her career for the health of her unborn child.

"She's a nurturer. She wouldn't be... read more
Marriage Is Not For Charlize Marriage Is Not For Charlize
Charlize Theron has stated that marriage is not her thing, although she doesn't rule out the possibility of being a mother someday.

During a recently aired interview on Access Hollywood, Theron, 30, said she was "happy for people who want to get married." But, she also said "it's not my thing."

Theron has dated Stuart Townsend for several years."I'm extremely happy in my relationship. I would love to have kids." The couple have appeared together in Trapped and Head in the Clouds. Theron... read more
The Simple Life Has Been Cancelled The Simple Life Has Been Cancelled
Fox has decided to pull the plug on the would-be fourth season of The Simple Life.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie hit it big in 2003 when they left their pampered lives to live the simple live with regular American families.However, after the 3rd season, the friends who were usually so close had a falling out and wouldn't disclose why.

Although the pair had signed a contract for a fourth season, the network has decided to dump the show."We did not see a place for 'The Simple Life' on our... read more
Kirsten Asks For Lots Of Cash Kirsten Asks For Lots Of Cash
Kirsten Dunst has told the Spider-Man higher-ups that they will have to pay her millions to star in another one of their films.

Dunst, who signed a three-movie contract, has said that the next superhero movie will be her last unless she is given an "exorbitant" amount of money.

The normally blond actress, who plays Spidey's redhead girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, is quoted by as saying: "Unless they pay me an exorbitant amount of money, this will be my last one."

She also... read more
Stay In A Cave? Stay In A Cave?
Tired of luxurious hotel rooms with comfy beds and running water? Then why not make your next trip a fun one by traveling to Idaho and staying in a cave.

89-year-old construction worker Richard Zimmerman, also known as "Dugout Dick," began advertising cave stays in east-central Idaho for a meager $5 a night, or $25 a month.

The dwellings, which Zimmerman has said can also double as bomb shelters and mining sites for those who bring their own picks, come complete with a mattress and... read more
Paris Hints At Paris' Infidelity Paris Hints At Paris' Infidelity
Although she previously said it was because she was too young to marry, Paris Hilton has recently hinted that the reason behind her broken engagement was that Paris Latsis cheated on her at his bachelor party.

During a party in Las Vegas, when asked to give advice to a man getting married, she said: "Be good to your girl, communicate and tell the truth. And don't cheat on her at your bachelor party."

Recent rumors have stated that Hilton is getting over her split from Latsis by... read more
No Boobs For Keira Knightley No Boobs For Keira Knightley
As cute as she is, it seems that Keira Knightley can't catch a break when it comes to her body. First they had to use a butt double for her in Domino, now she has found out she won't have boobs in the sequel to Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Knightley has said that filming the sequels won't be any fun because of her lack of cleavage.

What does she mean, you ask?
In the original film, the petite actress underwent a daily 45-minute make-up session to enhance her small chest. But, in the... read more
List of top-ten selling computer games...discouraging List of top-ten selling computer games...discouraging
Ever since the last console generation, PC gamers have been noticing that their
their short lived golden age seemed to be falling apart, with game developers
rushing back to the consoles in droves. And after all, it's hard economically
to be a PC gamer too: Who wants to pay $1500 for the latest gaming rig that'll be
outdated within 6 months when you can buy a console for $200 that lasts 2 years
before it has to be replaced? Well, PC gaming just got worse, and this
list of the top-ten... read more
Path of Neo Screens shots released Path of Neo Screens shots released
Most fans would agree that the Matrix games released so far have been pretty
lackluster, both in terms of graphics and game play. But the powers that
be are at it again, making a game called The Matrix: Path of Neo. Needless to
say, you play as Neo, and IGN has screen shots (as they so often do).

So far they look promising, but the developer is going to have to scale up the
graphics significantly if they want to avoid looking dated.

read more
Connely and Leo? Connely and Leo?
You know, when you put two actors together that are not only gorgeous, but extremely talented, chances are you are going to get a pretty cool film. And, when you pair this with the guy who produced widely popular films like SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and LEDGENDS OF THE FALL, chances are, you will get something awesome.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connely will be teaming up to star in a film to be directed by Edward Zwick called THE BLOOD DIAMOND. Yeah, the name isn't that great, but the plot... read more
BATMAN 2 Rumors BATMAN 2 Rumors
Apparently, Christopher Nolan (who directed the latest version of BATMAN) has been in discussions with the head of WB studios about the bad guys in his next BATMAN film.

It looks like the Joker will be making an appearance this time around, and that Paul Bettany (who played Crowe's invisible friend in A BEAUTIFUL MIND) is the current favorite for the part.

As of yet, Nolan has not confirmed whether or not the Joker will be the only villain this time around, but we hear that fans should... read more
Is Katie Further Along Than She Says? Is Katie Further Along Than She Says?
Katie Holmes has recently been photographed with a pretty large tummy, sparking speculation that she is a little more than the three months pregnant that was previously rumred.

The pictures of Holmes show the actress relaxing with her fiancée, Tom Cruise, in a park. She's wearing a silky blue top, that clinging to a rather bulging tummy.Earlier this week the couple announced they were expecting and it was thought that Holmes was around 12 weeks pregnant.

However, a source who saw the... read more
Pam's New PETA Ads Pam's New PETA Ads
Just one year after annoying censors with bus stop ads, Pam Anderson's semi-naked image is returning to China. This time, it's on phone cards and the message tells people not to buy fur.

Anderson appears topless, with her back to the camera and one arm hiding her right breast. The slogan, in Chinese symbols, reads, "Give fur the cold shoulder." Also, behind her falling snow also appears over more Chinese symbols that translate to, "Cold shoulders are nothing compared to the pain they feel"... read more
Margaritaville History On Display
The National Museum of American History has acquired the 34-year old soft-serve machine that was modified and first used to mass-produce frozen margaritas.

"I have a pretty fertile imagination. I have big dreams," stated Mariano Martinez, the owner Mariano Hacienda, the Dallas restaurant where the margaritas were made. "But this is beyond what I ever imagined."

In 1971, Martinez had hopes that margaritas would make his eatery unique. But, his bartenders were unable to squeeze enough... read more
Uma Still Hasn't Gotten Over Ethan Uma Still Hasn't Gotten Over Ethan
Uma Thurman has recently said that the breakdown of her five-year marriage to Ethan Hawke has left her devastated.

Thurman, who has two children, 7 and 3, with Hawke, blames her return to work after having their children for putting a lot of pressure on their marriage."It's excruciating. There are so many hurt feelings," she told Oprah Winfrey.

The couple divorced in August after it was alleged that Hawke cheated with a waitress.
"There's a lot of unfinished business. I recently thought... read more
Who knew there's a male Paltrow?
Did anyone (fanatics exempted) know that Gwyneth Paltrow has a brother? Well, it seems like it is time to get to know Jake Paltrow, as Gywneth will be staring in a new film to be directed by her sibling.

The flick is called THE GOOD NIGHT, and will be a romantic comedy which was also written by the male Paltrow. Gywenth will star alongside Martin Freeman of HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY and Simon Pegg, who was damn funny in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. So, even if the brother isn't "all-that-and-a... read more
STRANGERS WITH CANDY was one of those shows that you either loved or hated; it left little room for a middle ground. If you liked it, you really liked it and if not it probably offended the hell out of you. It would seem that the studios felt the same way about the show, and its much anticipated movie adaptation.

The film version has been in the works for some time now, and it's beginning to look like we'll never get to see it. Warner Independent Pictures had originally acquired the rights... read more
Diaz Is Addicted To Poker Diaz Is Addicted To Poker
Cameron Diaz has confessed that she is addicted to poker, a game she was taught to play by comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Diaz has said that DeGeneres changed her life by recently introducing her to the game after she showed her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, how to play. Diaz now attends casinos and tournaments regularly."I'm addicted to it. I do like the casino a bit. I find myself at a casino every once in a while just walking through going, 'What am I doing here?'"
... read more
Joss' First Movie Role Joss' First Movie Role
Sexy soul singer Joss Stone has recently landed her first movie role. She will make her acting debut alongside David Beckham in the upcoming sequel to the film Goal!.

Stone, known for her sultry voice, will play a femme fatale who tries to steal the leading man from his long-term girlfriend.

"Joss is really pleased they've decided to go for her, even though she's not a trained actress," a source revealed to Britain's Daily Mirror.
"The role is kind of different to the way most people... read more
Tommy Lee's Breast Cam Tommy Lee's Breast Cam
On his latest tour, Tommy Lee totes a 'breast camera' to help encourage his sexy female fans to flash their boobs to be shown on the big screen.

Lee, the Motley Crue drummer whose ex-wife Pamela Anderson is well known for her large breasts, has confessed that the sexy shots are his favorite part of the show.

However, he did admit that he was recently left quite shocked. It seems that a heavy-set male fan bared his chest for Lee--exposing man 'boobs' bigger than most of the women's he had... read more
New Owen Wilson film? New Owen Wilson film?
It seems that ever since the Wilson brothers debuted on the big screen they've been snagging roles left and right, and good ones at that. We just recently reported on Luke's new film involving his manhood, and now brother Owen has a new cast mate in his upcoming film YOU, ME, AND DUPREE.

Michael Douglas has recently signed on to star as the controlling father in this tale of newlyweds whose marriage starts off on the wrong foot when the best man ends up staying with the couple and becomes the... read more
More Fincher in 2006! More Fincher in 2006!
David Fincher, the great director who brought us SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB, is actually working on a new film. Not only is he working on it, it's almost done. Yeah, get excited.

ZODIAC is based on the Bay Area serial killer of the same name from back in the 1970's who terrorized locals with a string of murders. To this date the crimes have not been solved, an aspect of the story which Fincher fully intends on sticking to. Fincher is actually planning a very realistic approach to this film overall... read more
Jessica Biel Is Sexy Jessica Biel Is Sexy
In case you didn't already know, Jessica Biel is one sexy actress. If you don't believe me, just ask Esquire magazine. They prove she really is by giving her the top spot in a new list of sexy women.

Biel has officially been declared the Sexiest Woman Alive by the men's magazine. She will even appear on the cover of its November issue.

The actress managed to beat out Angleina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to claim the 2005 title. Editor David Granger said of Biel, "It just seems like... read more
TomKat's Expecting!!!! TomKat's Expecting!!!!
Although Katie Holmes has sworn up and down that she would remain a virgin until marriage, it seems she couldn't wait any longer. It has been announced that Holmes and her fiancée Tom Cruise are expecting a baby.

Holmes and Cruise, who relationship has been highly publicized and definitely much talked about, began dating in April and quickly became engaged in June.
"Tom and Katie are excited, and the entire family is very excited," said Lee Anne Devette, Cruise's spokeswoman, to People... read more
Ozzy's New Album Ozzy's New Album
Although anyone who has watched his MTV reality knows that Ozzy Osbourne can barely get out a semi-coherent sentence, he has managed to record a new album that is set to be released November 1.

Osbourne has recorded an album of his favorite songs, not his own mind you, but those that he loves that have been re-recorded by him.Under Cover will feature versions of songs such as John Lennon's Woman, Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way, and the Moody Blues' Go Now.The album will also include a DVD... read more
Britney's Sex Video Britney's Sex Video
Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline are a little upset about a sex tape that will soon be made public.

According to the Sun, one member of Spears' entourage is said to have copies one of the couple's personal tapes that was allegedly recorded while she was still pregnant.
He has also threatening to release the tape to the public.

"He has threatened to release raunchy footage of the two taken before Spears looked pregnant," said one source to Us Weekly magazine.The tape should be... read more
Mandy Moore Is Not In Rehab Mandy Moore Is Not In Rehab
Mandy Moore, known for her clean-cut image, is lashing out at internet pranksters who posted a fake news story stating that she was allegedly having rehabilitation treatment.

Moore, 21, was very shocked when she read a fake story that claimed she had checked into a "substance abuse and psychiatric hospital" for treatment of a "personal problem."

Moore wrote on her official website, "I am so overwhelmed by the absurdity of rumors and how on earth they could possibly get started. Earlier... read more
Nintendo DS gets Internet Gaming Nintendo DS gets Internet Gaming
Both Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS have wifi support, allowing them to do
multiplayer gaming without wires, and theoretically, online gaming as well.

Well, it seems that gaming on the internets is no longer theoretical, at least
for DS owners: Nintendo has announced that several of their upcoming games,
including "Animal Crossing: Wild Word", "Mario Kart DS", and "Metroid Prime
Hunters" will feature online multiplayer, for free. Of course, in order to
connect, DS users will have to be... read more
First Virus hits PSP First Virus hits PSP
With wifi, a usb port and standardized memory sticks, it was probably only a matter of time. According to Symantec, one of the largest anti-virus companies around, the PSP finally has it's very own virus.

Don't run screaming though. The virus, Trojan.PSPBrick, pretends to be yet another homebrew hack, and once run deletes system files and permanently breaks the PSP. But it can only be caught by downloading, installing, and then running it on your PSP. Normal users shouldn't be affected.
... read more
Smart Beer Mat Smart Beer Mat
Thanks to a beer mat that can tell when a glass is empty, bar-goers who love to down one beer after another will be happy to know that the new technology could help to refill their glass without even having to order.

The coaster is fitted with sensors that measure the weight of the beer, sending a signal to the bar when it's time for a refill. And, thanks to a motion sensor, drinkers can also get the staff's attention just by waiving the mat in the air.

Students Matthias Hahnen and Robert... read more
Stevie Wonder May Regain Sight Stevie Wonder May Regain Sight
Stevie Wonder may get his sight back if a ground-breaking surgery works. The singer, who has been blind since infancy, is said to be in talks to be a guinea pig for a new microchip technology.If the procedure is a success, it could restore Wonder's sight.

"I've been tested and there was some possibility that I could maybe be a candidate," he said.Earlier in the year, he celebrated his 55th birthday by becoming a dad for the seventh time.

Wonder's wife, Kai Morris, gave birth to their... read more
Jessica Alba's See-Through Dress Jessica Alba's See-Through Dress
Jessica Alba has revealed that she was very upset when she realized that the dress she wore at the MTV movie awards was see-through.

"That was a nightmare," said Alba to Jane magazine as quoted by the Sun. "I didn't want to wear anything tight, so I thought: 'Oh, this dress is fine. It'll be a bit more conservative.' But when the wind blew part of the top up, the underneath was completely see-through. It was so embarrassing."

Alba, who isn't fond of nude scenes, felt bad when she saw... read more
Finally more Robin Williams! Finally more Robin Williams!
Is there anyone who doesn't like Robin Williams? No, seriously, little kids and adults alike can find all levels of comedy to laugh at when it comes to this guy. So, everyone should be pretty excited to know that Robin will be appearing in yet another comedy to add to his resume.

The movie is called MAN OF THE YEAR, and will star Robin as a talk show host who decides to join the national presidential race in order to reek a little havoc and stir up some dirt while on the campaign trail. What... read more
Emilio Estevez still around? Emilio Estevez still around?
Seems Emilio Estevez has actually been keeping busy with something all this time.

For the past few years he has been getting ready to step behind the cameras and direct a film (what he calls his "passion project") entitled BOBBY. The flick will follow the events leading up to the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Estevez even has a pretty good cast lined up to work on BOBBY. So far Anthony Hopkins has signed on, along with Demi Moore and Elijah Wood. The most recent addition to the cast,... read more
Peter Jackson and HALO!
It would seem that the new movie adaptation of the hit video game HALO, is really picking up some support. It was recently announced that Peter Jackson (yeah the one who is doing KING KONG) is signed on to the flick as the Executive Producer. Not only will he be bringing himself to this film, but WETA Studios will also join the team for visual effects!

This bit of news really adds some excitement to this anticipated title. Hopefully Jackson will have a good influence on the film, but with his... read more
Beyonce Says She's In Control, Not Dad Beyonce Says She's In Control, Not Dad
Beyonce Knowles has slammed rumors that her father/manager, Mathew Knowles, manipulates her. She insists that she is very much in control of her own life.

Fans have feared that Destiny's Child is falling into the same trap as The Jackson Five, with both groups managed by a controlling father. However, Knowles insists that her family life has always been normal.

"People expect my father to be like Joe Jackson, because that's been the pattern when parents manage children," she told New... read more
Paris Hilton's New Man Paris Hilton's New Man
Paris Hilton has jumped from one Greek millionaire to another. Wasting no time after announcing just days ago that she ended her engagement to Paris Latsis, Hilton is reportedly hooking up with 20-year-old Stavros Niarchos.

Hilton and Niarchos, who is known for previously dating Mary-Kate Olsen, were seen at LA nightspot Spider Club last week. One onlooker said of the couple: "They made out all night."The following night they were also seen again at Element, this time accompanied by Hilton... read more
Curious George movie? Curious George movie?
It seems as if every childhood book (or comic, or television show) is eventually destiny to become a movie. The next one to be hitting the big screen features everyone's favorite rascally chimp, CURIOUS GEORGE.

Set to hit theaters February 10th of next year, CURIOUS GEORGE will be an animated flick about an "inquisitive little primate transplanted from the jungle to the big city by The Man in the Yellow Hat." The Man in the Yellow Hat will be voiced by comedian Will Ferrell, with Drew... read more
Gamers get first look at "Too Human" Gamers get first look at "Too Human"
There was a gaming conference recently in Amsterdam called "X05". Lot's of pretty, shiny stuff was shone, among it, "Too Human", an upcoming sci-fi game for the 360. According to the big M:

"As the Cybernetic God Baldur, players are thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind. An ancient machine presence has forced the God's hand. In the first of a three part trilogy, Baldur is charged with defending mankind from an onslaught of monstrous war machines... read more
Hef Left Puritan Roots Behind Hef Left Puritan Roots Behind
Hugh Hefner has said that in order to become the king of the Playboy empire that he is today, he had to reinvent his identity and leave behind his Puritan roots.

Hef told Time magazine that he is a direct descendant of William Bradford, a Puritan who came over on the historic Mayflower. "There was a great deal of repression in their lives and the way they were raised and, in turn, the way I was raised.

He said he reinvented himself in high school after being rejected by a girl. He began... read more
Bond Slammed For Unsafe Sex Bond Slammed For Unsafe Sex
Safe sex doctors have slammed James Bond for bedding countless women and never using a condom.

Medical researchers have accused Hollywood of making unsafe sex glamorous by singling out 007. In his 20 films, Bond has slept with 44 women, although he has never caught an STD or gotten a woman pregnant.

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine has slammed the movies for the fact that contraception is never used during his between the sheets sessions. It also blames Hollywood for the rise... read more
Sharps Announces New LCD Display
Sharp has recently announced that it has developed an LCD display with the world's highest contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

The Sharp ASV Premium LCD display panel touts a size of 37 inches, 1920x1080 pixel resolution, and also a brightness of 500cd/m2.Sharps newest endeavor is aimed at the professional TV and movie production industry. Although, I'm sure everyone will want a chance to own an LCD screen that works well in a brightly lit room.

There is no word yet on when the Sharp ASV... read more
Peter Jackson to Produce "Halo" film Peter Jackson to Produce "Halo" film
The title does not lie. Unbelievable as it may seem, is reporting
that the man who gave geeks "Lord of the Rings" (and just happened to win 11
Oscars in the process) has been appointed producer of the upcoming "Halo" movie,
along with Fran Walsh.

He's producing, not directing, but at least he has a fair degree of control
over the project, which has to be good. Even better, Jackson's "Weta workshop",
the astonishing "we'll do everything that CG can't" shop that gave us orcs,... read more
Rival stage magicians fight it out!
Christopher Nolan has really proven himself as the type of director who makes almost anything worth watching. BATMAN was one of the best films this year, and Christian Bale only added to its success. And of course there was MEMENTO, which Nolan adapted from his brother Jonathan's short story, and launched himself into serious notoriety with.

So it would only figure that the three might work on something together, right? THE PRESTIGE is just that. The film is currently in negotiations to star... read more
Indy's new girl! Indy's new girl!
The first new cast member for INDIANA JONES 4 has finally been announced. Along with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, Laura Dutta, a young model/actress from Houston Texas, will be playing a lead role in this sequel. (While rumors are circulating that this gorgeous 19-year old star was once in a Miss Universe pageant, the accusations are false... she is just a super hot chick.) has not yet released information about what role Dutta will be playing, but chances are she could... read more
Sony "updates" the PSP...again Sony "updates" the PSP...again
Multiple sources are reporting that Sony has promised to release a new firmware
version soon for the PSP. The reason? To try and stop those pesky hackers and
their homebrew. "Homebrew", as was reported here earlier, is enthusiast slang for
homemade applications and games that can run on the PSP. Sony's last patch, which made the PSP unable to run unauthorized code, was recently cracked, and it seems the company is none to happy about it. Patrick Seybold, a Sony official has been quoted as... read more
"Secret" Perfect Dark videos leaked "Secret" Perfect Dark videos leaked
There's no denying that Rare's upcoming "Perfect Dark Zero" is a highly anticipated game. There's also no denying that when finally came out with the first screens and movies from the game, they bombed like nuclear fission. 1up quotes one gamer as saying:

"I just don't understand how Microsoft didn't see this coming. One look at the game screams Xbox 1 graphics."

Now, several new videos (available here: depicting PD gameplay have hit the net,... read more
Worst Games of 2005
Here at DoubleAgent, we try to keep you up to date on the latest greatest games so you know which ones to buy/rent/"borrow" from your younger siblings. But the other side of that equation is important too: knowing which games NOT to buy, knowing which ones suck. With that in mind, is running a list of 2005's worst games (at, complete
with choice quotes from reviewers. A few of this writer's favorites:

" --PlayStation 2: Conspiracy:... read more
Absolut Icebar Opens In London Absolut Icebar Opens In London
October 1 saw the launch of Absolut Icebar in the heart of London's West End. The bar is made entirely out of ice, from the art on the walls to the glasses the drinks are served in.
Found next to the Below Zero restaurant, the bar is kept at a chilly minus 23 Fahrenheit year round. The cover charge of 12 pounds, or $22.50, patrons get a thermal cape, thick gloves, and a glass made out of ice before entering the second of two airtight doors leading to the bar.

"It's an experience rather... read more
Paltrow And Martin Would Make A Great Sitcom Paltrow And Martin Would Make A Great Sitcom
Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin are so different she feels that their home life would make a great reality show. The language barrier is so big, they often get confused by the different connotations of American and British words.

Paltrow married Martin two years ago. But, she still admits that their cultural differences still create problems, especially when they host visiting family members. "Lots of things come up that are different. There are times when I say, 'Oh gosh, I didn't... read more
Tara's Going To Blow Tara's Going To Blow
It's been said that Tara Reid is on the verge of a breakdown after her new show, Taradise, was given the ax and other offers of work have been withdrawn.

Reid is distraught over the producers' decision. So much so, that she fired her publicist, whom she believes cultivated her infamous drunken party-girl image.In a recent interview with Chaunce Hayden of Steppin' Out magazine, her voice cracked as she asked, "How many more years are the media going to pick on me?" She also added, "There's... read more
Will the remakes ever stop?! Will the remakes ever stop?!
Lately we have seen this growing trend in remakes and not only older movies but foreign films as well, especially Eastern horror flicks. It all started with THE RING, we all remember that one, it was kinda creepy but nothing really special. Then they made the sequel which was very bad, and just recently we saw DARK WATER hit the screens. It would seem that some of those folks over in Hollywood are running out of ideas and not money. Now, they've decided to add yet another Eastern horror remake... read more
Finally some more Mike Myers? Finally some more Mike Myers?
Fans haven't really seen some serious "Mike Myers action" since CAT IN THE HAT (which really wasn't too much of his classic style either). However, movie and music buffs alike are going to be thrilled to know that Mike Myer's is going to play legendary rocker, Keith Moon, in a new flick about The Who.

The film has been in development for about a decade now, with Mike Myers having show an interest in Moon's part for about 5 years now. Apparently, the major set back for Mike Myers was the ultra... read more
Katamari creator just doesn't care Katamari creator just doesn't care
Katamari Damacy may be one of the most popular games out there, but it doesn't seem like Keita Takahashi, the man behind it all, is really prepared to take advatage of it's cult status. Or even wants to. In a recent interview with MTV news, Keita says the only reason he agreed to make a sequel (we love Katamari) was because it looked like Namco was going to make one without him anyway. According to the MTV article:

"He discovered that the company's planned sequel seemed more like a re-release... read more
Miyamoto totally disses dude's PSP
According to, during Nintendo main-man Shigeru Miyamoto's New York
appearance, some wiseguy actually asked him to sign a PSP! The result was the
facial expression shown. All reports indicate that after being turned down, Hoody boy had Shigeru sign his DS instead. Still, you gotta admire his nerve.

read more
Tiger Woods is...evil? Tiger Woods is...evil?
In EA's new game "Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06" anyway. The description of the game in their press release starts off ordinary enough:

"In Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06, gamers will attempt to settle the old debate of just who is the #1 Golfer of All Time." It continues: "They'll play golf legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan on their terms and in their specific eras (equipment, clothing and all)."

Okay, so now there's some kind of Back to the Future time-warp thing going on.... read more
Spring 2006 Release date confirmed for PS3 Spring 2006 Release date confirmed for PS3
Start saving up boys and girls. According to,
the PlayStation 3's suspected release date has been confirmed, sort of.
In a meeting yesterday, Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony confirmed
that the PS3 would ship in Spring 2006. Unfortunately no more exact date was
given, and technically the date isn't official until the company itself issues a
press release. Still, there's little chance Mr. Stringer would be confirming dates
unless his company was prepared to do the... read more
Xbox 360 to region-lock games Xbox 360 to region-lock games
According to, the Xbox360 will be region-locking it's games as well
as it's movies. For those who don't know, region-locking is a nefarious technology started with DVD-players that makes hardware and media from different geographical regions incompatible. If you buy a DVD in Britain, for example, and try to play it on your American-made DVD player, it won't work. The entertainment
industry claims this is somehow supposed to prevent piracy, but many critics see it as simply... read more
Makers of GTA to release feature-length movie Makers of GTA to release feature-length movie
Exclusively on the PSP's UMD format no less. According to yahoo news , Rockstar Games, the company behind the wildly popular and controversial Grand Theft Auto games, has announced they will soon release a film of their very own.

Entitled "Sunday Driver", the movie is an R-rated documentary that "chronicles the Compton/Watts chapter of California's low-rider car club, the Majestics. Directed by Carol Strong, the film focuses on a community working together to build the ultimate customized... read more
"Boll to direct Halo" rumours debunked "Boll to direct Halo" rumours debunked
As previously noted here on DoubleAgent, Uwe Boll is a semi-infamous movie director well known to (and often despised by) many gamers due to his
tendency to "direct" video-game based films right into the ground. So there was considerable hubbub recently when IMDB, the Internet Movie Database, a
constantly updated catalog of movie information, listed Boll as the director of the upcoming Halo film. has been quick to debunk this however, publishing an article that
points out... read more
Paris And Paris No More Paris And Paris No More
It's no surprise that Paris Hilton ended her five-month engagement to Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis.
According to a report posted on the Us Weekly's website, Hilton broke off the wedding plans by quoting a statement it said that she released to the magazine."I'm sad to announce that I've called off my engagement. Over the last couple of months I've realized that this is the right decision for me. We remain best friends, and I'll always love him. I hope people will respect my privacy... read more
Luke Wilson losing his manhood? Luke Wilson losing his manhood?
Luke Wilson is set to star in a new film sure to hit-home with some viewers. BARRY MUNDAY, which is based on the novel "Life is a Strange Place" by Frank Turner, really does show that life can be a VERY strange place.

The tale follows Barry (Wilson) who has a sexual encounter with a teenage girl (?) and is then confronted by her father who proceeds to smash his balls with a trumpet!! Of all the things to lose your manhood to..a trumpet? The mayhem continues as Barry wakes up in a hospital... read more
Will we ever see Bond? Will we ever see Bond?
The 21st James Bond movie ever made will be coming out next year, and at this point it is still in the air who will be "licensed to kill" this next time around.

While it was thought months ago that Pierce Brosnan would indeed not be a candidate for the 21st Bond, new evidence has come to light that he may actually be the forerunner. Eon Productions does have some intentions of keeping Brosnan as the famed spy, but it has be stated a few times that actor Daniel Craig (LAYER CAKE) is also up... read more
Are Cameron and Justin Finally Tying The Knot? Are Cameron and Justin Finally Tying The Knot?
It has been rumored many, many times that they Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are planning to wed. Most recently, it has been said that the couple will marry in a secret Christmas ceremony.It has been claimed that they have invited 150 close friends to a party in Hawaii to "celebrate their romance." But, friends think it is a veiled invite to a wedding.

"They're not saying if there's going to be a marriage but said it will be a time of new beginnings," said one source as quoted by... read more
Alba Refused Directors' Advances Alba Refused Directors' Advances
Jessica Alba has admitted that she has been propositioned by several directors while auditioning for movie roles. Although they asked her to sleep with them, she always refused.

"Of course I've been asked," she revealed. "But from a really crass point of view, if I just want to f**k somebody, I don't really want to see him in the morning, much less every day during filming." Alba also revealed that when she isn't interested in a co-star that she has to kiss in a scene, she thinks of her... read more
Charlize Gets Star Charlize Gets Star
Charlize Theron has recently been honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Theron was thrilled when she unveiled her new star on Hollywood Boulevard.

She said: "I had big dreams when I came here, but his is an incredibly amazing gift--two cherries on top of the cake."Johnny Grand, the honorary Mayor of Hollywood, also added, "I must admit just her presence here this morning gave my pacemaker a vigorous jump-start."

Theron was joined by her mother, Gerda, who originally... read more
Lindsay Lohan To Bare All Lindsay Lohan To Bare All
Lindsay Lohan will soon bare all for an upcoming cover of Vanity Fair.

The 19-year-old, red-headed beauty has recently been the subject of some rather nasty weight loss stories. Now that she has realized that she was too thin and has gotten herself back to a healthier weight, she wants to show off her new, healthy figure.

According to In Touch magazine, Lohan recently shot a top-secret cover pic on a Malibu, California beach last week. And, believe it or not, it was her own idea to pose... read more
Many people are going to be totally psyched about the concept of an elaborate movie about the band Tenacious D. Hell, even people who don't dig the tunes will be looking forward to having a laugh at Jack Black and Kyle Gass in their new (half fictitious-half truth) film TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY.

The film will tell the story of Tenacious D's search for the fabled "pick of destiny," and will be told in the same dark (satyr/tarot card/goblin-esque) type comedy that they use for their... read more
Evangeline Lilly's Wild Side Evangeline Lilly's Wild Side
Lost star Evangeline Lilly has a definite wild side. She has recently confessed to urinating in a park trash can on a dare from co-stars Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, and Dominic Monaghan.

"One night, we had all gone bowling. Most people left, so it was myself, Matthew, Jorge, and Dominic--three goofy, out-there guys..." said Lilly, who is rumored to be dating Monaghan. "So we're in the middle of a parking lot in Kailua, daring each other to do things. Jorge turns to me and says, 'I'll give... read more
More American Pie? More American Pie?
Everyone admits the first AMERICAN PIE was at least moderately funny. Then there was the second one, which decreased in humor from the original. This moderate sequel was followed by the third and what you thought was the final film. Who actually saw this one? By this time most people had given up and thought the series would finally go away. Unfortunately, it didn't.

While it may not be a theatrical release, the new direct-to-DVD release in this series is on its way. AMERICAN PIE: BAND CAMP... read more
Jon Heder, the infamous NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, will be starring along side Billy Bob Thorton and former REAL WORLD roommate Jacinda Barrett in a new film from the duo that brought us OLD SCHOOL. Scot Armstrong and Todd Phillips will be teaming up again to write and Phillips will be directing this new comedy entitled SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS.

Barret will be playing the "dream girl" that our young meter maid (Heder) has the hots for. As a typical girl oogler, Heder decides to enroll in a confidence... read more
Halle Berry's  Dream Man Halle Berry's Dream Man
Halle Berry could certainly have her pick of any man she wants. In fact, she has already had two marriages to other high-profile men. But, when it comes to crushes, she's admitted she has one on George Clooney.

Berry has only met the Ocean's Twelve star at awards parties, but she still hopes that they will one day hook up."He's got a mysterious quality," she said.

Clooney who has always been known as quite the bachelor. For Berry, she finds that he is definitely not like all the other... read more
Edward Norton vs. Colin Farrell?
Edward Norton is pretty much one of the most versatile actors around. Just think about it: FIGHT CLUB, DEATH TO SMOOCHY, AMERICAN HISTORY X. Pretty diverse list of characters to play... So, hopefully when he is teamed up with Colin Farrell in a new cop drama called PRIDE AND GLORY, the results will be something to look forward too. (Hey, he played an ex-cop in RED DRAGON.)

In this flick, Norton will play a detective who is actively investigating the precinct where his brother (played by Noah... read more
Jessica Alba's Breasts Were Enhanced Jessica Alba's Breasts Were Enhanced
Jessica Alba recently confessed that her breast were enhanced on a poster for her upcoming movie Into The Blue.

Alba, who spent most of the movie's shoot in a bikini, admitted that computer wizards digitally enlarged her chest in the picture."They enhanced my chest a little bit. They always do it. And in the poster for Fantastic Four--they did it big time!"

Regardless, the sexy star claims that she doesn't being helped to look a little curvier than she really is."I really don't think it... read more