One Shirt, A Variety Of Options One Shirt, A Variety Of Options
T-shirts have always been popular, but over the years it seems that those with funny, witty, crude, or even sexy sayings on them are everywhere. But did you ever notice that sometimes it can be hard to find one that really fits your personality? If you have, there's good news. The blackboard tee!

A blackboard tee is just what the name suggests. Thanks to inventor Antonio M. Miyar, just take a piece of chalk and write whatever you want on it.

Going to a bar and looking to score? Write... read more
Where The Girls Are Where The Girls Are
Single and looking to relocate in the near future? Then there's a list that you should check out before you do. If you haven't already figured out where you want to go, it could help to sway your decision.

Now I bet you're wondering just what's on there that could help you to decide where to go. The list offers you a peak at the top 100 cities in the United States where there are girls a plenty. Yep, that's right, cities where you have a chance to get yourself a date.

We can't exactly... read more
It's Like Going Barefoot It's Like Going Barefoot
Have you ever seen those signs that say 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service?' Of course you have, we all have. But, we all know that nothing feels better than when you are able to walk around your house, or even outside, with nothing on your feet. Now there's a way you can beat the system. Yep, that's right, you can actually have the feeling of going barefoot while still wearing a shoe.

I'm sure this sounds odd, but it's true. There are now topless sandals that literally stick to the bottom... read more
Start A Rumor Start A Rumor
Have you ever looked at the rag mags where less-than true, but definitely funny, stories are made up about just about anyone who's newsworthy? Of course you have, we all have at some point. Betcha never thought that any average person can be the butt of these rumors, too.

I kid you not, it's true. Thanks to, you can make up rumors about just about anyone.The site is set up to look like a tabloid. All you have to do to create a fake rumor story is add the person's name,... read more
Send Your Future Self A Message Send Your Future Self A Message
Technology is always advancing and new ideas are being thought of every day. Over the years people have used time capsules to capture the moment and to remember what it was like before these advances. Now, the newest advance allows you to send yourself an email, in the future. was founded by Matt Sly about 4 years ago. Although most people who visit his site have set their emails to go out in 3 years, the site allows people to send themselves emails 30 years from now.
... read more
It seems that SHAUN OF THE DEAD creators Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have finally received the go-ahead on there next flick, HOT FUZZ.

The creative duo recently announced plans to begin production on the new film, which is said to star both Pegg and real life buddy Nick Frost (Shaun's best friend in SOTD) "as two mismatched cops who team up in a West Country backwater". Even from that brief description it sounds like it could be pretty funny, especially coming from these two guys.

In a... read more
Superman documentary? Superman documentary?
For those of us eagerly awaiting the new Superman flick, we might be in for a rather interesting bonus as well. It was recently announced that Bryan singer, along with Warner Bros. and documentary filmmaker Kevin Burns will be producing a feature-length documentary about the iconic hero himself.

LOOK UP IN THE SKY: THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN was actually Singers own idea, as he wanted to remind people of the legacy that Superman once held. Details about the films release are still unknown,... read more
Dry Yourself In Style Dry Yourself In Style
We've all been in a public bathroom where, instead of paper towels, they have automatic dryers that allow you to dry your hands with a pleasant stream of warm air. Have you ever thought of having one of those in your house? How about a larger dryer, one that can dry your whole body?

Thanks to Triton's Luxury Body Dryer, you can have just that. Triton's dryer allows you to dry your body without having to buy, use, or wash bath towels ever again.The way it works is simple. Just use the... read more
Video Headstones Video Headstones
Inventor Sergio Aguirre has recently come up with the Serenity Panel, a video screen on a headstone that can help families celebrate the life of a lost loved one.Aguirre came up with the idea at the wake for his father-in-law when a movie screen rolled down to show a video tribute that made guests stop crying and start smiling at the memories.

Although the concept has been around for years, previous inventors nixed the idea afraid of lack of demand and issues with durability.However, Aguirre... read more
AMERICAN DREAMZ is a new satirical comedy that is preparing to bash the hell out of the climate here in the grand ole' United States of America.

Directed by the writer of ANTZ and THE NUTTY PROFESSOR TWO (Paul Weitz), the film will center around a mock portrayal of the American Idol show, on which actor Hugh Grant will play the "self loathing British host".

The cast includes what will be hilarious roles by Dennis Quaid (a president from the south without the slightest sense of politics)... read more
The IVR Cheat Sheet The IVR Cheat Sheet
Trying to call a company can be frustrating. There are tons of options to choose from and getting a live person can be just about impossible. Thanks to Paul English, there is now a cheat sheet that can help you bypass all that and actually speak to a live person.

As the website states, "The IVR Cheat Sheetô is a free service by Paul English, the CTO of, a travel search engine. I created the IVR Cheat Sheet in March 2005 when I could not reach a human at Verizon Wireless or Bank... read more
Keep Your Brain Sharp Keep Your Brain Sharp
For some, loss of memory is inevitable. In fact, you can start losing precious neurons as early as in your 20's. But, don't despair, there are easy ways to help slow down the process.

Eating healthy meals isn't just for staying healthy, but also for boosting memory. Fruits and veggies not only contain the antioxidants that reduce strokes, they can help the brain. Blueberries, cranberries, and grapes can also improve brain cell's ability to communicate with one another and as well as make... read more
Throw A Martini Party Throw A Martini Party
Martini's have always been popular, but lately they've really made a comeback. Throwing a martini party can be really fun and easy, especially when you buy the Martini Party In A Box.

Coast to Coast Parties have made it easy for martini lovers to throw a great party by offering this kit that was created by Bill Scollon. Scollon is a Disney Consumer Products veteran and is now an entrepreneur and food columnist for the LA Times Community Newspapers.

For a mere $29.99 you'll get a kit jam... read more
PodDating PodDating
Finding a date can be hard, especially if you don't have the time to go out and look for one. Newspaper ads can be scary, and dating services can take a long time. Now that iPods are equipped with video, finding a date can be easier than ever.

PodDater is a service that lets you look, listen, and watch videos for someone who could possibly be your perfect match. And what's really great is, you don't have to make special time to do it--you can watch them on the go.The service is the first... read more
Stressed?  Find Out Stressed? Find Out
Have a nagging feeling that something is bothering you? Maybe you feel like you might be stressed but aren't sure. Now, thanks to a Japanese company, you can find out for sure.

The company has created a handheld gadget that allows its users to check their stress levels by analyzing their saliva. It can be done as often as the user wants.The "Cocoro (Heart) Meter" is equipped with a chip that is moistened by the person's saliva and placed in the machine in order to find out their stress... read more
Mile High Kit Mile High Kit
Picture it. You're finally on a plane headed towards your long awaited vacation. Your sexy significant other is seated next to you giving you the eye. Or, maybe your traveling alone and your neighbor is a hot stranger you immediately hit it off with.
You both decide that you want to try to join the infamous Mile High Club.

So, what do you do? If you are well prepared all you have to do is whip out your handy, dandy kit and meet for a raunchy rendezvous in the bathroom.Before you take... read more
My Beating Heart My Beating Heart
This holiday season you can give that special someone your heart. Ok, not literally, but it's pretty darned close.

The folks over at have created a heart-shaped pillow that, when squeezed, emits a soothing heartbeat that you can actually feel. That means that your loved one can feel as if you are near, even when you aren't.

A squeeze of the heart-shaped image on the woven label at the bottom of the heart is all it takes to turn it on. What really makes it unique is... read more
Christina Applegate Is Single Again Christina Applegate Is Single Again
After just four years of marriage, Christina Applegate and hubby Johnathon Schaech have decided to call it quits.The couple recently filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court. Ame Van Iden and Chuck James, their publicists, did confirm the split.

It was said in a joint statement that "the decision was mutual." There was no further comment.Applegate, 34, is best known for her role as the sexy, yet ditzy, Kelly Bundy in Married...With Children. She has also been nominated for a Tony... read more
Craven's new flick gets NC-17? Craven's new flick gets NC-17?
Alexandre Aja and Wes Craven have ran into a slight problem with there newest flick, THE HILLS HAVE EYES. The duo have run into issues with the MPAA, who decided to give their current cut of the film an NC-17 rating. The film is a remake of Craven's original 1977 version, and has him producing and Aja directing. Aja is the one responsible for last years HIGH TENSION, which also needed trimming for its R-rated American release (it was originally released in France in 2003 as HAUTE TENSION).
... read more
Guillermo del Toro doing HALO? Guillermo del Toro doing HALO?
The latest rumors on the new HALO movie are starting to take form, and fan fare junkies nationwide are really going to be pleased with this one.

Apparently Guillermo del Toro (director of the 2004 comic to screen flick, HELLBOY) is looking at taking on the role of director for HALO. The rumors go even further to suggest that del Toro has already signed on to the project, and that an official announcement is just weeks away.

So, the final line-up of creators now consists of a script written... read more
Great Site Worth Checking Out Great Site Worth Checking Out
Calling all pranksters and anyone who loves the funny. Here's a site for you. is a website that offers pretty much anything that's funny.

PrankPlace offers a wide array of unique gifts, gags, novelties, pranks, and practical jokes. You name it, if it's funny, they have it.Ok, so there's way too much on there to list everything you have, but here's a taste. Bumper stickers, clothing, sound machines, seasonal items, crude but funny items, sexy fun, and magnets are on there,... read more
Design Your Own Shirts Design Your Own Shirts
With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about gifts. If you're looking for others, or even yourself, one cool site can take the guesswork out of shopping while adding your own, personal touch. is a great site that lets you design your own shirts. There is no minimum order, and delivery is pretty quick.

What can you do? Well, you can add your own text in the color and font of your choice, upload your own pic or graphic, or, you can even use... read more
Beard Lube Beard Lube
Every man wants a smooth face, and the special person in their life would say the same thing. The way to achieve a top-notch shave is to use a top-notch product, like Beard Lube. This all-in-one shaving treatment from the Jack Black is a must have.

One tube will save you time each day, as well as giving you more room in your medicine cabinet. It combines the three basic stages of shaving: pre-shave, shave, and aftershave. After using it, it will leave you with a baby soft face.

t... read more
"Most Violent games of 2005" declared "Most Violent games of 2005" declared
At least according to one "Family Media Guide". According to, the
independent organization "claims their subjective, hands-on, algorithm-based rating system, is superior to anything the Entertainment Software Ratings Board slaps on a box."

To Family Media's credit, they actually explain why the ratings are given ("Burning Prisoners Alive" for God of War, for example). To their discredit, all their claimed algorithms and data-base driven technology sound a little full of it. At any... read more
Adult Swim:  Late Night Fun Adult Swim: Late Night Fun
You're up late and looking for something interesting to watch. You're not into cheesy 80's reruns, late night movies are really boring, and there's only so much news you can watch. Not to worry, there is definitely something worth watching that really kicks late night TV's ass. Adult Swim.

If you haven't already tuned in, there are tons of edgy cartoons geared towards adults. You can find favorites like Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Sealab 2021. There... read more
Are You Overworked? Are You Overworked?
Are you overworking yourself to the point where you have no personal life anymore? By recognizing the signs and doing a little reorganization, you can find a happy medium between work and play. The line, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," is true.

Do you think that things won't be done right unless you do them? Do you think you'll be a failure unless you work hard? Do you worry about the future even though everything is going great? Do you work a lot of late night or... read more
In the near future it is foreseen that animated movies will take over the entertainment industry...doubtfully, but that sure is what it seems like recently. Dream Works recently announced there plans for at least two animated features a year, and have even started spilling-the-beans on one planned for May, 2008.

The recently announced KUNG FU PANDA will star Jack Black as a lazy panda who is prophesized to save his homeland (sounds pretty typical). Jackie Chan will also lend his voice in the... read more
Most people have heard of the DEAD OR ALIVE game franchise, and are aware that the game revolves around its handful of "hot chicks" (animated ones of course) kicking hard-core ass. Well, the obvious next move of a movie adaptation has been in the works for some time now with Dimension films recently picking up the North American distribution.

Those who have played the game are full aware that it really consists of what is mostly all hot chicks kicking someone else's ass. So we would think... read more
More Mandy Moore? More Mandy Moore?
Mandy Moore has recently signed on to star in a new movie (a romantic comedy, of course) to be directed by Justin Theroux (an actor who once played the Evil DJ in ZOOLANDER).

In the film, Moore will star as an illustrator of children's books who is forced to collaborate with a very harsh writer to be played by actor Billy Crudup (BIG FISH, ALMOST FAMOUS). Mia Farrow will play Moore's overbearing mother, and Bob Balaban (of the 70's hit CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) will play a... read more
Certain things are just guaranteed to make a hilarious movie. For instance, if Hollywood combines Jon Heder (the notorious Napoleon of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) and Will Ferrell (no introduction needed) audiences are sure to at least be satisfied with their movie ticket purchase.

So, this year when screens present a comedy starring this fabulous duo that is also produced by Ben Stiller, fans are simply guaranteed to get a good thing.

Called BLADES OF GLORY, this new flick will be a figure skating... read more
The Perfect Sex-y Gift The Perfect Sex-y Gift
So you have a girlfriend/wife/friend with benefits that's very hard to shop for. If she's into great sex, then here's a gift for you. A sexy toolbelt from Spoylt. There are two versions of the toolbelt to choose from.

The first is the Seduction Toolbelt. It is a satin accessories belt, pale pink in color, with detachable suspenders and a pretty fuschia corset ribbon in the back. It comes equipped with a blindfold, wrist ties, and nipple tassels so they are easily accessible during your... read more
Double Agent Poker Showdown Double Agent Poker Showdown
Double Agent joined forces with the World Poker Tour and Shout Factory on November 30th to kick off the release of WPT's Best of Season 3 DVD at Stereo, the newest club in Manhattan's meatpacking district.

The event was attended by hip hop royalty Ja Rule and the Gotti Brothers who went head to head with Poker greats such as Phil Ivey. The 40 person tournament went strong for over four hours and velvet ropes had to be set up to keep the crowd back as excitement grew around the final table.... read more
Joss Is Officially Single Joss Is Officially Single
Joss Stone and boyfriend Beau Dozier have officially broken it off.

Stone, who has been on tour with the Rolling Stones, insists that distance and her busy schedule had nothing to do with the break up. She also says that she harbors no ill feelings towards Dozier."I don't believe that anybody's lifestyle and somebody being busy can stop two people from being together if it's right. If it's not meant to be, then it's not meant to be," said Stone.

She also added, "Sometimes it works out... read more
Dee's Nuts Dee's Nuts
Everything is better once a little sex is added to the mix and this product is no exception. Snack foods have been made sexier with Dee's Nuts. The company out of South Carolina uses a "cleavage filter" to process their nuts.

Sound tempting? According to its founders, it all began when a nut flew between the ample bosom of a female friend. Someone then ate the nut, feeling that its journey made it even tastier. Now, Dee's Nuts has three women who "cleavage filter" their nuts before they... read more
Top 10 Stress Relieving Foods Top 10 Stress Relieving Foods
Face it, anyone who says that they have no stress in their life is probably lying. We all have it, we all want to get rid of it. One way to help is by making food your ally, not your stress zapping enemy.
There are 10 foods that can help.

1. Almonds. Packed with vitamin B2 and E, magnesium, and zinc these nuts are great stress relievers. Magnesium and B vitamins produce serotonin, zinc has been shown to fight stress, and vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights the free radicals related... read more
Does Being Creative Mean More Sex? Does Being Creative Mean More Sex?
Researchers have recently found that creative people such as Picasso, Lord Byron, and Dylan Thomas had active sex lives, and it's no coincidence.

Psychologists from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Open University have found that those who are creative, such as professional artists and poets, have about twice as many partners as those who aren't. It seems that their creativity acts as a sexual magnet.

However, Dr. Daniel Nettle, a psychologist at Newcastle University's School... read more