Top Then Things We Like About Basic Instinct Top Then Things We Like About Basic Instinct
What's the sexiest film of all time? There's been some pretty steamy celluloid over the years but you gotta concede that Basic Instinct with the unforgettable Sharon Stone has to be on anyone's top ten list.

And check this out. Sony Pictures has made a sequel! It stars the uber-sexy Stone reprising her smoldering role as Catherine Tramell. We hear it includes a scene where she, um, stimulates her gears while driving a car! Chose your dates to this movie carefully gentlemen. In... read more
Jessica Simpson Wants To Be A Mom Now Jessica Simpson Wants To Be A Mom Now
Although she's in the midst of a divorce, Jessica Simpson has decided she wants to be a mom. Her publicist, Rob Shuter, has stated that the pop singer wants to adopt.When it comes to the details, Shuter told The Associated Press that "nothing has been finalized yet." He also added, "It is true that she's exploring options."

Shuter has said that Simpson and her family have been sending money to several Mexican orphanage for many years. In fact, Simpson started visiting them with a church... read more
Butt what? Penelope Cruz Butt what? Penelope Cruz
If you plan to see the movie Returning when it comes out, then you may be disappointed to learn that Penelope Cruz's curves in the film aren't all real. The movie's bosses felt that her butt wasn't curvy enough, so she wore a false one!!

Scotland's Daily Record newspaper quoted a source as saying, "Penelope's breasts were fine for the part but it was felt that she needed more curves down below. To make Penelope perfect for the part, we decided to fit her with a false bottom."It seems that... read more
Scarlett Johansson Tops List Scarlett Johansson Tops List
In a reader poll conducted by FHM, Scarlett Johansson was voted number one on the 100 Sexiest Women in the World list.In a recent statement, the Johansson said, "One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy. I'd like to thank FHM's readers for the huge compliment."

Angelina Jolie came in 2nd, and was followed by Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Jenny McCarthy, Maria Sharapova, Carmen Electra, and Teri Hatcher. Last year Jolie was in the number... read more
Double Agent Interviews Joe Letteri Double Agent Interviews Joe Letteri
You probably can't picture his face, but the name Joe Letteri should sound familiar to you, especially if you love movies with great special effects. He's the guy who makes the magic happen.

So, what has he done?

Letteri, while at ILM, worked on computer graphics for the popular movies The Abyss, The Flintstones, and Jurassic Park, as well as working as the visual effects supervisor for various movies. He then left Northern California, heading to New Zealand, to supervise the visual... read more
Natalie Portman Likens Money Hungry Actresses To Prostitutes Natalie Portman Likens Money Hungry Actresses To Prostitutes
Natalie Portman has revealed that she thinks actresses who go to Hollywood only to get rich are, in reality, no better than prostitutes.

he star, who can be seen in V for Vendetta, has said that she only takes on roles that have good artistic merit, and would never say yes to a film just for being offered a lot of money."I don't want to ever be working for money because then you are no different to a prostitute."

She also revealed that the best thing she's ever done was go to college. At... read more
Being Drunk In A Bar Could Lead To Arrest Being Drunk In A Bar Could Lead To Arrest
You may think that being drunk in a bar doesn't constitute public drunkenness. But, according to the state of Texas, it does. In fact, you could be arrested for it.

According to a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission spokeswoman, undercover agents have been sent to bars in Texas to arrest people for being drunk. Carolyn Beck of the Commission said that the first sting was recently conducted in a suburb of Dallas. There, agents went into 36 bars, arresting 30 people for being publicly... read more
The South Park/Tom Cruise War Of 2006 The South Park/Tom Cruise War Of 2006
Recent reports have stated that Tom Cruise supposedly forced Comedy Central to cancel the repeat of the hilarious episode of South Park called "Trapped in the Closet." It was said that Cruise threatened to boycott his publicity events for the upcoming Mission: Impossible III if the episode, which makes fun of Scientology, wasn't pulled.

It has been alleged that Cruise pressured the execs at Paramount Pictures, which is owned by Viacom, the same company who owns Comedy Central. The episode... read more
Wanna Own A Town? Wanna Own A Town?
Bridgeville, CA was the first town to be auctioned on eBay. Now, it looks as if it will soon be back up for bids.Bruce Krall bought the town nearly two years ago. He recently stated that he intends to re-auction the town in April.

"Due to family reasons, I'm pretty much tied to Southern California for the foreseeable future," he said. "We can't move up there. It only makes sense to pass it on to somebody else." The auction is set to open April first with a starting minimum bid of $1.75... read more
Not Just For Teenagers Not Just For Teenagers
Two UK design students, Joie de Winter and Michael Leung, have come up with a really great idea. It's a shelf that also doubles as a place to hide your porn!! It's targeted towards teens, but it's perfect for anyone who has a porn mag, or even other valuables, that they don't want seen.
That's right guys, you can hide your porn from your girlfriend, wife, or even your mom (if you still live at home).

The shelf, called 72 degrees, is so named because it is average angle of a healthy... read more
Will Carmen Electra Soon Be Single? Will Carmen Electra Soon Be Single?
Are Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro heading down same the path of other celebrities nowadays? Will they soon be surprising us by divorcing after only a couple years of marriage?

It has been reported that the couple are fighting to save their brief marriage of two years.
Navarro has stated that their marriage, which seems so perfect, to be in trouble. He has confessed that they hardly ever get to spend quality time together.

The rocker has told Life & Style magazine that he and Electra... read more
Sharon Stone Insisted On Nudity Sharon Stone Insisted On Nudity
Sharon Stone is no prude. We all know that she has no problem with baring all on the big screen. In fact, she's so comfortable with it, she insisted that they include full frontal nudity in the upcoming sequel to the erotic Basic Instinct.

She was upset to learn that some of her racy sex scenes had been cut from the movie, Basic Instinct: Risk Addiction. It has been reported that she demanded that film bosses put the scene back in the movie, especially those featuring full frontal shots.
... read more
NARNIA sequel a go NARNIA sequel a go
It seems the obvious decision to move ahead with the sequel to the successful CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE has finally been made by Disney and Walden Media.

The sequel will follow the story of the second book PRINCE CASPIAN, which is in fact the fourth story chronologically. The children will be returning to Narnia by train this time, only to find it under the rule of a tyrant.

It will still be some time before this one finally makes it to the screens, so don... read more
Message Bras Message Bras
In the last year there has been a rise in the popularity of message belts and the like. You know what I'm talking about, the lighted belt buckles that scroll digital messages chosen by the wearer. Now these message boards' are going one step further with message bras.

Enlighted, yes, that's spelled right, is a very cool site offering unique, lighted clothing. There are products there that are pre-made, such as various colored bras with 6 or 10 lights and sequins, and the electric halter... read more
Drunk Women Are Refused More Than Drunk Men Drunk Women Are Refused More Than Drunk Men
A new study conducted in Sweden claims to prove that drunk women are refused to be served in bars and pubs more often than their male counterparts. The study was commissioned by Malmo's alcohol licensing unit. It sent young actors, who pretended to be drunk, to various bars in the city to ask to be served.

It was found that the drunk' women were refused 91 percent of the time, which was 29 out of 31 times they attempted. Men, however, were only refused 71 percent of the time, or 41 out of... read more
Hilary And Hubby Can Thank Their Pets Hilary And Hubby Can Thank Their Pets
Well, it looks like we can take Hilary Swank off the Single Again list. She and her husband, Chad Lowe, have decided to give their marriage another try. What brought about this change? Their pets!!

The couple decided to reconcile after they were unable to decide how to divvy up their menagerie of pets.They have several pets, including parrots, dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. Neither could bear to live without their precious pets, so the hard decision actually encouraged them to try to make... read more
Joss Stone are you serious? Joss Stone are you serious?
Nowadays it seems like every female celebrity, and some male celebs, too, aren't happy with the way they look, even though they are just about as close to perfection as a person can get. The latest celeb to announce she's unhappy with her body is Joss Stone.

That's right, she thinks that she's fat!Even though she probably doesn't have an ounce of cellulite anywhere on her slender, sexy body, she's always after herself for the way she eats. Stone recently told Heat magazine, "I am always... read more
On Friday, February 17th 2006, the song "Better" by Guns N' Roses was leaked onto Maxim Radio channel 108 of Sirius Satellite Radio during the Covino and Rich Show. The show was doing a segment on rumors that listeners were involved in or caused. Half way through the segment a caller went on the air and brought up the new Guns N' Roses songs. Without warning, the caller forced the song "Better" onto the air.



read more
Bond:  Grittier With Less Gadgets Bond: Grittier With Less Gadgets
It looks like the next James Bond movie will be a little different than what you're used to. As the movie takes you back to the beginning of Bond's career where he first earns his license to kill, you'll see the suave spy using less gadgets, doing real stunts, falling in love, and, really, just being human.

"The great thing about it is that he makes mistakes and screws up. Bond finds violence hard to take, he won't admit to that. He has to do two killings, one is very messy. He falls in... read more
Steve Zahn Is One Lucky Guy Steve Zahn Is One Lucky Guy
If you ask a guy what his fantasy is, you'll probably hear him say that he would love to get in bed with two beautiful women.
Steve Zahn is one lucky guy, because he got to realize that dream in the upcoming movie, Bandidas. But he wasn't with just any two women, he was lucky enough to have this happen with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz.

Who wouldn't have wanted to be Zahn during that day of shooting?Zahn's character is a lawyer, while Hayek and Cruz play thieves in a Mexican frontier... read more
Kate Beckinsale Sometimes Feels Ugly Kate Beckinsale Sometimes Feels Ugly
We've seen Kate Beckinsale, and we can surely tell you there isn't a thing wrong with her. But she thinks so. In fact, there are times when she feels so ugly, she won't even leave her house.

The sexy actress has admitted that she has "fat days" and, when those happen, she just can't bring herself to go out."I have days when I feel great, and days when my arse won't fit in my jeans and I don't leave the house," she admitted.

Earlier in the year, Beckinsale revealed that she thinks stars... read more
Uma Thurman  Is Single Again Uma Thurman Is Single Again
After a two-year romance, Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs have called it quits.The actress, 35, and the hotelier, 48, began a relationship in December 2003, a mere 4 months after she and now ex-husband Ethan Hawke separated.

Thurman confirmed the rumors of the split after she attended the recent Academy Awards without Balazs by her side."Unfortunately it's true. But we remain close friends," she said in a statement to the New York Post.

The split comes as a bit of a shock since, just a... read more
Do Porn And Wine Mix? Do Porn And Wine Mix?
When you think of porn stars, what usually comes to mind? Probably a hot body, sex, and, of course, more sex. But how about wine would you ever think of wine as pertaining to a porn star? I'm sure you wouldn't, but after reading this, you might because sexy porn actress, Savanna Samson, has launched her own wine.

The wine, named Sogno Uno, or Dream One, has been awarded 91 points by Robert Parker, and will be available in various restaurants in New York.Sogno Uno is made in Italy under... read more
Ass-Vertise!! Ass-Vertise!!
So, you have something you want other people to know about. Maybe it's your business, or a new website you've set up, or even that you are having a yard sale. Don't put an ad in the tired old newspaper. Show people just what you want them to know by using a model's ass.

Huh?!?!We came across a pretty interesting concept recently, where you can advertise, or Ass-vertise, by putting your message on a pair of bikini undies. The sexy panties are then worn by equally sexy girls who reveal your... read more
One Lucky Man Or One Crazy Wife? One Lucky Man Or One Crazy Wife?
Andrei Kirilenko is one lucky man. The Jazz forward's wife, Masha Lopatova, has allowed him restricted free agency. Confused? Let me explain.

The former Russian pop star, and Kirilenko's wife, recently told ESPN The Magazine that she has allowed her husband an "allowance" to have one night a year with another woman.She explained, "What's forbidden is always desirable. And athletes, particularly men, are susceptible to all the things they are offered. It's the same way raising childrenIf... read more
Neve Campbell  Likes Kissing Girls Neve Campbell Likes Kissing Girls
Even though Neve Campbell recently announced her engagement to British actor John Light, she has admitted to the fact that she likes to kiss girls. On screen, that is.

The actress has been seen kissing several women is a number of films. One of her most memorable is the scene in Wild Things were Campbell enjoyed a racy embrace with Denise Richards.

Cambell recently admitted that she loves getting hot and heavy with another actress on screen."I think I've kissed girls in six movies I've... read more
My 16 Blocks My 16 Blocks
16 Blocks is set to hit theaters very soon. Starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def, it looks like it will definitely be worth seeing.

Willis stars as Jack Mosley, a detective who is assigned to taking a convict/witness, played by Mos Def, from the jail to the courthouse. The trip is only 16 blocks long and should only take a few minutes. However, it doesn't happen that way.

While on their way they discover that the witness is set to testify one of Mosley's colleagues, and the NYPD would love... read more
Jessica Alba May Sue Playboy Jessica Alba May Sue Playboy
Jessica Alba is pretty mad at Playboy. So mad, in fact, that she's threatened to sue Hugh Hefner because she feels that the March issue suggests that she has posed "nude or semi-nude."

Alba sent a legal warning to Hefner after she realized that her picture was put on the cover of the magazine. She didn't know it would be on there, and she didn't consent to it.The letter she sent demands that Playboy immediately stop the magazine's distribution, as well as a "monetary settlement."

Brian... read more
Top Tattooed Celebs Top Tattooed Celebs
Tattoos have been a focus in the media today, with shows such as Miami Ink and Inked showing just how mainstream they really are. What you may not know is that a lot of your favorite celebrities are probably donning a tat or two beneath their clothing.A recent internet poll gathered information and came up with The Worlds's Top Twenty-Five Tattooed Celebrities in 2005 on the Internet.

Thanks to Vince at, we were given a heads up to 2005's winners. Of course the list... read more