Us Weekly Says Britney Spears Is Pregnant Us Weekly Says Britney Spears Is Pregnant
Rumors have been circulating for months stating that Britney Spears is pregnant with her second child. But, none have been substantiated as of yet. However, Us Weekly has reported that they are true.

Sources close to Spears have told the magazine that she and Kevin Federline are indeed expecting their second child.Us Weekly has said that the singer has known since February that she's expecting, but didn't officially tell her family the big news until Easter.

Spears was reportedly seen... read more
Angelina Jolie To Buy Her Own Country Angelina Jolie To Buy Her Own Country
Angelina Jolie has everything these days--a great career, children, two adopted and one biological on the way, and even Brad Pitt. What she doesn't have is her own country. Well, at least not for long.

Jolie plans to buy her own country in order to help impoverished Africans. She will soon purchase Richard Branson's man-made version of Ethiopia that is located in Dubai.Branson is having 300 luxury island developments built that are shaped like countries in order to form a map of the world.... read more
Baylor Won't Allow Students To Pose For Playboy Baylor Won't Allow Students To Pose For Playboy
When Playboy's Big 12 edition comes out, don't look for many students from Baylor University in the spread. The school, which calls itself the world's largest Baptist college, has threatened to take disciplinary action against any student who chooses to pose.

Photographers from the magazine visited Baylor looking to recruit students for the issue that will contain women of the Big 12 conference, which Baylor is a member of.Samuel W. Oliver, Baylor Vice President for Student Life, emailed... read more
Is Naomi Watts Engaged? Is Naomi Watts Engaged?
It has been reported that Naomi Watts and Live Schreiber will soon be headed down the aisle after she accepted his marriage proposal. In fact, the couple has been seen in Los Angeles shopping for engagement rings.

One insider from the high-end store Antiquarius has told In Touch magazine that they were there earlier in the month looking at $400,000 rings.However, another source has told Star magazine that the couple already purchased a ring from famed celebrity jeweler Neil Lane.
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Silent Hill Silent Hill
We cannot count how many nights we turned off the lights, powered up the Xbox, and paid a visit to the eerie town of Silent Hill. Not only was it scary and fun to play, but it was so friggin' addicting! We love the game so much we couldn't contain our excitement when we heard the popular video game would be adapted for the big screen.

From the looks of the trailer, the movie seems to follow closely to the game. For those of you who haven't played, here's a quick synopsis:

Rose is a... read more
Baby TomKat Is Born Baby TomKat Is Born
Media inquiries such as silent birth vs. regular birth and home delivery vs. hospital delivery can finally come to a rest. Yes, that's right. Baby TomKat has finally arrived.

According to Arnold Robinson, Cruise spokesman, Katie Holmes gave birth to a 7 pound 7 ounce baby girl.In a prepared statement, Arnold announced, "Both mother and daughter are doing well."

The couple, following the trend of unusual celebrity baby names, has named their new daughter Suri, which means "princess" in... read more
Lindsay Lohan's Feud With Jessica Simpson Lindsay Lohan's Feud With Jessica Simpson
Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson have recently begun a new Hollywood feud after the two starlets had a falling out in a nightclub in Los Angeles.

It all began last week at after Lohan sent a round of drinks to Simpson, who, it seems, didn't say thank you. It has been said that Lohan confronted Simpson and even made her cry.

Lohan's possible new boyfriend, director Brett Ratner, who incidentally directed Simpson's "These Boots (Are Made For Walkin') video, supposedly stepped in to break... read more
Playboy Not Welcome In Indonesia Playboy Not Welcome In Indonesia
Playboy has recently expanded their horizons, taking their magazine to a country where they have never been in circulation beforeIndonesia. But, some of the country's residents aren't too thrilled with having the magazines on their newsstands.

A group of Muslims stoned Playboy's editorial offices in retaliation for company's decision to launch their magazine in Indonesia.The protest involved about 150 members of the Islamic Defenders' Front, which is a small group that has a history of... read more
Mischa Barton: Single Yet Again Mischa Barton: Single Yet Again
It looks like Mischa Barton has found her self single once again after splitting from boyfriend Cisco Adler for the second time in about a month.

Barton, known best for her role as Marissa Cooper on the hit show The O.C., has reportedly broken up with Adler after he complained that she was too much of a partier.Britain's Daily Star newspaper reported that Barton wasn't too happy to hear from Adler that he thought she spent too much time hanging out with her close friend Nicole Ritchie. So,... read more
Cy Will Soon Be On Display Cy Will Soon Be On Display
Cy, the kitten born with one eye and no nose that sparked hoax debates last year, will soon be on display in an oddities museum.

The museum's founder, a believer in creationism, hopes the kitten will spark another debate on whether science and religion intersect. Cy's owner said that she turned down an offer made by Ripley's Believe It Or Not, instead selling the remains to John Adolfi because of his religious reasons.

"We didn't want Cy becoming a joke or part of a personal collection,"... read more
Insight About Men And Women Part I Insight About Men And Women Part I
Dr. Michael Gurian has some very interesting things to say about the relationship between men and women, and how the two genders are different.

One of the things he discusses in his book, "What Could He Be Thinking?", is how and why there's a link between sex and aggression. According to Gurian, the two are linked to a man's sexual biology, but is a lesser case in women. Read on to see some of the reason's he found this to be true.

Men's dominant hormone is testosterone, which is also... read more
Hostel Hostel
Ah, to be young, foolish, and driven solely by testosterone and cheap marijuana. Sporting your favorite polo, with a backpack on your back, your best bro by your side, and all of Amsterdam in front of you, you're a far cry from James Bond. In fact, you're actually kind of a frattish putz. This antithesis of debonair is manifested in Paxton (Jay Hernandez of "crazy/beautiful") and Josh (Derek Richardson of "Dumb and Dumberer"), key players in Eli Roth's "Hostel".

Roth's splendid, sophomore... read more
See Britney Spears Naked See Britney Spears Naked
You've probably been fantasizing about seeing pop princess Britney Spears naked for some time. Now you can get your wish. Just head on over to Brooklyn and you can.

Don't get too excited. It's not actually Spears. It's a life-size sculpture. Again, don't get too excited. She may be naked, but it's because it's a sculpture of her giving birth!!

Daniel Edwards, a Connecticut sculptor, made Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston. The sculpture shows Spears, naked and... read more
Kimora Lee Simmons:  Single Again Kimora Lee Simmons: Single Again
It was recently, and surprisingly announced that Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons are ending their marriage.

Rumors have been circulating that their marriage was on the rocks. And they were confirmed when Russell Simmons announced, in a statement given to The Associated Press, that he and his wife decided to end their seven-year marriage.

"Kimora and I will remain committed parents and caring friends with great love and admiration for each other," he said. "We will also continue to work... read more
Casino Royale Tidbits Casino Royale Tidbits
Casino Royale will theaters very soon, marking the 21st movie in the James Bond franchise. We all know that Daniel Craig is set to play Bond, but how much do you really know about the movie? Here are some tidbits you probably didn't knowat least until now!

John Travolta said no' to the role of Bond. We all knew that they had a hard time choosing the next Bond girl, considering actresses like Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron before finally choosing Eva Green. The same held true for James... read more
Carmen Electra + Circus Sex = HOT Carmen Electra + Circus Sex = HOT
We all know that Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro aren't shy about letting people know just how hot they are in the bedroom. Now something new has been revealed.

It seems that Electra is having an aerial circus hoop installed so she can excite her hubby with X-rated tricks she learned at circus school. It has been reported that Electra has been taking circus arts lessons. She also remarked that she can't wait to show off her new, um, skills to Navarro while completely naked.

She was... read more
Google's April Fool's Day Joke Google's April Fool's Day Joke
Google isn't just a great way to find what you're looking for on the web, apparently it's also a prankster, too! The search engine managed to pull off a funny April Fool's Day joke by tricking lovelorn singles into thinking they offered a new dating service.

When someone visited they found that the site offered a way for singles to post a profile and get set up on a perfect date.
For those who really read the wording carefully, they probably knew that something... read more
Heidi Klum and her Big Mac Heidi Klum and her Big Mac
I know it may sound hard to believe, but supermodel Heidi Klum has admitted to an addiction. Nope, not drugs like some other models are addicted to. Her weakness is the McDonald's Big Mac.

Klum has loved the super fattening, but oh so tasty burger since she was a child. While growing up in Germany, her family would drive for several hours just to get to the nearest Mickey D's.She loved the burgers as a special treat back then, and she still does now."McDonald's is everywhere in the U.S.,... read more