Clerks II Clerks II
It's been over 10 years since we saw the cult classic Clerks bring Dante Hicks and Randal Graves to life. The funny black and white film was such a hit, all these years later we will soon see a sequel with the upcoming release of Clerks II.

Clerks II takes place 10 years after the original and lets us in on what some of our favorite characters are doing today. Only four of the original cast will return, including Dante, Randal, Jay, and Silent Bob.
This time, instead of the convenience... read more
What A Lucky Guy What A Lucky Guy
This has probably happened to you- you're at a sporting event, things are really exciting on the field, but you have an uncontrollable need to get up and get yourself a beer.

That's what happened to Andrew Morbitzer. While 43,000 other fans in San Francisco looked on as Barry Bonds tried for his 715th homer, Morbitzer decided to get up for a beer.

Does that make him a dumbass? Well yeah, but it also makes him lucky. This is because even though he missed Bonds' momentous hit, Morbitzer... read more
Da Vinci Prequel To Happen Da Vinci Prequel To Happen
Lately there's been a lot of hype surrounding the movie, The Da Vinci Code. You can't even turn on your TV without hearing about it or seeing a special dedicated to talking about the mystery. Is it getting to the point where you don't want to hear anything more about it?
Too bad, because Sony has announced that they plan to do a prequel to the film!

Dan Brown's Angels and Demons will be set before the events that happen in The Da Vinci Code. Jeff Blake, Sony Pictures vice-chairman, has... read more
Craig On Bond Craig On Bond
Casino Royale will soon hit theaters, and it's really something we are looking forward to. This film promises to be different from the rest. We all know that it will bring some changes to the Bond franchise, including a new, younger, blonde Bond, played by actor Daniel Craig.

Craig recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart to shed some light on the new film and how he portrays Bond."My job is not to repeat something that someone else has done. I love Bond, and we all grew... read more
Spaceballs The Series? Spaceballs The Series?
Who doesn't love the 1987 sci-fi movie spoof Spaceballs? That movie is hee-larious! In the past few months rumors have circulated that a sequel to the movie could happen, as well as the possibility of an animated series.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, TV Guide did get a chance to talk to Mel Brooks and find out just what's going on with these possibilities.And, the news is promising.

"There is a shot at Spaceballs becoming a half-hour animated TV series. I wouldn't mind... read more
Another Game Turned Movie Another Game Turned Movie
Video games turned movies can be hit or miss. There are the good ones, like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Then there are the really, really bad ones like Super Mario Brothers. But, there is a new movie based on a video game in the works that looks like it might be worth shelling out 15 bucks to see in the theater.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stanley Long, a Hong Kong filmmaker who directed Jackie Chan's latest The Myth, is currently in talks to possibly direct the big screen... read more
Tan While You Shower Tan While You Shower
Just when you thought your shower was only good for scrubbing up and growing mold, there is a new use. And let us tell you, if this doesn't bring the ladies flocking to your place, nothing will. We found two great ways to make your shower into a tanning booth!

This idea is great. You can now have a tan-line-free tan without having to schlep your flabby butt to a nude beach or pay big bucks for a fake bake at a salon. All you have to do is shower like you normally do, and voila, you'll not... read more
Jack Black- At It Again Jack Black- At It Again
Jack Black is set to hit theaters in the upcoming Nacho Libre, and we're sure he'll be as funny in it as he usually is. If the movie is so good it leaves you wanting more Jack Black, there's good news. It looks like he will soon start shooting a movie that not only looks hilarious, but may also star some good eye candy, too.

In Be Kind Rewind, directed by Michel Gondry (Dave Chappelle's Block Party), Black will star as a crazy junkyard worker who thinks that a power plant is melting his... read more
Could We See Another Star Wars Movie? Could We See Another Star Wars Movie?
We've all heard that there won't be any more Star Wars movies, even though there rumors always seem to be circulating stating otherwise. If Rick McCallum of Lucasfilm had his way, we would definitely see another film in the series.

IESB asked George Lucas' right-hand man what his thoughts were on continuing the popular series. His answer: he'd "definitely" want to see another one.The real question would be exactly what the latest film would be about if it were to come to fruition.
... read more
GTA 4 Finally Announced! GTA 4 Finally Announced!
If you've been missing that gangster-like fix only a game like Grand Theft Auto can bring, then we have good news for you.

After a long wait, Rockstar finally announced that, yes, they will be releasing Grand Theft Auto 4. Gamers will be happy to hear that it will be available for the 360 and the Playstation 3. But, sadly, Wii users won't be so happy, because it won't be available for that platform.

GTA 4's release date is set for October 16, 2007 in North America and October 19, 2007... read more
Halo 3 Trailer Shown At E3 Halo 3 Trailer Shown At E3
The long awaited Halo 3 has finally surfaced. It was shown for the first time at E3 this week. Bungie's Frank O'Connor had a few things to say about the game's announcement trailer."The trailer was built to have minimum impact on the development process, and while it required long hours and hard work from many, many Bungie staffers, it utilizes real-game assets, fiction and locations from part of the real' game."

The two-minute trailer is able to answer some of those questions that you were... read more
PimpMyLaptop PimpMyLaptop
It used to be that businessmen, or even shmoes like you, used such things as watches, briefcases, or high-tech sneaks as their must-have accessories. Now, with technological devices becoming more fashionable, you probably wouldn't be caught dead without an iPod or your laptop.
What would you say if we told you that you can personalize your look even more by making sure one of your favorite accessories' could be as, um, cool as you?

We know what we'd say. Hell yeah, bring it on!! If you... read more
Look For Cindy Margolis in Playboy Look For Cindy Margolis in Playboy
Cindy Margolis has made quite a name for herself by being the web's "Most Downloaded Woman." She has also recently been seen on the short-lived "Celebrity Cooking Showdown."
Soon Margolis will have something else to add to her resume by posing nude in Playboy.

Margolis told The Associated Press that, when the magazine called her on her 40th birthday, she finally agreed to do it. During a phone interview, the mother of three said, "Thank goodness for Desperate Housewives.' You're not... read more
Can Porn Stars Act?
Just when you thought you've seen everything reality TV can bring, it gets even more interesting. The acting skills of porn stars will soon be tested in a new West End reality show.

The show, called My Bare Lady, will be co-produced by Fox Reality and ZigZag Productions. It will cast four of America's favorite porn stars to play in classic drama pieces.The stars will perform in the world famous theater district in London in front of an audience of shrewd Brits.

David Lyle, Fox Reality's... read more
Electric Shock Lie Detector Test Electric Shock Lie Detector Test
We found an interesting item lately. It's a lie detector that gives out electric shocks for false answers.

The Electric Shock Lie Detector Test looks like it may be intended to be a game. But, we thought it would be a lot of fun to try out on that friend who always seems a little shady, or even your girlfriend. The person you want to interrogate might not be willing to let you hook them up to a machine that might let you in on all of their dirty little secrets. To get around that, just... read more
Digital Clock T-Shirt Digital Clock T-Shirt
Sometimes wearing a watch just wouldn't be cool. But, what can you do to make sure you always know what time it is? That's easywear the time right on your shirt.

Digital Clock T-Shirts may soon be all the rage, especially for those of you who want to look like an updated version of Flavor Flav. They can help you always remember the time, and also let others around you know what time it is without having to bother you to ask.

The way it works is easy. Jut place 4 AAA batteries in the... read more
The Proposition The Proposition
The dust cloud is settling; the sun shines through dozens of freshly-shot bullet holes in the rickety looking walls. Dead bodies drape limply over various surfaces. All three of the men sitting at the table look like they haven't showered in weeks. Everything is bleak, bleak, and more bleak.
Wait What's that you said? Nick Cave (of the Bad Seeds) wrote the script?

Oh, that explains everything.

"The Proposition", fresh for the viewing in theaters on May 5th, is Cave's second... read more
Tequila Cologne Tequila Cologne
For those of us who enjoy fine tequila, there's some good, yet somewhat odd news. A pricey brand of tequila has been transformed into a fragrance, so you can now smell just like the drink you love.

100 percent blue agave Gran Centenario is used to make the limited edition fragrance called Angel Mist.A spokeswoman has said that this is the first time that agave has been used to make a perfume.

The Mexico-based company Jose Cuervo International, which is the parent company of Centenario,... read more
The Instant Cool Can The Instant Cool Can
Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings have partnered to come up with the Instant Cool Can, or I.C. Can for short. What does this mean? Well, once it gains popularity, it could mean the end of having to use coolers, refrigerators, and messy ice to cool down your drink.

The I.C. can is the same size as a 500 ml beverage can. It includes the beverage container, as well as the self-cooling unit.What you're probably wondering is how it works.

"Proprietary engineering creates a temperature... read more
Nicole Kidman's June Wedding? Nicole Kidman's June Wedding?
People have been wondering for months whether or not Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban plan to tie the knot. Well, it looks like they are. It has recently been said that the actress and her country-singer boyfriend are set to marry.

According to the gossip circulating in Kidman's native Australia, she and Urban will marry in a Catholic Church in Sydney on June 25.Although Kidman's publicist refused to give any comments on the "speculation on wedding dates," rumors have still been going around... read more
Scarlett Johansson's Tantric Sex Scarlett Johansson's Tantric Sex
Scarlett Johansson and boyfriend Josh Hartnett have been reportedly practicing the art of tantric sex, the love-making technique that was popularized by Sting and Trudi Styler.

Hartnett, who was spotted earlier in the week having fun in the sun Jamaica-style with Johansson, stated, "I studied it to see what all the fuss was about. It's not easy but it's all good."

Unless he plans to follow her to the set, they may have to put their sex practices on hold while Johansson films her new movie... read more
British Public Votes Keira Knightley Number One British Public Votes Keira Knightley Number One
Britain's version of FHM has conducted their own poll to see who the British public would vote as the worlds sexiest woman. In the poll, Keira Knightley snagged the number one spot, followed by Keeley Hazel in second and Scarlett Johansson in third.

Kelly Brook, who took top honors last year, slipped to the fifth spot, falling just behind Angelina Jolie who came in fourth place.

Other well-known faces to make the list included Beyonce Knowles at number seven, and even one of our personal... read more