The Beer Belly The Beer Belly
Holy crap? Who thought of this thing? A pure genius we tell you.What, you want to know what we're talking about? Ok, we'll tell you.We found this thing called a Beer Belly, and it's one of the most ingenious gadgets we've seen in a long time.

The Beer Belly actually allows you to smuggle your favorite drink into any place that doesn't allow you to bring in your own alcohol. And how it works is easy.

It's a neoprene storage apparatus with a built-in polyurethane bladder that you wear... read more
The Most Expensive Cities In The World The Most Expensive Cities In The World
Tokyo used to top the list of the most expensive cities in the world. But a new survey shows that Moscow has bumped Tokyo out of the number one spot.

According to the recently released survey, Moscow moved up three spots since last year because of a huge property boom. Tokyo slipped to the number three spot because of a weaker yen. Seoul shot up from the fifth spot to take second place on the survey.

Mercer Human Resource Consulting conducted the survey that ranked 144 worldwide cities. ... read more
The Ice Cream Code The Ice Cream Code
Want to find out how your girl will be in bed? Take her for some ice cream. Here's the menu for how her eating habits can clue you in to how she'll be between the sheets.

The Spiraler
If she licks the cone around in even circles, she's methodical and orderly. She also probably prefers "vanilla sex," as opposed to a wild romp on the kitchen table. Although she's not the most spontaneous of lovers, she is very goal-oriented, which means she won't stop until you've had enough.

The Nibbler ... read more
Ring to the Rescue Ring to the Rescue
Turning Your Cell Phone Into a Pocket Accomplice

Thanks to some new innovative services, your cell phone can actually help you lie more convincingly.

Cell phone service to escape a bad date

The date just started and you already want out. Desperately. Lucky for you, there's a vibrating sensation in your pocket. "This is your escape-a-date call," says the cellular guardian angel on the other end. "Just repeat after me and you'll be on your way"

For $4.99 a month, Cingular Wireless now... read more
Little Black Book on Apologizing Little Black Book on Apologizing
How to Dig Yourself Out of a Hole

Everyone's done it. Said something nasty, stuck your foot in your big fat mouth, ruffled a few feathers What counts is how you handle yourself afterwards. Here's some pointers.

1- Accept criticism graciously
Don't get all bent out of shape if she criticizes you. Try and show understanding, even if you've had this fight the 'ahem' month before. Be open, offer your opinion, take her opinion into account, and move on. We usually get over our hissy-fits... read more
Drinking to your Good Health Drinking to your Good Health
Beer Turns out it's actually good for you!

Your girl keeps replacing your Budweiser with a Pinot Noir because she says it's good for you. News flash research shows that beer contains the same health benefits as red wine. So the next time she complains about you reaching for a cold one, rattle off some of these facts that we've compiled.

Banish the Beer Gut
Pop quiz time. Which has fewer calories and carbohydrates? Orange juice, low-fat milk, or Guinness? No you're not dreaming, the... read more
Don't Be "That Guy!" on a First Date
Everyone seems to have the one date from hell...and as we all know sometimes chemistry just happens, other times it just doesn't. And, after the date takes place, we all, guys and girls, vent to our friends about these dates. That's normal, right?! But, you don't want your date and all her friends to remember you YEARS later as "That guy!" followed by spontaneous bouts of laughter.

"That Guy!" for me happened to be a date with an absolute health nut. We had only seen pictures of each other... read more
Create Your Own Games Create Your Own Games
Microsoft is coming out with a set of developer tools that will allow hobbyists, students, and just about any gamer interested to develop their own games.

The software, called XNA Game Studio Express, gives gamers the opportunity to create games for Xbox 360 and/or their PC. Unfortunately, at first, the games will only be able to be played by either the creator or other coders in what the company has dubbed the Creators Club.

To be a part of the club you have to shell out $99 for a... read more
Bully Bully
Were you one of the popular kids in your class? Did you date a cheerleader? Or did you get beaten up in the schoolyard after class? Either way, now you've got the chance to go back to school on your own terms thanks to Rockstar Games.

An exaggerated take on life in the schoolyard, Bully takes place at fictitious Bullworth Academy, a corrupt and crumbling prep school with an uptight facade. The story follows Jimmy Hopkins, a teenager who has been expelled from every school he ever... read more
You Can Own A Piece Of Star Trek History You Can Own A Piece Of Star Trek History
Hey all you Star Trek fans, have we got some news for you. You don't have to scour eBay, antique stores, or flea markets anymore looking to find that one piece of valuable Star Trek memorabilia you don't already have.

That's right, it's true. All you have to do is wait until October and you can find just about anything you may want or need at an auction in New York.
Over a thousand Star Trek items are set to hit the auction block in New York this coming October in celebration of the... read more
You Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think You Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think
Have you noticed lately that you've packed on a few extra pounds, but just can't seem to figure out where they came from? You think you eat right and get a good amount of exercise, but, still, the weight keeps piling on.

If this sounds like you, you're not alone. It looks like a lot of people think they are living a healthy lifestyle, when they are really just living the life of gluttony. A national health firm has recently conducted a survey of 11,000 overweight Americans and found that 75%... read more
Sequel Palooza Sequel Palooza
We've done a little research and rounded up a plethora of movie sequel news for you. We must warn you some are good, and some may be a bit disappointing. But either way, we're here to let you know the scoop on what's happening in the land of sequels!

Basic Instinct 3. Surprisingly, there will be one. However, as of right now, Sharon Stone hasn't agreed to reprise her role as Catherine Trammel in this third installment. But, she has announced that she does intend to direct it! Stone has... read more
Could Penalty Cards In Bars Work? Could Penalty Cards In Bars Work?
Some bars in New Zealand have adopted a new system to possibly help curb the problem of excess drinking. They are using red and yellow penalty cards similar to those often seen used by football referees.

Could this system work here in the States? Read on to decide. Bruce Robertson, the chief executive from the Hospitality Association of New Zealand, shed some light on how the system works.

If a yellow card is shown to a drinker it means he/she may be heading towards drinking just a little... read more
The World Strip Poker Competition Is Coming
It all started out as an April Fools Joke.What we are talking about is when an Irish bookmaker suggested holding the worlds largest strip poker contest.At the time the company may have been joking, but the joke will soon become a reality.

When the Dublin-based company Paddy Power originally started talking about the idea it was never believed it would actually happen. But the idea received so much interest, as well as hundred of requests to be a part of it, the company decided to organize... read more
Bond 22  Already In Motion Bond 22 Already In Motion
Casino Royale hasn't even hit theaters yet, but it looks like there are already talks of the next installment in the James Bond series. That's right Bond fans, there will be a '22 coming soon!

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli must really be happy with their choice of Bonds for Casino Royale, because they have recently made the official announcement that Daniel Craig will once again be portraying the suave spy, at least one more time.

There aren't too many details on the pending film... read more
That is An Expensive Tequila That is An Expensive Tequila
Tequila Ley has recently announced that they've made quite a bit of money in a recent sale. They brought in an unheard of $225,000 for a bottle of tequila housed in a platinum and gold casing!

Fernando Altamirano, a CEO at the company, stated in a news release, 'This is a really unique bottle of tequila and our client, a U.S.-based collector of fine wines and spirits, will treasure this prize to add to an already impressive collection.

Tequila, which normally sells for about $10 a bottle... read more