Poseidon Undersea Resort Poseidon Undersea Resort
Wow! We've just learned about a new resort that's nothing like we've ever seen before. It's called Poseidon Undersea Resort. In case the name doesn't give it away, it's a resort that's under water! According to the resort's website, 'Currently under construction, Poseidon will be the world's first sea floor resort complex. The resort will be a unique, intimate and exclusive, six-star destination providing the highest possible levels of luxury and service.

The resort, scheduled to open... read more
Denmark The Happiest Country In The World Denmark The Happiest Country In The World
It looks like Disney World isn't the happiest place on earth anymore. Sorry Mickey but according to a new report just released by a British scientist, Denmark is the happiest country in the world!

Adrian White is a social psychologist at the University of Leicester located in central England. His study was based on data from both 178 countries and 100 global studies from organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. White recently told Reuters, 'We're looking... read more
One Lucky Teen One Lucky Teen
One extremely lucky Australian teen got a chance to do something most of us only dream about. He went on a date with Miss Universe!
17-year-old Daniel Dibley had originally asked Miss Universe to accompany him to a school dance. He wrote to Jennifer Hawkins, asked her to be his date, and was stunned when she actually accepted.

However, because of the major publicity the stunt got, she had to break their date so the dance's plans wouldn't be overshadowed.
Even though this broke his heart,... read more
Two Wii Games Announced Two Wii Games Announced
Gamers looking forward to the release of the new Wii will be very happy to hear the following news. Nintendo has recently announced two more games to be released for the much-anticipated console.

The first game has the tentative title of Mario Strikers Charged. The soccer game will feature everyone's favorite character, Mario, as well as some of his familiar friends and foes.

You can pretty much expect this game to encourage some super abilities, such as special shots called Mega Strikes... read more
Just Cause Looks Good Just Cause Looks Good
We haven't seen too many games lately that make us want to run out and buy them. But Avalanche Studios' Just Cause sounds like just the game we've been looking for.If you think the guys of GTA are tough, they'll look like sissy mama's boys compared to Just Cause's main character, Rico Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is an undercover CIA agent who seems to be the king of death defying stunts. From what we've heard, he can do things like overtake an aircraft mid-flight and/or hitch a ride on the same... read more
Naughty Shower Dispenser Naughty Shower Dispenser
Naughty Shower Dispenser

What man doesnt like a womans breasts? Sure, there are some who dont, but most would say they love a good pair! We found a little something for you breast men out there. Its a handy dandy gadget of sorts that not only lets you enjoy a good squeeze or two, but also helps you to shower.

Confused? We know, it sounds weird, but its true.We found what are called Shower Breastsbreast shaped liquid dispensers for your shower.
Now, we know youve probably seen... read more
Busty Mouse Pads Busty Mouse Pads
You love your computer. You love boobs. What can you do to combine your love of both without going online to look at internet porn? Why, you get a Busty Mouse Pad, of course.
his could quite possibly be one of the most interesting computer gadgets we've seen in a long time. The guy who came up with this idea is either a genius, or just really horny. Either way, it's a great concept.
The mouse pads look kind of like regular mouse pads. Except for the fact that the bottom of it has a... read more
Top Party School Announced Top Party School Announced
Every year parents and students alike eagerly await the announcement of the nation's top party schools. Parents hope to steer their kids away from those who made the list, while their kids hope to get into one of them.

The Princeton Review has finally announced their top picks for the year. This year, leading the pack is the University of Texas at Austin! UT earned top honors for the amount of hard liquor, marijuana, and beer that is consumed there.

The other two schools to make it into... read more
Surfing Record Broken Surfing Record Broken
According to event organizers, a new world surfing record was recently been broken. This happened off of the coast of South Africa when 73 surfers simultaneously caught and rode the same wave. Paul Botha, a surfer who also helped to organize the record-breaking event that took place at Muizenberg Corner located in Cape Town recently told AFP, 'We have smashed the record.

Botha also told SAFM public radio, 'We have registered the claim and got a claim number. All we need now is to get the... read more
Seat Snapper Helps Find Tickets Seat Snapper Helps Find Tickets
Your favorite football team is playing their archrivals. You want to see them, but tickets are all sold out. You know you can still find them through online or local ticket agencies. But, some can be shady and overpriced.You really want to go to the game, so what do you do? Check out Seat Snapper!

Seat Snapper is an online, on-stop shop for all your ticket needs. That game we mentioned? You'll find tickets. Your favorite band? They've got them. That comedian you love? Those... read more
An Interesting Place To Have Sex An Interesting Place To Have Sex
It looks like people in Amsterdam are bored with the usual places to have sex. You know, the bedroom, the couch, the dingy bathroom in the local dive bar. To help out with this problem, one enterprising man has come up with a solution.

Thanks to an Italian artist, horny couples in Amsterdam can now get it on in a car on stilts. It sounds kind of funny, but it's true.
Federico D'Orazio took the seats out of his tiny Opel Kadett, installed a double bed, and put the car up on poles that are... read more
NeoGaf Leaks Ubisoft Info NeoGaf Leaks Ubisoft Info
A recent post on the NeoGaf website let readers in on some of Ubisoft's secrets. Unfortunately, as you may have already guessed, the link to the previously unreleased material has already been removed from the site. But, information was still seen before that happened.
The information leaked told about some games that had already been announced, including Star Wars: Lethal Alliance and Rainbow Six: Vegas for the PSP. But, some yet to be released information on game sequels was also given to... read more
Scarface Platinum Edition DVD Scarface Platinum Edition DVD
Scarface. You do not really have to say much other than the title, because chances are just about everyone knows what you are talking about. Fans of the classic will be thrilled to hear that the movie is set to be released as a Platinum Edition DVD.

For a mere $21 you can own the movie that made the line say hello to my little friend famous. The two-disc DVD set will include the films latest version, which has managed to get itself an X rating, as well as tons of extras.
What is very... read more
X-men 4? X-men 4?
Just when you thought you had seen the last of the X-Men franchise, you have not! It looks like there might just be one more movie coming up.

Lauren Shuler Donner, the X-Men movies executive producer, has said that we may see an X-Men 4. The only problem? It might not be easy getting the cast members we know and love back for the series fourth installment because they are no longer under contract.

Donner has told the LA Daily News, The newer cast members are signed, and the older cast... read more
A Nightmare On Elm Street DVD Set A Nightmare On Elm Street DVD Set
Halloween is right around the corner, so that means you'll see plenty of scary movies popping up. New movies will be out in the theaters, those just out of the theater will be released on DVD, and you'll even find classics being re-released just in time for the holiday.

A Nightmare On Elm Street is no exception to the latter. It may have been over 20 since Freddy Krueger and his razor nails graced the big screen, but the movie is still as popular as ever. Which could explain why A... read more
Insight About Men And Women Part II Insight About Men And Women Part II
In his chapter about gender differences when it comes to their attitudes about sex and romance, Dr. Michael Gurian also discusses how they relate to sex and bonding.

A woman's female hormones make their brains better than a man's at long-term romantic. This is clearly seem in the oxytocin activity in her hypothalamus, because a male's are lower than a female's, in fact, in come cases, ten times lower.

However, during an orgasm, a male's oxytocin levels do get close to that of a woman's. ... read more
Safe Talk Safe Talk
When you meet a really hot woman that you immediately picture yourself in bed with, chances are you're tempted to give out your number first, ask questions later. But, even though this doesn't always happen, there is a chance that she could end up being a stalker who calls so much you have to change your phone number.

This must happen to people in the UK a lot because they came up with a great system that allows you to give out your' number without any worry.
It's called Safe Talk.

The... read more
Sitting in your bachelor pad feeling a tad lady-repellent? Maybe it's not you, it's what you are sitting on. In our eyes, you're apartment is really an extension of yourself - how you take care of things, what you take pride in, what interests you. So if that chair youre sitting on is being held together with duct tape and ear wax, we see that as indicative of how you'd be in a relationship. Which is not good for you.

But also remember your place should feel lived-in. Not like you just... read more
Saying the right thing at the right time Saying the right thing at the right time
Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending one of his companys office parties. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong.

Jack had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, next to them, a single red rose! Jack sits up and sees his... read more
What Women Say To Their Friends What Women Say To Their Friends
Alright guys, you all know that women tell each other everything. Or, at least, almost everything. Do you ever wonder just how much she tells her friends about your sex lives?

She might tell her friends a lot, but you'll be happy to know that some things are kept private. We're here to tell you what she spills and what she keeps to herself. A lot of women say that size matters. They may talk about how big they want their man to be, but chances are she'll keep your manhood's size to herself.... read more
The Mexico Mansion The Mexico Mansion
Looking for a vacation that is a little different than what you're used to like maybe something extravagant in a beautiful setting? Well, moneybags, we've got something for you. It's called the Mexico Mansion. The Mexico Mansion is located in Acapulco. As the name implies, there's a lot of room there, featuring 12 air-conditioned suites that can house up to 24 people. It's freakin' huge!!

When you rent the Mansion, you'll not only get amenities such as Jacuzzis, a steam room, kickin' TV and... read more
Official NFL Game Ball Official NFL Game Ball
Let us guess, when you play football with your buddies you use an old, beat up football that you've had for years and years. Wouldn't you love to show up at your next game sporting a new football that's just like what the pros use? We bet you would. Guess what! We found just a football for you. It's called the Wilson Official NFL 'Duke Leather Game Ball. It's even a collector's edition that comes complete with Paul Tagliabue's signature on it.

According to the product page on the NFL Shop's... read more
The Coolest Ties Ever The Coolest Ties Ever
Some of you out there have jobs that require you to wear ties on a daily basis. But who says that they have to be the same old boring ties that everyone out there wears? You can stay classy, while letting the rebel in you out by sporting a Manfred tie to the office.

According to the website where we found what could possibly be the coolest ties ever, 'The Manfred tie celebrates independence with bold style and particular attention to detail.
It also states that, 'Manfred is proud to be the... read more
Digital Camera Lighter Digital Camera Lighter
Cameras have become quite a hot accessory. Just about everyone has one nowadays. Anyone can have a camera phone. But wouldn't you like to be different and ahead of the trend? Of course you would. We know about a handy dandy little gadget that will set you ahead of your friends.

What we're talking about is the Digital Camera Lighter. It looks like your ordinary, everyday Zippo. But, the cool thing is it's not. It's actually a camera! When you flip open the top of the lighter' you'll... read more
The Lap Of Luxury The Lap Of Luxury
Anyone wanting to indulge in a luxurious vacation doesn't have to venture outside of the country. Just head on down to Asheville, North Carolina. That's where you'll find the extremely pricey, but also extremely extravagant Cottage on Biltmore Estates.

The Cottage was built in 1896. Over the years it has been many things, such as a home to farm workers, and then a place to house VIPs. It wasn't until April 2006 that it was turned into a luxury destination.
You're probably wondering what... read more
This Snowskate's Got Railz This Snowskate's Got Railz
Much like the ladies in your life will be putting away all of their white clothes after Labor Day, you should be putting some things away, too. Like that load of laundry all over your floor. Or that vintage 'Playboy from 1982, if you (god forbid) still live with your mom. Or, as the weather outside turns frightful, the wheels to your skateboard.

This ski season, check out the Railz Snowskate Conversion Kit.Yup, now you can trick out your everyday skateboard and take it for a joyride on... read more
Skullcandy Skullcandy
Yeah, we know that you did your time as an Eagle Scout when you were younger. (Everyone did, even that goth kid in high school that always denied it.) So, now that you're grown and clearly way too cool for Boy Scouts, we think your backpack should be cool, too. Check out the Skullcandy Link backpack with MP3 and cell phone playback.

Picture James Bond going undercover on a college campus. This would definitely be his packing paraphernalia, whether he was trying to find an evil henchman... read more
Chips Delivered Right To Your Door Chips Delivered Right To Your Door
Football season is here. Besides the game itself, you know what that means. Snacks! Sometimes it's hard to remember the munchies on game day, especially when your first priority is making sure the fridge is stocked with your favorite beer.

The answer? Have the chips delivered right to your door. Yep, there is actually a guy who will send you chips each month. His name is Anchor O'Reilly. We didn't make that up, we swear!

According to his website, O'Reilly is a bit of a traveler. ... read more
Could Super Skinny Models Be Out? Could Super Skinny Models Be Out?
Models used to be sexy without being too skinny. Nowadays, most women gracing the runways look like they need a good sammich or two! It looks like the days of the super skinny models may be numbered because, for the very first time, rail thin models have been banned from a fashion show.

After much protesting about how young women and girls are developing eating disorders from trying to emulate the look of their favorite models, stick thin models were turned away from fashion week in Madrid.... read more
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
The much anticipated next chapter in the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto series has now come into focus. Double Agent first learned about the game from Rockstar Games at E3, the videogaming conference that took place in May of this year. But until recently there wasn't much out there. Here's the latest intelligence.

Vice City, 1984. Exotic cars, gorgeous girls, speed boats, and lots of blow. You remember it from the multi-award winning first version of the game released in 2002. The... read more
New Male Fashion Trend:  Shorts? New Male Fashion Trend: Shorts?
You hear a lot about fashion trends for the ladies, but it isn't too often that you hear what men are wearing. Why is that? Probably because when a report on male fashion is made, you learn it's something kinda odd.

Like, for instance, the new trend we just learned about. It seems that wearing shorts won't just be for the summer anymore. Nope, it looks like the latest trend may indicate that men can wear shorts even in a corporate setting.We're not kidding!

The Wall Street Journal has... read more
What's Your Pizza Personality? What's Your Pizza Personality?
The Farmer's Almanac has been around for a really long time. If you don't know what it is, it's a book commonly used to predict the weather for the year.It looks like it won't be used for just predicting the weather anymore. Now it can also be used to tell you your pizza personality.
Say what?!

This year's Farmer's Almanac features a new section that allows you to learn of a person's personality traits by what type of topping they choose for their pizza.For example, people who enjoy their... read more
Curt Schilling Isn't Just Into Baseball Curt Schilling Isn't Just Into Baseball
We all know that Curt Schilling likes to play games. Well, at least baseball games. But who knew he's a video gamer, too?The pitcher for the Boston Red Sox has recently announced that his talents extend past baseball he is also an MMO game player!

Schilling has decided to take his love for video games beyond just playing them. He has ventured into the game development world to found a brand spankin' new development company called Green Monster Games.
In a recent press release that... read more
The Mile High Club The Mile High Club
You may not know this, but the Mile High Club isn't just a made up club that horny passengers use as an excuse to get it on mid-air in one of those cramped airplane bathrooms. It's for real. At least according to www.milehighclub.com.

Not already a member? Wanna learn how to join? The website offers tips on how to join the legendary club. The first thing you need to do is book a flight. It doesn't have to be long or to anywhere in particular, you just need to get yourself on a plane. If... read more
News On Grindhouse News On Grindhouse
If you haven't already heard, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have gotten together to do Dimension's Grindhouse, which features a separate film from each director.

Tarantino's contribution will be Death Proof. It looks like the slasher film will have quite a cast.Kurt Russel has already been announced as the film's star, which will also feature Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell, Jordan Ladd, Vanessa Ferlito, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Rose McGowan, Tracie Thoms, Marley Shelton, and Mary Elizabeth... read more
Win A Sharapova MOTOPEBL Win A Sharapova MOTOPEBL
Maria Sharapova is so hot right now, especially since she just won the U.S. Open. She's tall, talented, and one of the sexiest women we've ever seen. Don't you agree? We bet you'd love to own something of hers. How about her cell phone? Ok, maybe it isn't actually her cell phone. But it is a limited edition cell with her signature printed on it.

50 lucky people will get a chance to win one of the white, Special Edition MOTOPEBL phones bearing Maria Sharapova's signature. All you have to do to... read more
Pimp Your Food With Pimp Spice Pimp Your Food With Pimp Spice
Mastering the art of being a pimp can be pretty hard. It takes a lot of work to be the smooth ladies man you want to be. If you're having a hard time getting started, may we make a suggestion? Start small, like maybe with food.

Yes, that's right, you too can cook like a pimp if you have the right tools. Like, maybe, Pimp Spice. You read that right, Pimp Spice.A smart guy named Lars Tetens has come up with the spices that promise to, as the website says when describing one of their spices... read more
Go Mario, It's Your Birthday Go Mario, It's Your Birthday
Guess what this month is. It's Mario's birthday. Who's Mario? You know who he is. That pudgy little Italian guy famous for his Nintendo games.
In honor of Mario's birthday, Nintendo plans to release two DS games that feature everyone's favorite overall-wearing, mustachioed plumber.
Mario Hoops 3-on-3 is the first game being released. The DS basketball game allows you to use a stylus in order to succeed in making special passes and also executing various dribble moves.
While playing... read more
A-Team Movie Is In The Works A-Team Movie Is In The Works
You may not have heard about it yet, but it looks like there's going to be an A-Team movie. Cool!

The film has been in the planning stages for a while. Bruce Feirstein (GoldenEye) was originally hired to write it. However, Steven J. Cannell, the series' creator and the film's producer, wasn't happy with the writing and he fired Feirstein. Cannell told Empire Online, 'We were working on a script for a few years but I didn't like it so it's been thrown out.
He also added, 'We've gone through a... read more
Tattoo Without The Pain Tattoo Without The Pain
This is for all you wusses out there who can't stand a little pain. We heard about a tattoo pen that allows you to get a tattoo without any pain. The bad part? It's only temporary.

The temporary tattoo pen looks a little like a kiddie-version of the real thing. Hell, it even vibrates so you can get the feeling of getting a real tattoo! But, instead of using those painful needles, it uses gel pens.
Kind of sounded a little girlie to us, but we looked into it a little further.
... read more
Super Bowl XL Opus Super Bowl XL Opus
It's September, and you know what that means. Football, Football, and more Football!!!! Yes, football season is finally starting. So, in light of the sport, we thought we'd tell you about something we found that every football fan will want to own.

It's a book called Super Bowl XL Opus.Super Bowl XL Opus is a huge, 950-page tribute to football's biggest game.In it you'll find over 2000 pictures, graphics, and musings from some of the best sports writers in the biz.The book definitely won't... read more
Kevin Smith To Try His Hand At Horror Kevin Smith To Try His Hand At Horror
Kevin Smith, known for his cult comedy classics such as the ever-popular Clerks, has decided to go in a little bit of a new direction. He plans to tackle the horror genre.

Smith has revealed that his intentions are to come out with an upcoming horror flick.' Next up I want to do a horror movie. I just think it would be kind of interesting for me at least to go left. I've made seven comedies, or variation thereof, and some people would argue that none of them are funny. But it would be... read more