Intellect Connect: A Meeting of the Minds Intellect Connect: A Meeting of the Minds
We love Paris Hilton. Really, we do. But one of her is enough. So, when we're poking around on myspace or internet dating sites late at night, why do all the girls seem so strangely, blondely, vacuously familiar?

It seems that the internet is scared of brains these days, and Cindy Embleton is sick of it. That's why Embleton founded, a dating site where 'you don't need to apologize for having cerebral interests.' opened in July 2005, and already... read more
Popularity Dialer Popularity Dialer
We all like to feel loved. When you open your mailbox and see a letter, pop on the laptop and see that you've got mail, or when your celly blows up you feel loved. You feel loved because those pieces of contact are little pieces of proof that you're popular and important. Even better, it makes you look popular and important.

Fast-forward to the problem: you're not always that popular when you and where you need to be or maybe the 5 faves in your T mobile consist of family, doctors, and... read more
Every Girlfriend's Dream! Every Girlfriend's Dream!
There is nothing worse than a man's bathroom. Don't even try to act offended. You know that most guys, especially those who live alone, aren't real into cleaning their bathrooms.

We just heard about a toilet that is every girlfriend's dream, and hey, even the dream of just about every guy. Don't let the boring name fool you. The CH1001M is quite possibly the most perfect toilet ever made. It cleans itself, plays music, and can light your way in the dead of night.

As we said, it cleans... read more
Claudia Schiffer Says Models are too thin Claudia Schiffer Says Models are too thin
Surely you've heard the talk about too-thin models lately. You know, where some fashion shows are refusing to use models who look sickly skinny, and the news reports a couple of weeks ago about a model that was so skinny her bones were sticking out of every exposed area during a recent show.

You know it's bad when other models start speaking out about it. Lately, Veteran model Claudia Schiffer has been saying that models are way too skinny to even be considered attractive. 36-year-old... read more
Excuse Box Excuse Box
How many times have you been caught in a lie on the phone, and didn't know how to get out of it? We know it's happened to us several times, so it's probably happened to you, too. has once again come through for us with yet another great gadget. This time it's the Excuse Box. This little baby can help you lie your way out of just about anything over the phone.
Yeah, we know. You've heard of these types of things before and they were cheesy. But, we can assure you that the... read more
Panties for iPods Panties for iPods
In a perfect world, girls would all be free to spend their days dancing around in their underwear. Liberated from the restraints of day jobs, roommates, and pants, they could groove to their hearts' content to the music of their choice. Or, at the very least, guys could sit in our cubicles and fantasize about hot chicks doing it.

Now, the technologically savvy ones will be. Call it manna from heaven, is now selling a genius little contraption they like to call the ... read more
Hellboy Sequels Go Universal Hellboy Sequels Go Universal
For all of you Ron Perlman enthusiasts, never fear, he will actually star in another title besides Hellboy. It almost never happened, but Hellboy 2 will begin production in the upcoming year, led by your boy Perlman as the big, red horny devil with one arm bizarrely bigger than the other. We never did understand that.

The sequel, entitled The Golden Army, will once again pin Hellboy and the rest of the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Defense and Research) against a crew of mythological... read more
Traffic Flirting Traffic Flirting
Have you ever tried it in a moment of boredom? You see some talent in a car nearby and try to catch her eye? But you just can't seem to get your car lined up with hers and, in no time, her car disappears into traffic. Another missed opportunity!

Our agents have discovered a service that can actually help you to find that person so you can get still get the chance to get your flirt on. It's a website called Its concept is so simple, we can't believe no one has... read more
Don't Steal This Phone! Don't Steal This Phone!
People overseas always seem to luck out with getting the best gadgets before U.S. residents do. We just found out that the UK offers their cell phone customers what could be, by far, one of the coolest cell options we've ever heard of. It's a phone that screams like a person when stolen!

Any UK resident who has a phone equipped with Remote XT software, a service that goes for about $17 a month, gets to scare the crap out of anyone who tries to steal their cell phone. If a cell with the... read more
Call-In-Sick.Com Call-In-Sick.Com
Have you ever wished that you could take a sick day without having to actually get your lazy ass out of bed to make the call in the morning? We'll admit it, we have. Really, who hasn't?

Our agents just learned of a new service that allows you to call in sick without having to actually make the call yourself. It's a website called The concept is freakin' ingenious. Frankly, we can't believe someone hasn't thought of this sooner! The site's instructions couldn't be simpler... read more
The Fully Loaded Cell Phone The Fully Loaded Cell Phone
Just about every cell phone these days has some kind of crappy built-in camera with a few exceptions that usually don't work as phones. Now, Samsung which is known for sleek design and a particularly incomprehensible user interface, has raised the bar in Korea with the SCH-B600, which has a 10 megapixel camera!

Samsung has sponsored the first of many cool cell phone features having nothing to do with actual telephone calls. They were the first to introduce a cell phone with a built in... read more
New Playboy Club Hits Vegas New Playboy Club Hits Vegas
Hugh Hefner has given people yet another reason to want to visit Sin City. He recently opened one of his famed Playboy Clubs there. It's the first to open in almost two decades! Man, we love this guy!

The Club feels kind of vintage. Just like you could before, visitors will get to see Hef's sexy bunnies wearing the ears and tails that epitomize the Playboy franchise. Hef talked to Reuters before the Club's opening party. 'There's a new generation ready to come out and play.

He also added, ... read more
One Sexy Bottle Opener One Sexy Bottle Opener
What does every self-respecting beer drinker need in his place? A bottle opener. Sure, you can try to be macho and open the bottle by hand, twist off top or not. But, smart guys will want to use an opener.
The only thing is that most openers have a tendency to be cheesy. Either they are basic and boring, or cartoonish and just plain goofy.

Our agents managed to find an opener so sleek and sexy, that it will attract attention from women and envy from your friends while opening up your... read more
Could the PSP system possibly get any cooler? It can, and it soon will. At least in Japan.

It looks like anyone in Japan who owns a PSP will soon get the chance to upgrade it so it also works as a GPS system.Those guys get everything, don't they!!

The system, called MAPLUS portable Nabi,will turn any regular old PSP into a complete navigation system that also includes a moving map.The GPS software contains a mapped version of the whole country of Japan.

Users will also get the luxury... read more
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was Guy Ritchie's directing and writing debut, though you may also know his previous work on such films as Snatch, Revolver, and the very forgettable Swept Away.

The film follows the story of 4 con-artist friends who manage to get themselves in a heap of trouble after Eddie, played by Nick Maron, finds himself owing huge amounts of money to a ruthless crime boss because of some bad card playing.

You've probabably seen the film already so to keep things... read more
Laundry Rug Laundry Rug
Guys are notorious for being messy and having tons of dirty laundry lying around on the floor. We aren't saying all of you fit into the stereotype, but a lot do.

We stumbled upon something that will not only look great in your house, but will help with your stinky laundry problem. It's called the Laundry Rug. The coolest thing about it is that it has a dual purpose. As the name suggests, it's a rug. But it's also a laundry basket. How's that for ingenious?

The round rug comes in either... read more
Cocaine: The Beverage Cocaine: The Beverage
Imagine a world where the most addictive party drug ever created costs about the same as a can of Red Bull. That's the new marketing concept that the makers of Cocaine would like you to sniff. The only difference between their new product and actual cocaine is well, everything except for the name.

Yes, the cocaine we're talking about is a beverage. No, it ain't a subtle marketing campaign and certainly not going to be popular with parents, teachers or actual cocaine users who are sure to... read more
Remember Ring Remember Ring
Good news! You never have to worry about forgetting an important date again. Well, at least not if you are wearing this new device called the Remember Ring. This little circle of metal will give you the heads up on any important date and will steer you clear of trouble with your girl.

The ring is equipped with what they call Hot Spot technology which actually warms up the ring to give you a hot reminder that an important date is approaching. When you order the ring, just tell the makers... read more
Halo, The Movie? Halo, The Movie?
We've learned that Halo, the insanely popular videogame is being brought to the big screen. It's a rare videogame that makes this transition easily but there seems to be smart people involved in the project and talk about a franchise. Rumor also has it that Alex Garland's script will not be used and D.B. Weiss is working on a story draft.

The story? After they crash-land on an artificial ring-world called Halo, a marine captain, his surviving marines, and a genetically-and-surgically... read more
Boozing Your Way to an Early Retirement Boozing Your Way to an Early Retirement
So, our agents just uncovered a new study and DAMN, do we want to believe it. The central finding is that drinking alchohol can actually increase your salary! Also, that drinkers on average make MORE cash than non-drinkers (all two of them!).

The study, conducted by the nonprofit Reason Foundation, found that females who drink make 14 percent more than those who don't. Male drinkers make 10 percent more than their teetotaler counterparts.
In addition to those findings, male drinkers who... read more