The Return of Eva The Return of Eva
Casino Royale has been in theaters for less than a month, but already we're picking up intelligence about the next installment. One of our agents on the West Coast has learned both Daniel Craig (who we think was awesome) and Judi Dench will return for Bond 22, which has not yet been given an actual name. We now know that our new favorite Bond girl Eva Green's character (Vesper Lynd) will indeed by back in the next flick.

Green recently told Entertainment Weekly that Vesper Lynd will be a... read more
Helping People Join The Mile High Club Helping People Join The Mile High Club
The Mile High Club. Need we say more? Not everyone's a member, but we've all thought about it. How cramped would that bathroom be anyway? Most of the best, um, laid plans for flying the really friendly skies break down because of the fear of getting busted. Well, not anymore thanks to a former Arizona mortgage broker named Jeff Reidel.

Jeff Riedel decided to chart a new flight plan when the mortgage market was down and started Mile High AZ, a company that can help couples join the Mile... read more
The Final Frontier The Final Frontier
Remember when you were a little kid on family vacation, nosed pressed against the glass of an airplane window, wishing that you were flying to the moon instead of Aunt Ida's for that family reunion? You still do that? Don't worry, so do we, and someone's almost got the whole joyride to the moon thing worked out. So, prepare to make a break from Aunt Mabel's cheek-pinching ritual, because Virgin Galactic anticipates testing their first completed pedestrian space-craft in late 2007.

Virgin... read more
Cutting Edge Comedy on TBS Cutting Edge Comedy on TBS
TBS is heading for the express checkout lane with 10 ITEMS OR LESS, a new late-night comedy series that combines scripted and improvisational elements. The series, co-created by acclaimed comedy improv actor John Lehr (Memron), goes behind the scenes at a family-owned grocery store and is supposedly pretty hilarious. It premieres on Monday, Nov. 27, at 11 p.m. (ET/PT).

In addition to the show's cast of improvisational actors, 10 ITEMS OR LESS also features some unexpected cast members, by... read more
Virtual Rock Star Virtual Rock Star
Are you man enough to admit you've played the Air Guitar? Who hasn't been inspired by the right song and a few too many beers to play a solo just like a rock god would. Luckily for your date, there was no actual guitar and no actual sound. That was, until now.

Scientists have actually created a T-shirt than makes music from air guitar moves. The inventive tee is equipped with motion sensors in the elbows that can track the arm movement's of the wearer. These movements are wirelessly... read more
The Largest Cigar In The World The Largest Cigar In The World
If you could smoke just one cigar in your life, what would you say your dream cigar would be? Most people would probably say that they would love to indulge in an expensive, and hard to find, hand-rolled Cuban cigar.

Would the size of the cigar matter? If size matters, then we have one huge cigar to tell you about. It seems that there is actually a cigar out there that is so big, it could possibly take forever to smoke it. Here's what we're talking about: Cigar rollers in Tampa have... read more
Win a Party!  Seriously. Win a Party! Seriously.
Do you like to party? We thought so. So here's some good news. Double Agent has teamed up with National Lampoon to host a contest where you can actually win your own party! In celebration of the release of the new Van Wilder movie -- the Rise of Taj-- we will come to you with our special events team, some beautiful double agents and throw a totally off the hook, raging good time.

Interested? Just click on "Win a Party" under the DA Features column to get to the contest page. From... read more
The Fall Window: Best Season for Dating Girls The Fall Window: Best Season for Dating Girls
Whether you're looking for love or just a little weekend action, the time to act, my friend, is now.

Double Agent spent two weeks polling one hundred girls (randomly selected in ten major cities from 18 to 30 years old) and across the board, they stated that fall is the season that the are most interested in dating you!

Our agents dug beneath this statistic to better understand the phenomenon that we are now calling the 'Fall Window.' Apparently, while the summer is regarded by a... read more
It Does a Body Good.

A brief hug and 10 minutes of handholding with a romantic partner greatly reduces the harmful physical effects of stress, according to a study conducted by the American Psychosomatic Society.

In an experiment by psychologist Karen Grewen of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, 185 adults with partners were split into two groups -- one group held hands while watching a video and then hugged for 20 seconds before being asked to discuss... read more
Leaked Intelligence on Casino Royale Leaked Intelligence on Casino Royale
Our agents just found this review of the new Bond Film from someone who attended a closed screening in London. Looks like great stuff.

Hey Harry, just got back from the Soho Hotel, London, watching what I think is the first test screening of the new Bond flick "Casino Royal."

My homie called me the other day and asked if I wanted to go to see the flick. No one knew it was the latest Bond instalment. Folks were told it was to see an action film called Alkazan or something, but my friend... read more
Date-Proofing Your Kitchen Date-Proofing Your Kitchen
If you're the average guy on the average date, at some point the following thought is going to occur to you: "Now what?" If you've done the dinner, the movie, the late night drinks and managed not to screw anything up, the answer to that question is going to involve trying to take her back to your place.

Let's assume that your game is decent and she's agreed to a
nightcap at your apartment -- your success will depend on creating the right setting. So, for the love of women, take a look at... read more
The Return of Lara Croft The Return of Lara Croft
So, who's the hottest female character in a video game? Last year we asked you that question and Lara Croft -- with her tight biking shorts and, um, big guns -- came in at #1. Originally released ten years ago (can you believe it?), Tomb Raider has been one of the most popular games that ever was and it certainly didn't hurt to have the incomparable Angelina Jolie playing her in the film versions.

"Tomb Raider: Anniversary" was inspired by the original 1996 Tomb Raider game but is... read more
Giant Swiss Army Knife Giant Swiss Army Knife
For all you former boy scouts out there, here's the niftiest but potentially most useless piece of camping equipment we've seen in awhile - the World's Largest Swiss Army Knife.

The Giant Swiss Army Knife (yes, that's its name) holds 85 tools and can be used for over 100 different functions. Not meant for the person who likes to travel light, this knife weighs just under 3 pounds and is 9" wide but don't worry, it has a key ring so can be carried on a belt loop. This unique special... read more