Intel on Hangovers Intel on Hangovers
Hangovers. There isn't much you can say about them other than they pretty much suck. We surveyed some DA fans outside the US to see what they do to ease the pain of the morning after. Here's some of the responses they sent in...

Finland: 'Saunas are the perfect cure for hangovers. We believe that it increases circulation, which helps to sweat out the alcohol at a faster rate.'

Russia: 'We eat a not-so-tasty meal of cabbage soup. This is a good way to replace the nutrients and water that... read more
The Curse of the Golden Flower The Curse of the Golden Flower
Named 'One of the best foreign films of the year' by the National Board of Review, the Curse of the Golden Flower is Zhang Yimou's latest historical drama. This past weekend, Chinese moviegoers paid 12.3 million U.S. dollars to see the new hit film, which will be released in the rest of Asia and North America beginning next week. Known best in America for directing House of the Flying Daggers, Chinese director Yimou uses an excess of color and melodrama in this epic martial arts tale.

With a... read more
Top 5 Mistletoe Tunes of 2006 Top 5 Mistletoe Tunes of 2006
It's that time of year again. The holidays. That means relatives you don't like, gifts you don't want, and the expenditure of time you don't have. But, just to balance things out a bit, it also means a (sorta) legitimate reason to lure that hottie-next-door under the mistletoe and lay one on her. If 'Jingle Bells doesn't put her in the mood, there have been plenty of smooch-worthy CDs released in 2006 and we picked out the best just for you. So, pucker up.

CD: Whatever People Say I Am,... read more
Looking for a Happy Ending? Looking for a Happy Ending?
As we all know, movie dates can be difficult. If you are not familiar with your date's taste, you may strike out if you go with your own. Of course, you can ask her what she wants to see, but then you might hear the dreaded 'whatever you want to see' or they will be expecting you to plan the date on your own. You may not be able to read her mind, but you should never underestimate the predictability of a woman. Even women who love independent films or scary flicks have a soft spot for the... read more
Buh Bye Voicemail Buh Bye Voicemail
We all love our cell phones. We couldn't live without them. In fact, we can't even remember what life was like before we had 'em. But we do have to admit that checking our voicemail pretty much sucks. You have to dial up the number, put in your code, press a button to continue, press another button to delete or save and just try to hear what that hot girl that finally called you at 2 AM is saying after a few drinks in a noisy club. Forget about it.

The people at Simulscribe have come up... read more
AtomFilms - Web or TV? AtomFilms - Web or TV?
In case you haven't heard, AtomFilms (which was acquired by MTV Networks earlier this year) has just relaunched their popular video site. We're big fans of the new lay-out and more importantly, Atom was one of the first sites to distribute Double Agent videos! Can you believe they've been in the on-line video game since 1999? The new site has a bigger player, a high resolution viewing option and downloadable content for playback on iPods and PSPs.

Be sure to check out the pilot episode... read more
Gift Ideas for Girls from Girls Gift Ideas for Girls from Girls
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Let us help.

With only 18 shopping days left before Christmas you may be feeling a bit desperate about what to buy for your better half. When it comes to holidays, women are expecting something out of the ordinary from you. Despite what you may think, it does not have to have an expensive price tag or be overly romantic. Take notes, because we are giving you some insider gift ideas and tips that will get you in good this holiday season.

1. Apparel.... read more
Horny Furry Lamp Horny Furry Lamp
This lamp would probably not make a cute holiday gift for your girl, and really has nothing to do with anything, but we think it's just so bizzarely cool. We've never seen anything like it. The object we are talking about is the Pupa Lamp. It's a lamp with fur. And, here's the punchline --- you have to turn it on to, um, turn it on. See, we told you it was interesting.

The lamp, created by progetta25zerol (whatever that is), features no switches. In order to turn on the power, or shut... read more
Dress like Timberlake Dress like Timberlake
Next time the thought of going shopping at the mall makes you want to vom, go to instead. Who or what is William Rast? Justin Timberlake, the man who successfully bagged (and kept) Cameron Diaz as his sweetie, came out with a clothing line and named it after his grandfather. If you believe in mojo by osmosis, these are definitely the clothes to buy.

Generally, the idea of another celebrity clothing line makes me want to hide in a corner, but William Rast seems different... read more