Kiss Your Nuts Goodbye Kiss Your Nuts Goodbye
Vacations are usually fun, but they can also be boring as hell, depending on where you go. Not interested in hanging out with your girlfriends parents this spring? We have a solution for you. Finland is known for its beautiful women, but there is also a vacation spot located there that has everyone talking, the Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen.

Our agents discovered this unconventional hotel in Lapland, Finland that allows its guests to stay in real igloos. Located about 100 miles to the... read more
Here she comes... Here she comes...
In case you missed it last night, which you probably did, Lauren Nelson of Oklahoma was crowned in Las Vegas as the 2007 Miss America. A student at the University of Central Oklahoma, Nelson is only 20 years old and hoping to obtain her master's degree in musical theatre one day. It is great to have high aspirations, but we have a feeling that once she gets a taste of fame she might follow in the footsteps of Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner or Miss Nevada 2006, Katie Rees. Both ladies have drawn a... read more
For Your Eyes Only For Your Eyes Only
Ever wish you could be like James Bond or Tom Cruise's character in Mission Impossible? Not only to get the hot girl, but to use cool spy tactics and gadgets? Well your wish is our command. Our agents have recently uncovered a service that self-destructs messages before they can fall into the wrong hands.

VaporStream, a new technology created by a New York-based company, allows you to completely wipe emails, instant messages and text messages so no trace is left behind. The only drawback is,... read more
What Happens Online, Stays Online  What Happens Online, Stays Online
Remember that bachelor party that got a little out of hand or the trip to Cancun where you woke up on a pool chair naked? Well, just in case your former roomate was there with a video camera, or has decided to write a blog about you, there's a new website that actually helps you erase these Tara Reid moments.

You probably figure no one will find out about that online skeleton in your closet, but these days, more companies and potential first dates can google your past antics, and you might... read more
Put on Your Red Light Put on Your Red Light
Whether you have seen a prostitute before in passing, in a film, or in a hotel, this week in Rio de Janerio they are making headlines for a completely different reason than you might be thinking (and we do know exactly what you are thinking).

The biannual Fashion Rio Show is known for bringing in big names and tiny figures, such as Giselle Bundchen. However, this year, it was a group of local sex workers who were causing all the buzz. An ex-prostitute and AID's activist, Gabriela Leite, was... read more
Every Hour is Happy Hour Every Hour is Happy Hour
The term "happy hour" originated in the United States Navy in the 1920's as slang for on-ship performances where sailors were usually intoxicated. These days, happy hour has taken on a whole new meaning, but have you ever wished for those hours to last all day?

You might not have to wish anymore, because plans for a "happy day" might actually become a reality. A House subcommittee in South Carolina has recently approved a legislation that may allow restaurants and bars to pick one day a week... read more
Earn College Credits for Dating Earn College Credits for Dating
When most of us think about college, we remember partying, sleeping in, drinking, hooking up and probably not much having to do with the finer points of education. Despite the amount of time most undergraduates spend focused on the opposite sex, they apparently still have a great deal to learn about them. That's why the University of Sioux Falls is offering a new course on dating.

The course, 'Finding Dates Worth Keeping, will begin in February, and will give students one full academic... read more
Yes There Is A Pillow Fight League Yes There Is A Pillow Fight League
Holy Crap! Your wildest dreams have just come true. That's right, we have just been informed that there is actually something out there called the Pillow Fight League. Stacy Case, 38, who is a musician and a T-shirt printer, thought up the ingenious idea that people would actually pay to see costumed women beat the crap out of each other with fluffy pillows, and that the women would actually volunteer to do so.

The idea came to him when his band played a New Year's Eve show in Toronto last... read more
Are Girls Quicker than Boys? Are Girls Quicker than Boys?
According to a recent study from Scotland, HALF of all women make their minds up within 30 seconds of meeting a man about whether he is potential boyfriend material, according to a study on speed-dating. The women were on average far quicker at making a decision than the men during some 500 speed dates at an event organised as part of Edinburgh Science Festival.

The scientists behind the research said this showed just how important "chat-up lines" were in dating. They found that those who... read more
Try this on for size Try this on for size
'The condom with the slightly larger package,' HUGE Brand Condom's name and tag line speaks for itself. Founded in 2004, the company aims at becoming the alternative to the boring condom brands we all know so well.

While the actual condoms in the box are standard size, the box declares to the world, your partner, and most importantly yourself, that you are HUGE. Sold exclusively at and, you can choose the box that best matches your recreational habits: the nightcap ... read more
Cameron Single Again Cameron Single Again
Um, really Justin? Who knows what goes on behind closed doors but it ain't gonna be easy to top Cameron. Of course the good news for the rest of you guys is that Cameron Diaz is now single again and apparently, she loves sex. Seriously, according to MSNBC, Diaz says sex is the best stress reliever, and, well pretty much the best cure for everything.

"Sex is the most amazing stress reliever. I actually think it's the best thing for everything! I think it should be 100 percent part of... read more
Fantastic 4 (& Jessica Alba) Returns Fantastic 4 (& Jessica Alba) Returns
Sure, it was a pretty decent movie but you gotta admit that Jessica Alba in a tight spacesuit was probably the main reason you picked out the DVD. The much anticipated second installment, Rise of the Silver Surfer, will open in June and yes, Jessica will be returning.

The movie's official website just launched this week (link can be found at end of this article) and here's what it says about the plot:

'Marvel's first family of superheroes, The Fantastic Four, meets their... read more
Are Models Too Skinny? Are Models Too Skinny?
Remember our report from last month that super thin models might be on their way off the catwalks? Well, now the Italian government is, um, weighing in on this serious matter and has joined with fashion chiefs to issue a proposal to stop using these girls in runway shows. Even more interesting is that they want these Italian fashion models (think cigarettes, nightclubbing in Milan and recreational drug use) to prove they are in good health!

The proposal, set to be officially signed soon,... read more