Bust a Move Bust a Move
The winter months are meant for neither poolside nor patio lounging. They are, however, meant for hitting the club, checking your coat, basking in the body heat of sexy, gyrating ladies, and getting your dance on. So, if you don't know how to dance, what are you planning on doing until April rolls around? Short of doing a lot of very concentrated drinking, it would seem like your best option is to learn how to shake your groove thing.

The Basics:

1) Don't believe the people that tell you... read more
Do It Like They Do on The Discovery Channel Do It Like They Do on The Discovery Channel
Valentine's Day may have already come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't start planning a fun, romantic outing for next year's holiday or a unique date for any occasion. Instead of the usual dinner and a movie, why not choose to do something a little different. Like, maybe filling the night with wild, animalistic sex. No, we aren't talking about that. We are talking about taking a sexy zoo tour together to learn about the sexual activities that go on in the wild.

Zoos throughout the... read more
Fantastic Voyage Fantastic Voyage
Is your girlfriend always bugging you to take her on a cruise, but you'd rather visit a proctologist than have to spend seven days cooped up on a ship with shuffleboard players and bad lounge singers? Civilization of Beer founder Samuel Merritt must have been in your shoes before, because he invented the European Brewery River Cruise Tour.

Set to depart on April 4, 2007, this cruise might not thrill your woman off the bat, but once you get a couple beers in her it will be smooth sailing. With... read more
She Hears the Secrets That You Keep, When You're Talking in Your Sleep She Hears the Secrets That You Keep, When You're Talking in Your Sleep
When you think of sex, sleep might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, it is probably the last. Unless, of course, it's the blissful dreams you have after an all night sack session. Recently, Travelodge polled 2,000 people in the UK and found that sex came in as people's fourth favorite night time activity. Surprisingly, it fell behind reading, checking out whatever's on TV, and sleeping itself. When people aren't busy with mundane activities or getting busy, they have more than... read more
Office Romance Perks and Pitfalls Office Romance Perks and Pitfalls
You go to the office day in and day out, seeing the same people for at least eight hours each day. Since some jobs don't leave much extra time for a life outside of the office, including time for romance, a lot of people manage to find love or lust with their co-workers, the cute girl in the mailroom, or even their boss.

For starters, office romances are easy and convenient (did we mention the mailroom?). But, it is common knowledge that if you aren't prepared to deal with the consequences,... read more
Indecent Proposal Indecent Proposal
Will You Marry Me? These might be the four scariest words you will ever utter. But if you are planning on saying them soon, be sure to do your homework on the do's and don'ts of marriage proposals. The proposal might only take a couple minutes, but the marriage (hopefully) will last a lifetime.


Use your connections. If you work for a television station or have friends at one, tell them to hook you up. Go on air so you can proclaim your love publicly.

Be creative and spontaneous.... read more
Support New Orleans by Getting Drunk at Mardi Gras Support New Orleans by Getting Drunk at Mardi Gras
The city of New Orleans, generally speaking, is happy to get you drunk any day of the year. However, Mardi Gras (and the preceding two weeks, known as Carnival), is one of the best occasions of the year to take in the city's alcoholic splendors. And, of course, there's plenty else to look at during this February 20 party extravaganza than large, red drinks in a cup, like girls, parades, and loads of parties.

Here are the basics:

Dates: Mardi Gras is always celebrated on the Tuesday that... read more
Drunken Debating Drunken Debating
We have a feeling that at some point in your life, the following scenario has happened to you: You are out with your friends, you are wasted, and in your drunken stupor, you decide to start a debate about a pointless subject. Who really cares what bra size Pamela Anderson wears? Regardless of the topic, you have to find out the right answer, but, more importantly, it is times like this that every man feels the need to prove he is right and shove it in the face of his friend. This is where... read more
New York City Helps You Hook Up New York City Helps You Hook Up
New York City and the Department of Health want to make riding the D train downtown safer, free of charge. No, I'm not talking about increasing security on the subways; I'm talking about NYC handing out free, specially packaged condoms.

While NYC currently hands out about 1.5 million condoms in ordinary wrappers, a new packaging, expected to resemble the colorful subway map, is going to be released just in time for Valentines Day. It is their hope that this new packaging will appeal to New... read more
V-day Counter-Intelligence V-day Counter-Intelligence
This Valentine's Day, you and your friends might be looking to take advantage of your singleness by going out, getting drunk and attempting to hook up. But, before you venture out, you should be aware of the different kinds of single women that will also be hitting the town. Whether you want her to be struck by Cupid's arrow or wish he would take you out of your misery, below you can find a simple guide to the types you might come in contact with on V-day and how to deal.

Type Casting:
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Think Outside the Box Think Outside the Box
Ah, Valentine's Day. That magic time of year when your knees turn to mush, your credit card trembles, and your girl's thoughts turn to the lavish gifts she hopes to receive. Of course, you could always just buy her roses. (Unlike most repeat gifts, she probably won't throw a dozen American Beauties back in your face). Or, you could actually get her something original this year, even if pre-planning isn't your strong suit. But what? Before you start flagellating yourself from frustration, read on... read more
What Women Really Want Out of a One Night Stand What Women Really Want Out of a One Night Stand
The real risk of a one night stand is not contracting herpes, although that sucks (err, I've heard), or the girl getting attached (you're not that good Don Juan), or even the awkward "so...I'll...uh, give you a call," next morning conversation. The real risk is accidentally giving women what they really want--a beloved article of your clothing.

Whether it's your favorite pair of lacrosse shorts or a t-shirt so soft that babies compare the softness of their butts to it, women will steal it.... read more
The Cheating Curve The Cheating Curve
Do you still drunk dial your ex who ran off with your best friend last year? Are you still scarred from walking in on the love of your life and the plumber in bed together? Well, in the past year, a survey in the United Kingdom was released stating that 40 percent of women cheat in comparison with 34 percent of men. These statistics seem to disprove every bad country song and Lifetime movie by showing that it is actually women who are straying more than men. If you have never cheated, you might... read more
Every Girl is Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man Every Girl is Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man
You may think that because you're a guy, you don't have to worry about fashion. The problem with that thought process is the fact that women do worry about fashion, so if you want to get the girl, you need to get some style. We talked to some of our agents and an expert or two to find out what you might be doing wrong. The major consensus is that you are probably wearing the wrong clothing for your body type (or you have absolutely no style). Wondering whether you dress well? If you have never... read more