Hangover Helper Hangover Helper
You've been out drinking all night with your buddies. After multiple beers, shots and mixed drinks, you are feeling pretty good. Fast track to the next morning when you wake up on your friend's floor or in some random bed. Did you oversleep a job interview or are you suppose to meet your girlfriend's parents in a couple hours? Looking like a homeless person and reaking of tequila probably will not impress either party.

Luckily, there is a quick fix to this common problem--the Hangover Helper... read more
Weird Science Weird Science
You're a lover, not a fighter right? But when it comes to the games you play on your PS3, we bet you love a good fight and maybe killing some people here and there. Believe it or not, now you can use your system to help fight diseases (and we aren't talking about that one you picked up on Spring Break). We are talking about the kind of diseases that doctors would love to find cures for.

Sony has paired up with Stanford University to work on what is called the Folding@Home project. By... read more
Get Rich or Die Trying Get Rich or Die Trying
They say money can't buy happiness, but can it lead to a better sex life? A recent study conducted by well-known researchers Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince looked at the correlation between being very wealthy and having an exciting sex life. The people surveyed had a net worth of $89 million and each made more than $9 million a year. Which makes us surprised that they even had enough time to have sex, considering the hours they must spend signing checks and riverdancing on their piles of... read more
The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down
The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down is a satire on Los Angeles nightlife and the hipsters in the Cahuenga scene. Along with killer graphics, the memorable characters will take you through the "do's" and "dont's" of partying in LA. In case you still don't get it, there is also a group of scientists who will help explain the scientific side of "getting down" and why things really work the way they do.

Released in LA on March 23, 2007, this indie flick is part documentary, part narrative... read more
Mr. Wrong Mr. Wrong
All women are looking for a certain type of guy (or the perfect combination of a couple of them), but there are certain types of men that turn the ladies off every time. Here are the top five that we try to steer clear of and some advice on how you can change your ways if you recognize yourself in one (or more) of them.

Mr. Needy: This guy is always emotional and quick to share his feelings with a girl. Women like men who are confident and independent, so don't talk about your insecurities... read more
Shooter Shooter
It doesn't matter if you call him Mark Wahlberg or Marky Mark. The only thing that matters is that if he is in the film, it is going to kick ass. From the tri-pod pornstar in Boogie Nights to his Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of a badass detective in The Departed, Mark Wahlberg constantly delivers entertaining and exciting films. Shooter is no exception and will not disappoint. The film, which is due out March 23, 2007, also stars Michael Pena, Danny Glover, Elias Koteas, Rade... read more
Rocket Man Rocket Man
Have you ever wished you could fly? Unfortunately, the annoyance of physics and gravity has prevented humans from springing from the ground and taking to the air. Until now. A former Swiss military pilot and inventor, Yves Rossy, has made the dream of flying an amazing reality.

In 2003, Rossy started his Flying Man project by jumping out of a plane with a set of clumsy wings strapped to his back. While this sounds like something you would see Homer Simpson attempt drunk, the result was a... read more
Vacancy Vacancy
If you're looking for a movie that will make your date jump into your lap, Sony Pictures' Vacancy might be your best bet. Lucky for us, the hot Kate Beckinsale took over for Sarah Jessica Parker's role as Amy Fox and stars alongside Luke Wilson (David Fox) in this thriller.

When the Fox's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the couple is forced to spend the night in a questionable motel. With cockroaches crawling out of the floors and brown liquid oozing from the faucet, their... read more
When Irish Eyes are Smiling When Irish Eyes are Smiling
The patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle, banishing all vestiges of sobriety from the rest of the Western World. Patrick spread the Christian faith in the British Isles, and now spreads good cheer on March 17...the day he died in 460 A.D. On this holiday, people change their heritage for a day and celebrate by consuming vast quantities of corned beef and cabbage, Guinness, Harp, and anything else they can get their hands on.

Parades will march... read more
D8 Texting D8 Texting
Your first date went well. You are pretty sure she had a good time. She didn't seem that mad when you spilled that glass of red wine on her white dress and you definitely want to see her again. But now you have to fumble through a clumsy next day call. Should you come up with an amusing anecdote? Should you tell her the story about the fat old naked guy in the gym locker room who accidentally sat on your Ipod? Thanks to technology, these are decisions you no longer have to make, and you can... read more
A Guys Guide to Surviving March Madness With Your Girl A Guys Guide to Surviving March Madness With Your Girl
The NCAA is responsible for the demise of more than its share of relationships. How are we supposed to pay any attention to our significant other when 64 teams play a total of 72 games over the course of a few weeks? It is the time of year when girlfriends across the country will ask "why don't you just watch the last two minutes?" It is the time of year when you become a die hard Wonkonkamo Bay University fan just because they managed to knock your buddy's championship team out of your pool.... read more
Children of Men Children of Men
In two weeks, the provocative film Children of Men is getting ready to be released on DVD and HD-DVD on March 27, 2007. Acclaimed director Alfonso Cuaron, who also directed Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, delivers an intense, stimulating thriller in this futuristic tale.

The film's stars, Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, deliver powerful performances and veteran supporting actor Michael Caine demonstrates why he has been given the Best Actor Award by the New York Critics and has won... read more
If You Can't Make It--Fake It If You Can't Make It--Fake It
In case you missed the best fake orgasm of all time, in When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan gave an outstanding performance that proved to men everywhere that women had honed their faking abilities way before the 80's. But is faking it just a female skill or do men know how to play the game just as well?

48 percent of the 9,100 men polled on the online dating site Lavalife.com say that they too have faked an orgasm. "When it comes to faking orgasms, people assume that it's primarily done by women... read more
Get Your Kicks Get Your Kicks
If dressing rooms could talk, we would like to think they would have plenty to say about sexual escapades between employees and customers. Thanks to Adidas, we might not be able to ever find out what happens behind closed doors, but we will be able to choose the right shoes.

While this might seem to be something aimed at women, the technology that is available in the dressing room and in the store is something that can only be appreciated by men. Adidas has recently opened the world's most... read more
Mainly Manly Mainly Manly
For those of you who are sick of teasingly being called a metrosexual by everyone you know, this one is for you. Although we are all sick of the word, women actually do prefer a man who is comfortable enough with themselves to wear tight designer jeans and idolize David Beckham, but there are some instances that you do not want to show how in touch you are with your feminine side.

Don't let it bug you: When a cockroach or rat comes into the mix, do not scream and/or run away. This will show... read more
Let the Music Play Let the Music Play
Remember the song that was playing the first time you sealed the deal? Yeah, neither do we. But if you still like to listen to tunes while you are getting it on, Ondo Creations, a company in Hong Kong, has invented a CD of mood music packaged along with their Idom condoms.

If you have trouble deciding which flavor fits the bill, Idom condom's come in four distinct music volumes: asiamint, berry, chocotasy, and bananaism. Each volume has a different mood associated with it, such as Berry (Get... read more
Catching a Cougar Catching a Cougar
The term "Cougar" originated in Vancouver and was used to describe older women who wait until the bar is closing and then go home with whatever younger man is left standing. Over time, the term has evolved slightly and now refers to women in their 30's and 40's who are financially stable, but who choose to date substantially younger men. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Why go for a cougar? There are two important reasons: experience and confidence. Older women are more comfortable with... read more
Prepare for Glory: 300 Prepare for Glory: 300
From the creator of Sin City, this film is based on Frank Miller's epic graphic novel 300, which chronicles the battle of Thermopylae between King Leonidas' 300 Spartan warriors and Xerxes and his enormous Persian army. Horribly outnumbered, the Spartan warriors inspire all of Greece to unite and fight for democracy.

Directed by Zack Snyder, this battle-driven film has enough blood for the action junky, while staying true to the story told by Miller's novel. The actors were put through an... read more