The Ex Effect The Ex Effect
For some, the end of relationship means making a clean break, never seeing the other person again, and easily moving on to another relationship without having to worry about the burden of excess baggage. For others, the end of a relationship means that the other person may no longer be a lover, but still remains a friend. While it is perfectly normal to remain friends with an ex, it could cause tension when it comes to future relationships. That is, of course, unless you know what to do to... read more
Bikini Cut Bikini Cut
When two ideas merge together, we usually call it ingenious and wonder how life ever existed when the two ideas were separate entities. This can now be said about the merging of the daunting task of lawn work and the always appreciated view of a woman in her bikini.

A Memphis company called Tiger Time Lawn Care knows what their customers want, and it's a little eye candy along with their lawn cutting service. Owner Lee Cathey is definitely one of the smartest men in the lawn care business.... read more
Admit An Attraction Admit An Attraction
Are you a man of few words who has a hard time chatting up a cute girl at the bar/club? Guess're not alone. A lot of guys have a hard time coming on to a prospective hottie without a) coming off sounding egotistical, b) coming off sounding like an idiot, or c) saying so little that she can't figure you out why you are standing in front of her to begin with. Have you ever seen a girl on the subway or at a store, but you didn't know how to approach her or what to say? The solution--join... read more
Plastic Action Plastic Action
Did you ever dream about having an action figure that looked just like you? Well, thanks to, it looks like you can turn your dream into a plastic reality. For a few hundred dollars, you can have an action figure made of yourself, your girlfriend or even your celebrity crush. Just remember, this is an action figure, not a blow up doll. What you choose to do with your action figure is up to you.

Ordering your 12 inch likeness is easy: send an email to sales@herobuilders... read more
Home James Home James
With everyone getting DUIs these days, it is just a reminder that there is no need to get drunk and drive. If you enjoy getting sloshed, but need a way to get home, instead of dialing your ex, now you can phone Home James. The drivers get to you by bike, take your keys, put their scooter in your trunk, then allow you to pass out while they get you home safely. No hassles, no DUI, no problem.

The drivers show up in Mod suits and speak with fake british accents and their scooters are specially... read more
Work Your Love Muscle Work Your Love Muscle
Hopefully you have been spending your free time at the gym lately, because a recent study has shown that women are more attracted to men who have muscles. While you have probably figured that out for yourself over the years, researchers have discovered why women go ga-ga for overinflated body parts.

If you haven't been beefing up then you have probably missed out on a multitude of sex-capades. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles interviewed 99 male undergraduates about... read more
Follow the Stars Follow the Stars
Knowing the astrological sign of your love interest can not only help you with planning the first or next date, but it can also help you avoid arguments and basically, read their mind. If you haven't had the birthday talk yet, subtly get it in the next conversation. Trust us, get in tune with her sign and you will become her shining star.

Aries:(March 21 - April 19)
Plan an outdoorsy date, Aries are typically athletic and competitive. Have your first kiss under a tree or in a tent ... read more
8 Minutes to Love 8 Minutes to Love
A lot can happen in 8 minutes. Most men know that a lot can happen in just five minutes, but they usually aren't too proud of it. While there are all kinds of things that can happen in 8 minutes we won't mention, there is a new one that is almost guaranteed to get you a date.

An up-and-coming service that has taken the dating community by storm is an even quicker version of the usual speed dating--8 minute speed dating. This is actually one of the best case scenarios for dating because you... read more
Unleash the Force Unleash the Force
Gamers rejoice. We have a sneak peek into the next Star Wars game that has yet to be released-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Set to come out in 2008, Krome Studios will be making the PSP/PS2 version, and n-Space will be creating the Nintendo DS version. So, where does the Wii come into play? A LucasArts rep said, "even if that version does happen, it probably wouldn't be 'the lightsaber game' that gamers have eagerly been awaiting." So, it looks like you won't be getting the chance to use your ... read more
Water Water Everywhere Water Water Everywhere
"Bottled or tap?" is an annoying enough question, but come August, when Evian's "palace bottle" will be arriving at fancy restaurants, select hotels, restaurants and clubs throughout the country, you will hear an extra option to the usual question. The fancy "palace bottle" is presented as if it were a bottle of champagne and will be delivered to your glass using custom coasters and a ceremonial pourer. This pourer, however, is not a hot waitress, but an actual pouring device made for this new... read more
Fright Night Fright Night
It's been estimated that around $900 million dollars will be lost in business today because people will not fly or do business that they would normally do. There are even people who suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobics, which means that they are afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Just how many Americans at the turn of the millennium still suffer from this condition? According to Dr. Donald Dossey, a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of phobias, the figure... read more
Just Ping It Just Ping It
With texting become the norm these days, it sucks when you aren't fast enough to type a quick message to that hottie you met last night, or you are too damn lazy to write out what you want to say. A new service helps you work around your

Pinger is a service that allows you to send a text message via a recorded voice message. According to the website, "Pinger is instant voice messaging for your mobile phone. With Pinger you send voice messages directly to someone... read more
Field of Dreams Field of Dreams
It's sort of a right of passage; girlfriends nagging their man about their obsessive sports watching habits and men wondering why they can't shut up. But, feeling deserted on Sundays during the winter is nothing compared to the neglect felt by a baseball fanatic's girlfriend.

"It doesnít really bother me," says Lauren Hoffmann, the abandoned girlfriend of a Yankees fan. "Until we moved in together, it was never an issue, but I was just thinking the other day how I couldn't wait until... read more
Dont Stop Till You Get Enough Dont Stop Till You Get Enough
What competition has slews of underground fans looming with anticipation? The World Series is still months away and the Super Bowl is even further. So, what could it be that has everyone's mouth watering in restless excitement? Competitive eating.

Professional eating is an incredibly lucrative sport, if you're good. The most famous competitors can make thousands off one competition. But, competitors cannot linger in one food group. This is a year long sport if you want to make a career out of... read more
A Side of Porn A Side of Porn
There are two things that are almost certainly on every guy's (and some girls) weekend and porn. One Canadian entrepreneur has realized just how important these two weekend staples are for some people, and has decided to cash in on it with his a new business idea--Porno Pizza. Open until 5 a.m., you have to be over 18 to order, but you are guaranteed to get more than your fill of pizza.

Thanks to Corey Wildeman, anyone hungry and horny and looking for a quick fix can have... read more
Its Just Lunch Its Just Lunch
If you live in a big city than you've heard the myth; people are either too busy or too picky to find a mate. So, what if the entire process was made easier? The idea of It's Just Lunch is made clear in its title. This is casual dating for busy business professionals. Drinks after work or a weekday lunch that lasts no longer than your lunch break promises nothing but company with possibilities. If you find a potential love match, great, if you don't, the suffering is short and painless.
... read more
Objects May Be Larger Than They Appear Objects May Be Larger Than They Appear
As much as women dream of having a smaller waist, so does a man wish for a larger penis. We are a culture obsessed with physical appearances and we will do just about anything to fix what we don't like, whether that's going under the knife, trying out the latest fad diet, or hopping on the hottest contraptions. So, what if someone told you, after all of those years of wishing and hoping, that you can actually make your object larger than it appears--without having to go under the knife?
... read more
Playboy on Screen Playboy on Screen
For most guys, Hugh Hefner is a god. There is so much about him to envy, it is no surprise that guys everywhere, and many of women too, think of him as a sexual icon. He's mega-rich, has three sexy girlfriends, and he's always surrounded by beautiful, half-naked women. While Hef has conquered many media outlets with his popular magazines, videos, and television reality show, we have yet to see much of him on the big screen.

Well, that's all about to change because Brett Ratner is bringing Hef... read more
World Weird Web World Weird Web
There are all kinds of Web sites on the Internet today. Some, we visit religiously because we are addicted to their content and others, we visit because we can't believe they exist. Instead of the usual busty babe sites you frequent, here are some unusual sites you can visit tonight--whether you get excited from them is your own business.

Apparently there is a lot to learn about your belly lint, because this site is dedicated to telling you all... read more