Get a Clue Get a Clue
Any guy who has ever been in a relationship knows that women can ask some pretty tricky questions and expect some very specific answers. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid her asking these types of questions, but, there are ways that you can answer them in a way that will diffuse the bomb before it goes off.

Your girlfriend catches you glancing at a hot girl and asks if you think that the other woman attractive. While you instincts may want you to just say yes--just say no. Your best bet... read more
Scent of a Man Scent of a Man
Wearing the wrong cologne, or not knowing how to wear it properly, can make any man, regardless of how good he looks or how smooth his moves are, become the guy that no one wants to date. The good news is that there are some tips that will help you to smell good instead of having an odor that makes women pass out.

The type of cologne you wear depends on three factors: the season, how old you are and where you will wear it. Just because you're young doesn't mean you can't wear a high class,... read more
Get Physical Get Physical
Everyone has something that they like about the opposite sex and something that they want their partner to bring with them to the relationship. Some want a woman who knows the difference between a MAC and a Dell, others want a woman who knows how to strut her stuff at the club. If your niche is the physically fit, then is for you.

Physically fit singles from around the world have already signed up to use the site's services and find a date that feels as adamant about... read more
Finish the Fight Finish the Fight
As of midnight last night, Halo 3 is now available for your playing pleasure. The game will not begin right where Halo 2 left off, instead, the comic mini-series, Halo: Uprising, will bridge the story gap between the ending of Halo 2 and the beginning of Halo 3. To know more before buying, read the insider info:

A first-person shooter, the game follows Master Chief and his struggle against the Covenant and the Flood. Largely on foot, the game also offers vehicles available for the player to... read more
For Love and Money For Love and Money
In a society where 59% of marriages end in divorce you have to wonder how many of these marriages could have been saved with a little financial counseling? Here are a few things to think about when it comes to coupling your finances and making a financially sound relationship.

It is important to understand who you and your partner are financially. Some people are frugal to a fault while others spend money haphazardly. Even if you live in two completely different financial worlds, there are... read more
What a Girl Wants What a Girl Wants
Since the dawn of time, men have fought tirelessly to understand the opposite sex. Even the famous psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, asked, "What do women want?" While there has been some success in identifying what makes women tick, there are still a lot of men who feel they're at a complete loss. While the battle for understanding wages on, here are a few guerrilla tactics to help you win the war.

She needs to trust you: No matter how secure and independent a girl is, she'll always feel the... read more
Finish First Finish First
If the saying "nice guys finish last" has become your motto and life story, then you probably spend time wondering why the chicks keep flocking to the bad boys who treat them like garbage? Fortunately for you, the explanations are simple and the solution is even simpler:

She doesn't feel as if a good guy can protect her like a bad boy can. Some women see a guy with nice manners as annoying and wimpy, which can lead them to think that, even though he will treat her like a goddess, he wouldn't... read more
Stripper Kittens Stripper Kittens
To make your car look like it is carrying the man every woman should know, invest in a stripper kitten. Do not take this literally; this is not a cat in various stages of undress. Instead, it is a scantily clad woman who will hold onto your antenna for dear life while you cruise through traffic.

Even though you may never be able to score with her in real life, you can score yourself a Stripper Kitten in the likeness of the porno hottie, Jenna Jameson (for less than $10.) According to the... read more
Foreign Attraction Foreign Attraction
Men's Health polled 40,000 of its readers around the world and found that American men aren't getting nearly as much as foreign men do. The results found that each year men in foreign countries get some on 70 more occasions than American men. Why is this that foreign men are such studs and American men seem to be sexual duds?

Americans definitely have a love for cars, but are they using them to their fullest potential? Australian men do. Around 75 percent of them have enjoyed a romp or two... read more
Fantasy World Fantasy World
Women are not aroused in the same manner as a man. While men get aroused at the sight of an object that they desire, women are aroused by the thought. Millions of woman use fantasies during masturbation in order to orgasm. In fact, studies show that most women cannot achieve an orgasm without using their mind. Yes, that means we fantasize during sex too, but many women are afraid they'll hurt their guy's feelings or are afraid of the fantasy itself.

Here's a list of the top 5 fantasies women... read more
G Marks the Spot G Marks the Spot
The g spot is a mystery that many men can't solve. Some believe it's only a myth, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster; Others think they've found it, but aren't really sure. For those few who actually know where it is, they are considered to be gods among their friends, their girl's friends, and just about anyone who will listen to them tell the tale of one day finding their partner's Holy Grail.

If you haven't figured out where the g spot is, don't worry, you aren't alone. But, if you... read more
Need for Speed Need for Speed
If you feel the need for speed, but also want to spend a little time relaxing, then there are two fun vacation options out there for you. You can thank the Jim Russell Racing School for partnering with two great California destinations in order to offer you the kind of vacation guys have always dreamed of; speed racing and massages.

The Monaco in Sonoma: "The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa has partnered with the Jim Russell Racing School to offer this special "Monaco in Sonoma" package-... read more
Football Fantasy Football Fantasy
While women may never truly understand men's obsession with the sport of football, it doesn't mean they want to be left out of the game. All it takes is some extra effort on your part to explain to your woman why she will benefit from partaking in the obsession that is fantasy football. This football season, learn how to get your girl in on the fantasy football extravaganza you call life.

It's Free. Explain to her that she won't lose money, but you can offer to let the loser give sexual... read more
Booze Tubes Booze Tubes
If you want to be the center of attention at the next party you attend, and not for dancing like a fool, grab Go Wodka and become the chick magnet you were always destined to be. The innovative tube of alcoholic goodness will keep you hydrated and hopefully keep your hands free to wander.

Considered to be "The World's First Drink in the Tube," GO Wodka looks like a toothpaste tube, but kicks like an alcoholic beverage. According to the site, "No more inconvenient can or glass bottle that... read more
Tongue Twister Tongue Twister
Apparently, a kiss means more than just a simple kiss, at least according to a new study that has been conducted. While you may be saying one thing with your words, your lips and kissing style may be telling her another story. Double check to ensure that your kissing strategy is not giving her the wrong signs.

A team from New York State University questioned more than 1,000 students and found that women feel that kissing means a lot to them, while men don't feel quite the same way. While this... read more
Love Shack Love Shack
If you aren't Internet savvy, or just don't have the time it takes to find everything you need for a great night out, then you should get on the one-stop-shop: Use it to land a date, hook up a date and successfully pull it off.

Their claim: "Hookup Shack was founded on the concept of a social dating community with a twist of fun. We wanted to bring together all the things that relate to dating. And we're doing our best to provide tools, services, and resources that help... read more
Table for Six Table for Six
Table for Six touts themselves as "California's Premier Matchmaking & Social Club For Single Professionals." They not only help you find love, they do it by sending you on "adventures," (i.e. not your typical dinner for two).

Around since 1997, the company has been responsible for over 1,100 marriages and thousands upon thousands of romances, friendships, and network connections. When you sign up with Table for Six, their counselors will work along with you to find out everything there is to... read more
Suit Up Suit Up
The internal debate of which superhuman power you could have, if you could choose, is one that we all are familiar with. While they all have obvious potential, who wouldn't want the ability to scale walls, fling webs, and catch thieves? Thanks to some enterprising Italian scientists, the idea of being able to scale a wall in an outfit similar to Spiderman's may be one that isn't too far away from reality.

Soon, humans may have a suit that mimics the Velcro-like cling action that insects enjoy... read more
Beer Fest Beer Fest
Now that Labor Day has come and gone, what better way to celebrate the end of summer then with a flight of all the beer festivals you can muster in a month. From coast to coast, here are the top picks of the best hops smelling, beer guzzling, Beirut playing beer festivals around.

The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado: The king of all beer festivals, deemed the 'ultimate event for tasting the beer's of the globe's greatest nation' and called the "swirling, dynamic, luminous core... read more
Dream Girl Dream Girl
You're rich, live in a nice house, drive an expensive car, and are so ridiculously good looking that you make Brad Pitt look like a toothless hobo. Short of signing up for The Bachelor, if you want a date whose lifestyle, looks, and bank account rival yours, then you should check out

The site explains just what a successful man will find when he joins: "He is not looking for a cute face with shallow personality. He is looking for fabulous, smart, funny, sexy, fearless,... read more