Talk It Out Talk It Out
Studies show that men are conscious of their stamina, lasting long enough, and their size, but women have plenty of insecurities as well. In today's sexual millennium, women no longer believe that men hold sole responsibility for a good, plentiful, and healthy sex life. Women are proud to carry half the weight, but with that burden come the same insecurities that men have, including the time it takes to orgasm and the fear that she's doing something wrong.

A recent poll showed that women and... read more
Undress Her Costume Undress Her Costume
What a woman wears for Halloween can say a lot about her. She may be sending out single and looking to mingle signals, or she might be telling you to bugger off. If you want to know her status or how wild of a night she wants, pay attention to her costume this Halloween.


If you run into a sexy, scantily-clad superhero, be ready to meet a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. She might even find you before you find her. Chances are she is also... read more
I Do: Robo Style I Do: Robo Style
For anyone who thinks that marriage is merely a quick-step toward divorce, an ancient tradition of our ancestors, or just a latent improbability, here's something new and different for you to consider. By the year 2050, some scientists and psychologists believe that humans and robots will be tying the knot.

That's exactly what an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands thinks and has spent the last couple of years researching for his dissertation.... read more
Invisible Touch Invisible Touch
The newest gadget from Samsung, the QUAD pen, features an electronic sensor located at its tip that records every movement into a tiny memory chip housed within its body. This technology allows you to write on any surface as the data is stored into the pen, which can later be transferred to your computer. No details have been released yet explaining exactly which surfaces this entails (female skin? trees? concrete?) or what happens if you have naturally fugly handwriting. Samsung hopes that they... read more
Appliance of Science Appliance of Science
Next time you have extra beer lying around (if that day ever comes), save it for the rainy day you might need it for something other than drinking. Reasons to respect the beer more than you do already:

Play the hero, shake and spray. This might not save you in a burning building, but it will impress the ladies at the next tailgate party when your grill goes up in flames.

When you get the cooking bug, grab some ale to give your meat some... read more
Hot on the Block Hot on the Block
Hot on the Block introduces the up-and-comers who are quickly climbing their way to the IT girl spot in Hollywood. These are the untapped resources that have yet to be tarnished by sex tapes, drug scandals and numerous divorces. Think--freshman.

Blake Lively

Blake is only 20, which might have something to do with her scandal-free name, but she is starring in one of biggest tv hits on right now--Gossip Girl. While most of its viewers are primarily women, it centers around rich high... read more
Spice Things Up Spice Things Up
Who you are in bed can sometimes be directly related to who you are in life. If you are typically shy in public, you might have a hard time talking dirty in the sack. If you are very outgoing normally, you might be the adventurous type who has their own goody drawer (and closet). While you might be a geek on the street, but a freak in the bed; if you feel that your bedroom antics need some heat, here are some simple tips to add some spice.

Change up your nooky repertoire. The same moves and... read more
Bag It Bag It
Bags aren't just for women anymore, which isn't to say that you should start carrying a purse. While most men manage to cram all of their possessions in their pockets, with all of the technology we're packing, it would be nice to have a bag that can do the heavy lifting.

The type of bag that you choose is very important. Unlike messenger bags, which have only one strap and can be uncomfortable and heavy, a Metro Pack offers two comfortable straps and tons of compartments for all your junk.... read more
In the Can In the Can
If your favorite room in the house is the bathroom, there is a 74-year-old Korean man who shares your fascination. On November 11, Sim Jae-Duck plans to unveil the world's first and only house that is shaped like a toilet in Korea. The 4,508 square foot structure will be made from glass and concrete, and will feature all the amenities that you could want and, of course, some kick ass bathrooms.

Although the house is see-through, the bathrooms won't be. The main bathroom will offer music to... read more
Time Out Time Out
According to a new survey from AXE Vice men's grooming products, many girls may be a whole lot naughtier than they'll have you believe. AXE partnered with Impulse Research Corporation to ask 1,044 women, aged 18-30, about their mischievous sides. If you have ever wondered about how many women think just like you, the craziest places they have ever hooked up and which city has the naughtiest women in the land, look no further.

The Stats

Almost nine out of 10 women (87 percent)... read more
World's Dirtiest Film World's Dirtiest Film
AXE Shower and David Spade have teamed up to make "The World's Dirtiest Film," featuring user-generated scenes of guys and girls getting dirty--literally. Users can submit their own footage at for a chance to make the final cut and be included in this short-length film. If you can't think of an idea on your own, use their generated dirty ideas to get your film started.

The film will be presented by David Spade and one lucky person will win a starring role in a... read more
Trick & Treat Trick & Treat
It is that time of year again when men and women can go out in public with little to no clothing on and pretend it is for a reason. If you are single, then enjoy Halloween for all its scantily clad enjoyment. If you are in a couple, be original this year and make some one of a kind costumes that won't be forgotten.

Camera Man and Girls Gone Wild Girl

You have probably seen these videos more time than you can count, so use your knowledge to make this costume. Get yourself a T-shirt and... read more
We Own the Night We Own the Night
"We Own the Night," which takes its title from the 1980s-era slogan of the N.Y.P.D's street crime unit, is a raw and intense film about familial ties, the bond of blood, brotherhood and love. With an all star cast that includes Academy Award winner Robert Duvall and Academy Award nominees Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg, who also serve as the film's producers, this film promises to live up to its much hyped reputation.

Director James Gray is no stranger to mobster and corruption films.... read more
Break It Off Break It Off
While just about every relationship starts out hot and heavy, unfortunately, for many couples, the fireworks eventually fizzle out. While some couples don't need that new relationship feeling to know that they're in it for the long haul, others may not be sure about their relationships' futures if they don't feel like they did in those first few months. You may want to consider taking the dreaded relationship term---a break.

Be warned, this isn't a decision to be taken lightly. If you aren't... read more
More Than Words More Than Words
As multiple studies have proven over time, most of us now know that women are the more deceptive of the two sexes and the most likely to cheat. With that in the back of your mind, how can you tell when she is interested in running back into bed with her ex?

Does she talk about him just about every chance she gets? While it can be annoying to hear about some other guy that has seen your girlfriend naked, it doesn't mean that she wants him back. She may still be friends with him, or may even... read more
The Pick Up Artist The Pick Up Artist
Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard of the hit VH1 reality show, The Pick-up Artist. Now, master manipulators or "pick-up artists" as they prefer to be called, are popping up in every bar, club, and coffee shop this side of Tucumcari. Here's how you can master the skills it takes to become the next "Mystery."

Break the ice: You won't meet anyone if you don't meet them. She's not going to approach you, so what are you waiting for? Women tend to travel in packs, which in the... read more
Fall Lineup Fall Lineup
Now that baseball season is coming to a close and your sports addiction has slid into a more manageable weekend time slot, what are you going to do with all that free time during the week? As luck should have it, you're just in time for the bombardment of fall's television line-up and what better way to make up for the months of absence from your relationship then cuddling up on your couch for a night filled with drama that is not your own.

If you're weary of devoting your nights to a load... read more
The HeartBreak Kid The HeartBreak Kid
The Farrelly Brothers, known for such comedic classics as Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, There's Something About Mary, and Me, Myself and Irene, are at it again with The Heartbreak Kid. Just as you would expect, the movie is jam packed with comedy, raunchiness, and a good dose of eye candy.

The movie, which is actually a remake of a 1972 movie with the same name that starred Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd, follows the story of Eddie Cantrow, played by the always-funny Ben Stiller. Stiller's... read more
Dress to Impress Dress to Impress
How you dress truly makes an impact on how others see you. If you want to impress that sexy girl from work who has finally agreed to go out with you, then make sure that you wear something that will impress her. Trust us, what you wear reflects a lot about you and women pay attention to the message.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what on what type of date you will be taking her. If the date is formal, you don't want to show up in shorts and a ripped band tee from the 80s. If... read more
Under the Sea Under the Sea
The Jelly-fish 45 allows you to live under sea level without having to have scales, a tail or special fins. Giancarlo Zema designed this floating dwelling that can hold you and up to five more of your friends. Measuring at around 33 feet high and around 50 feet in diameter, this dwelling definitely offers more than enough room to fulfill all your underwater partying needs.

Any girl would be pretty impressed to know you live in a place like this. But, if you have the $2.5 mil to drop on it,... read more
Booze Cruz Booze Cruz
While you can always play the usual games of quarters or beer pong, to impress the ladies, try the Booze Cruz RC drinking game and you will be winning all night.

This game uses radio controlled cars and a course that you can set up in your living room, backyard, pool side and or on your beer pong table. When you buy the game, you'll get the car, a handset, a plastic shot glass, a washable tray that holds the shot glass on top of the car, four mini traffic cones, and instructions.
... read more
How to Score How to Score
Just because you dress well, have a great job and are hot, it doesn't mean you know how to get a woman to want you. If you're sending out the wrong signals and aren't saying the right things, no girl will want you, no matter how great you look. Here are the skills you need to know:

If you don't have self-confidence, no woman will want you. A woman wants her man to know what he wants, believes in himself, and has goals that he wants to achieve in life that will prove he's all about bettering... read more