Walk this Way Walk this Way
When a woman is looking for a hookup, there are usually certain signals that she gives off to let the men around her know that she's single and looking. If you are oblivious to the extra sexy clothing and repeated eye contact, analyze her walk. A new report states that the way a woman walks can say a lot about her sexual prowess.

The report, published in the New Scientist, asked female volunteers to dress in suits. Then, light reflectors were placed on each woman's limbs and joints. The women... read more
Hard Days Night Hard Days Night
A new luxury hotel in Boston might have you singing a different set of prison blues the next time you think about spending a night in jail. At the Liberty Hotel in Boston, spending the night in jail is a luxury most of us can't even afford. After a $150-million renovation, the old Charles Street jail, at the foot of Boston's stately Beacon Hill neighborhood, has been transformed into an opulent hotel that caters to guests like Mick Jagger, Eva Mendes, and Meg Ryan.

Architects for the Liberty... read more
Smart Closet Smart Closet
Getting properly dressed is now a no brainer thanks to Australian researchers. These researchers have invented what they call the Smart Closet; a closet that is every man's, and definitely every woman's, dream come true. It can help even the most fashion challenged guy choose a perfect outfit each and every time for just about any occasion.

The breakdown:

RFID tags need to be embedded in all of your clothing. These tags, which work along with electronic hangers, help to not only... read more
Green Bling Green Bling
The Skymall catalogue you read when you're on a flight has kicked it up a notch. If you spend a lot of time on the green, make sure to grab one of the kick ass Berline golf carts that Skymall offers and make your opponents see past your crappy skills and straight to the bling.

Cadillac Escalade: For just under $14K, you can still have the bragging rights that come along with owning a Caddy, and will be the envy of your golfing buddies on the course.

Berline's Smoothster: Definitely not... read more
Sunday Funday Sunday Funday
It isn't just a stereotype that men watch a lot more sports than women; In fact, on average, men watch 8-hours of televised sports a week, compared to just over 3-hours for women. Monday night football alone grabs 1 woman to every 2 men, but, there is one national sporting event every year that grabs equal attention on both sides of the gender spectrum---the Super Bowl.

This year, throw the best gender unbiased Super Bowl party ever and make it the event of the year. Stats claim that 65... read more
Shop on a Budget Shop on a Budget
If your holiday shopping list says Donald Trump, but your wallet says you're one step away from living in a cardboard box, don't worry. There are still ways you can gift the perfect gift to those you care about without having to hock all your belongings or sell your blood to do it.

Buy the weekend paper and hit the sale ads. Lots of stores have killer sales close to the holidays, so you may be able to find what you are looking for at a deep discount. Check online for similar deals, as well as... read more
Online Odds Online Odds
While some of us think it is lame that people have to use the net to find their soulmates, others will go to any lengths to find Mrs.Right (or Mrs.Right Now). If you are the type who is interested in the present, a new survey can help to shed some light on what your chances will be for getting some when you and your cyber girl finally meet.

The survey, which was published in the Sexuality Research and Social Policy Journal, has some good news for male online daters. Women are pretty willing... read more
Invisible Ink Invisible Ink
When it comes to a tattoo, trying it out before you buy it hasn't been an option--until now. Thanks to Loic Zimmerman, now you can see a 3-D version of yourself with the tattoo you want without having to get it permanently inked. A CG artist, Zimmerman wanted a tattoo of his own design for years, but understood that a complex 2-D design doesn't easily translate on the body's 3-D canvas.

This prompted Zimmerman to set out to create his own CG doppleganger, based on his own body's exact... read more
Go on Holiday Go on Holiday
Christmas outings don't have to mean fighting crowds to do holiday shopping, getting your pictures taken with the slightly intoxicated Santa at the mall, or hanging out with your family singing carols around great aunt Mildred's piano. It does however, mean that it is time for you to start thinking of some romantic, holiday-related outings that you and your other half can take.

Take advantage of your alone time and head for the slopes. Use your time to steal a few kisses on the ski lift or... read more
Pandora's Box Pandora's Box
If you want to make sure your workday goes better, or want to have the best music on hand when the mood hits with your date, let Pandora.com do the work for you. Pandora.com is a music website like you've never seen before, with the mission to play music you'll love - and nothing else. It creates personalized playlists set to the types of music you like, which can be changed to fit your mood and style.


"Since we started back in 2000, we have been hard at work on the Music... read more
Porn Bookmarks Porn Bookmarks
If you have ever been attacked by your girlfriend for having pornographic sites in the history tab of your computer or bookmarked in your favorites folder, reprieve is in sight. You can blame it on porn bookmarks that have been secretly placed on your computer, which will allow you to save yourself from losing yet another battle.

Computer forensic specialists claim that web site lists, including everything from ad bookmarks to pornographic websites, can be placed into computers by malicious... read more
The Art of Regifting The Art of Regifting
Regifting is truly the gift that keeps on giving; Mostly, because you hate the gift, so you gift it to someone else. Whether they may hate it does not necessarily apply to you. However, there are rules to regifting that must be followed to ensure that you do not become a social leper to your friends and family.

To pull off the regift, you must swear yourself to secrecy and try not to crack a smile when they open it and are actually excited. Do not spill the beans over spiked eggnog to your co... read more
Cheek to Cheek Cheek to Cheek
While many offices have a strict policy about their employees fooling around with each other, there is that one time each year, for a lot of companies, that the rule is overlooked. And that time is the office Christmas party. So, loosen your tie, corner that hottie from HR and get ready to get in the holiday spirit.

When you arrive at the bash, the first thing you need to do is scope out the room to find out where the women are. Make your rounds around the room and politely mingle with... read more
Save Finder Save Finder
If you have a person in your life that is ridiculously hard to shop for or you are clueless as to what to get your woman this holiday season, hit the web and let the personal shoppers at SaveFinder.com take care of all your gift ideas for you.

Their mission: "We employ Personal Shoppers from all over the world, so whether you want to find rare and exotic gifts from afar or local treasures from closer to home, we can help you find something that the recipient will love. You might find that... read more
Give Thanks Give Thanks
If this is the year that you and your girlfriend have finally decided to spend Thanksgiving together, then chances are you are going to be sharing a table with her parents. You may think that you have nothing to worry about, but, you're wrong. Following a few simple tips can mean the difference between being invited back for Christmas or being kicked out of her parents' house by her gun-toting dad.

RSVP as early as possible, give a firm handshake to the Dad and look them in the eye.
... read more
Fight Club Fight Club
Women tend to cause fights for a variety of reasons; they are pmsing, they are really angry or they just want to test your love for them. While all of these reasons sound stupid to men, women honestly just can't help some of them. To learn the inner workings of her mind and why she is a fighter and not a lover; tune in to her rationale and find ways to combat the anger.

There is evidence that the hypothalamus, which is located in her brain, has a role in their hunger,... read more
Wino 101 Wino 101
Wine is quickly surpassing other alcoholic beverages as the "It" drink. Even guys are trading in their bottles of brew for a glass of the red stuff. But if your meager wine skills can't differentiate between Boone's Farm and a high-end, vintage Cabernet, then you'll never impress that hottie sitting next to you at the bar.

Improving your wine skills won't just give you the chance to taste wines that you may not have chosen before. It will also help you to either land a date the next time you... read more
H20 Intoxication H20 Intoxication
Next time you have a date, skip the drunken route and get wasted on water. Via Genova, located in Chappaqua, New York since 2006, is the area's premiere water bar and cafe. You won't find the establishment's bar stocked with liquor and beer, but you will find a pretty good-sized collection of water from around the world.

Check out the "Arnold Schwarzenegger bottle," and 1 Liter, which was featured by Oprah on a recent O list. Their waters include Japanese volcanic water, Canadian and... read more
Vocal Attraction Vocal Attraction
You spend hours in the gym, take regular showers, and even trim your nose hairs on occasion all in the name of attracting women. On most days it even takes you longer to primp that disheveled hair of yours than it takes your girlfriend to get ready, but did you know that all that mangrooming could be a complete waste of time?

In a new study, detailed in a recent issue of the journal Biology Letters, David Feinberg and his group of researchers at McMaster University in Canada set out to see... read more
Playing Hooky Playing Hooky
Some days when you wake up in the morning, you just don't want to go to work. You may have a hangover from some heavy duty partying the night before, or maybe that girl you took home from the club last night is still lying next to you and giving you the sexy eye. If you can't wake her from her slumber or you want to re-enact the night before a couple of times today, get out of bed and visit: www.phoneyexcuses.com.

This site offers you everything you need to write up a realistic excuse that... read more
On the Flip Side On the Flip Side
Time to reverse the roles; the male version of the birth control pill will soon be in your grasp. This means that, while you will have to remember to take a pill every day, you will no longer have to use your various "methods" of birth control any longer. Now, whether this is a blessing or a curse is up to you.

Kirsten Thompson, director of the International Male Contraception Coalition says, "Some men are quite desperate for better control over their fertility. They're looking for... read more