Passport to Sex Passport to Sex
Planning on travleing internationally in 2008? Don't forget your Safe Sex Passport at home. The passport proves to lovers that you are clean as a whistle and is a way for a partner to prove the same to you. Since you never know where anyone has been anymore, this is a sure fire way to calm the girl you picked up in that German pub (or at your local bar).

The Safe Sex Passport (aka SSP) is a digital record of your sexual health that provides verification to others of your STD and HIV status... read more
Flying Solo Flying Solo
Regardless of where you end up on New Year Day, one thing is for certain--if you are single, you have the freedom to drink and flirt as much as you want without a girlfriend nearby monitoring your every move. Whether you are newly single or perpetually single, for a solo guy on New Year's Eve, the world is pretty much your oyster; make sure you utilize your single status to the fullest.

Option 1: Throw a bash at your place. You will have somewhat control over the guest list, so you can make... read more
Fake Flirting Fake Flirting
If you have no game in real life, chances are you aren't going to be any better at chatting up women in a chat room, even with the anonymity that the Internet provides. The new Russian site,, can provide help to even the most clueless Casanova wannabe by flirting for them.

A true baller, the software can simulate the same flirtatious conversation that you usually see in an online chat room and can even get its flirt on with up to 10 women at once. After you sign on to a chat... read more
Meet the Fockers Meet the Fockers
Taking your girlfriend home to meet your parents can be a crucial turning point in your relationship. However, it is nothing like when you were introduced to her parents. In most cases, women introduce their boyfriend to the family long before a man will even consider it. Before you take her home, consider all the things that could go wrong and how to avoid them.

Talk to your girlfriend post meeting to discuss what should and shouldn't be discussed. Men are less likely to discuss the... read more
Friendly Skies Friendly Skies
In our fast paced, air travel world there is something to be said about the friendly skies. No, we aren't talking about how to become a member of the mile hile club. This holiday, if you are traveling by air, be aware that there is an etiquette guide that will help you avoid being "that guy."

Mind your own space; Traveling by plane is different than any other social situation, so don't burden others with your bony elbows and overflowing carry-on luggage. Don't forget gum and try not to get... read more
Long Kiss Goodnight Long Kiss Goodnight
It's the first date and it's going well, but you're getting closer and closer to that inevitable goodbye, where no matter how hard either of you try, you're going to share some uncomfortable exchange and pleading grins. We're all adults here, so why do we all act like awkward school kids when it comes to the first kiss? Here's how to make it a little less awkward and a little more magical.

If you've already decided to go for it, don't waste time making idle chat while she fumbles for her keys... read more
Putting on the Ritz Putting on the Ritz
This year, play it safe when picking out a gift for your girl's parents. Instead of just having her pick it out, try to figure it out on your own. This move will win you points with her and them. Do not lay it on too thick, but now is not the time to be cheap either. Usually you can get away with just picking up something for the "both" of them or just for the mother; the dad will know your intentions are bad if you are trying to scmooze him with crazy gifts.

Safe Bets:

Candles. Most... read more
Complete Centerfolds Complete Centerfolds
Playboy centerfold fans have something to party about this year because each and every centerfold who has ever been featured in Playboy since its inception can be found in all her naked glory in the new Playboy compilation; The Complete Centerfolds.

For the first time ever, Playboy has gathered together every centerfold from every issue into one luxurious collector's edition, which compiles over 600 hotties. The centerfolds were reproduced exactly as they appeared in the magazine to create a... read more
Breakfast at Tiffanys? Breakfast at Tiffanys?
Breakfast in bed can make any girl swoon; whether you've been dating her for years or just met her last night. If the thought of cooking freaks you out, or you don't even own a coffee maker, run to your nearest bakery or bagel shop and pick up the goods. Either way, it is a tried and true way to keep her in your bed.


Try not to wake here when you slip out of bed; The more surprised she is by your act, the better. Plus, the more rest you give her, the more ready she'll be for act two... read more
Bikini Review Bikini Review
The next time you are trying to figure out which movie to see, hop online and check out This site offers comprehensive movie reviews, provided by women in bikinis. While it isn't your typical Ebert and Roper, you will find bikini-clad hotties showing off their movie smarts to help guys like you figure out which movies suck and which are worth seeing. was created for everyone who has a love of all things movies and all things bikinis. Hoping people... read more
Well Suited Well Suited
If you find yourself in the situation where you need your suit at the last minute, but you don't have time to stop by the dry cleaners and you are all out of Febreeze, there is a new option to get your dirty suit clean. Australian Wool Innovation Limited must feel the pain of all those who have gone through similar scenarios, because they have designed a suit that will make all of those problems vanish.

The company, which is usually known for promoting and marketing wool growers in Australia,... read more
Interoffice Dating Interoffice Dating
Dating a co-worker has always had a bad rap. With all the public scandals broadcast daily in national media coverage and all the horror stories coming from your friends, it's hard to believe that anyone would try dating someone from their office. According to stats, about half of all Americans will date on the job and about one in five of these will end up in a long-term relationship.

The truth is that dating a co-worker can be very rewarding. More often than not you have something in common... read more
A Benihana Christmas A Benihana Christmas
If gift giving has made its way through your personal life and is now overwhelming your business world, there are a few tricks of the trade to help you gift strong. Just like the office politics we all know and love, there are basic rules and procedures to follow when gifting to a coworker.

Find the perfect gift by considering who you're buying for. If you don't know your coworker well, search for clues around their desk. Do they have photos of their kids, figurines from Star Wars, or have... read more
Future of Dating Future of Dating
Online dating is no longer the wave of the future, it is the present. With more and more people hooking up online, virtual dating neighborhoods can be more plentiful and as equally more rewarding then the neighborhood of your reality. However, if you want to skip out on the pressure of signing up for a dating site, use your online resources that are simply for networking.

Social networking sites, like Myspace and Facebook, have joined the ranks of popular "serious" virtual matchmakers like... read more
Brewtopias Brewtopias
If you care more about the taste of a beer than you do its price, then you may be interested in Samuel Adams' Utopias brand. Hailing as the king of beers, the Utopias 2007 edition contains 27% alcohol, which is over five times more that you'd find with your average beer.

When you splurge on the beer, which costs $5 per ounce, or from $120 for each 24-ounce bottle, you'll not only get one of the tastiest brews you've ever had, you'll also get a kick ass bottle like none you've ever seen... read more
Sex, Lies & Bliss Sex, Lies & Bliss
Relationships are either solidified or broken on the act of cohabitation. If you think you know everything there is to know about your girl, you're in for a big surprise. Learning to cohabitate is not any easy move but there are a few ways to make the transition a little bit smoother.

Money Talk: Discuss your finances before you move in together. Creating a budget that you both agree on will stop money issues that are sure to arise once you do move in. Make sure to discuss who will handle the... read more
Pole Line Pole Line
Carmen Electra will soon be using her stripper pole expertise to promote a line of poles soon to be debuted in homes everywhere. According to Life & Style, Carmen is close to inking a contract to market and promote stripper poles for the everyday bedroom. No longer will the pole just be fitting for seedy clubs and celebrity sex rooms; now you too can have a pole in any room in your home.

"It's something her people are looking into," a Life & Style mole claims. "She's hot, and she knows how... read more
Orgasm Gap Orgasm Gap
Over the years, a lot has been done to bridge the gender gap so that male and female coworkers could happily coexist as equals. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex and orgasms, women still aren't coming out on top. (No pun intended.)The sociology department at Stanford has recently conducted research to find out if men and women are equal when it comes to orgasms.

The findings weren't good for women, but, men will be happy to hear that they average 2 and a half more orgasms than women. Paula... read more