Underwater Driver Underwater Driver
Frank M. Rinderknecht, a Swiss auto visionary and lover of all things James Bond, has come up with the sQuba, a sexy, sleek, convertible that drives you in luxury, whether on land or under water. "For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly under water. Now we have made this dream come true."Rinderknecht explains, "You drive the car into the water and the car floats. That is, until you crack the door to let the water in. Immediately the sQuba... read more
PickUp School PickUp School
Satoshi Fujita is the man to see when your dating woes are getting the best of you. While he might not be the best looking of men, he knows the secrets that will make any woman want you, regardless of how you look. Fujita is known in Japan as being the man to see when you want to improve your dating and/or sex life, or want to learn how to get one in the first place. The dating coach is so sought after, he has even started his own dating school, which is aptly named the Pickup School for Men Who... read more
 Co-worker Temptation Co-worker Temptation
Can't resist temptation at the work place? A few rules on mixing office with orifice:Rule #1: Choose your partner wisely. If she's above you, then she can't be above you. If she's under you, then she's not under you. If you're on the same level, then give it a go. Rule #2: Have the talk early. Discuss worst-case work scenarios and establish rules for how to handle it if it doesn't work out. Do not forget to talk about what you will say if someone calls you out on it. Rule #3: No physical contact... read more
Luck of the Irish Luck of the Irish
For devout Catholics everywhere, it is sad news to learn that St. Patrick's Day falls during Holy Week this year, which calls into question how you should celebrate the traditional green beer drinking holiday. A rare event, Holy Week will not clash with St. Patrick's Day again until 2160. If you figure you will wait until 2160 to forgo the holiday, make this year one for the books (and don't forget to attend confession the following weekend). Speed Dating. Go online and search for venues that... read more
Eight Is Enough? Eight Is Enough?
In theory, polygamy is every man's dream; multiple wives who are all devoted to only you (think Big Love). However, the arguments that exist against it are plenty. If you can't be tied down to just one woman, here are some rebuttals from Esquire magazine that you can spout in response to the famous anti-polygamy arguments. Polygamists only marry underage women. True, some do. But not all. Polygamy isn't any more oppressive to women than monogamous male-female marriage. Should booze be banned... read more
Relationship Obituary Relationship Obituary
When the fire from a hot and heavy relationship completely fizzles out, it can leave you feeling sad and sorry for yourself, especially if you were hoping that she was finally "The One." If you tend to fall back on tried and true methods that have worked for you in the past, like removing every trace of your ex from your apartment or picking up a hottie for a meaningless one night stand, try a new approach post breakup; write an obituary for your relationship.When a loved one dies, writing an... read more
Lay Z Spa Lay Z Spa
If you find yourself in dire need of a hot tub to entertain your female guests, but don't want to lay down the money for an expensive one, purchase the Lay Z Spa Deluxe and call it a night. Inflate it while mixing some cocktails and quickly find yourself in hot tub heaven. At a ridiculously affordable price, the Lay Z Spa Deluxe gives you the chance to bring the usually expensive world of spa parties to your home. The hot tub, which can easily be inflated with the included pump, can seat up to... read more
Filthy Mind Filthy Mind
Next time your girl gets on your case about how horny you always are and how you always seem to be hounding her for sex, you can use some new stats to remind her that you know that she thinks about it much more than you do. Dating Direct, a dating Web site, conducted a study of over 1,000 women who were asked about their sexual satisfaction. According to the study, women think about sex a lot more than they let on.The women surveyed said that they think about sex 34 times while at work each day,... read more
Going the Distance Going the Distance
For some, the thought of being in a long distance relationship makes them want to vomit. For others, it is pure bliss. If you find yourself caught in the throes of finding someone perfect for you, but they happen to live thousands of miles away, there are some tips to follow to ensure that the relationship goes the distance. With new technology being introduced everyday, it's getting easier and easier for long distance couples to work.1. Invest in a webcam and microphone. This will allow you to... read more
Blockbuster Night Blockbuster Night
For those planning to stay home for Valentine's night and cuddle on the couch, a new survey conducted by Blockbuster will help you and your sweetie choose the movie that will most likely make her swoon, and they even created a list of the ones that will most likely make her gag. Blockbuster researched the "anti-date" movies -- those most unlikely to woo the opposite sex. Survey respondents selected the films they would least like to have the opposite sex suggest for mutual viewing. If you have... read more
Fab Four Fab Four
If you find yourself in Liverpool and you are looking for an interesting place to spend the night, head on over to the Hard Days Night Hotel. The hotel, which opened February 1st in London, offers 110 rooms for both Beatles fans and those who don't necessarily love the band but want to stay somewhere other than the norm.As an ode to the band, you will find a Yellow Submarine jukebox in the lobby and the walls throughout the hotel hold rare photos of the group. If you head to Hari's, the bar in... read more
Line Generator Line Generator
Sometimes one of the hardest things that you have to do is approach a woman that you want to talk to. Say the wrong thing, and you'll be shot down before you can even tell her your name. Say the right thing, and you won't have to worry about looking around for the rest of the night for someone else to hit on.You could ask your friends for some of their winning lines, but they are probably as clueless as you are. This is why you should never leave home without the Pick Up Line Generator in your... read more
V-Day 12-Step Program V-Day 12-Step Program
Here's a quick guide to surviving Valentines Day single, without ripping your hair out - or other people's hair, for that matter. 1. Dress head to toe in black.2. If someone else in the office has received flowers, chocolate, singing telegrams, and other forms of dating expressions, glare at them. Snarling and grunting optional.3. Same goes for anyone wearing excessive amounts of red; Especially if they are wearing heart-shaped items like pins and large earrings.4. Later in the day, eat the... read more
10 Commandments 10 Commandments
In the new hit reality show on Bravo, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger helps millionaires find their soulmates. Abide by her 10 commandments and you might be lucky enough to land your own date (no credit check required). 1. Thou shalt think quality, not quantity!It is best to take your time and focus on finding the right women for you, not on dating as many hotties as you possibly can. 2. Thou shalt call a lady within 48 hours on a weekday or 72 hours on a weekend or holiday once you... read more
V-day Strategy V-day Strategy
With Valentine's Day next week, you might be feeling that now is the perfect time to ask out your crush on the big day. While the sentiment is charming, make sure you don't buckle under the pressure. If simply no other night will do, then you will need these tips to ensure you don't screw it up:If you work together or already have a friendly relationship, try to strike up a conversation with her and casually mention Valentine's Day. Ask her if she has anything planned and wait for her to say no.... read more
Hottest Games of 2008 Hottest Games of 2008
Keep these hot 2008 video games on your radar and you will be glued to your couch for the next year. This means your sex life will suffer, but you won't have time to worry about it as you command your army of United Nations Space Commands in their initial battle against the Covenant in Halo Wars.Assassin's Creed takes its cue from history; the setting and characters are based on historically accurate environments and people. Full of fantastic graphics and enough violence to make even your most... read more
Macbook Air Macbook Air
When Steve Jobs presented the new Macbook Air to the drooling public on January 15th, everyone was ready for the negative and positive reviews to follow. Compared repeatedly to an ultra-thin i-pod, the Macbook Air has proven to be able to meet most of your work and personal needs, with only a little flack about the battery life. Just like the iPhone, you can pan around, pinch to zoom, rotate with two fingers and move windows with a flick. Aside from aesthetics, it does everything your current... read more
Question of Trust Question of Trust
It has been said a million times before: a relationship is nothing without trust. However, trust isn't something that some women are willing to easily give to a guy, especially one that she has just met. For those women, trust is something that has to be earned, and men have to work pretty hard in the beginning to make sure they earn it.When you first chat up a potential girlfriend, you need to find some common ground that will break the ice and make her feel comfortable with you. Do you share a... read more
Top 5 BreakUp Albums Top 5 BreakUp Albums
With national breakup month just ending and the most hated day on earth by singles slowly approaching, you can always find solace in song by listening to the top five breakup albums of all time. Guaranteed to remind you of love lost, these albums are an eclectic mix of all the things your heart feels after a breakup, minus the "I hate you and want you to die" portion. While it might leave you a blubbering mess, it might also remind you of how great it is to be single this Valentine's Day. Beck,... read more