Daddy DNA Daddy DNA
Instead of wondering whether you have illegitimate children running around unknowingly, a new over-the-counter DNA paternity test can provide that one night stand hottie with an answer--if she can track you down. Identigene, a Salt Lake City genetics company has released an at-home paternity test, giving mothers a quick answer (and impending fathers a heart attack). As of March, the DNA paternity test wilsells at Rite Aid stores across the country for $29.99, plus $119.99 for lab-processing... read more
Z & M Make a Porno Z & M Make a Porno
Kevin Smith, the creative genius behind classics like Clerks and Chasing Amy, who is also known as the trench coat wearing, quiet half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob, is at it again with his latest movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Just as the title suggests, the movie is about a porno, but don't expect for the movie to be completely X rated.In the film, Seth Rogen (Knocked Up and Superbad) and Elizabeth Banks (Spider-Man and The Baxter), who you may remember as both being in The 40-Year-Old... read more
5 Signs She's a Player 5 Signs She's a Player
While you might be familiar with the signs of a male player (heck, you might even consider yourself one), it is harder to distinguish when you are being played by a woman. Whether you just don't want to admit it, or you are that blind to her games, there are similar signs to the rarer species of female player. If you realize that all of these signs match up with your woman, you are being played.She won't change her myspace status. Everyone knows that we clamor to declare our status on facebook... read more
Under Wraps Under Wraps
Sometimes nothing else will do but a nice, ice cold beer. However, a problem could arise if you happen to be in a place where open container is prohibited (i.e. outside of a bar, city parks or tailgating at sporting events). To find a way around the law at the next college ball game you attend, grab some beer can wraps and avoid being thrown in the drunk tank. Each wrapper is made to look similar to a real soda can. But, be warned, just because the colors and designs are just about as close to... read more
Man ID Man ID
The easiest way to prove you that you're 100 percent manly is to just hand over that women who is doubting you your Official Man Card. The Official Man Card allows you to prove your manliness anytime, anywhere the need should arise. On a cold October day, two men where sitting around drinking beer and doing their usual complaining about life, women, and the world today. They saw things like "Metro-sexuality" and "Grooming For Men" becoming more and more popular. These two men were... read more
Barack Paper Scissors Barack Paper Scissors
Everyone is familiar with feeling that moment of defeat when your paper gets mashed by an opponent's rock and you get stuck carrying the keg or buying the round of drinks. Ah, the beautiful game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. In 2005, the game was taken to the next level when Andrew Golder and Matti Leshem founded the USA Rock Paper Scissors League. The duo managed to bring structure and rules to the game, and there are now hundreds of leagues members found nationwide. Three years later, the... read more
Righteous Kill Righteous Kill
The ultimate tag team is back; Deniro and Pacino in a new film that revolves around two New York cops who are trying to track down a vicious serial killer. After 30 years as partners in the pressure cooker environment of the NYPD, highly decorated detectives David Fisk and Thomas Cowan should be ready for retirement, but aren't. Before they can hang up their badges, they are called in to investigate the murder of a notorious pimp, which appears to have ties to a case they solved years before.... read more
Celeb Fantasy Celeb Fantasy
While celebs like Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson and Fergie might get you hot and bothered, your chances of actually landing one of them are slim to none. However, would you settle for a girl who resembles one of them? A new patent has hit the web hinting that Microsoft is working on a dating web site that can do what you only imagined--match you with a woman who looks like your celebrity fantasy. According to the patent: Online dating services generally use textual search criteria to identify... read more
A Complimentary Life A Complimentary Life
You've probably heard the saying that a compliment will get you everywhere; however, if the compliment isn't delivered correctly, it can end up sounding arrogant, rude, or too cheesy, which can lead to you going home alone to cuddle with your remote control. To avoid sounding tasteless, aggressive, or clueless, there are certain subjects you should stick to when complimenting a woman.Her Looks Women love to be complimented on their appearance, especially since they usually go all out to... read more
Gamerator Gamerator
Touted at "the ultimate gaming machine in the world," the Gamerator offers everything you need to have the best gaming experience, including tons of games, a 26" LCD screen, and, most importantly, beer. Resembling an arcade gaming system, the Gamerator is the brain child of The Custom Bar Guys, Inc. Thanks to them, you can turn your apartment, frat house, or parent's basement into game central. Each unit is pre-loaded with over 150 licensed classic arcade games. In addition, Gamerator will buy... read more
When Not to Pay When Not to Pay
Women love chivalry and, especially on a first date, they expect that the man will not only open all doors, but pay for anything they do on the date. While men should always reach for their wallet when taking out a woman (especially if you were the one who asked her on the date), there are times when you just shouldn't have to pay. If in the following instances, the woman insists that you pay, she should be kicked to the curb immediately. On your birthday or any day celebrating you. It's your... read more
Classic Vinyl Classic Vinyl
The search to find something to help you turn your dad's old vinyl gems into computer/iPod-ready tunes is over. Sony's PS-LX300USB turntable allows you to transfer the music from any record onto your portable music player or PC. Old school becomes new with this USB stereo turntable. You'll be enjoying your classic vinyl albums on your modern hi-fi system in no time, or easily transfer the sound to your PC or portable music player. Using the USB connection, you can import all your music into your... read more
Restaurant Romance Restaurant Romance
One of the best ways to get to know a potential girlfriend on a first date is by taking her dinner at a nice, quiet restaurant. Going to a bar or club is fun, but it can keep you from being able to talk and get to know one another. It can also lead to one of you winding up completely wasted and embarrassing yourself. Next time you take your date to dinner, watch for the signs to know if she is into you. Eyes Only For YouWhen you walk to your table, watch and see which seat she chooses. If she... read more
Female Guidelines Female Guidelines
If you have ever wanted to crack the code to figuring out female rules and guidelines, it is a simple logic to follow; selfishness, insecurity and jealousy amongst friends. While most women will claim that they do not follow the same guidelines and appear to be like a man, few can actually hold true to that when in a threatening situation. Knowing the game is half the battle.First Come, First Serve.If a woman sees a man she finds attractive, she automatically has "dibs" on them. This means that... read more