Tennis Fever Tennis Fever
Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are known more for their sexiness than their tennis skills. Now there's a new sexy tennis player in town, and not only is she showing off her skills on the court, she's also letting the world see what she looks like under her tennis whites by posing in an upcoming issue of Playboy.You may know Ashley Harkleroad as the tennis player who, earlier this year, had to sit out a few matches when she had a cyst removed from her ovaries. While recovering, she didn't... read more
Inglorious Bastards Inglorious Bastards
Quentin Tarantino, known for movies such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and the more recent Grindhouse, is trying something a little different with his upcoming movie Inglorious Bastards. The movie, set in WWII, will follow a group of soldiers who are slated for execution. While on their way to their demise, they are given a chance for a reprieve that will lead them on a suicide mission into Nazi-occupied France. The movie's interesting title was taken from Quel maledetto treno blindato, a... read more
Prius Power Prius Power
Is fuel-efficient the new chick magnet? So says a survey by General Motors that found nearly nine in 10 women would rather talk to a guy in a Prius than a Porsche. Eighty-eight percent said they'd rather chat up someone with the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car. Dumping the Hummer in favor of an econobox would also make you more popular at parties. Eighty percent of respondents said they find people who drive fuel efficient cars more interesting than those that don't... read more
Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron
Dubbed as the world's fastest production car, the Bugatti Veyron is a hot piece of machinery will set you back a cool $1.7 million. In 1909, Ettore Bugatti, an Italian designer, founded the racing car brand. Today, the brand is owned by Volkswagon AG, but is still produced in the same factory in Molsheim, France.The Bugatti Veyron was first introduced to the car market in 2005, but it is the most recent version that has car lovers talking. The car's price tag is so high because of all of its... read more
Maturity Meter Maturity Meter
Women can easily decipher between a man and a boy. It only takes a quick glance around your place for a woman to figure out where you land on the maturity meter. While you might not have ever considered that its the little things that matter, trust us, it is. Next time you have a date, seriously contemplate the notes below before inviting her back to your place. And stop quoting Superbad, Anchorman and any other Will Ferrell movie every five seconds.Throw away your action heroes.Ditch sheets... read more
If you have ever gone to work hungover or still buzzed from the night before, you are not alone. Recently, 250 businesses and 1,000 employees were asked to reveal their drinking habits for the Norwich Union Healthcare study. It was found that one out of every three people has shown up for work with a hangover, while over one out of 10 has actually attempted to work while still drunk.Eighty-five percent of those who admitted to committing a WUI (working under the influence) or showing up with a... read more
Art of the Man Hug Art of the Man Hug
Men not wanting to show their feelings is as common as woman wanting to talk about their feelings. While you might give the high five or a pat on the arm in the right situation, there are moments that call for a hug. The key to hugging it out is to give a man hug without looking ackward or feminine. Learn the art of the man hug and you will have no problem rewarding your bud next time he lands that jump shot.1. A firm handshake is a good precursor to a man hug. It shows that you are ok with the... read more
Portabar Portabar
This summer, if you are concerned that the outdoor parties you are attending won't have enough alcohol to go around why not bring along your own libations. Ditch the cooler and grab a Portabar; you are guaranteed to be the life of the party. Designed for anyone who needs a truly portable bar that's easy to carry, portabar is simple to assemble and operates without compromise. Light enough to carry and small enough to load into a hatchback or store in a cupboard, its idiot proof assembly and... read more
Indy Vision Indy Vision
With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull set to hit theaters on May 22, Expedia is getting in on the fan frenzy by launching its Summer of Adventure travel promotion, which offers unique Indiana Jones Travel Experiences that were inspired by the movie. This summer, you have the ability to see your world through Indy's eyes.Expedia has teamed up with G.A.P Adventures, named by National Geographic as the #1 Do It All Outfitter on Earth, to bring 10 exclusive trips inspired by the... read more
Intelligent Dating Intelligent Dating
If you are tired of dating girls who are too stupid to know who the President of the U.S. is, it might be time to join a place where the intelligent juices are constantly flowing. is a new online dating and networking community exclusively for intelligent people, which makes sense since smart people generally prefer to date other smart people due to better conversation and the potential earning power.The site is intended for people with an IQ in the top 15% of the... read more
Man Up Man Up
Mother's Day is a day to let your Mom know just how much she means to you, and to thank her for putting up with your crap for all these years. While it is hard to find a "thanks for bailing me out of jail in college" card, you can still show your love with some other gift ideas. Give your mom the thanks she deserves with these suggestions:Traditional:Buy your mom a special gift from the heart. You can be typical and lazy and opt for the flowers, chocolates, jewelry, perfume, and candles route.... read more
Love Stats Love Stats
If you ever wonder how the other half of the dating world lives, a recent survey by It's Just Lunch can tell you how you stack up compared to other singles in the dating world. It can also let you know if you are calling too soon after the first date; have a chance at marrying a coworker; or should head down to the local bar to drown your heartbreak away. First Dates:According to 41 percent of singles, Wednesday is the best day for a first date, and 46 percent of people say that Italian is the... read more