Clueless Clueless
The women staffers at Cosmo, Marie Claire, O, and Harper's Bazaar dole out advice in a survey made for the man who has no clue what he is doing wrong when he gets dressed. Take notes and pay attention:1. I prefer a man's legs in:A. Chinos 6.5%B. Levi's 80.6%C. Suit pants 9.7%D. Board shorts 3.2% 2. The most flattering color a man can wear is:A. Blue 41.9%B. Green 3.2%C. Pink 12.9%D. Whatever matches his eyes 35.5%3. The sexiest thing a man can wear is: A. A tuxedo 22.6%B. Rugged jeans and a... read more
Glamping Glamping
Paperbark Camp offers camping accommodations that rival a four star hotel. Regular tents are replaced by canvas hideaways that will allow you to camp in style while still getting the chance to enjoy nature. Located on Jervis Bay, Australia, which is just a couple of hours away from Sydney, the camp offers an experience that has been nicknamed "glamping." Of the 12 Safari tents that are available, eight include verandas and an attached, private outdoor/indoor ensuite. Never pitch your own tent... read more
Smartphone Smartphone
Those of you who've been patiently waiting for the fancy new smartphone will be happy to know that the Nokia N78 has been released in the U.S. for $560. Unfortunately, to pick up your N78 you'll have to venture to a Nokia flagship store in NY or Chicago--or just go online.The Perks: "Whether using GPS to find my way across town, adding geotag information to the images I capture and upload to Share on Ovi, or using the FM transmitter to listen to my music collection through my car stereo, the... read more
Bi the Way Bi the Way
New research has suggested that even the most heterosexual of women find some other women to be sexier than a man. At the recent NewFest Film Festival that was held in New York, a documentary entitled "Bi the Way" was previewed. The premise of the documentary is that straight women may actually be a bit inclined to like the fairer sex, even if they ultimately don't act on their instincts.In the documentary, Dr. Meredith Chivers discusses the results of research she conducted on the subject.... read more
Space Wedding Space Wedding
If you are one of those couples that loves to be original, you might be able to fulfill your wedding dreams in space within the next year. In keeping pace with the rising demand of space tourism and non-traditional weddings, Rocketplane Kistler Japan has teamed up with wedding planner First Advantage to begin hosting weddings aboard the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane. Meant for the uber-rich only, this space wedding ceremony aboard a one-hour space flight will cost a cool 240 million yen (... read more
Sexual Disconnect Sexual Disconnect
Women of all ages say they're enjoying sex with their partner more now than they used to, according to a survey conducted by ELLE/ For many men, however, giving up the thrill of the chase means giving up some thrills in the bedroom as well. A record 77,895 adults took the online reader survey over two weeks in February, answering more than two dozen questions about what works and what doesn't in their sex lives. Men are bummed because they feel sexually unappreciated. Among men, 53... read more
Creative Tardiness Creative Tardiness
More than 27 percent of hiring managers say they are skeptical of employees' excuses for showing up late. Turns out their doubt is warranted: 24 percent of all employees decide to make up a fake excuse rather than tell the truth and fifteen percent of workers admit to arriving late at least once a week, according to a recent survey.Next time you're stuck in rush hour contemplating how you are going to spin your your advantage. While your boss probably won't believe it, he can't... read more
On the Road Again On the Road Again
You might not be a rock star with guitar skills that will make Carlos Santana blush, but when you play Guitar Hero you kick some serious ass. Unfortunately, unless you invite all your friends over for an at-home concert, your playing skills probably won't be seen by anyone other than your mom and your dog. That is, until now. Thanks to the upcoming Guitar Hero: On Tour, you can challenge your friends to a Guitar Hero face-off anytime, anywhere. All you need is a Nintendo DS and the game, and you... read more
Wed-Intentions Wed-Intentions
One of the biggest decisions you can ever make is asking your girlfriend to marry you. Lucky for you, the easy part could actually be proposing if already know that she'll take one look at that shiny rock and accept your offer in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, there might be something else that has you waking up at night in a cold sweat--having to speak to your dear (or not so dear) father-in-law-to-be about your intentions with his daughter.While this tradition may be fading fast, it is still... read more
Tipping Guide Tipping Guide
The art of giving a good tip is something that every man should know to be considered a man. On a date, tip too little and you come off looking cheap; tip too much and you look like you are trying to hard. Every situation calls for a different tipping guide; don't get caught looking like you're clueless.When out to eat, leave a tip no matter what. Standard tips run between 15% and 20%. If the service and food were impeccable, you can leave more than 20 and not be looked at oddly. If the food... read more
Lady Locator Lady Locator
You might have a hard time scoring a date, but the problem might not be with you. It might be with the types of places that you hang out at looking for women. Bars and clubs are usually jam-packed with females, but your odds for finding relationship material are slim. (However, your chances of hooking up for the night are significantly higher.) If you want to find something long-lasting, try finding a job with benefits that aren't health related. 1.Passion For FashionWhether you are designing... read more
Sport Portfolio Sport Portfolio
Yoonew is an open market that gives true fans the opportunity to lock in ticket prices to some of the most sought-after events in the world. Buying Fantasy Seats for your favorite teams allows you to guarantee yourself a ticket to the big game if your team makes it. Yoonew is the only place in the world where you can score tickets at prices BELOW face value.Unlike other sites where the prices are fixed and the tickets are few and far between, younew allows its users to quickly sell and buy... read more
The Perfect Woman The Perfect Woman
Said to be able to go shopping, clean up the house, cook dinner, give you a massage and understand you, the "perfect" woman is allegedly the product of two robotics students at Kobe University in Japan. According to the hype accompanying the launch, the blonde, brunette and redhead robots use "a technology called RKS, 'Recognition Krax System,' which allows for vocal, tactile and visual recognition." They can even "satisfy your desires in the bedroom." Their take: "We have designed Lisa to be a... read more
Space Beer Space Beer
Soon, a new beer will emerge that will leave all the others in the dust, moon dust that is. The new "Space beer" will be created by Sapporo Holdings, a company known as one of Japan's biggest makers of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. What will make this beer different from the rest is what will be used to create it. The barley used in the brewing process isn't your average barley; In 2006, the barley spent five months in space--in the International Space Station. The project to... read more
Non Athleticism Non Athleticism
Just because you don't have an athletic bone in your body, it doesn't mean that you have to shy away from sports all together. You might suck on the field or on the court, but rather than spend your life as a spectator, get yourself in on the game. Even the most uncoordinated guy can have a dream job in the sport industry; the key is just knowing where to look and which positions are best for has compiled a list of the 10 best jobs in the sports industry for those who aren't... read more
Sexual Slip Ups Sexual Slip Ups
Let's face it, a lot of guys think that they are sexual gods when it comes to pleasing women. Sure, some might just have all the right moves that can make any woman scream out his name. Unfortunately, some don't have a clue what they're doing, and if no woman ever has had the heart to tell him so, he may end up with being the guy that all girls stay away from. Thanks to an article on WebMD, the most common sexual mistakes that men make are revealed. Read them, learn them, and avoid doing them... read more
Opener Solutions Opener Solutions
Whether you are tailgating at a game or hanging out at a party, not having a bottle opener can ruin the mood. Try one of these ingenious tips for opening a bottle of beer when no actual opener is on hand. If you somehow have none of the below mentioned on hand either, use it as a conversation starter with that hot girl nearby and see if she can supply you with a mock-opener:Belt BuckleFor this trick, take off your belt, put one edge of the buckle under the cap, and pry off the cap. Key ItPlace... read more
Grill & Chill Grill & Chill
To get your next summer party the talk of the town, order the bbq-donut. The ultimate leisure concept for a completely new bar-b-que on the water. The donut fits 8 to 10 people and is the perfect "leisure island" for party lovers and experts with the grill tongs. (It can also be used as an individual bbq pavilion.) Many of the bbq-donut's features are available in various colors, so you can customize yours to best fit your style and needs. If you plan on having a larger party, you can link... read more
Filthy Rich Handbook Filthy Rich Handbook
Pick up "The Official Filthy Rich Handbook" and you can find out exactly "how the other .0001% live." Written by Christopher Tennant, the Handbook will let you know how those with $30 million or more in liquid assets do what they do and look good doing it.Whether you are an up and coming multi millionaire who needs a crash course in how to live the high life, or just want to know what you can do to be a little more like the filthy rich, this book can offer you all the insight that you need.The... read more