Go Topless Go Topless
While guys can strip off their shirts pretty much anywhere at anytime and not get arrested for indecent exposure, women do not have the same liberties. A new organization out there is trying to change all of this. If their protest works, get use to seeing more breasts out in the open--and try not to stare.Go Topless feels that women and men should both share the constitutional right of baring it all from the waist up in public. Spiritual leader Rael, who also founded gotopless.org, has stated... read more
Back in Biz Back in Biz
Just in time to celebrate the Season 5 Premiere of Entourage, Virgin America and HBO have partnered to bring the hit series to the skies. If you want to experience the Entourage lifestyle, this is your chance to do it in style. You can travel like Vince and the boys aboard "Entourage Air" this September on Virgin America's newest route: New York (JFK) - Vegas. And don't think the cross-promotion stops there. First class will be dubbed "Entourage Class," where lucky passengers will receive a bevy... read more
Celeb Dream Girls (by Virgin Mobile) Celeb Dream Girls (by Virgin Mobile)
1. Natalie Portman: Don't feel quite inadequate enough when talking to a beautiful woman? Well factor in Portman's degree from Harvard, multiple languages, and extensive knowledge of Star Wars trivia and you're pretty much screwed. The only way she could get more perfect is if she sneezed gold coins. And who knows, she might. 2. Megan Fox: Fox is pretty much perfect, aside from that pesky engagement to Brian Austin Green and a few ill-advised tattoos. The Transformers beauty will star in the... read more
Check Mate Check Mate
One of the most boring board games around has just been taken up a notch. By adding some hot pieces in sexual positions, chess will never be the same again. Created by a Russian company, this erotic chess set will definitely spark some interesting conversations in your home (and hopefully lead to some erotic of your own). The scenes depicted on the each piece come from the ancient Roman and Greek cultures. Since people back then definitely weren't prudes, you can be sure that this set offers... read more
Mayhem & Music? Mayhem & Music?
Just when you thought you had seen it all, you find out that one of the best movies ever made might become (gasp!)...a musical. That's right; Fight Club is slated to become a Broadway musical. In a recent interview with MTV.com, David Fincher expressed interest in a truly theatrical interpretation of the film, which would hit in 2009, 10 years after the film's original release. There isn't much else going on with the project, aside from the fact that Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk has agreed... read more
Safety Ring Safety Ring
How do you tackle the taboo of talking about condoms? Start listening to it. A new HIV-awareness campaign in India is using a cell phone ring tone to start the conversation. The tone consists of a choir repeating the word "condom." Eventhough we aren't in India, it doesn't hurt to listen to the tune.The "Condom a Cappella" ring tone is part of a massive campaign produced by the BBC World Service Trust with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help prevent the spread of HIV in... read more
Fantasy Arbitration Fantasy Arbitration
Next time you disagree with a member of your fantasy football league, take it to the courts. Founded by Marc Edelman, a preeminent sports law scholar and avid competitor in the exciting world of fantasy sports, SportsJudge.com brings the principles of dispute resolution into the realm of fantasy sports.The acting lawyer and founder of SportsJudge.com, Marc Edelman, is a sports law professor at Seton Hall University and attorney at Dewey Ballantine LLP in New York. SportsJudge prides itself on... read more
Bada Bing Bada Bing
After a long eight years of interrupted periods for each new season of The Sopranos, you can now host your own back-to-back marathon. Just in time for the holidays, HBO is releasing The Sopranos: The Complete Series, featuring all six seasons, due out on November 11, 2008. Weighing in at 10 pounds, the set includes a 56-page collector's album enclosed in a sleek black linen box, with two CD soundtracks on three discs. Setting you back a cool $399.99, the set will be sure to be a hit with any... read more
Unusual Urinal Unusual Urinal
Who knows what you are use to being greated with when you use a public restroom. However, next time you happen to be at Portugal's Eight Avenue mall in Sao Joao da Madeira, prepare yourself for the unexpected. In both the female and male restrooms, shoppers are surprised to find scantily clad mannequins peering at them from behind glass. Not only are they scantily clad, but they are standing in suggestive poses as visitors meet them, first with shock, then, not surprisingly, with a smile. This... read more
Crack Down Crack Down
Fans heading to the Meadowlands Sports Complex can expect a serious crack down. This translates to fewer tailgating hours and serious reprimands under new rules regarding alcohol and fan behavior. Parking lots for Giants Stadium, the Izod Arena and the Meadowlands Racetrack will open five hours before events, instead of seven. In addition, season ticketholders who are ejected from the stadium or arena will have their tickets revoked. If the season tickets are being used by someone other than the... read more
Ranked Ranked
Thousands have voted and the numbers are in. The Associated Press' Top 25 college football poll came out and some are surprised who made the list and who got dissed (ahem-FSU). The AP Top 25 College Poll is compiled from votes by 65 sportswriters and broadcasters from across the country. Find out the top 25 rankings at: AP Top 25. Check out the poll to see if your team made the cut:1.Georgia2.Ohio State3.USC4.Oklahoma5.Florida6.Missouri7.LSU8.West Virginia9.Clemson10.Auburn read more
Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder
With disability groups picketing around you, attempting to make it to one of the most highly anticipated movie's of the year could turn out to be quite an event. Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder premieres today, with a cast that rivals any Hollywood movie to date. Ben Stiller is said to have gotten the idea for the film while shooting Empire of the Sun. He wanted to make a film based on the actors he knew who considered themselves "self-important" after taking part in fake boot camps to prepare for... read more
Hug It Out Hug It Out
While you are patiently awaiting the new season of Entourage, take refuge in the fact that you can start dressing like them as soon as possible. That's right--they have released a clothing line (well, HBO has). Entourage has joined the bandwagon and partnered with AG Adriano Goldschmied so that you can dress like your favorite Entourage member. AG for Entourage is a men's and women's collection of tops and denim bottoms, inspired by the characters from the series. BTW, if you want to get a ... read more
Madden 09 Madden 09
Gear up--the new Madden NFL 09 is hitting tomorrow. The 19th installment in the Madden NFL video game franchise, 09 has been confirmed for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, and Xbox 360 consoles. However, there won't be a PC version. With new graphics and features, 09 will be sure to keep you glued to your couch for the next couple months. Revamped Graphics: Improved stadium models, new weather effects such as snow, rain & "movie weather", new lighting... read more
Skinned Skinned
Set yourself apart from the crowd with a Skinit Skin that reflects your tastes and personal style. Use it on your cell phone, gaming system or I-pod. With Skin It, you can choose from thousands of designs, including professional sports leagues, entertainment, colleges, fashion, exclusive art and more. Skinit is the leader in on demand personalization manufacturing, powering programs for computer manufacturers, wireless carriers, retailers, OEMs and other companies. Your skin will perfectly fit... read more
Buzzin Buzzin
It's the hard decisions in life. Like having to decide to drink in the pool or play beer pong outside of the pool. Well now, thanks to Inflatapong, you can combine both of them to work on a kickin' buzz. An inflatable version of the beer pong table we all know and love, Inflataping provides a stable and level playing surface for anytime you want to play in any body of water. The 8 foot surface is regulation size, so you know that you are all set up to play the game right. The lightweight,... read more
Gear Up Gear Up
The four year wait is over and the Summer 2008 Olympics are here...well, in two days that is. So...it is time to get ready and have your Tivo set 24 hours, unless you plan on not sleeping. A total of 10,500 athletes will be competing in 302 events and 28 sports in Bejing, China. If you haven't tuned in since you were young, there are a couple of good reasons to watch this summer.Why You Should Care:1.To catch the Opening Ceremonies2.To watch the U.S. kick some ass and win some medals3.To check... read more
Pineapple Express Pineapple Express
The long awaited movie, Pineapple Express, the new stoner comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco, will be released tomorrow, August 6, 2008. According to producer Judd Apatow, the source of inspiration for making Pineapple Express was Brad Pitt's character in True Romance, a stoner named Floyd. Apatow thought it would be funny to make a movie in which "you follow that character out of his apartment and watch him get chased by bad guys."The Plot: Dale Denton (Rogen), a lazy stoner, visits his... read more
Tread Heavily Tread Heavily
Take the rock climbing experience to a whole new level and bring a Treadwall into the privacy of your own home. A rotating climbing wall that incorporates auto-stop technology for self-paced, motor-less climbing with adjustable angles and holds, you'll soon be the talk of the neighborhood.You can place the Treadwall inside your home or outside if you have more space in the yard and don't mind your neighbors setting up seats to take in the fun. The freestanding and compact design of a Treadwall... read more
Rock Lobster Rock Lobster
It is that time of year again when men can gather up their buddies, hitch their boats and head down south to catch some lobsters. Even if you aren't a seafood or diving lover, the event is reason enough to drink all day in the sun and take a short vacation.Lobster "mini" season runs July 30-31, 2008 and the regular season is August 6, 2008 through March 31, 2009, but the summer months are when everyone gets down and dirty about some serious "bug hunting." Every year Key West is the hot spot to... read more