Pay the Fan Pay the Fan
If you want an easier way to play fantasy football and have an easier time scoring big money, then you might want to consider playing through (or PTF). The website allows football and stock car racing fans the chance to easily play and get paid. PTF Fantasy Football is a "Total Points" league. The goal is to accumulate as many points as you can on a weekly basis, and your weekly point totals are added together to determine your "Total Points" for the entire professional season.... read more
Battleground Battleground
This weekend, do something different and become part of history by attending the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." Whether you bleed orange and blue, red and black, or no colors at all, your weekend will be sure to be full of drinking, football and thousands of hot women. If you aren't familiar with the event, than it is time to get educated: Step 1. Head to Jacksonville, FL where the University of Florida/University of Georgia game is held Halloween weekend every year. If you decide to... read more
Redrum Redrum
In 1980, Stanley Kubrick came to the Timberline Lodge to film one of the all-time great horror classics, THE SHINING. In the film, Jack Nicholson slowly loses his grasp on reality and loses himself in a hallucination of a 1920s era ball. Twenty-Eight years later, Nike Sportswear and Fantastic Fest have joined forces to recreate the very same ball at the very same lodge--and you're invited this Halloween.Choose from two party packages available for the event, which takes place on October 31. The... read more
Dr's Orders Dr's Orders
Don't cry, Guns N'Roses fans. The agonizing wait for the 17 years-in-the-making masterpiece Chinese Democracy will finally be over on Nov. 23, 2008. While there have been more rumored release dates than the 23 flavors of Dr Pepper, if Chinese Democracy hits stores as announced, every American will get a free Dr Pepper as promised by the company."We never thought this day would come," said Tony Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper. "But now that it's here all we can say is: The Dr... read more
Stop & Stare Stop & Stare
If you are interested in a woman, casting glances her way at a bar is acceptable and flirtatious. Staring at her for more than 30 seconds is odd and downright creepy once it hits the minute mark. If you want to keep looking, but don't know how, thank the Japanese for thinking up a new DVD that will help you master the look. Miteru dake, which translates to mean "Just Looking," helps even the shyest guy gain more confidence. The secret is in the stare.A company called Avex just released the DVD... read more
One Up One Up
Move over iPhone, because there's a new phone in town that just might blow you out of the water. T-Mobile's new G1, also dubbed by some as the Google Phone, hit the market on October 22, and already it promises to be iPhone's greatest rival. The phone, which is built by HTC and is available through T-Mobile, offers features similar to those found on the iPhone. In fact, it even looks much like its competitor, although it is a little narrower, a little thicker, and has some interesting additional... read more
Textual Seduction Textual Seduction
If you've ever watched Law and Order, Alias, or even Meet the Parents,you probably know a thing or two about how to read people. Watch where their eyes go, read their body language, listen to the tone of their voice-it will all give you little clues to tell if theyNore sincere, if they are lying, if they are interested in you or if they're just bored. Unfortunately, today's dating scene comes with one secret weapon designed to break you down: texting. A text has no body language and no tone, it... read more
Confessions Confessions
If you have always wanted to confess your feelings to someone, whether you love them, hate them or just want to sleep with them, a new website can help you muster the courage to do so. Visit and tell that certain someone exactly how you feel. is a free service that enables you to anonymously express yourself and communicate with anyone... a random person you cross on the sidewalk, your secret crush, a hottie at the coffee shop or a friend you are afraid to confront... read more
E-MANcipate E-MANcipate
While women tend to torture themselves to look their best (think mile high stilettos and tight undergarments), men have never seen the point in being uncomfortable for fashion. One particular item that men don't understand, and have rarely attempted to wear, is pantyhose. While you admire them on professional cheerleaders, they have always been an accessory for women...until now. However, now there is a group out there that is doing what they can to make sure that men are free to proudly show... read more
Comedic Relief? Comedic Relief?
As a guy, you know how important it is to be funny. It makes you the life of the party and can rope you some hot women despite your looks. However, if you have ever wondered why women do not seem to be comedic in the same way men are, there are some inherent reasons. Men Have to Be Funny. The chief task in life that a man has to perform is that of impressing the opposite sex, and Mother Nature is not so kind to men sometimes so they have to make up for it in other ways. An average man has just... read more
Fatheads Fatheads
Forget those college posters and stop taping those magazine photos to your wall. Instead, get a Fathead and you can have a lifesized version of your favorite sports players, political choices and hot women-on your wall for your viewing pleasure. While you might be familiar with the traditional sports Fatheads, the company has recently made some new additions who will add more than room decoration.Don't worry about them peeling or lasting forever, each Fathead is made of thick high-grade vinyl... read more
Rock Royalty Rock Royalty
SongVest allows the average Joe with a little cash and some bidding skills to have a music career without requiring any kind of musical talent. SongVest is a music auction breakthrough that connects fans with the songwriters behind the music they love. The highest bidder at the auctions owns a share of the rights, including a nice chunk of the song royalties that come streaming in every time it gets played--plus a one-of-a-kind gold or platinum record with handwritten lyrics.Find a list of songs... read more
Google Goggles Google Goggles
One stupid act of inebriation that has gained popularity is sending out drunken emails. However, Gmail users don't have to worry about sending embarrassing emails anymore while drunk. The provider is offering a new service that will help put the kibosh on drunken email messages...Email Goggles.Email Goggles will check that you're really sure you want to send that late night email by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you're in the right state of mind? If... read more
Beer Hell Beer Hell
Although the infamous book and best seller, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, has been in circulation for a few years, it has just recently begun making waves as one of the many books being turned into a movie. The difference is, this movie revolves around a complete jerk (admittedly) and stars non other than Traci Lords.Book Synopsis: My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole. I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of... read more
Mini Motel Mini Motel
If you're strapped for cash, and can't afford a cab or a hotel room, your only option could be crashing right there at the party until everyone sobers up. You can sleep on the floor, or hope that there's an extra bed somewhere that isn't occupied. Or, you can whip out your mini motel and set up camp anywhere you want. Touted as "an innovative travel solution,"the Mini Motel offers private, but not exactly deluxe accommodations, whenever and wherever you happen to need a place to stay.... read more
Dating DNA Dating DNA
While you probably think it's the physical attributes that attract you to a woman, like her eye color or bra size, your DNA actually has quite a lot to do with it. Your genetics can actually dictate who you fall for and who is the best match for you. Lucky for you, there is a service out there that can ensure you are set up with a woman who is DNA-perfect for you. is a service that uses your specific DNA to find your perfect love match. The site uses your DNA to maximize the... read more
Private Chef Private Chef
Women are impressed by a man who can cook, especially a sexy man who can cook. They love the fact that they can put their feet up and relax while their men slave over a hot stove, and looking good adds some flavor. However, many men have not mastered more than Ramen or spaghetti. If this sums you up, hire a personal chef to create a gourmet meal that will have her eating out of your hand.If you are worried that a personal chef will cost you too much money, it will probably equal out to a night... read more
Bro Code Bro Code
Every guy who has a best male friend knows there are certain rules you don't break. Like getting in the front seat after your pal called shotgun. But for the more serious situations, the rules are not always as clear cut. If you find yourself digging your best friend's ex, there are some steps you should take before you kiss that friendship goodbye. The best thing you can do is be honest with him. If you genuinely have feelings for her and she feels the same way for you-break the news to him... read more
Roadstud Roadstud
Get charged up by driving the battery-powered Tesla. Based on a modified Lotus Elise chassis, the maker of the car, Tesla Motors, claims it'll zap 60 mph in four seconds, juice it to 130 mph, and spin the meter for up to 250 miles between charges. And, unlike the Lotus, the Tesla Signature One Hundred Collector's Edition (the first 100 cars) will actually have a cup holder. The company is named after inventor Nikola Tesla, who patented the first induction electric motor in 1888. CEO Martin... read more