Telltale Signs Telltale Signs
Your girlfriend tells you she's spending the night having drinks with friends, but the plans she laid out for you sound a bit fishy. And lately it seems harder and harder to get her on her cell, especially when you know that she always has it on her. Being a trusting guy is a point. Unfortunately, if you're too trusting all the time, you might not know when someone is trying to pull something over on you. To figure out if she is lying to you, just look for the telltale signs:1.... read more
Junk Emporium Junk Emporium
This Christmas, instead of attempting to sell those gifts you'll never use on ebay or regifting them next year, have fun mocking them on instead. Bad Gift Emporium knows what it's like to excitedly open up a gift only to find that the box contains crap that no one in their right mind would want. Now it has a place to go. Visit the site to display the junk you got in the chance of turning a crappy situation into a fun one. When you go to the site, you're allowed to browse... read more
Casual Encounter Casual Encounter
There are a ton of dating websites and matchmaking services out there just waiting to help you find your soulmate. Unfortunately, their idea of Mrs.Right and your's might be different. Instead of Mrs.Right, maybe all you're looking for at the moment is Mrs.Right Now. knows just what you're looking for and is ready to help you make that casual relationship happen. For singles who enjoy being single, finding the girl of your short-lived dreams is easy on the dating site. Just... read more
First Sight First Sight
That first lovers' gaze is the staple of any romantic movie. But is it possible to have love at first sight? Scientists believe they have now revealed the true nature of its attractive power--and it is less about love and more about sex and ego. Go figure."People are attracted to people who are attracted to them," said Ben Jones in the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen. "It's really a very basic effect that we are all, at some level at least, aware of - which is that if you... read more
Ways to Save Ways to Save
With the overload of news on the economic state we are in, if you haven't heard about how much money you don't have, you certainly have felt it. If your bank account is hurting and you are worried about how you will purchase any holiday gifts this year, use some of these smart tips to save and make a little extra cash this year.SAVE SOMEEntourage is ending, so why not cancel your HBO package for awhile to save some change? Or skip the basketball package this season with your DirectTV. It might... read more
Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet
Meeting the parents this Thanksgiving? Don't forget your holiday cheat sheet at home. Learn the top five tips you must master before stepping foot in the home of the two people who can decide your dating fate with their daughter. 1.Dominate the backyard football game.Show her family how it's done. Try to get on her dad's team so that you can bond together. However, if you play against him, do not use this time to show him up. If you don't play sports...pretend to. 2.Be the ultimate... read more
Magic Touch Magic Touch
If you are bored with your decor or are looking for a unique gift for someone you love, purchase some furniture that leaves a lasting impression--literally. Furniture's equivalent to a mood ring, the thermosensitive Swamp Collection launched in January, 2008 by Visual Reference Studio lets your heat and imagination run wild in the comfort of your home. Visual Reference Studio designed the collection in order to change the way you sit from ordinary to extraordinary. The Swamp Collection consists... read more
Instant Jury Instant Jury
The next time you have a dispute with someone, don't let it end the friendship or get to the point where you have to meet in real court. Get everything taken care of quickly at Instant Jury considers itself to be "the court of public opinion." Create an account, air your dirty laundry, and let others decide who is right and who is wrong.Getting started is easy: Sign up with Instant Jury and log into your account. If you have someone you need to sue, click on "Sue 'em" and let... read more
Hookup Maps Hookup Maps
Have a burning desire to hook-up? Thanks to the newly launched service Hookup Maps, a site that mashes up Craig's List hook-up posts with Google Maps, it just got a bit easier to quickly locate that casual encounter or date you may be looking for. And you can search in your own backyard.To use the site, find your location on the map and wait for the red heart markers to show up. When they do, clicking on each one will open up a list of potential hook ups in your area. You don't have to worry... read more
Ego Boost Ego Boost
The Bentley is the ultimate status symbols that one can own. Unfortunately, it is also one very few people can afford. If you're not Diddy, but you want to own a piece of the Bentley name, skip the Apple store and get the Bentley Laptop. Ego Lifestyle has created the laptop inspired by the sweet ride for Bentley Motors. Although you can't cruise the streets with the laptop, you can surely surf the web in style. Created to resemble the car, the metal case features a curved design with a carrying... read more
Electoral Party Electoral Party
Whether your party wins or loses tonight, show everyone how you really feel about the election. While you can't wear your feelings on your shirt to work or write a mass email to everyone in the company, you can muster the strength to party either way the vote swings and keep the party neutral all night long. Ask everyone to dress up as political figures; decorate in red, white and blue and drink election inspired cocktails. Don't forget to play some John Philip Sousa music in the background. ... read more
Liquid Fix Liquid Fix
Get your next fix with Liquid Smoking, the new beverage alternative to lighting up. While you might not get the exact nicotine fix you crave, you will be able to get through that long plane flight or non-smoking restaurant. Pour yourself your next cigarette and get the same feeling you get when taking a drag.United Drinks and Beauty, the drink's manufacturer, has said that the drink offers a "slight energizing effect, followed by a euphoric sense of calming and relaxation, like the satisfaction... read more