Hot For Words Hot For Words
The next time you are interested in finding out what a word means, or just want to look for some words to expand your vocabulary so that you sound smart, forget about reaching for the dictionary or searching online. Instead, visit and let a sexy Philologist do all the work for you as she strives to make you "hot for words." Russian born Marina Orlova is the hottie behind the website. Marina has two degrees - Teaching of Russian Language and World Literature Specializing in... read more
Sled Style Sled Style
This winter, when the world is blanketed in cold, white snow, don't grab your old boring plastic sled and head to the nearest hills with your buddies or girlfriend. Instead, opt to ride down the slopes in sexy style. Porsche, the company behind the sports car and other top-of-the-line accessories, has come out with the ultimate in sled designs. The sleek sled, whose design is exclusive to Porsche, has a frame made from durable aluminum and runners that have been crafted in stainless steel. The... read more
Manly Man Manly Man
When you're in a relationship, you may find yourself doing and saying things with your girlfriend you wouldn't normally do. Like, offering to go see the latest chick flick or oohing and aahing over the throw pillows she picked out for your couch. While it's ok to let your guard down and show a little bit more of your feminine side, if you really want to keep her around and interested, you have to learn how to still keep your emotions manly.Tear TrainingWomen like a guy who isn't afraid to show... read more
Resolution Solutions Resolution Solutions
This year, forget about resolving to quit smoking and lose weight. Why not make some New Year's resolutions your girlfriend will actually help you keep? These are the ones she wishes you will make (and keep). Even if you follow one of these, you will have a very happy woman to ring in the New Year with:Start to dress, act and look more like Don Draper on Mad Men.Do a household chore without her asking.Throw out all of your T-shirts with cut-off sleeves.Stop threatening to kill everyone who cuts... read more
Playoff Challenge Playoff Challenge
Just because the regular fantasy football season has ended doesn't mean your experience has drawn to a close. ESPN is offering some playoff football to still be played. The ESPN Gridiron Playoff Challenge continues the excitement of the regular season all the way through the NFL playoffs, combining the traditional fantasy football scoring with a salary-cap-style system. Each week, you can pick two quarterbacks, two running backs, two wide receivers and one apiece at tight end, kicker and defense... read more
Low Top Fever Low Top Fever
Right in time for the New Year, Kobe Bryant has come out with new shoes for the 2008-09 NBA Season: Nike Zoom Kobe IV. Following the immense success of the other shoe promoted by Kobe Bryant for the Olympic games, the Hyperdunk, Nike will launch the fourth edition of the Zoom Kobe line in February 2009. The shoe, also known as "Venom," features a beautiful design, the Los Angeles Lakers colorway (black purple, yellow, grey), a translucent midsole and a black reptile print on the toe box and heel... read more
Grabow Grabow
The key to hosting the best party is making sure that you pay attention to the details. If you really want to keep your guests happy, and have them talk about you as THE party god for months to come, then you need to forget about hiring a DJ or playing lame tunes on your home stereo. What you really need to do is let Grabow find you the best entertainment around.Contact Grabow and let them know what type of entertainment you want at your event. And we aren't just talking about live music. You... read more
Her Wish List Her Wish List
If you are waiting until the last minute to buy your significant other a holiday gift, it might be time to get shopping. While you can always go with the standbys like jewelry and lingerie, you might want to think about some gifts that she actually wants this year. Here are a few unique ideas on her wish list: 1. Member of the month clubs. Whether for wine, coffee or cheese, signing her up for one of these services that fits her passions will literally become the gift the keeps on giving. 2.... read more
Job Lockdown Job Lockdown
If you are one of the many who has found themselves without work in this current economy, it is important to know what employers are looking for in candidates to help set you apart at your next interview. Here are the top 5 ways to get that new job on lockdown, according to experts from MSN Careers.1. Sell yourself.You've worked hard in school and in your career; don't be afraid to share your accomplishments. A great way to sell yourself is in your cover letter, says Kevin Donlin, creator of... read more
Gadget Control Gadget Control
If this holiday season has got you strapped for cash, find the latest tech toys that will be sure to please even the hardest person on your list to buy for (and won't break the bank). The Outdoors ManPick up the Eton ARC FR500 Solarlink weather radio and know what the weather will be like even when not home to check The Weather Channel. The radio is solar-powered, self-powered, and can keep them abreast of the latest weather conditions. It can also charge a cell phone and MP3 player, offers... read more
Pictures of You Pictures of You
Bring some old school fun back into use with the Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth. Cram yourself in, press the button to start, strike four poses in 5-second intervals, wait 16 seconds, and--voila--you have pictures. Unlike prior models that used chemical processes to develop pictures, this one uses a thermal printer exclusively designed by Polaroid, producing 2" H x 2" W 72-dpi monochrome images.When you buy the booth, which costs $11,000, you'll also get two film rolls that will take around 3... read more
Young Love Young Love
There's a new relationship expert in town and he is not what you would expect. At only nine years old, Alec Greven is considered a leading expert on dating, with a new book titled "How To Talk To Girls." After watching his classmates mingling at recess, the Colorado third-grader decided the boys needed some help. With a creative writing assignment due, Alec spun his theorys into a manual, which sold for $3 at the school fair. While some of his advice is kids stuff, some of it could benefit most... read more
Prime Present Prime Present
This holiday season, rather than asking for the usual electronics and socks, or you need a great gift idea for your best friend, take the smart route and look towards a gift any meat lover with want. Any carnivore who just can't get enough of red meat will salivate over Peter Luger's Ultimate Steak Gift Set. Found exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue of all places, this set was called the "best steaks in America" by The New York Times. In the set you'll get two 37-oz porterhouse steaks that have... read more
Party Sense Party Sense
If your company is hosting an annual Christmas party this year, be prepared to follow certain codes of conduct. According to business etiquette expert Hilka Klinkenberg, the cardinal rule is to remember that no matter how festive the occasion, it's still about business. There are a few simple rules you need to know if you want to still have a job come Monday.1. Show up. Sounds simple, but remember that this is a company-hosted event so just like an office meeting, your attendance is mandatory.2.... read more
Cinemizer Cinemizer
Watch a film in the comfort of your own face with the futuristic, 3-D movie-esque Cinemizer glasses. Whether you want to watch a horror movie while lounging at the beach, or a thriller while riding an exercise bike at the gym - Cinemizer allows you to enjoy a blockbuster wherever you are. You can also catch up on a lecture, and even learn a new language using a video-supported language course. The Carl Zeiss Cinemizer displays a 640x480 resolution and works with an iPod dock and a range of... read more
Indi-fit Indi-fit
Finding the right pair of jeans to fit your body type can be impossible. While there are thousands offered in the stores, sometimes you cannot find the exact pair that you need to look your best. To get the perfect jeans, you could visit your tailor or, if you want jeans that fit like they were made for you, you can visit knows that not everyone is built the same, so mass-produced clothing, although it often looks good, sometimes just won't do. Instead, they have come up... read more
First Bite First Bite
The same minds behind Burger King's "Subservient Chicken" and "Whopper Freakout" campaigns, are at it again with the latest--"Whopper Virgins." In the newest marketing ploy, Burger King is traveling to the most remote, impoverished places on Earth to pay people who've never eaten a fast food burger to pit their Wopper against McDonald's Big Mac. With one helicopter, two doglsleds, and 13 planes in a reality tv inspired film campaign, BK has travelled to the farthest corners of the world (i.e. a... read more
Scarred Scarred
It's been said that women love a man who is rugged, a bit weathered, and resembles a Hollywood cowboy. It's the whole macho thing that really gets them interested. A recent study has found that this desire goes a bit further--that some women actually find themselves physically attracted to a man with scars.Scientists from Stirling and Liverpool universities feel it could be because it's a sign of bravery, virility, and health. During the course of the study, it was found that women thought that... read more
Start It Up Start It Up
Getting up the nerve to approach a woman is hard, but what you do once you have actually approached her is the where things can get tricky. While eye contact, body language, and physical attraction might be enough to get the two of you within speaking distance of each other, you'll never actually get to the first date if your initial conversation doesn't go smoothly. What you say and how you say it will leave a lasting impression, so make sure it's a good one with these tips.Don't start off with... read more
Girl Gift Guide Girl Gift Guide
This Christmas, if you don't have a clue as to what your girlfriend will like for her present, why not let someone else do the work for you? Visit to get help buying a present for any and every woman in your life. Founded in 2005, the site is known for helping men buy the best gifts when they have given up figuring it out on their own. This year, let the only failure be your poor wrapping ability.Using Gift Girl is easy, you just have to know a little about her. On the site, you... read more
Generatus Generatus
There seems to be a lot of pressure put on people to constantly keep their social networking statuses updated with witty, up-to-the-minute happenings. Unfortunately, not all of us are that quick. If you are part of the slow crew, luckily for you can do the witty work for you.Let's face it, a status like "Dave is mowing the lawn" or "Kate is asleep" is not going to impress that huge entourage of friends you've amassed. But, never fear! Your days of boring status updates are over.... read more