Decider Decider
If you are one of those people who can never make a decision on anything, stop asking others for their opinion and start using your wrist. The New Decider watch not only helps you tell the time, but make decisions on important things that really matter, like which girl you should go home with.Mr Jones Watches is the new cult watch brand from London, with watches that are both provocative and seductive. As the seconds tick round on the Decider, the words "yes" and "no" are alternately displayed.... read more
Veggie Love Veggie Love
Apparently, NBC has something against girls who love their veggies and has banned Peta's new ad for the Superbowl, which they were probably never planning on actually placing. Of course, being banned by NBC is a really effective way to drive viewers to your Web site to watch the naughty ad -- and it saves about $3M, as the Washington Post noted.After Peta submitted its proposed Super Bowl ad, which effectively drives home the fact that vegetarians make better lovers by demonstrating their... read more
Puppy Bowl V Puppy Bowl V
If your favorite team's season went to the dogs this year, Animal Planet has some new recruits that are ready for their chance to conquer the pigskin--or a chew toy--in PUPPY BOWL V. The yearly canine competition is back as a new cast of pups takes the field for another year of dogged defense, puppy penalties and fido first downs. Whether you are an avid animal lover or you are looking for a way to get your girl interested in sports using any method, tune into the real game of the year. The... read more
Bowl Bash Bowl Bash
If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets to go to Tampa for the Superbowl this weekend, rest assured that there other options to watch the big game.1. Hang out at Game Day at the Playboy Mansion. Now that's an attention-getter. Yes, you can celebrate the NFL's national holiday at Hef's place as a guest of actress Brande Roderick of Baywatch fame. On the grounds of the grand house, but since 20 Playmates are expected to be attending, what's the difference. An organizer said about 1,000 people... read more
Get Personal(ized) Get Personal(ized)
Valentine's Day is right around the corner so you better start thinking outside the usual heart-shaped chocolate box. Instead of going with the usual flowers, get creative and personalize some gifts for her that she will remember forever. And by personalized, we do not mean a blank card with doodles or a pasta necklace.Satisfy her sweet tooth with Gumdrop Cookie Shop personalized cookies. Each batch is handmade to order and they can also add any photo, image or design to the top of a cookie.... read more
Coffee Date Coffee Date
According to Happen Magazine, there are some coffee house rules you should follow to ensure your next date at Starbucks brews into something more than just a casual encounter:Try to appear laid-back. It's just coffee so remember to dress a bit more casual than you would on a dinner date. "You shouldn't arrive looking like you're about to have a job interview. Nothing about this should feel transactional," says Nancy Slotnick, founder of out the joint. If you're the person who... read more
Goodbye Sparks? Goodbye Sparks?
If Sparks is your drink of choice for getting your buzz on and increasing your energy, then there's some bad news for you. Unfortunately, the alcoholic energy drink may soon be taken off store shelves for good. This means if you happen to have a can or two lying around, then you might want to consider saving them for a special occasion, because they just might be the last cans you'll ever have the pleasure of drinking.MillerCoors Brewing Company, who you may know as formerly being Miller, is... read more
The Break-Up The Break-Up
With January being the month that many relationships start to head north, it is normal to question your relationship and wonder if it's just a rough patch or if it's time to throw in the towel. If the end is near, to end things the right way, don't just hit her with it and walk away. Handle it like a gentleman and take these tips to let her go the right way.Email, texts, and phone messages are only acceptable ways to break it off if you've only been out a few times. For ending long-term... read more
Get Ahead Get Ahead
The economy pretty much sucks right now, which means that, for some people, jobs are hard to hold onto and even harder to come by. But, even in these tough times, there are ways to ensure that you not only keep the job you already have, but manage to advance into an even better, higher-paying position. Be the guy that your boss can't live without by trying out some of these tips:1. Be ThereIt has been found that people who get a promotion don't necessarily have the proper skills required for the... read more
The Jordan of Steaks The Jordan of Steaks
Whether you are a NBA fan, a steak lover or both, you will be salivating over the new Michael Jordan Signature Steaks. For about $450.00 you can buy the "Full Court Press" for you and your pals' grilling pleasure. On Micheal's website, in addition to purchasing steaks, you can also purchase "steak accessories," such as sauces and knives, and you can also look up recipes, articles and guides.Sourced from the top beef purveyors in the country, you can also send these pricey steaks as a present or... read more
Style Handbook Style Handbook
Fashion-challenged guys now have something to be happy about. Esquire magazine has released a book that will help them look as sexy as possible and teach them all those little style secrets they have always wanted to know. The Handbook Of Style: A Man's Guide To Looking Good offers tips and tricks that any guy can use to up his fashion knowledge without the help of friends, a girlfriend, or a personal shopper.Each year, the editors of Esquire produce a special issue of the magazine devoted to... read more
Paradise Island Paradise Island
Position: Island caretaker. Duties: Lazing around Australia's Great Barrier Reef for six months. Salary: 150,000 Australian dollars ($100,000 US). It sounds too good to be true, but it's for real. Billing as the "Best Job in the World," Australian tourism officials say they are seeking one lucky person to spend six months relaxing on Hamilton Island, while promoting the destination on a blog."The global response in the first 24 hours has outstripped even our expectations," Australia's Tourism... read more
Axe Effect Axe Effect
According to the AXE commercials, any guy who wears it or showers with it will instantly become the object of hot desire to all women around him. While the idea of turning into a chick magnet with the spray of Axe sounds a little far fetched, it could actually be closer to the truth than you think.According to a recent study, researchers have found that women do find a great-smelling man more attractive than a guy who goes au naturale. Craig Roberts, a professor at the University of Liverpool,... read more
Cellular Luxury Cellular Luxury
The economy may be at its worst in years, but Motorola believes there's still a market for a mobile phone with some bling and a ridiculous price. The company says the handcrafted design of its new AURA cellphone is inspired by luxury watches. And it has a price to match: $2,000 when it becomes available later this year. Motorola claims the phone's superb craftsmanship and distinctive interface is worth the cost. Also, Motorola says it's all in the numbers: 16 million colors in a circular display... read more
Beeripedia Beeripedia
If you want to brush up on your beer knowledge, cut out the hours of Google searches and head straight to Beeripedia is your site for all things beer related. They like to cater to enthusiasts, home brewers, and anyone else who enjoys the world's oldest beverage.If no one has added the entry yet, feel free to start it. Not only does the site cater to those who are looking for information on beer, they also help brewers get the word out about their product. According to the site,... read more
Rise to the Occasion Rise to the Occasion
We have all wished for a script in life to provide us with the right lines for every situation. Be at the ready by adorning your shelves with the "Lines for All Occasions" Book Bundle. This collection of pocket-sized prompters, with responses ranging from the diplomatic to the downright bridge-burning, will ensure that you will never be caught without the right words again. Whether you find yourself tongue-tied at work, needing to find the right words to deal in your relationship, or looking for... read more
Skigym Skigym
The next time the mood to hit the slopes strikes, forget about the ski gear and whip out your SKIGYM. A virtual skiing simulator, the SKIGYM was developed from Pro-Idee in Germany with some help from sports specialists, ski instructors, and physical therapists. The balancing-control technology is similar to that of the WiiFit, however this SKIGYM isn't available for a gaming console, but for the PC.The software includes Alpine Ski Racing 2007, which has 32 different ski slopes including 18 real... read more
Made to Order Made to Order
Next time you offer to cook her dinner at your place--don't forget to call in the troops when you suddenly remember you can't cook. The good news is that you have more than a few services at your disposal that will send gourmet, home-cooked meals right to your door. Each usually requires no more effort than following the heat-up instructions, but you can tell her you slaved away in the kitchen all day. (Just remember to hide the evidence.) allows you to customize meals to fit your... read more
Whac-A-Enemy Whac-A-Enemy
Short of challenging an enemy to put on some gloves and jump in the ring, there are not many options available to let you get your anger out on someone you truly despise. Why not play a heated game of Whac-A-Mole to do the trick? Not the usual carnival style, but a personalized version for your home that allows you to make the object(s) of your hatred the focus of the game. Hammacher Schlemmer offers a Whac-A-Mole game that can be personalized to replace the standard mole heads with molded... read more
Geeky Proposal Geeky Proposal
A marriage proposal should be romantic, but it should also be unique. The problem is finding something that hasn't been done before. For some, the proposal should fit a couple's lifestyle; for others, it should be tailored to her personality. But what about self-proclaimed geeks who love spending time gaming together? If you want to give your loved one a special message in the geekiest gamer way, use Easy Proposal Maker featuring The Search Master. If your girlfriend is a gamer, and you have a... read more