Watchmen Watchmen
Ranking high on the list of movies that almost didn't get made, the $120 million superhero saga Watchmen is finally ready for release on March 6, 2009. If superheros aren't your thing, it might help to know that hotties Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino are both in the film.Based on the iconic comic book series by Alan Moore, Watchmen has been in gestation for more than 20 years at four different studios and through the hands of at least four directors, one of whom deemed it "unfilmable." Luckily... read more
Man Can Grill Man Can Grill
If you want to add a few more selections to your grilling repertoire, or you want to just learn how to grill, you should pick up the book "A Man, A Can, A Grill." This book is chock full of easy grilling recipes that any guy can master.A Man, A Can, A Grill makes things as simple as possibly so even the most culinary-challenged man can churn out a grilled feast. When reading a recipe, you'll not only be given a list of ingredients needed, but you'll also see pictures of them so you can easily... read more
Pickup Tactics Pickup Tactics
Few people have such a front-row seat to the dating and mating game as a bartender. Every night, these drink slingers watch singles meet and greet, go home together, and crash and burn. All of this experience makes them experts on which lines and moves work, and which ones bomb. Here is some of their best advice, thanks to MSN Dating: This easy opener"I think the easiest way for a guy to start talking to a girl is to get next to her while she's ordering her own drink and say, 'That one's on me.'... read more
Spywear Spywear
If you want to know what's going on when you're not in your car, and want to be discreet about it, opt for the new Driving Activity Reporter. The device has been created for car owners who want to know where their baby has been and how it was treated when others are driving. Basically you can stalk your own car or, better yet, stalk someone elses.The DAR uses a 16-channel GPS receiver to track the movements of the car to which it is attached (internally or externally, using the device's built-in... read more
Sonic Nostalgia Sonic Nostalgia
Travel back in time the heyday of the SEGA Genesis console by way of your Xbox 360 with Sonic's "Ultimate Genesis Collection." The largest collection of classic SEGA titles available to date, these 40+ games bring classic single player and multiplayer action to life like never before as the best of the SEGA Genesis catalog is reborn.Led by six classic Sonic The Hedgehog favorites, this collection is packed with games from iconic franchises you know and love, like Ecco the Dolphin, Streets of... read more
Money Box Money Box
Considering the fragile state of the economy these days, it is probably good to start saving money. Instead of using an old-fashioned piggy bank or those ridiculously overrated savings accounts, get the Robot Money Box. It keeps track of the money you put in and actually praises you for saving money. The robot will also help you make target goals for saving, and encourages you while you're making them. Sounds like a great shoo-in for a girlfriend replacement. This Robot is so cued in to today's... read more
Code Blue Code Blue
The next time you wake up feeling like crap after a night of heavy drinking, forget the cures you've tried in the past and reach for a Code Blue Recovery Drink. Special ingredients in Code Blue, such as electrolytes, natural fruit juices, and antioxidants, claim to work to hydrate, replenish, and detoxify your body. A night out can leave your body dehydrated, with blood sugar levels disrupted, vitamins and minerals depleted and toxic chemicals in your system. Your body can become stressed... read more
Drunk Roulette Drunk Roulette
Playing games of chance can be a huge thrill, especially if you win. However, one game of chance that most people would not find thrilling to play is Russian Roulette. Unless the bullets are replaced by beer and instead of serious injury or death, you just end up hammered. How to Play: Russian Roulette Beer Bong brings the excitement to drinking. Spin the roulette wheel and pull out a bottle. Perhaps you will have to chug 2 litres of beer, or perhaps not. Pass the tube to the person next to you... read more
Mind Eraser Mind Eraser
If you have a brain chocked full of bad memories that you wish you could just erase or wanted the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to be a reality, a new study has everyone thinking that it may be possible in the near future. According to a Dutch scientist study, a certain type of blood pressure pill can actually help erase bad memories. The pill can also treat anxiety disorders people may have and phobias that keep them from living their life fully. "The generic beta-blocker... read more
Sweet Tweet Sweet Tweet
With all of the social networking sites to choose from, the one that seems to be the most misunderstood is Twitter. Why would you want to only post updates and be limited to 140 characters? While it hasn't been used as a dating service yet, the uses for Twitter are endless.Use it as a marketing and PR tool. Get the news out there about your company, services or products. You can also follow notable reporters and pitch them through Twitter.Get updates from your fave newsmakers. Follow the tweets... read more
V-day Made Easy V-day Made Easy
Let the guys from The Lonely Island help you make Valentine's Day perfect with their own e-card letting your sweetie know what they do to you. You can choose the recipient of a beautiful pink e-rose and edit your card, which features the video for The Lonely Island's popular song "J*zz In My Pants," made popular on Saturday Night Live by Andy Samberg.Click send, and that's it. you're done. No dinner or red roses necessary. Earlier this week, The Lonely Island released their debut album, ... read more
Return to Crystal Lake Return to Crystal Lake
In honor of today's superstitious nature, skip the chick flicks and opt to see the newest installation of Friday the 13th. Back again, not as another sequel but as a "re-imagining," linking the first film with the present, this is a thriller that can't be missed. Plot: This time around, a group of kids head back to the now-abandoned Camp Crystal Lake, where they drink and have sex, which can lead to only one outcome: death and dismemberment at the hands of the evil killing machine Jason Voorhes ... read more
Reckless Abandon Reckless Abandon
With so many dating sites available, it can be hard choosing the one that is right for you. If you're looking for Mrs. Right, or even more fitting, Mrs. Right Now, why not put your dating future in the hands of fate and head over to Blind Date lets you coordinate a date on extremely short notice. While it's not for everyone, it is for social, outgoing, and adventurous people. Oh, and it's completely free. When you have a hankering for a night on the town with a... read more
The Hard Truth The Hard Truth
One of the most popular movies playing right now, if your girl hasn't already clued you in, is "He's Just Not That Into You." While it is definitely a chick flick, it is also one that guys can appreciate and enjoy. Take your girlfriend to see it this Valentine's Day, take a girl that you want to send a message to, or bring that girl who is a friend to show her on the movie screen what you have been trying to explain to her for years. The Lowdown: The movie is based on the best-selling book by... read more
Desperate Measures Desperate Measures
With the recession hitting everyone where it hurts, it is important to realize the signs of true desperation before you hit rock bottom (if you aren't already there yet). The Top 5 Signs1. The only bank you have been making deposits at is the sperm bank. 2. You interviewed for a job that requires a costume.3. Really old, rich cougars are starting to look good at the bars.4. You have resorted to selling ad space on your body.5. You're contemplating becoming a male escort. read more
Incredibad Incredibad
Make your Tuesday incredigood by checking out the new album Incredibad, created by the masterminds behind some of the funniest skits on TV today. The Lonely Island (or TLI) is the group of lovable writers that are single-handedly keeping America interested in SNL, led by Andy Samberg. Incredibad features some help from an impressive roster, including T-Pain, Norah Jones, Jack Black, E-40, the Strokes' singer Julian Casablancas and, of course, Justin Timberlake.With a mix of songs made famous in... read more
Inside Edition Inside Edition
With the temperatures dropping across the U.S., being stuck indoors can really test a relationship (and possibly give you cabin fever). But that's only if you don't know what to do to keep it interesting. Try some of these tips and your relationship will still be going strong when spring arrives. 1. Challenge her to some board games or get creative and play some Strip Poker. Or, make it a team effort and invite some friends over to play Charades, CatchPhrase and other group games.2. Test your... read more
Recession Dating Recession Dating
When times get tough you need to get creative. And there is no exception for when it comes to dating. With less money in your pocket, it is time to switch gears and start thinking about dating in a recession. However, if you aren't really hurting, but you're just cheap, these ideas will work for you too and she will never know the difference. No.1: No more three-course meals at four-star restaurants -- you'll make your credit cards weep and it won't impress her when your card gets declined. No.2... read more
Wodka on the Rocks Wodka on the Rocks
In an effort to "overthrow overpriced vodka," Sobieski has taken the vodka industry by storm. Poland's #1 vodka and the #7 vodka worldwide, Sobieski claims to know the truth about vodka, insisting that it didn't take a "kings ransom" to get a top notch spirit. And the best news yet is that Sobieski goes down easy at a suggested retail price of $11. Sobieski is named after Jan III Sobieski, the Polish king who, upon defeating the overwhelming Turkish army, was widely hailed as the "Savior of... read more
3D Kiss 3D Kiss
In a new ad campaign to promote Whitestrips Advanced Seal, Crest offers anyone looking for a hot cyber kiss the chance to have 3D. Kiss Me in 3D allows you to "create your own make-out session with a hottie -- in a 3D experience that feels so real, your computer screen might even fog up."Just launched this past weekend, the site lets gives you a chance to experience a kiss like no other. When you visit the site, the first thing you have to do is let them know if you want to kiss Olivia... read more