Caliente Cinco Caliente Cinco
Cinco de Mayo doesn't necessarily mean you have to go out, spend tons of money, and stumble home late at night smelling of margaritas and cheap Mexican food. This year, why not try something different and plan a fun and romantic evening for just you and your girlfriend. Impress her with your creativity and knowledge of all things Cinco de Mayo.Set the Mood: Decorating for Cinco de Mayo doesn't have to cost a fortune. Most dollar stores carry a wide array of decorations and even bring in... read more
Derby Delight Derby Delight
Just because you can't make it to the Kentucky Derby this weekend doesn't mean you can't hold your own Derby Day at home. In addition to learning the Kentucky tune, there are a few additionl Kentucky tips and tricks you can learn to make your weekend a winner. 1. Join the Hat Parade: Not just the women get to wear crazy hats, grab a Fedora or random hat you have in your closet and party in pastels. Throw a Derby themed event and have the wildest hat contest, or most original. Women love dressing... read more
Get In Her Head Get In Her Head was created out of the realization that men and women simply don't talk about things on the same wavelengths. Created by a team who was tired of dirty looks from their significant others and paying last minute shipping costs, the site makes buying gifts and remembering anniversaries easy and simple. As a member of GetinHerHead, you will make a list that provides a look into your partner's brain so you can instantly know what they want and where to get it. You can receive email... read more
Beard-a-Thon Beard-a-Thon
One of the most time-honored traditions in all of sports, a NHL playoff beard is the superstitious practice of a player not shaving his beard during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Believed to have been started in the 1980s by the New York Islanders, hockey fans have also taken on the superstition and perfected the "Playoff Beard." So, throw that razor in the garbage cause it's playoff time again. Here's how to grow the Playoff Beard:1. Shave about 24 hours before the first playoff game. It's... read more
Cougar Town Cougar Town
What makes some older women so appealing? It could be the thrill or your weird obsession with Mrs.Robinson and the Graduate. Or, maybe it's knowing that she has some experience and can probably teach you a thing or two. Regardless of the reason, when you see a hot older woman and want to approach her, make sure you bring your cougar game.She's mature, independent, and looking for someone who will compliment her lifestyle so it is important that you come off as confident and in charge. If you... read more
Escape Route Escape Route
So you just had a one night stand. Now that you're sober--don't panic. Many of have been there before and many have not handled the situation well. Partly because we aren't sure how the woman wants us to act. To help with this sticky situation, here are some general rules for how to navigate a one night stand.Once you wake up and realize what's going on, do not run for the closest available exit just yet. Take a few minutes to recall why you went home together in the first place. If it was... read more
Inner Circle Inner Circle
Finding a date can be pretty expensive and extremely time consuming, especially during a recession. Instead of blowing a ton of cash at the bar hoping to pick up a hottie or paying astronomical fees on dating sites, start saving in love and in money by looking for romance in different, less expensive places--like your own backyard.A Friend of a Friend: Why have friends if they can't set you up with other friends? Since your friends know everything about you, who better to set you up with someone... read more
Adventureland Adventureland
If you are looking for the new thing to do to keep you busy, and want to meet new friends and, more importantly, new adventurous women, then check out your local Events & Adventures. The founder of Events & Adventures, Mark Owen, began the club 20 years ago and eventually met his wife through the organization. In addition to meeting his one and only, he also skydived for the first time, climbed to the top of Mount St. Helens and went white water rafting in British Columbia. Events &... read more
Body Language Body Language
Want to know if she's into you without having to ask her? It's actually easier than you think. Just pay attention to a few key signs when you are on a date and you'll know if she's in it for the long run or just using you for a few free dinners. The Mover & ShakerHow she acts around you, whether she is speaking or completely silent, can tell you a lot about her feelings for you. Donna Barnes, a life and relationship coach who also owns NY Dating Coach in NYC feels that women are... read more
Office Survival Office Survival
It's obvious that they guy who sucks up to the boss will mostly likely be the one who gets promoted, but, a recent study has found that brown-nosing can actually be bad for business. This means that the offending party might just end up finding himself without a job regardless of how obnoxiously determined he acts. Instead of resorting to behavior that has your co-workers planning your demise, try some of these job-saving tips.Get Noticed: Don't be the guy who happily goes along with other... read more
Easy Rider Easy Rider
When you want to get in shape in the great indoors, forget the average exercise bike and get yourself a RealRyder. RealRyder takes stationary cycling to the next level with its revolutionary technology that gives you the feeling of riding over outdoor terrain. And you won't have to worry about the weather, traffic, or bugs in your face. The only down side is that you won't be passing any hot women on the street anymore.RealRyder ABF8 has a unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, lean... read more
Picture Perfect Picture Perfect
If you've ever wondered what your future love life has in store for you, look no further than a picture of yourself as a child. According to a recent study, people whose smiles are the brightest in their childhood pictures have three times the chance to have a successful marriage than children who are snapped donning a frown. Conducted by scientists from Indiana's DePauw University, the study intended to see if a child's smile can actually determine what their love life will hold when they reach... read more
The Academy The Academy
You don't have to own a Lamborghini to get the chance to drive one. Learn to handle the sports car like a pro by enrolling in the Lamborghini Academy, where you'll learn everything you need to know about handling the car on a track. Trade in that Honda for the day and test those skills.If you've never driven one before, then you can start with the entry-level Lamborghini Track Academy course. This course gets you behind the wheel and, through professional guidance, gives you the skills you need... read more
Celeb Showdown Celeb Showdown
The latest must-have game for the Wii, Celebrity Sports Showdown, combines recreational sports activities and celebrities in one. You can compete head-to-head with celebrity musicians and athletes to see who has got the goods and, with intuitive Wiimote controls and a variety of multi-player tournaments, this competition will separate the celebrities from the wannabes.Celebrity Sports Showdown features 12 games that have each been specifically designed with the Wii Remote in mind, creating an... read more
Think Geek Think Geek
Can't live without being able to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and videos whenever you want? You're not alone. If you are one of the many who need their media fix whenever the mood strikes, take the James Bond approach and sneak your media in something unsuspecting--like a watch. The Video Watch, offered by Think Geek, boasts 8GB of internal flash memory so you can fit a decent amount of media on it. Plus, the 1.8" TFT LCD screen is the perfect size for fitting on your wrist while also... read more
Born to Be a Star Born to Be a Star
Adam Sandler is planning on tackling porn. No, he is not joining with the likes of Ron Jeremy, but he is stepping up as a co-writer/producer for a comedy that centers around the porn industry. Looks like Zack & Miri making a Porno opened up the doors for the rest of them. The Plot: Born to Be a Star centers around a nerdy guy from a small town in Northern Iowa. His parents seem normal enough; They're demure and quiet and couldn't possibly have any deep, dark secrets--right? Wrong! Apparently... read more
Drunken Ironman Drunken Ironman
This Fourth of July, do something different that you will remember for the rest of your life. Head to CA and join in a competition consisting of over 200 participants, The Fourth of July Hermosa Beach Ironman. This annual festivity has been hosted for the past 25 years and combines a series of activities that will literally make you sick: running, surfing and lots of beer. The Breakdown: Starting with a 1 mile run in the sand, then a 1 mile paddle on your surf board and finishing up with a 6... read more
Girl's Girl Girl's Girl
When you have questions or concerns that you need to voice to your girlfriend, how you present them can make or break the relationship. The problem is figuring out just what the right words are and typically what you say might make things worse. Next time, to ensure smooth sailing, your best bet is to sign up for Your Girlfriend's Girlfriend.The company is there to provide you with the perfect way to figure out your girlfriend without the headache. YGG will send out an agent who will secretly... read more
Rourked Rourked
Mickey Rourke, the actor you may know from such films as 9 1/2 Weeks and Barfly, seemed to have fallen off the Hollywood radar. However, the popularity of the film The Wrestler has picked him back up and thrown him back into the media ring. And while you probably were aware of his recent re-fame, has dug up the top seven awesome things you didn't know about Mickey Rourke. 1. Although she has never actually explained exactly what she meant, his 9 1/2 weeks co-star Kim Basinger referred... read more
Beer-o-vation Beer-o-vation
The next time you're looking for a salty snack to go along with your beer, bypass the regular Lays and reach for a bag of Beer Chips. These guzzle worthy chips provide a common sense answer when the inevitable and life-altering munchies come along and your stomach has taken over the thinking process with the only words it knows..."Beer & Chips."By thinking really hard one afternoon, the inventor of Beer Chips created this technical beer-o-vation breakthrough. The company touts that Beer... read more