Dating 2.0 Dating 2.0
With the surge of social networking and personal ads, it is no surprise that recently, some unusual online dating sites have begun popping up. If eHarmony and are too bland for your taste, check out these dating sites that are sure to satisfy any strange dating requests you may have. 1. Online dating for terminally ill people.2. Snail mail correspondence with locked up ladies. 3. Dating for Star Trek fans.4. read more
Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot
Don't let the recession bring your dating life down. Plan a memorable date that will still "wow" her on virtually no money. Who said being romantic had to cost a lot of money? Sometimes the best things in life are free. Here are some hot date ideas that will weather the hardest of times:1.Picnic: Pack some sandwiches, snacks and some drinks and head to a neighborhood park or downtown area. She will be impressed with your thoughtfullness and the setting will make for some great conversation. Plan... read more
H2 H2
If you saw Rob Zombie's version of Halloween, you know that not only did the horror master deliver yet another scary hit, he also managed to finally let fans of the franchise get a clear peek as to why Michael Myers is such an unstoppable homicidal force. While fans might have been disappointed that it seemed Myers was finally stopped once and for all in the remake, they will be excited to learn that Zombie is once again bringing the masked maniac to the big screen this Summer in his sequel, H2.... read more
Bar-B-Que Bar-B-Que
Grilling isn't just a skill--it's an art. Instead of worrying about trying to perfect the art yourself, let the grill do the work for you. Blue Ember Grills has created a new hybrid of grill called the iQue, a grill that does all the work while you get all the grilling god accolades. Now you can sit back and worry aboutBlue Ember's iQue is the brain behind the brawn. Advanced technology brings precise grilling to your fingertips; a touch-control on-board computer allows for the same functions... read more
Fake It Fake It
Ever had a friend call you during a date to give you an escape out? A new iPhone app has channeled this age-old method by creating a fake call that is sent to your iPhone just in time to get you out of a sticky or boring situation. With Fake Calls, an iPhone app developed by Magic Tap, you will never be stuck in an ackward conversation again. The app makes it look like you have got a call from your boss, your mother or even Steve Jobs. And it allows you to customize the number, decide when to... read more
Kirked Kirked
You can put on a replica of his costume and quote his famous lines word for word, but, unless you're William Shatner or Chris Pine, you'll never truly be Captain Kirk. However, you can get one step closer to his awesomeness by owning your own James T. Kirk Captain's Chair.Hammacher Schlemmer is giving you the chance to own an exact, full-scale replica of the chair that made Star Trek fans everywhere want to be the captain of the Enterprise. Designed by a Trek set director, the chair is about... read more
In The Stars In The Stars
Want to know if her personality is compatible with yours without having to actually spend money taking her out? Find out what her astrological sign is. While it might not give you all the answers, it can give you a clue into her personality traits and signal which girl is worth the time and which should be left in the stars. Be cautious with these signs before trespassing: Pisces: (February 20 to March 21) Are full of emotion and are compassionate, but are also known to sometimes be... read more
Up In Smoke? Up In Smoke?
For those of you who smoke, a new product could allow you to light up in places you have never been allowed to before. Think plane, train and anywhere else you get the urge. The invention is called an electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette) and it provides you with the benefits of a real cigarette, minus the tobacco or other harmful carcinogens. The e-cigarette emits a vapor created by mixing water, flavoring, and nicotine with the heat of a battery. One of the strangest gizmos to come out of... read more
Tee Up Tee Up
With the weather heating up, combine your two favorite activities with the Pro Chip Island Golf. Without ever having to leave your backyard, any golf enthusiast will love the floating, portable practice green that turns your pool into the 18th hole.When the mood strikes and you're ready to play, the 66" x 40" twist and fold green easily opens with just the flip of your wrist. Pop it into the pool, and you're ready to tee up. When you get the game, you'll receive the floating target, 3 red balls,... read more
In Check In Check
Lots of men say things that, to them, seem really innocent. But to women, those words can come across as sounding rude, condescending, or even hurtful. To avoid being banned from sex forever, learn from the many men who learned the hard way and avoid saying these things to your girl if you want to stay on her good side:1.Do not tell her how cute you think her sister, best friend or enemy is. She will remember it forever, secretly think you have feelings for the girl and probably bring it up for... read more
LG Versa LG Versa
While it might look like the LG Dare, which released earlier this year, the LG Versa is definitely not like any phone you've ever seen before. Short for versatility, the Versa offers you everything you need to keep you connected no matter where you are When you first take the phone out of the box, you'll notice its sleek design and large, touch screen. The interactive touch screen, high speed HTML web browsing, and ability to have three different windows open at once make... read more
On a Boat On a Boat
Ever wish you could easily erect a boat to help get away from that bad date or get to your friend's house quicker? Well, your long thought out wish has come true. The people over at Instaboat feel your pain, because they are offering foldable boats that anyone, even those who don't have room to keep or transport a boat, the chance to own a boat and use it whenever, wherever and however they want. An aluminum and lightweight foldable boat, the Instaboat can be assembled in two minutes without any... read more
The Fixer The Fixer
Had a long night out partying, partaking in questionable hookups, and letting your buddies take advantage of your unfortunate decisions? Then you probably woke up feeling like crap and are looking for some ways to get your game back. No problem, The Fixer can help. Get your sorry butt online, head to Axe's, catch the show, and let the Fixer work his magic. The Fixer was born to fix things. All things. There's nothing he can't fix. He's fixed boxing matches, leaky faucets,... read more
Radaroo Radaroo
The world of online dating has just gone one step further and moved on to being captured in 140 characters. That's online is now brought to you by Twitter through Radaroo. Radaroo is a Twitter-based system that claims to be more than a standard dating site that only contains a picture and some info. To up the ante, Twitter users register themselves by sending an @reply with their sex, country code, likes and dislikes.Once you send a tweet to Radaroo, you're listed on the site and... read more
Undisputed Undisputed
The UFC is a sport of strength, skill and endurance. While lots of guys enjoy watching two people beating the crap out of each other, few actually have what it takes to step into the Octagon and take home the title. If you love the sport, but are too out of shape and scared of blood to take to the Octagon yourself, you can still get the chance to feel what it's like by playing the upcoming video game, UFC 2009 Undisputed. Not only will having over 80 of the top name competitors from various... read more
Trek-tastic Trek-tastic
J.J. Abrams' unique, action-packed interpretation of Star Trek is in theaters now, making both fans of the franchise and those who just enjoy a good sci fi flick want to see what all the hubbub is about. Whether you know every line of every episode/movie ever made, or if you've never seen Kirk and Spock in action, there is something you may want to see before buying your ticket.Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection is a 7-disc, blu-ray collection offering 6 Trek-tastic movies. "Prepare... read more
Beef Up Business Beef Up Business
Your business card can say a lot about you. Too little of a design and you can come off as boring and too much going on can make your company look dated and cheesy. To stand out, sometimes it takes more than just fancy, embossed cards. Sometimes it takes printing your info on a piece of beef jerky. Meat cards don't mess around with paper, foil, or fancy die-cutting techniques. Instead, they're all about jerky and lasers. They start out with a piece of 100% beef jerky. You give them your contact... read more
Dream Job Part II Dream Job Part II
In this economy, finding your dream job can be impossible. However, a winery in California just made self-procalimed winos everywhere closer to realizing their dream--landing a dream job drinking wine and blogging about it all day long. The job is being offered by Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County and the main requirements appear to be a willingness to learn the intricacies of making the perfect wine, and to capture and share the entire experience for your network of followers on social... read more
Shake It Up Shake It Up
You might have you mother's gift covered for Mother's Day, but have you given any thought to getting something for your girlfriend's mother? Getting her mom a gift is not only smooth, but sweet. And it will score you major points with both your girlfriend and her mom. Skip the generic candles and chocolates and pull out the big guns. Even if you don't know her mom that well, you can still get her something really great that shows your thoughtful side. Recruit your girlfriend and find out what... read more
Man vs. Volcano Man vs. Volcano
If you're the man who won't turn down a nice bungyjump or cliff diving, than you'll probably want to be the first to know about the newest extreme sport--volcano boarding. The next time you find yourself at the Bigfoot Nicaragua hostel in Central America, and you have 30 bucks to spend, sign yourself up for the volcano boarding tour and experience the ride of your life.After a 40 minute drive to the base of Cerro Negro (black mountain), you will hike the mountain to get positioned for boarding.... read more