Jagermaster Jagermaster
Getting your Jagermeister on has gotten much easier, thanks to two new devices designed especially for dispensing the flavorful liquor and ensuring you have a fun and (extrememly drunken) time. Between the new Tap Machine and 6-Bottle Shot Cooler, this football season you will become a true Jagermaster. Tap Machine: Every bartender's dream. This gravity fed dispensing system allows for a quieter pour, and the machine also cools Jagermeister much faster so that you never have to drink it at room... read more
Grool It Grool It
Make your fall tailgating experience the best it can be with Bud Light Tailgate Approved Gear. The ultimate arsenal for football fanatics for only $125, the approved gear features such awesome wares as:The Grooler: a folding grill/cooler.A Natural Fake Grass Can Coozie.The Foozie: a combination foam finger and coozie.The Tailgate Companion: a dog vest with six pockets for carrying condiments, grill tools, or beer.The Bud Light Speaker Box and 3-in-1 Condiment Gun. read more
The Blob The Blob
Fresh off his Halloween II film release, Rob Zombie has been slated to direct a remake of the 1958 classic, The Blob. In an unexpected turn of events, Rob Zombie will soon be writing, directing, and co-producing ... not an original film as you might think ... but a reinvention of The Blob. Yes, The Blob.Zombie's unique creativity has the potential to produce a good remake of the now somewhat comedic sci-fi classic. Although this would be the second remake of the original, it will be the first... read more
Cadillac Style Cadillac Style
Just call it eau de Cadillac, but without a whiff of that new-car smell. "Cadillac, a new fragrance for men" is set for a launch later this week at - you guessed it - a Cadillac dealership as General Motors Co. uses its legendary brand to market a cologne for men. To hit store shelves later this year at $73, the cologne is described as having a real "guy" smell, composed with top notes of grapefruit and chamomile; middle notes of geranium, tarragon and cinnamon; and a dry-out of ebony, sweet... read more
Safari Chef Safari Chef
Whether you're tailgating, camping or throwing a backyard bash, you'll need the right tools to show off your grilling skills. And the most important of those tools is your grill. If you want to prove that you're the king of the grill, get the Safari Chef Grill, and show 'em who's boss. The Safari Chef grill is definitely the most versatile of its kind. Not only is it a grill, but it also comes equipped with five interchangeable cooking surfaces that offer you a mini BBQ, a ribbed grill, a wok, a... read more
Samuri Suit Samuri Suit
Not everyone has the talents to be a sword-wielding, bad ass samurai. But, if you play your cards right, you can at least have a little bit of their fashion sense. Slip on a pair of Samurai Underwear and you, and anyone else who gets the pleasure of seeing you in your skivvies, will know that you have a bit of the samurai spirit in you. Designed to look like the armor that famous samurai and shogun get the honor of wearing, the underwear is definitely like nothing you've ever seen before in the... read more
Sports Strap Sports Strap
If you are a sports fanatic then you are probably familiar with the scenario of realizing you have missed the start of a sports game during a meeting, in the gym or while engaged in a lip lock. Next time you want to be alerted when a game begins, strap Game Time's Schedule watch onto your wrist, and you'll never miss an important game again. Using Game Time's patented technology, each watch comes preprogrammed with your favorite sport's schedule displaying upcoming games, locations, and start... read more
Reality Bites Reality Bites
She just dumped you without warning and without an explanation. It was so sudden you didn't even think to ask her why as you watched her walk out the door and your life forever. What made her do it? It could be one of these reasons (or a combination of them): You're Bad in Bed This is the long and the, um, short of it. Some women might say that sex isn't the most important part of a relationship. But, that is a flat out lie and if you aren't good in the sack, it could be a deal breaker. She... read more
Drink n Game Drink n Game
If you love old-school video games and beer than you need Arkeg. The Arkeg resembles a full-sized arcade game, but the difference is that this one also includes a keg so you can indulge in both of your passions at once. The system comes pre-loaded with 69 popular games, including Defender, Gauntlet, Millipede, Asteroids, Mortal Kombat, Pong, Paperboy, and more. But, the gaming options don't stop there. The Arkeg can play any game ever found on a gaming system, computer games, internet Flash... read more
Nutty News Nutty News
A new day, a new iPhone app. The newest on the radar is Nutty News. For only 99 cents, you can read all of the top bizarre news stories and wacky news on your iPhone whenever the mood strikes you. Updated all day everyday with new weird news stories from all over the world, Nutty News Today's editors search the world every day for new and weird news stories to amuse you. If they are interested in a particular story, you can click on it and the news story will appear. Each news story contains a... read more
Dirty Theater Dirty Theater
Do you equate going to the theater with getting a very painful root canal sans Novocain? You're not alone. However, theater is about to get a little more interesting and a lot sexier. L.A.-based Center Theatre Group and NY-based The Civilians are teaming up to create a musical about the adult entertainment industry. "This ground-breaking show will be inspired by the real life stories of the people who work in the field. The creative team will go behind the scenes and learn about the human side... read more
Best of the Worst Best of the Worst
If you want to start eating healthier, don't cut out all the bad food you love. Despite what your woman tells you, some of that junk can actually help you. While they might not exactly make you shed pounds, some have been proven to actually improve your overall health. Drink Up: Studies show that the antioxidants found in red wine work to help prevent cancer and heart disease. Another ingredient, resveratrol, works to decrease life-threatening inflammation. University of Wisconsin experts have... read more
Real American Hero Real American Hero
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the live-action version of the cartoon series, has just been released in theaters. If you haven't seen it yet, but want to gear up for it by getting in as much G.I. Joe as possible, then you need to get your hands on the G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Complete Collector's Set. The Set comes complete with everything you need to relive your childhood memories. In the box that resembles a green footlocker, you'll get: 17 DVDs including all 95 episodes of the 1980s... read more
Pong Guide Pong Guide
Even if you've never played the game, you probably know the gist of what beer pong entails. Instead of letting your already drunk friends try to explain the rules to you, pick up The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions, and brush up on all the stuff you need to know to kick some butt. The creators of CollegeStories.com, GetBombed.com and the Official Bombed Beer Pong Kit, have written the first guide to the worldwide craze of beer pong. Featuring everything from... read more
Ninja Hook Ninja Hook
If you want to get one step closer to becoming a ninja, get ready to hang your coat up. With the new Ninja Star Coat Hook, you can impress the ladies and the dudes with the silver stars that are embedded in your wall. Leisurly hang your date's coat on one of them and wait for the subsequent gasp of awe from her. Each Ninja Star Coat Hook is made out of super strong, nickel-plated zinc alloy. One star tip is replaced with a screw, so you can hang clothes anywhere you want, whether it is in your... read more
RunPee RunPee
Here's the scenario: you're watching a movie in the theater and need to take a restroom break, but you don't want to miss the best part. Luckily, you won't have to because there is a new iPhone app that tells you when the best time is to go to the bathroom. The app has a timer letting you know when it's safe to take a break, and gives you a summary of what you missed upon your return. You start the timer when the movie begins, and safe break-times are scheduled throughout. And the best part is,... read more
Harvard Yard Harvard Yard
Now, thanks to Harvard, even dumb people can look smart. The university just signed a ten-year licensing deal with a major clothing manufacturer to launch a contemporary menswear line called Harvard Yard, based on classic Ivy league style. Luckily, the clothes won't say "Harvard University" on them, but the school colors will be in the fine details (like crimson buttonholes). The line, which will range in price from $165 for pants to $495 for sport coats, was inspired by photos of students... read more
Fantasy League Fantasy League
Now that you're setting up your fantasy team, you should really start looking forward to the games that really matter, like the Lingerie Football League. Created out of the successful Lingerie Bowl, this new league has 10 franchise teams that consist of full body contact, short shorts and bikini tops. Sounds like a great opportunity for a wardrobe malfunction.With the first game debuting September 4, all are scheduled for 10 p.m., the hour when the FCC has decided children aren't likely to be in... read more