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Free Things to do in Rome 1

Rome is one of those places where you can literally step back in time thousands of years. The history here is like no other and it is also a prominent religious centre. Rome can be an expensive place to visit but there are still a few things that can be done for free if you plan well ahead. Here’s how to see Rome on a shoestring.

Admire the Piazzas

The Piazza Navona used to be a chariot racing stadium and today it is lined with cafes and restaurants. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Rome and is famed for its magnificent fountains that were designed by Bernini. They represent the four great rivers of the world and are truly a masterpiece. Other interesting piazzas include piazza Della Minerva which has another Bernini statue of an elephant.

See the Pantheon

The Pantheon dates from the Roman era and is a feat of engineering. Built as a temple to the gods it was completed in AD 125. It is known for its architectural perfection and a walk around here will have you enthralled. Want more Roman architecture? There is a charge to see the Colosseum but if you go on the first Sunday of each month entry is free.

Take a Walk

One of the best places to go walking in Rome is the Aventine Hill which is lovely for picnics and has wonderful views of the city. Parco Savelli is a particularly good picnic spot, especially at sunset. Whilst there do check out the Piazza Cavalieri di Malta where you’ll find the keyhole of the Knights of Malta. Look through it and several famous Roman buildings are lined up in succession ahead.

Go to St Peters

St Peters Basilica in the Vatican is the head of the Catholic Church and free but you’ll need to pay a fee to see the Sistine Chapel. The Basilica itself is full of art including Michelangelo’s Pieta. This famous landmark is awe inspiring. Don’t forget that on Sundays you can listen to mass in St Peter’s Square which is also free and often given by the Pope.

Find the Monuments

Some of Rome’s most famous monuments are quite a sight in themselves and are free. One of the most famous is the Vittoriana Monument erected in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II as the first king of a unified Italy. It is layers and tons of marble from Brescia and just like a wedding cake. Other famous landmarks are the Spanish Steps made famous in movies and where visitors can sit and watch the world go by or walk up and down. Right by it you’ll find the Trevi Fountain with its glorious sculptures by Bernini. If you plan on coming back to Rome don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain as is the tradition.

Rome is full of things to see and do and there are still lots to enjoy here for free. Take a look at what you can do for next to nothing.


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